Many people have heard of Ibiza but few are aware of its location, what it really is and the type of life that takes place there. One of the Balearic Islands, that is Ibiza, a beautiful archipelago located in «the mother country» Spain and that you can find in the Mediterranean Sea.

Now, knowing this, it is necessary that you now know the type of life and economy that moves Ibiza. This beautiful area of Spain is characterized by the lively nightlife that expands to San Antonio, for this reason people who are party lovers come to this location to have fun.

This is not all about Ibiza, there is still more information that you will be fascinated to know. It turns out that Ibiza is not only party and drinks, there are also perfect places to take a retreat without so much noise. In them you can practice yoga or simply take a bath in a quiet beach away from the hustle and bustle.

Playa d’en Bossa here in Ibiza is one of the most visited because it is surrounded by hotels, shops, shopping centers and nightclubs to dance, drink liquor, smoke and meet people from different parts of Europe.

There are also coves of sand with hills full of pine trees and it expands along the entire coast, thus giving the tourist one of the best views in all of Spain. Don’t be part of the crowd, get out of the routine and go ahead and visit Ibiza, here you will find everything you need to know to embark on this wonderful journey.

When it comes to travel, the opinion and experience of other people in different destinations plays a predominant role because their comments will determine the destination to choose and will allow us to anticipate what we may experience.

But well, it is always recommended that beyond the opinions each person lives their own experience, some will have bad moments and others good, that is what adventures are about, taking risks and living them to learn something new.

According to information disclosed in different internet portals specialized in travel and tourism, travelers have used the word «good» in each comment to define their experience at Nassau Beach Club.

One of these users named Eva González based her comment on the quality of the food offered, she liked the type of presentation and the attention of Sem, the boy who was in charge of being her waiter.

For her part, Mar Bastidas also praised the food at Nassau, ending her comment by saying how beautiful the decoration of this place seemed to her. Dori Garzón is another user of the place who, like the previous ones mentioned here, assured that the food is very good, in addition to the cocktails. But since opinions always vary, Garzón stated that the service was not optimal and asked to improve it. Three different but positive points of view for the place, each user lived the moment in a different way and according to their perception, some things stood out more than others.

Now, open to positive and negative comments, Nassau continues to be positioned as one of the best beach clubs in Ibiza and day after day continues to receive visitors who choose them over many on the island.

It is important to mention that Nassau has its doors open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can stay whenever you want. The letter of introduction of this place is the food, at first it is the first thing that they sell you in their offer.

And it’s not just any type of food, they have a dish called Nassau Club Sandwich, which has become one of the favorite options of users. Another thing they offer when they promote their services is lobster, these are raised in a fish tank at the Beach Club and you can eat them in the comfort of a hammock.

The Lounge area is one of the most popular because in the beautiful Nassau bar you can have a good drink with friends or just alone and enjoy the good atmosphere. Nassau beach is also an ideal place to have a good time, here you will be well attended and when you have a drink you can enjoy a succulent snack.

Nassau offers more to its users because if you are on the beach of this site you can enjoy several DJs during the day and night that will mix the best music so that you have an unforgettable moment.

Also enjoy the Cool & Fun service and you will ask yourself, what does this consist of? And the answer is simple because while you are on the beach enjoying electronic music and good drinks, an expert will be giving you a gratifying massage to make your experience unbeatable.

Nassau Beach Club offers more, and if you want to organize your wedding, party or corporate event, the doors of this Beach Club will be open for you, in this way your guests will have the best memories.

Some people may think that Hard Rock Hotel is an extremely expensive place without promotions for people who are looking for a comfortable place to spend their vacations.

Today those paradigms are broken because if it’s about offers and good prices Hard Rock Hotel has good news for you, the process to obtain great discounts is simple, you just have to enter their website and make your reservation from there, ready you’ll be enjoying their mega promotions.

Hard Rock Hotel has a lot to offer, so you’ll need plenty of time to enjoy these pleasant spaces ideally designed for you, your family and friends.

Each room has a different concept but the original idea is that you feel like a true rock celebrity. Beds, sofas, lighting, colors and sophisticated spaces for you.

In addition to this, for the little ones there is a quite colorful room to teach the best of rock and make them feel like real stars. For those who want to relax and not party, Hard Rock Hotel has two special areas for this type of person.

The first is a swimming pool where you can relax and receive a good massage, while the second is a spa with a bubbling tub and spaces for yoga. No matter what space of the hotel you are in, everything will simply adjust to you.

Hard Rock Hotel also has a car rental service so you can go out and get to know Ibiza, its beaches, streets and nightclubs. So, if this is your plan, you already have a car for as long as you want.

If you have a company and want to hold a corporate event for meetings or entertain your employees, this hotel has the perfect space for you to have a good time by the sea. Let the glasses and the foam of the champagne do their work and have fun.

For travelers who are looking for a place that is away from noise, lights and alcoholic beverages, Petunia is the ideal place because it is rooted in the land, the healthy environment and beautiful nature.

If you want to contemplate the authentic virgin views of rural Ibiza, Petunia is the right place for you to observe what many times the nights of rumba do not let you see.

Here you will experience the true Mediterranean atmosphere. Beautiful views of the horizon, a dazzling sea and there will be no other alternative for tourists than to surrender at the foot of this indomitable paradise.

Petunia has 37 specially designed rooms for you with a unique and authentic style. Petunia is characterized by having a privileged location because it is 10 minutes by car from the colorful and picturesque town of Sant Josep and 5 minutes by car from Cala D’Hort and 30 minutes from the airport. You can also reach the Caa Carbó climber to enjoy a great walk.

When it comes to food and drinks, Petunia has the best for you because they are based on their garden-to-table philosophy. It is synonymous with the fact that everything you will eat here is super healthy and healthy for your health. The drinks are also perfectly prepared to offer the best to your palate.

You will find the best view on the terrace of this place. Tables and beautiful chairs are outdoors, here you can have a good drink or taste a plate of food with 100% natural ingredients and without contaminating agents.

Get rid of your shoes and enjoy all the extraordinary atmosphere that only Petunia has prepared for you, get away from the cosmopolitan area and surrender to tranquility.

Just as there are plenty of nightclubs and resounding music in Ibiza, it is important to know that on this island of Spain there are also a large number of towns that have become the ideal destination for many people seeking tranquility and peace in the midst of nature. the traditional and autochthonous.

Despite being a town, it does not mean that there is not a fun rhythm of life here, because if it does exist but to a lesser extent, it will be up to you to have a good time in Santa Gertrudis de Fruteira because this is one of the towns with the most atmosphere in Ibiza. If you are looking for bars and restaurants you will find a large number of these to spend that pleasant moment that you want so much.

The center of this town underwent a remodeling so that now the pedestrian traffic is more fluid and now the pedestrians have the possibility to calmly observe everything that this beautiful town offers. You will be amazed with the contrast between the original and the current infrastructure, the change is seen in an amazing way.

The main attractions of Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera are the square and church. At the end of the 18th century the church was finished and later the bell tower was placed, this stands out for being one of the largest in Ibiza.

In the square, in addition to having bars and terraces to enjoy the nightlife in Ibiza, there is also a bronze statue that represents the first bishop of Ibiza, particularly this one is signed by the Ibizan artist Pedro Hormingo. Another of the attractions of Ibiza are the places to buy crafts or clothes with messages from Ibiza or that represent the clothing of the locals.

You do the moment. Visit Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and let yourself be captivated by all its charm.

A beautiful climbing church has become the main attraction of San Carlos de Peralta and was built in 1785.

Arriving in this town is seeing everything as if time had stopped, which is pleasant for people who they are looking for fun away from the noise that characterizes the nights of Ibiza.

This town is so small that it has few places to visit but you can still have a good time.

You will have the alternative of visiting some bars and shops that will allow you to live unforgettable moments. Be careful with this, in the bars you can enjoy drinks perfectly made with Ibizan herbs.

San Carlos de Peralta has a perfect location that will connect you to the beaches and coves of the island.

This means that this town has a large number of visitors who, even for a short time, make a mandatory stop here.

Located to the north of the island, San Carlos de Peralta has easy access, that is, you can travel in your own vehicle to get here or simply by bus.

For this take line 16 from Santa Eulalia.

Small towns but each one remains rooted in its authenticity, its cultures and traditions.

Despite the evolution of Ibiza they remain firm to their origins.


In the history of Ibiza, Amnesia is found as the oldest nightclub on the island and was founded in 1976. Best Global Club was an international recognition that the nightclub received in 2007.

If you are looking for an iconic place on a global scale, Pacha is that place because it was founded in 1973 and combines heritage, glamor and good music. Pacha has always promoted dance and culture in Ibiza, which is why it has been maintained over time, gaining national and international recognition. Something about this site stands out, and that is that they promote cherries and freedom on the island, a very attractive combination for many.

Pacha is not the same without events, so parties are organized weekly with specific dates to offer the best entertainment to customers. No matter what you like, there will always be an event for you, adapted to your tastes so you can have fun and have an unforgettable night at Pacha.

To live the most glamorous experience at Pacha you just have to be part of the VIP area, mainly from here you will enjoy a privileged view of the dance floor. The attention you will receive here will exceed your expectations and you will be shaken by the best electronic sound in Ibiza.

The fun is very good, but before moving your body and starting to consume alcoholic beverages, you need to know that they have an exclusive restaurant here where you can try the best Mediterranean food on the island. After eating at Pacha they will invite you to a cocktail that will be the prelude to having the best night of your life.

One of the requirements to be in Pacha is style, that’s why the Pacha Store is available, which sells original pieces of clothing with authentic designs thought of you. So, before visiting this nightclub, you should take a tour of Pachá so that you can be at the forefront of fashion and make a difference.

Soul City is in San Antonio and for 20 years it has brought to this area the best urban rhythms that its users so much acclaim. All of this remains possible thanks to resident DJs and special guests who provide the most talented fusion of R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, garage, grime, drum & bass and Reggae. This has generated that the dance floor becomes moved day by day.

The atmosphere in Soul City Ibiza is quite lively, the play of lights is impressive, Led screens, impressive tables and seats, as well as incredible decoration. If you want to have the best place to live an unforgettable experience, you can also make a reservation so that the moment is unforgettable.

Macarena and Janire have become two great references of Soul City Ibiza, according to the criticism and opinion of several people on social networks, both offer great service and attention, leaving a pleasant impression among users. Another of the particularities that this place offers is that they offer free admission, so it is a good offer to attract customers.

You will hardly find a place with free admission in Ibiza, so this causes a sensation among tourists and residents, increasing the demand for customers. You have access to parking, guaranteed security, incredible drinks and unbeatable attention.

The DJs are very accommodating, they listen to the audience, they have a great musical repertoire for those who are looking for real fun. There is space for smokers and also to consume outdoors. If you want good fun many recommend this fantastic place.

Among the comments that stand out on social networks, they refer to the theme parties that take place here. Many remember with joy and longing the foam parties that take place here. Others yearn to return to just enjoy electronic music and lights.

Amnesia has exclusive tables in VIP areas for its customers to enjoy next to the dance floor with a first class service, a wide selection of Premium drinks and if you are looking for the best parties on the island, you are in the right place . Don’t stay out of the fun, book your place and join the great night of Ibiza.

Every night is different in Amnesia, day by day they present different parties, different musical genres and have dates assigned for specific events per month. This is one of the characteristics of this place, which is why it has a high demand from users.

Technological innovation, play of lights, LED screens, drinks, good service, air conditioning, parking, security and fun is what Amnesia offers.


Before any trip it is always advisable to review the opinions and reviews of travelers on the Internet, this will allow you to have a closer appreciation of reality, but do not forget that it is always advisable to live your experience, from there you will make a difference and you will be able to contribute high again to those who wish to visit the destinations through which you passed.

This tour of Ibiza in Spain made it possible to make it known that this archipelago is not only clubs, rumba and alcohol. Here there is a charm and it is found in the towns that we already mentioned, the list is long but each one remains entrenched in its traditions, cultures and beliefs.

Yes, they are very small towns but the vast majority have become obligatory stops for tourists because they must cross these towns to reach other places of interest. This is a positive sign because it translates into a high demand for tourists, even for a short time, and generates movement in the economy.

Ibiza also represents peace, rest, harmony and positive things for those who are looking for something opposite to the noise of the night.