We meet again girls, this time I invite you to be attentive in this new tour, which I am sure you will love. Be aware of the news that Torno brings you in Italy, a fascinating and charming place. I started this trip with the purpose of discovering the majestic places that Torno has, a traveling friend told me about her experience and I wanted to live it. It is a very small but cozy place, as it is a common Italian town in the province of Como, Lombardy region, with few inhabitants.

When I discovered this place I loved it for being a small town, however, it has a great cultural variety and you can enjoy the numerous medieval fortifications, the remains of the Castle wall are still visible, which is a characteristic construction of the place, It is very gratifying to know the history of this place and how it has evolved to the present day.

After the trip I wanted to rest, but I wanted the Beach Club to be a place that included beaches and swimming pools in its services. I can tell you that I found it and those characteristics made me choose this place. Without a doubt, Sereno Hotels must be your best option where you can enjoy the best Beach Club of the moment. I visited it and loved it.

  I came to this place out of curiosity to get to know this small space in Italy, a trip that I proposed to discover the biodiversity that Italy offers and its culture. Turns out Camillo the tour guide informed me that this place, Il Sereno, is back after a complete rebuild of the property.  As soon as I arrived I realized that Camillo was absolutely right, this place has a new look from top to bottom with full amenities, a fresh new look everywhere.

  I decided to stay a couple of days in one of the exclusive beachfront suites that are completely renovated and luxurious.

  After a refreshing shower and a restorative nap I decided to go for a walk around its facilities and went to the Il Sereno Al Lago restaurant, located in front of the lake, the experience is totally intoxicating, on arrival the boy who attended me offered me the Specialty of the nights is a tasting of several dishes at the hands of its exclusive international Chef, and between dishes you can taste a pairing of the best wines of the region. 

  I was totally ecstatic, a wonder for all the senses in the moonlight and to the rhythm of pleasant classical music in the background. After this relaxing night at the bar, I met Rita, a traveling girl from Spain who was already on her way out and she recommended that I not stop visiting the Il Sereno SPA, and as you already know me, I am a lover of this type of treatment.

  Upon arrival I was treated to an outdoor relaxation area with a pool built literally over water, this is the perfect place to rest and cool off. I put myself in expert hands and had rejuvenating treatments and anti-aging products and treatments inspired by nature applied, leaving me with visible and effective results. Visiting this place is totally recommended if the environment and facilities give you the best experiences.

  As usual, I don’t always stay in the same place, in every destination I visit I like to know all its corners, so when I was in Il Sereno I asked Rita the Spanish girl I met there and she recommended me to visit the Villa Pliniana , I was checking on the web and I loved it, you were right it’s amazing, so I immediately decided to check it out.


  It was just arriving at this place and I was totally shocked by its majesty, this gigantic palace in the best Italian style dazzled my senses, it seems to float on the sea thanks to its privileged location on the sea coast of Como. Fiorella attended me at the reception, a beautiful Italian woman from this area told me all about this place before I could decide which room I wanted. It has 18 exclusive rooms with the best views.

  It was almost impossible to choose the best of all, Fiorella recommended me one of the suites called Casa Visconti, this one is located on the first floor and from where I could appreciate the best views of the place. Upon entering I was struck by the size and the beautiful decoration, to rest a little I sat on a comfortable burgundy piece of furniture that adorned its immense room, and I stayed for a long time watching the sunset panorama, without a doubt I loved it. fter dinner I went for a walk along its private dock, I was able to admire the large number of boats tied to it where hotel visitors move.  

  Seeing the helicopter landing strip, I remembered that Fiorella had mentioned to me that they provided this type of Helicopter tour and transfer services to get to know the place, at that moment it did not come out of my mind that I wanted to take one of these tours.

  I finished my tour and was enchanted by the wonder of the intermittent spring, the incessant sound of water, the tranquility of the woods, the breath-taking view, the echoes of history… I knew immediately that my stay at the Villa Pliniana would become in a unique and incomparable experience.

  The next morning I was famished and decided to have breakfast at the Villa Pliniana restaurant, its explosive chef is well known for presenting the best dishes at all times. This restaurant features a completely open-air concept, taking advantage of the spectacular surroundings and offering us a view of the water from almost every angle.

  This hotel is wonderful, from its sculpture to its services I was quickly fascinated, taking a walk around the bay, walking through the surrounding hills or enjoying the therapeutic treatments, it was an incredible experience. It is worth enjoying this wonderful place.

  What a great moment when Fiorella told me about her helicopter tour services, as you know I love heights and I couldn’t stop seeing the landscape from another latitude.

  It was an exclusive tour for me, thanks to the fact that there were no other interested parties that day, we took the helicopter from the runway next to the pier and flew over the area, to start the tour of Lake Maggiore and Orta, enchanting, a view that reflected calm down, we were on that route for a while where the pilot was giving a little information about the places where we were, always making us laugh and enjoy it.

  To then fly over the charming islands of Borromeo in Italy, totally beautiful, the pilot told me that it is the second largest lake in Italy, and it is surrounded as it is by forests, imposing mountains and green hills between Lombardy, Piedmont and Switzerland.

I loved this tour and it seemed like an eternity, I was pleasantly surprised with the good attention of the pilot and how much he told me about this little corner of Italy, we agreed that on my next trip I will do a new ride with them.

  Torno is the ideal place to go on a trip and disconnect from everything, totally relaxing and its attractions and places to visit are magical and charming. the Cascata del Tüe.

  This is a little mentioned corner but well known by all the locals, I went on a hiking tour with Camillo, the tour guide that I got when I arrived in Torno and we entered nature to discover this majestic little corner little explored by tourists.

  For me, who likes nature and the connection with fresh air, this turned out to be a great plan. A walk to the Tüe waterfall where on arrival I was able to admire the beauty of the landscapes and the grandeur of one of this imposing waterfall.

  Once I arrived at this place I immersed myself in its crystal clear waters and prepared to relax and enjoy the views from this beautiful place, we stayed here for a couple of hours, for me it became one of the most unforgettable moments of this trip. because I was able to connect with myself and recharge myself with the best energies.

  Then we had a delicious snack at an impromptu picnic and then began the journey back, a walk that became super short, because we had been talking about so many things exchanging experiences and many other things, and back to the hotel to rest to start new adventures to learn more about this beautiful site.

  Religiosity is very significant in this place, I heard among my hotel companions about the famous Church of S. Giovanni, it made me curious to also know it, so I asked Fiorella to book me a guided tour of this famous temple and she as always so kind he signed me up on a tour with another group of travelers.

  They picked me up at the hotel and we left as a group for the Church of S. Giovanni, it is located in a panoramic position, it has a Renaissance marble portal and upon arrival I could admire that it is full of works by artists from the Rodari circle, with statues and marble groups.

  The interior is a nave, it was built at the beginning of the 12th century, it has a regular wall divided into arcades.

  I did not stop looking at its Romanesque bell tower, the interior of the building, enlarged and modified several times. I felt a very surprising tranquility, Christianity is very important for tourists and they made me feel at home.

  With the whole group we enjoyed the entire tour and on our way back to the hotel I found out that they have more tour services like this to other temples, I think it is an interesting proposal.

  Already at the end of my great stay, full of visits to wonderful places and meeting wonderful people. Fiorella had introduced me to other guests of the place and one of them was visiting for her 50th birthday celebration. André, a native of Sicily, invited me to his birthday celebration

  André had planned the best of evenings with his closest friends, that night I put together my best party outfits and accessories. In this beautiful castle I almost got lost looking for the Darsena suite, thanks to a bellman who immediately led me to this great room, which is transformed into an elegant party room, turned into a refined place for small meetings.

  There were about 30 people, we all gathered around the dance floor waiting for the honoree of the night, when André arrived we all congratulated him and the party started. It didn’t take me long to join such a pleasant group of Italians, who so pleasantly shared so many anecdotes and jokes that the night passed without looking at the time.

  At the celebration there was a chef who offered me modern and cosmopolitan cuisine, the fruit of his Italian and international experiences. The ingredients are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards, favoring local and non-local raw materials, in the name of seasonality. Taste a delicious plate of vegetables, tubers and roots, super delicious for a moment as pleasant as this. And accompanied by delicious local wines that were stored in the castle’s private cellar.

  After dinner they opened the dance floor where we could enjoy the best mixes of music of all rhythms and all times that made us enjoy the night dancing to the sound of each melody. While I was dancing with the birthday boy, he introduced me to other friends who were also tourists from other countries and traveled to Italy to enjoy this special day with him. Without a doubt, I enjoyed that birthday like never before.

  What a beautiful experience! Visiting this corner of Italy and all its benefits was one of the greatest experiences I could have had. The tourist influx of this place is highly demanded for its exotic and colorful place, in addition to the comfort of its rooms and. On the other hand, Il Sereno and Villa Pliniana, stole all my attention, offering first class comfort, services and attention in all its facilities. Schedule this place and do not miss visiting it, it will be worth it and it will be an unforgettable experience.