Welcome today I respond to my desire to return to the origin of everything, where we began our path as humanity, I want to travel a land full of history so today I embark on my journey to the Mayan land precisely to its Riviera belonging to the Yucatan Peninsula, today my destination is: Playa del Carmen, Mexico, a corner of paradise on earth. I arrived in this blessed region and found myself between a crystal clear sea that makes it seem as if boats were floating, a land charged with spirituality in the Caribbean, the Yucatan Peninsula received me with open arms, this beautiful area that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the The Caribbean Sea encompasses 3 Mexican states and parts of Belize and Guatemala.

  Here in the Caribbean with the beach resort strip of the Riviera Maya of Mexico, it is delimited by 2 popular destinations: Cancun and Tulum, but also by innumerable corners with paradisiacal beaches such as Playa del Carmen where I find myself to discover all these corners that keep history , fun and a lot of good vibes.

  I walked a very long stretch of this outcrop on a white sand beach, which was my setting for my idyllic and historic adventure, from which I was ecstatic to see the palm trees that line the beach and the coral reefs, in addition to Fifth Avenue, an emblematic place in this city that runs parallel to the beach, is full of blocks of shops, restaurants and nightclubs that range from relaxed bars to dance clubs. 

In my tour of this great city I had a delicious stop, in a serene environment that is easy to love for its surroundings decorated by the beach and in quiet, ultra relaxed with an unprecedented view, it was the best option to enjoy the gastronomy of this area consecrated by the gods. INTI BEACH is a place with a rich and creative menu that makes it fantastic; Well known for their fresh ceviche and deliciously healthy smoothies.

What I loved about INTI BEACH is that it is a restaurant and beach club that offers you a privileged and private space with a lounge concept and fresh music to enjoy from a day at the beach sunbathing on a lounger, where I was able to relax with a massage facing the sea at the hands of its expert therapists, in addition to enjoying a delicious dinner under the stars prepared by its excellent kitchen team and where I could admire one of those dream events in a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

With music that will make you forget all your worries and release all tensions.

Without a doubt, I would choose it again a thousand times when I visit Playa del Carmen, it is one of those places that always invites you and leaves you wanting more.


  Late in the afternoon and suffering from the onslaught of fatigue from the journey, I wanted to follow the suggestions of some friends to stay in this wonderful city, because there are many places to stay in it, ranging from the most expensive to the least expensive.

  I took this option that seemed very appropriate and it showed me why it is among one of the best in Playa del Carmen, the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, it is an all-inclusive resort, ideal when visiting Playa Maroma.

  I loved this beautiful hotel for its quality, comfort and location, the luxurious atmosphere with a wide variety of services designed for all guests. I stayed in one of their super comfortable rooms.

  At dawn I put on my best summer outfit to enjoy each day from its different pools, where I got appetizing breakfasts.

It is the perfect place to enjoy the good Mexican life, that is why I invite you to try the typical dishes of the local gastronomy, and drink margaritas, but the most formidable thing to do is not to miss out on the excursions to Tulum, with its famous Mayan ruins. 


 Inside the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, I got myself with a number of recreational activities, while discovering everything that Playa Maroma, very close to downtown, has to offer. I had a great time!

In this rich tour I found myself with many people who are regulars at the beach, good vibes and that relaxed style that calls for fulfillment, which is why in this city I found endless things to do that left me with unique and incomparable moments.

  I spent 3 days there and I loved every corner of this beautiful area full of history, also in Playa del Carmen I was able to do a 2-hour tour with a guide who showed me the beautiful corners of this formidable beach.

Since I already had several days in Playa del Carmen, I took a good idea, to make a road trip to the Sian Ka’an nature reserve, it is super close that turned out to be a different and very nice one-day getaway.

  In this Riviera Maya and everything that it encompasses, I got many things to do from snorkeling, excursions to Cenotes, which are the natural formations in its jungle in the form of natural pools with crystal clear waters and exotic fauna, to cultural and natural excursions, everything is adequate. to the taste of the visitor.

  Of all these I ventured to visit the Chaak Tun Cenotes, this is a place that I never imagined existed, it is unique! There is a cave that has a hole in the ceiling where light filters through and is refracted in the water. One of the most unique details of the place is that because the light filters through and this gave rise to the growth of a large tree inside the cenote, this is really impressive, it seems from another planet!

My best memory of this charming trip to this little golden city like Playa del Carmen was being able to go on an excursion Akumal.

  One of the best places to see sea turtles, because these marine friends love to visit these coasts and I went to learn more about them, this sacred place is located in a spectacular and quiet bay, when I arrived I fulfilled my plan of relax on the white sand with the view of an infinite turquoise sea, that is why I call it a “sacred place” I loved this beach. In addition, Akumal «the land of turtles» is a natural reserve for the different types of marine animals that visit or live in this area.

  And how can I miss the great Riviera Maya excursion? the one that everyone should do, go to visit Chichen Itzá to do it I signed up for one of the tours that took me to see one of the 7 wonders of the world, with a huge stepped pyramid, known as El Castillo of the old city, it also has the Temple of the Warriors and the Wall of Skulls; and at night I enjoyed a great show of lights and sounds that illuminate the sophisticated geometry of the constructions. Have a great time!

  I could not leave out of my adventurous experience what the nightlife of Playa del Carmen is, that’s why I dressed up and went with my best dance steps to Calle 12, between the beach and Avenida 10, there are most of the discos and clubs, as they are called in Mexico, of Playa del Carmen, besides that they are for all tastes, from beach clubs to dance in the sand, to the most elite clubs. So these were the ones I liked the most on my tour:


  From all this partying tour I’ll stay with my darling, El Diablito Cha Cha is a cocktail bar located in front of the Mandala. Without a doubt my favorite place, here I had a few drinks before starting my party tour, it should be noted that they serve the best drinks and cocktails in the area, I also love the outdoor style where you can sit and watch people who party at night.


  When I arrived at this nightclub I was able to notice its unusual concept, I danced and drank non-stop all night at its open bar until 3 in the morning, I enjoyed a great and fantastic show, with lights, dances and presentations, which They made Coco Bongo catalog as an essential place for everyone who passes through Playa del Carmen.


  After my crazy adventure at Coco Bongo, I went to one of the most fashionable nightclubs in Playa del Carmen, from this place I loved the idea of going to “see and be seen” just like the big red carpet events. , is that this club is very exclusive, that’s why I was there, I loved its very nice decoration in an open space plan towards the street like many of the clubs in Playa.


  After going through the party scene, I ended this day in a beach club that offers several spaces with different music, ranging from electronic music to Latin music or R&B, where I danced to the best rhythms on its huge dance floor in the sand. at night, but not before going to the giant palapa dance floor and dancing until I couldn’t with a group of friends that I found to be a fabulous night.

  Somewhat tired from the whole trip but wanting to continue touring beautiful corners, I said goodbye to Playa del Carmen, a paradise on earth, I embarked on a new adventure to an amazing land. I don’t want to leave without first inviting you to come with me and let yourself be enveloped by dreamlike landscapes and places; so sign up for my next destination, you will not regret the best experience of your adventurous life.