Many will wonder why I should travel to Majorca? The answer is simple because on this island you will find a contrast between beaches, historical monuments, natural enclaves such as pine trees, olive trees and beautiful orchards. In addition to these there are museums, places of calm and you will need to have your five senses awake to be able to enjoy all these wonders that go beyond a day at the beach.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it is always good backed up with opinions and criticisms from those who have visited this place and enjoyed its wonders and splendor during their vacations.

One of the hundreds of tourists that Majorca receives every year commented that when visiting this place he fell in love with the contrast of the beaches, cliffs and mountains. He says that he was surprised because he did not imagine finding this scenario of high mountains here.

Another tourist highlighted that she was fascinated with the towns of Majorca, the coves but above all the gastronomy. He assures that it is one of the best in the world and that if he had the opportunity to try it daily, he would.

A significant number of tourists have enjoyed visiting cathedrals and museums, thus finding in God and history important experiences and moments during their trip.

If we talk about finding an excellent beach club to have a good time, this is one of the most recommended. One of the things that stands out in the Anima Beach Club is the attention of the staff, this is described as extraordinary for its care and dedication. In addition to this, security is first class, providing confidence to those who visit the place. The excellent score that this Beach Club has received in specialized forums has been very good because out of 5 points it achieved 4, that is, something good happens here that manages to attract tourists.

At Anima Beach Palma you can enjoy the most varied Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes with the best combination of the sea and species. The fish is very well seen here for its preparation and good taste.

In this same order of ideas, the cocktails are extraordinary and if you come here you will have a great variety to enjoy them while you contemplate the sea and the breeze caresses your face.

Another benefit of this place are the loungers, enjoy their comfort while you tan your skin and drink a delicious piña colada. If you are not a big fan of sunbeds, you can also lie down in a hammock.

Enjoying this place is not very accessible to your pocket, so you will have to pay a very high amount to be here, but tourists assure that the quality of the service is worth the value to pay.

Others come here just to feel the wind, to relax, find peace and put aside the stress of the office or home. The music is also praised and is one of the best things that visitors enjoy.

And for lodging on this charming island, one of the most renowned both by all visitors and tourists is the Helios Mallorca Hotel & Apartments, 4.4 is the score it receives. This is thanks to the attention provided by its employees, as highlighted by tourists who have spent days and nights staying here.

Beyond offering comfortable rooms for guests, Helios Mallorca Hotel & Apartments has focused on designing strategic plans to promote the sport, thus making this site the preferred cradle for cyclists.

Thanks to the landscapes that are found here with steep mountains, you can climb Sa Calobra, Cool Sóller or Sa Batalla. Climbing lovers also have a place in this hotel complex.

In addition to the venues, Helios Mallorca Hotel & Apartments offers maintenance and service for bicycles, thus guaranteeing the safety and well-being of those who practice this sport..

The sun loungers are also part of the wonders of this place, here you can enjoy the summer, winter and autumn. Enjoy the sun, delicious drinks and more.

The experience described by tourists is defined as » fantastic» for everything that the place offers, highlighting security, Internet service, attention and excellent cuisine with the best ingredients from the Caribbean and Europe. The prices are not accessible but they emphasize that it is worth coming here because in their opinion you pay for good service and they receive it here from the first moment. Cleanliness is another aspect that stands out about this hotel, highlighting that the facilities are well preserved and maintenance to every corner of the hotel is done daily to offer the best to those who come here.

Traveling not only involves beach, sand and sun. Hundreds of tourists taking advantage of these temples to reconnect with God and try to see life from another perspective in peace, some come with promises and others only decide to photograph this emblematic work.

La Seu Cathedral in Mallorca has become one of the most visited destinations in recent years, with a fast access ticket you can enjoy this iconic architectural work.

Without having to queue at the box office you can easily access here, it is important to mention that there is access for people with disabilities. The ticket is valid only for one day and they have all the biosecurity measures.

Users through Internet forums narrate their experience in this temple and describe that they have been amazed by one of the largest rose windows in the world that is located here.

For lovers of architecture, here they will have the opportunity to appreciate and certify why this place is so emblematic.

Visitors argue that the value of the ticket is cheap, that there are audio guides and there is no cost. Others comment that they like to delve into the history of the place because it is not heavy and it is easy to understand.

Others appreciate the visit and enjoy the snacks that can be bought near the cathedral. The chapel is amazing and other parishioners describe it as a bright and spacious Cathedral.

Live the experience and you will realize how well cared for these birds are compared to others. They are very close so you can take a picture without fear of being hurt.

One of the most renowned sites in Majorca for the type of activity they carry out, the people who have had the opportunity to visit this site have been pleasantly satisfied with everything they could experience here.

Leave the beach and go straight to Artestruz, a farm specialized in the production of ostrich eggs. Learn about the history of this place, about the life of the birds, care and you can feed them too.

Users through social networks and pages specialized in tourism have taken their appreciation of this site for granted. They assure that they have enjoyed every explanation that they have given here about the life of the ostrich.

After this they take a walk around the place and can compare the conditions for each ostrich. Enjoying the landscape is very pleasant for visitors and walking through green areas much more.

The most anticipated moment comes when they have to sit at the table to enjoy a giant ostrich egg. But the fun comes when the egg is prepared by whoever is going to eat it. Can you imagine throwing your own egg into the pan?

«Extensive» would be the right word to define what this 5-hour tour represents. Many users have taken for granted through comments on social networks that they are fascinated by the tour, but there comes a time when they go swimming for the second time and many do not like the idea.

Tourists point out that they love this tour because they can enjoy beautiful landscapes, the sea and the marine species that live there, these sometimes offer a show to visitors.

Another activity on the itinerary is that they can eat dishes prepared by professional chefs that mix Mediterranean and Caribbean ingredients and exquisite glasses of wine.

Enjoy the stops that you will make during the tour so that you can jump into the sea and swim for a moment, for many this is gratifying because they feel that they connect with nature.

Diving is also part of the journey, but you can stay on board having a good drink and enjoying a good tan. All this combined with the best attention to please you.

Visitors describe the experience as «huge» after visiting the best nightclubs in Mallorca. They describe that the music is extraordinary and that the attention is very good. They also refer to the security of the places and the comforts they offer to those who go in search of a good night.

The music is the best thing about the place, they highlight that the presence of the most renowned international DJs puts the touch of life in this place, people enjoy dancing and feeling free.

Security also receives good points, they emphasize that the staff in charge make their best effort to ensure that the people who are there enjoy themselves without worries or risks.

Not everything is good in BCM and like everywhere there is always something to point out for improvement. The bar area has received countless criticisms, with some commenting that the staff is poor and others that the service is poor.

The balance tips the other way and other visitors assure that BCM is one of the best night spots in Majorca and even more so after the remodeling it recently underwent.

Havana is one of the busiest night spots in Mallorca because it offers Latin-style fun. Dance from salsa to jazz, but this also varies because urban music takes place here. The dance floor is always full of people who conquer hearts with their best smile.

Located in the buildings that line the Playa de Calla Millor, this is a tourist town on the east coast. The area where it is located is full of night spots, which means that many end up there without thinking about it. Get caught up in the samba, rumba and bossa nova. The dance floor is small but always packed with people. You will also have a VIP area and terrace to enjoy closer to the moon.

Here there are also theme parties, some are dedicated to single people and this lights up the atmosphere. If you want to just drink, don’t worry because you can. Enjoy unique beer offers so you can drink as many as possible and enjoy them to the fullest. If yours are mojitos or wine you can also try them.c

Majorca is a place of contrasts. Beaches, sun, sand, impressive architectural works, excellent night spots and sea tours that will make you fall in love with Majorca. For lovers of architecture, here you will find places with unique elements in the world, alternatives to enjoy, varied options and the best entertainment so that you do not want to leave Majorca. Choose the plan that best suits you and celebrate life with loved ones in one of the best places in the world.