The islands are one of the places that have enchanted me the most during my travels, that is why, researching more paradisiacal islands, I came across Mykonos, it is an island of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea.

It is popularly known for its summer party atmosphere. Beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise have bars where the music blasts. The huge dance clubs attract famous DJs from all over the world and often stay open until after sunrise.

 Iconic monuments include a row of windmills, which sit on a hill above Mykonos Town. You can learn on this trip that the nickname of Mykonos means «The Island of the Winds», due to the very strong currents that usually blow on the island.

I immediately focused on planning my next trip and visiting this spectacular place again. At dawn, I grabbed my furry wool bag and went straight to schedule my flight date. After several weeks, the day of the trip arrived and my excitement was huge, on the trip I met Jonás, who was going to visit his aunt and told me that tourism is an important industry and Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife, words that made me fall in love even more and my desire to arrive increased without ceasing.

I landed in Mykonos, I had previously scheduled this beach club to arrive, this time I simply activated my GPS and arrived at this beautiful place. This wonderful beach club is located on the dazzling turquoise waters of Super Paradise Bay, JackieO’ Beach Club.

Arriving at Jackie or Beach Club was a pleasant surprise, it is more beautiful than what can be seen through social networks, I got out of the car with my eyes set on this beautiful beach club, it is a beach club with a large pool and Precisely because of the high temperatures, I did not hesitate to take a dip in that beautiful blue pool; was the welcome to start this tour in Mykonos.

Leaving that relaxing and fantastic moment, I went straight to the jacuzzi that was in front of the beach and private kaiki, a traditional Greek fishing boat, for sunset cruises with rich salty snacks, a great experience, where I could contemplate the beautiful reddish color of the sky between the sun, the moon and the clouds I loved it!

Arriving at the beach club, I was famished and went to its elegant but informal Mediterranean restaurant, it is run by renowned Greek chefs where I tasted delicious dishes, in the evening a bar was opened that also serves exceptional food and exclusive cocktails, rich citrus cocktails that They activated me throughout the night to dance and enjoy the moment.

At midnight, the night shows were activated with surprise characters and presentations, which did not stop exploiting my senses. I loved my first day in Greece and what a great way to spend it in this wonderful place.

After that wonderful day at the beach club, I went straight to the fantastic hotel that I booked through your website, it was the Amazon Mykonos.

A beautiful venue named after the mythical female warriors of Greece, this spectacular venue is an exciting new luxury arrival on Mykonos’ cosmopolitan scene and it blew me away. Also, that it is located next to the picturesque beach of Agios Ioannis, I can tell you that I totally loved its SPA services, delicious food and amazingly picturesque suites.

Without a doubt, at Amazon they know how to pamper tourists and offer us the best and most exquisite experience in the hotel. In addition, to enjoy the unique packages that include luxury food, drinks and it was the first thing I tasted; their dishes so fresh and delicious.

After that delicious banquet I went to my room, I was greeted by a super comfortable King-size bed, where I slept for hours and until late, the relaxation is phenomenal, when I entered the shower I was completely fascinated by the relaxation that I can perceive while I showered.

And I can tell you that having a pool in the room is the most phenomenal thing that can exist, in Amazon Mykonos I could have it, every night I went into the pool and watched the stars from the sensational epicenter.

As the days passed, it was impossible not to receive the massage treatments with a dreamy decoration that took my stay to another level. Being in the expert hands of therapists was the best, the spa offers a sophisticated range of beauty and wellness treatments for the body, mind and soul. In addition, the hairdressing service is also available and I came out radiant, beautiful and spectacular.

Being so beautiful, it was conducive to go at night, to the sushi restaurant, which serves a tempting selection of Japanese delicacies and gazes at the starlit sea, while going to the Bubbles Lobby Bar where I enjoyed a great selection of liquors, mixed cocktails and Greek and international wines. What a wonderful hotel.

I love beaches, and a great moment was reaching Platis Gialos, a spectacular beach where I enjoyed its sand and warm water.

An absolutely wonderful beach with crystal clear water. Arriving at this beach was fabulous, it literally has no waves, it’s like a swimming pool and with a pleasant temperature, the sand is fine, you come out of the sea without sand, it doesn’t get impregnated in your swimwear or on your body, it really is a beautiful beach and it was one of my great moments because I was able to fully enjoy this great paradise.

In its surroundings there are several restaurants that provide you with umbrellas and amenities for a fee, otherwise the beach is free and I was able to visit a market where I could buy drinks and snacks. I also loved that there are a few fish to snorkel with, some pebbles to get to the smooth sand. 

Good options of bars to get drinks, without a doubt, I greatly loved that moment.

I had three great experiences during my trip to Greece, totally fantastic tourist and historical places.

This is probably the icon of the island as well as being one of the most essential places to see in Mykonos. Used in the past to grind the island’s grain thanks to the winds that are usually present on the coasts, they are today one of the island’s greatest attractions. I loved visiting these mills and seeing a museum, as some They have rebuilt it to show travelers its great history which fascinated me. Historians commented that the Kato Milli Windmills in the upper area of ​​Chora, with incredible views of the sea and one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island. A good way to learn about the history of this town and it was fantastic, a great experience.

Known for being one of the most photographed places on the island, the Panagia Paraportiani Church is without a doubt one of the most impressive places to see in Mykonos, especially because of the place where it is located and more because I went first thing in the morning in the morning, when the sun begins to rise and contemplate that beauty was fantastic, at the back of the church the sun seems to reflect on the upper part of the church, trying to stay a few more minutes, as a gift to the tourists who come there . Typical Greek church in the heart of the town of Mykonos, I loved the contrast of the colors of the sun, the beating of the waves and the typical Greek music make the site essential when visiting the island.

This is another of the most interesting places to see in Mykonos, in addition to Chora, Ano Mera and some of its best-known beaches. It is important to know that both the views from the lighthouse and from the surroundings and during the journey, are truly spectacular and already justify by themselves, the journey of several kilometers from Chora, so as you can see it is another of the essentials of the island. With its stark white tower perched high on the cliffs of Cape Armenistis and views stretching out over the ocean, the remote Armenistis Lighthouse feels like a world away from the bustling streets of nearby Mykonos Town and it’s phenomenal.

I had heard in the beach club that the nightlife in Greece is very lively, for two interspersed nights I did not hesitate and I decided to visit great bars that made my body warm.

If you love some of the DJ’s like me, then this club is the best. In this club I could almost shake their hands and it’s impressive. That spectacular night I saw so close to Armin van Buuren and it was impressive for the sound and vision of the show. Most of those present, we enjoyed the party to the fullest. It is very spacious and they host excellent events and musicians. At midnight, it was spectacular to go to the VIP area to enjoy delicious and phenomenal drinks.

One of the best disco bars I’ve been to on this wonderful trip. A set from one in the morning until closing. Very current music, both English pop and reggaeton. What I loved the most was getting ready to dance on the tables with the best hits of the summer Skandinavian Bar & Disco in Mykonos, upon arrival I noticed that it is made up of 3 rooms and an outdoor patio where the party never stops, the service VIP made me feel very comfortable in the Skandinavian Bar super phenomenal drinks that made me vibrate all night. It is an excellent visit.

What a pleasant and wonderful experience it was to meet Mykonos in Greece, without a doubt it was a wonderful experience where I was able to enjoy great places and as you could read before contemplate those beautiful sunsets. It was an unforgettable experience, its people are wonderful and the Greek history incomparable. It is a perfect tourist place to get to know, and have an excellent stay, because I have great memories that will remain in my heart for the rest of my days and I will always be delighted to meet this beautiful country.