Interesting, this is the history of Jamaica because it is described as having a past among corsairs and pirates, without a doubt a story worth listening to and sharing. Place of blessed gold, this is the translation of Jamaica, this is reflected in the richness of its landscapes and culture.

The cradle of reggae, this world-renowned genre was born here and everywhere you go you can listen to it and dance whenever you want. The authentic Rastafarians were also born here, the beauties of its beaches and exuberant nature are also added to the cultural aspect.

Delight yourself with the gastronomy of this place, enjoy the influence of the Caribbean, taste its flavors and let yourself be captivated by its best aromas. Combined with this, the attention will be unique and unrepeatable.

Fall in love with its people, their smile and the brightness in their eyes. His brave spirit will make you feel at home and with the drive to conquer the top.

White sands, beaches with turquoise waters, palm trees, a tropical climate and an infinity of things to do during your stay in Jamaica.

Small, private and pleasant beach, this is how Bamboo Beach Club is defined by its visitors. They ensure that for a minimum fee you can enjoy all that place, as well as sun loungers and umbrellas.

Bamboo Beach is a site with an average score since it has 3.9 out of 5 points, but even so it enjoys the acceptance of tourists and residents of Jamaica because it continues to receive people who go in search of fun and adventure every year.

Here is also included the bathroom and Wi-Fi service so that you are connected at all times. Another point that tourists highlight is that the attention of the staff is very pleasant and efficient.

Among the well-known resort alternatives in Jamaica, this place is positioned on the list as one of the most affordable. People who come as a family praise its beach because it has very calm waters, this translates into safety and well-being for the little ones in the house.

The VIP service is very complete, here you will also find guides who will teach you everything about this place and their cordiality will be second to none.

Pay the ticket for 2 people and best of all, when you consume at the bar of this place you will get a discount on the service. Here you can get by taxi for a good rate from Ocho Ríos, the gastronomy for some is exquisite, while for others it is not so much, but Cala in their palates.

The drinks and cocktails are very good, excellent prices and good musical atmosphere. The hygiene of the place is another of the points highlighted by users but for others it is not enough and they ask to improve this aspect.

Visit Gran Palladium Hotel Group and enjoy the best atmosphere with areas specially designed to please the most demanding tastes of tourists. It does not matter what type of advertising exists somewhere because the opinion of the public will always prevail and will play a predominant role around the quality of the service.

One of the strong points of this place is its nightlife that has managed to add visitors every day. . In this sense, they are 4.4 points above 5, thus highlighting the excellence of this hotel.

«A spectacular place» is how tourists describe this hotel, highlighting that it has one of the most beautiful, serene and crystalline beaches that may exist. In Gran Palladium Hotel Group there are several areas, each one has accurate comments about how well executed and managed they are.

The cleanliness of the hotel is very good, as highlighted by its visitors and they highlight that the staff is very attentive when it comes to serving each guest.

Some criticisms arise around the place as visitors say that the hotel has only staff who speak English, highlighting that it is important that this change and hire people who are fluent in Spanish.

The gastronomy is good, as tourists emphasize, pointing out that the rooms are spacious, comfortable and with good views.

Here you can enjoy a swimming pool, gym, spa, bar and a beautiful white sand beach.

Sports activities such as soccer and volleyball you can practice here if you wish, it is part of the entertainment for children and adults.

During your time in Jamaica you must be part of this tour and enjoy a combined excursion to the Blue Hole, Secretariat Falls and Dunn’s River Falls. Experience that has a significant number of participants annually.

Security measures are maintained in this place because physical integrity and health are important to them. For this reason, in this 8-hour tour they will supply you with all the necessary elements so that you are very well.

If you are thinking about how to get around from the hotel, do not worry because this service has pick-up at the hotel, you just have to check to see if it is on the list of points to visit.

Another option is that you can always have your mobile device with you, there will also be a tour guide who will offer a historical talk about each point, this is in English so you must take precautions to understand everything they say.

If you are worried about crowds don’t worry because this place is ideal for crowds, so there will be space for everyone.

At the access point there will be no queues, so you can enter easily and quickly. Jerk Chicken is a restaurant where you can stop and taste the best dishes, yes, the bill must be paid by you.

4.5 out of 5 points have been the excellent opinions collected by visitors. Some highlight that they first go to the beautiful waterfalls of Agua de Dunns, here you can climb different levels, let the water bathe you and enjoy.

Agujero Azul and Cae el Secreto are the other points still on the list to visit, visitors point out that the guides are very aware of your safety to avoid accidents.

Enter the waters of Montego Bay, enjoy a jet ski ride and sail through the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Feel the adrenaline while the waves will make you jump with emotion with an incomparable landscape.

For two hours and in the company of a tour guide in English, you will enjoy this unforgettable journey through the sea.

Along the way you will discover marine species that will gradually join you on your journey and interact with you.

Maximum score, 5 stars is the assessment of this tour that annually brings together tourists who want more adventures.

For many this is a great experience that they will never forget and they dare to assure that they will come back for more.

The tour guide is praised because he has an answer for all the questions he is asked and visitors like that too much because they show interest in knowing more about the area in which they are.

Bring your drinks and bask on the sand in the sun, eat a delicious appetizer, or simply raise your glass and toast with wine to how great that tour is.

Let yourself go and let the jet ski take you to wonderful destinations.

Compiling opinions on the experience of tourists in this place, the ratings reach 4.5 points out of 5. Highlighting how imposing the place is and the wonders it has to offer to those who visit it. With a team of experts you will join this journey, enjoy a fun cruise to Dunn’s River Falls. Climb the rocks up and reach the top of the turquoise waterfall. Without a doubt, you will feel the owner of the universe. You can stop for a moment to free dive, complement this activity by swimming through these beautiful warm and clear waters. Taste delicious snacks, open bar and a great DJ on board the cruise.

This fun tour lasts 4 hours for you to have an amazing time. You will have at your disposal a guide who will explain everything in English and they will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the place of entertainment.

Relaxing on the catamaran is what tourists enjoy the most, in this way they contemplate the best views that the imposing landscapes give them. Life under the sea waits for you, so in one stop contemplate everything that is down there.

The rocky slopes of the waterfall can be climbed 600 feet on a human chain. What a wonderful moment you will live here together with other tourists who are looking for the same fun and adrenaline as you.

And if, like all tourists, what you are looking for is nightlife, these two places are among the best and most popular in the area.

With a score above 4 points, almost close to the goal of 5, The Jungle has gradually become the ideal place for locals and tourists to enjoy the lights and excellent musical combination.

One of the recommendations points out that it is ideal to go before 3am because then the atmosphere becomes very crowded with people. This has not been a limit for people to enjoy, they also feel in the environment and have a great time.

The live group has managed to penetrate the acceptance of the public, its rhythms and melodies with Caribbean influences make more than one dance and light up the dance floor, in each presentation a dedication always sneaks in.

The neon lights give a special touch to the place, it is avant-garde, modern and with everything to have a good time. The bar is the busiest area because in addition to requesting one or another drink there, you can sit down and enjoy an aperitif while the music plays.

The sounds and dance floors are distributed on two floors, you can be upstairs or downstairs, where you feel more comfortable. You will still feel the adrenaline and desire to dance without stopping until the next day.

3.8 points out of 5 is the evaluation of Taboo Montego Bay, an intermediate point but with the acceptance of hundreds of people who decide to bet that less is more. Here everything translates into more fun, more confidence and security in the premises.

The cocktails here are described as wonderful. They like it a lot for its soft and strong flavors, with touches from other continents. There are also wine, champagne and exclusive areas for smokers.

The cleaning service, security, parking and Internet work seamlessly to keep the most demanding customers happy and not feel the need to go elsewhere for what they need.

The music is very up-to-date because each musical theme that is released on the market is immediately played to make even the most timid dance. There is also a live group to liven up the evening.

What most attracts the public is the show of dancers who add a spicy touch to the moment. Sensual women with suggestive clothes and the best dance steps to receive one or another ticket as a token of gratitude for such a significant show that raises the temperature even of those who least imagine it.

Jamaica is a great paradise, beautiful paradisiacal beaches full of splendor, white sand and warm sea and places to sail, dive and let yourself be bathed by immense waterfalls that emanate their water with force.

Feeling the impetus of the ocean up close is wonderful on board a jet ski, beautiful hotel complexes, excellent nightclubs full of life and good music. The history of Jamaica is beautiful, so you will get to know it here with the help of some guides.