The atmosphere of Durban is very relaxed. I loved discovering it, exploring it and getting to know it. The climate here is wonderful and makes its beaches one of the best in the world. Through these beaches I was able to enjoy beautiful promenades that allowed me to admire Durban from the sea. The gastronomy stands out for being very exotic, colorful and with interesting flavors.

  Another point in favor of this town is that it has a good number of category and luxury clubs that will allow you to spend dream days and will make this destination the perfect selection. In the airport waiting room, reading a magazine while waiting for my flight, I learned that this is the third largest city in South Africa and the commercial exchange that takes place in its port is one of the most important in the country for keep the business engine going.

  I also read that another of the characteristics of this area is that it is home to the largest Indian community in the world, so you will notice the presence of many Indians in its streets, shops and strategic sites. I had already talked on previous occasions with my group of friends who wanted to continue to get to know each corner of South Africa a little more through my travels, so every time I have the opportunity I go to visit and tour a little more of this great continent.

  Beforehand I had subscribed to a travel guide application and I already had in mind the places I wanted to visit and spend my days in Durban, on arrival I decided to go through the Kingston Beach Club, this place caught my attention when see their facilities and services through social networks.

  Arriving at this place it was almost dark and I could notice that the good vibes and good entertainment and special areas to enjoy simply overflowed, I already knew that I was going to have an extraordinary time.

  As a good lover of the good life and good taste for enjoyment, I have to tell you that this place represents luxury and first class attention in every way. Glamor envelops the aura of the place.

  I love it because every day they design a different promotion to captivate the public, in my case I took advantage of the Fiesta Red inspired by the Casa de Papel and the discount on some of their drinks, so I had beer, some wine and one or two cocktails.

  There are many areas here, one to dance which I enjoyed and sweated like never before, but I loved it, another to eat or simply have a drink sitting down, I took both options. In other parts of the premises is the pool, where at the end of the night we all end up submerged dancing and enjoying good music and a party of bubbles and balloons, the good vibes of the people and the attention of the staff closed with a flourish my perception about this site.

  After that fabulous welcome night at this beach club, I hadn’t rested at all, and the party was really intense, I already had a schedule with my guide who would pick me up and take me to my accommodation.

  My reservation was ready and it turned out to be a great decision to have made it in advance because after a long day of travel and an intense night of partying, my wish was to get to rest immediately. When I arrived at this place they were already waiting for me, they picked up my bags and immediately confirmed my reservation.

  The facilities are amazing, I loved the attention when I arrived because they even opened the door of the vehicle and carried my bags to the room. When I was at reception confirming my registration, they gave me some traditional South African chocolates as a token of gratitude for having chosen them for my vacation.

  The first night I spent in the room because I was very tired, I ordered dinner in the room and a bottle of wine. Before that I took a shower, I felt the water run down my body in the shower, that relieved me.

  Now yes, it was ready for dinner and that was delicious. I didn’t want to eat something heavy because I needed a quiet night, so I opted for a delicious Caesar salad. The next day I went downstairs and went to the restaurant, I didn’t eat in the covered area because I loved the outdoor area, it was a terrace, so I took advantage of it to eat my eggs and bread under the sun, it gave my body vitamins and breathed fresh air.

  This hotel is made up of a two-story structure, but it is enough to leave you stunned with the luxury and high status that it projects from its foundations. Even without entering you will feel that you will have everything without having to go to another place to look for it.

  The floors of this place and the columns also stand out for being in light wood and gray tones, which make this excellent interior design sophisticated and modern.

  After eating I went to the loungers, I checked my social networks from there but I didn’t get into the pool because I was recovering energy for the next outings. The pool is beautiful and at nightfall it is more so because of the play of lights and the sky that is reflected in it.

  Waking up and seeing the sun in your favor is wonderful and even more so if you hear the birds singing near your room. 

  That was an indication that he should go out and visit places near the hotel to learn more. The hotel manager recommended me to visit the Durban Botanical Garden, he told me that the day was conducive to enjoying nature and walking to get fresh air for my lungs. So I went to this garden and I loved seeing the huge natural water source that is there, as well as ponds designed throughout this site.

  In the lagoon, which is very beautiful, there are some ducks that embellish it and serve as part of the healthy entertainment for visitors, you can feed them or take photos of them. Leafy trees and palm trees will give you shelter during your tour, I really would return to this beautiful natural park as many times as possible. Many people, I could tell, use it to exercise, burn calories, and others to maintain their health.

  The best moment of my trip was when I visited Umgeni River Bird Park, I walked through the green areas, walked along its paths and was captivated by the sound of birds in the trees.

  The groups of people to enter are between 500 visitors per day meeting certain averages and requirements to enter. In the case of the show’s auditorium, 75 visitors are allowed per function.

  During the tour we were accompanied by a guide who explained the types of plants that were there, the birds, the benefits that this enclosure has for all of South Africa and the balance it brings to the ecosystem.

  Passing through the animal area we arrived at the owl area, what a huge animal I saw, its eyes were impressive and its beak very sharp, as well as large claws.

  He looked at us carefully and kept calm, I assume he felt peace because of the cage he was in.

  Other species that we could see were toucans and parrots, both with very colorful feathers and enjoyed being seen. 

  They gave visitors splendor, they offered the best of their plumage and beak. Feeding it was also part of the visit, with love they received what we offered and asked for more, I really felt special when I did it with the toucan.

  If you want to discover more about the Indian culture that predominates in Durban, you have to visit the Victoria Market, I did it and I was delighted with everything I was able to discover there. The first thing I could notice is that among so many stalls that offer different articles and products, what is mostly sold are fabrics and they are in great demand by customers. Bonny Show is the specialty sold here in the vast majority of food stalls, I wasted no time and ordered one to try it and I liked its flavor. This is half a loaf of bread hollowed out inside and filled with curry, its aroma is captivating, you will enjoy it.

  Impressive slides surrounded by palm trees that lead directly to the different pools is part of the majestic scenery that this place offers us as visitors and that from a distance without arriving will steal your attention because it is so monumental.

  Upon arrival there are more attractions than you can imagine, I entered, they put my bracelet on me, they gave me a brochure, a thermos and a bag identified with the logo of the site and a sunscreen courtesy of the house.

  I put my things in a cubicle and sat down for a moment at one point in this place to have a beer, after which I walked, toured and admired the majesty of this water park.

  After walking for a few minutes and seeing the children playing in the pool, I went into the water, I saw them smile and have fun. I took a life jacket and lay on it while enjoying a cocktail.

  After a few hours I went to the dolphin area, I can always say it, they are fascinating and very intelligent creatures, I swam with them, I kissed them and we played a ball.

  Another thing I want to highlight about this place is that they have excellent bathrooms and showers so you can get the water out of the pool and they also gave me a gift of handmade soap.

  An elegant building that inside houses a sad history of racism that marked an era in South Africa, here I also met what prevailed in the American culture at that time that discriminated against people of color.

  Heartbreaking paintings, artifacts and photographs are exhibited here to raise awareness and show the inequality that prevailed in those years and that put people at a disadvantage just because of the tone of their skin.

  An expert who works in the building told us anecdotes, origin and situations in which different artifacts that are exhibited there were used.

  Nowadays it is impressive how some people think that only people of color live in South Africa and the reality is another, it is a land where there are white people and light eyes that produce the mixture of races.

  This museum invites us to reflect on our actions and raise awareness for a better world, you can’t miss it if you go to this city.

  Two impressive reserves that I visited in two days because in each one there are different and amazing animals, due to the strategic points where they are located it is necessary to come several times.

  The first day and I was specific with those who were in charge of the tour, I asked them if I wanted to see the cats, leopards and rhinoceroses, so they listened to me and after a very long journey I finally saw what I was asking for.

  Upon arrival, a large herd of buffalo was passing through a river flow and when crossing it a lioness was stalking them but she could not with her fury, so out of nowhere a lion appeared and knocked down one of the buffalo.

  After a hard battle and the most rowdy buffaloes, the lion took the animal by the neck, killed it and proceeded to eat every part of this animal.

  How fascinating to see small lion cubs, to see them fight among themselves for dominance of the territory. I was also able to see elephants drinking water in a river and with their young between their legs.

  The next day I continued the tour and I was able to enjoy other animals such as zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, among others. How spectacular are the giraffes, seeing them eat, fight among themselves, see the zebras give birth and help their young.

  A tour that is really worth living because your heart will go to a thousand when you see these beasts gathered in a single territory.

  Nightlife in Durban is reputed to be one of the most vibrant and unbridled, a well-justified fame. Without a doubt, it is capable of amply satisfying the tastes and needs of anyone, whatever they may be.

  This place is conservative and sober, ideal for having a good conversation and enjoying a good drink or a cigarette. The tables are quite modest but cute, ideal for receiving visitors.

  I asked for a bottle of mezcal at the bar, I asked them to bring it to my table and I started there to give life and color to what would be my night. The lighting in this place is good, it is dim but pleasant.

  After a while and advancing the night, the hour of live music began, quite good this local group that played music originating in South Africa and other more current ones with currents and influences from this continent. 

  There was a piano on the stage, it was inevitable for me not to play it, so I asked for an opportunity to do it and that was it, I played some notes and people liked it.

  Another characteristic of this place is the attention, the hospitality, the cordiality and the kindness that its owners offered me.

  I loved the design of this place because it is very spacious, its walls and columns are designed with brick and it gives a certain touch to the place. Upon entering I could see many things that caught my attention.

  Among these things I can mention in the first instance the local bar, it is very spacious and has a wide variety of chairs available to sit and enjoy comfortably from here.

  If you don’t want to sit at the bar like I did, there are some very comfortable tables right in front of the bar where you can sit individually and continue enjoying.

  The good music here is perfectly selected, it is current and dominates the lists of the most famous.

  I had several craft beers, they were very good, cold the way I like them and I felt them refreshing my body. I ordered some peanuts to eat while I drank, they were Japanese and they were divine.

  The guys at the bar are very attentive and cordial, while I was drinking my beer they told me about this beautiful country and the benefits it offers for locals and tourists.

  They also told me anecdotes of some clients and amazing moments that have happened there, divorces, cheating and even marriage proposals.

  In search of new experiences and a better night of fun in Durban, with good music and service, 

  I came to Egagasini, a place that gave me everything I was looking for to have a good time.

  I discovered all the good things that this place offered me and I really stayed until dawn, it was impossible not to leave earlier because I felt I would miss out on the best night I could experience in Durban.

  The DJs have reserved for you the best musical repertoire that you can listen to in South Africa, they will shake you and you will dance all night without stopping just like I did since I arrived.

  That night was for cocktails, I enjoyed them as much as the lights of the place that change colors and gave the place another view.

  The people in this place are friendly, their smile is impressive and the attention they give you, showed me that beyond money for them it is important that you leave with a good impression.

  Visiting this place is a guarantee of fun and excellent cocktails, visit it and you will not regret it.

  Exotic animals and a great mixture of races and cultures was what I discovered in Durban, I was captivated by the charisma and friendliness of the Indians, I met two different cultures in a single trip. I liked seeing how they live together in the same space, that there is respect, that everyone works to boost the economy and offer the best for tourists and locals, everything is possible together.

  I fell in love with the safari, with the lions and giraffes, the diversity that exists here with flora, fauna and animals is amazing, rarely seen in other countries. Come, I recommend you visit the water park and enjoy the slides, you will not regret it, you will be shocked by the size of the owl, its eyes will captivate you from the first moment.