The fame of this site lies in the exuberance of its sandy beaches, its Greek and Roman historical monuments. Located in a green area in the northeast of the island, in the surroundings of a bay.

Here there is also a port and you can admire the ruins of the old city and the castle. This was built between 1450 and 1478, after the Knights of Saint John had conquered the island.

Many monuments from classical and Roman times are preserved here, among these the temple of Aphrodite and Asclepios stand out. A mix of Venetian and Ottoman architecture. Development has also left its mark on Kos, modernism seen in its hotels and lush palm-fringed streets.

Islands, castles and more is what you can appreciate here to enrich your historical and cultural knowledge.

This beach club enjoys a good reputation and over the years has gained the acceptance of hundreds of tourists who come here every year to relax and have a good time with their family and friends.

If you want on the beach you can enjoy a bonfire, the facilities offered by the staff who work here to visitors is very good. Between music, food, atmosphere and drinks, the positive comments are distributed.

Some define their stay here as something cozy and Romanesque, the flowers that have been planted to beautify the place also attract attention for their pink tones and very beautiful nets.

The offer of drinks and food is very wide, everything is constantly cleaned and with very clean changing rooms. Only in the restaurant can you listen to music, while the beach will become the perfect place to read a book or take a nap.

Some users issue a warning here and that is that you should be careful with your knees when swimming because there are many stones in the water, so they recommend not going too far.

Elegant, refined and beautiful is this place. Enjoy a good time from the comfort of a hammock while having delicious smoothies, juices and a haute cuisine lunch with incredible aromas and flavors.

It is also a 12-minute walk from the historic Tree of Hippocrates and a 14-minute walk from Neratzia Castle and 3 kilometers from Lambi Beach.

Spa, restaurant, access to pets, drinks and incredible rooms, it is part of what you will find here and you will surrender to it. With an excellent location and 4.4 star rating, this hotel is emerging as one of the best in Kos. It is a simple suite but with a view of the marina.

Some describe the rooms as outdated but they have a living room, television, kitchen, coffee maker and temperature control. Other users point out that the distribution of the place is not optimal because the bathroom is in the front and with a badly located bathtub.

Next to the pool you can enjoy an incredible breakfast, excellent panoramic views and the unbeatable attention of the staff who, with a big smile, attend you and give you the best of them.

Price-quality ratio is acceptable, some noise in the place but for visitors it is tolerable. The garden is very crowded due to its beauty and splendor, breakfast is what we like the most here.

This is a plane tree shade located on the Greek island of Kos. Tradition teaches that this is a direct descendant of the tree under which Hippocrates taught his students the art of medicine 2,400 years ago .

The public’s criticism of this place has been very good, many say that visiting this place represents a great blessing for doctors. Many take advantage of their visit here and learn about the beginning of medicine.

The Hippocrates Foundation is also located here and many consider that medical students should make a compulsory tour of these places to connect more with what they are studying.

Beautiful views, excellent weather and many monuments are found here in this place that has the air of a fortress. Near here there are places to park, it is important to note that this place has restorations and for a modest fee you can access

Bougainvilleas are beautiful, they cover a large part of the houses and steal the attention of those present. There are beautiful buildings in this area. Eat rolls with pasta and enjoy a good wine.

One of the advantages offered by this tour is that you book now and pay later. It will be 8 hours of pure fun, in addition to the pick-up at the hotel. The maximum capacity is 70 people and they can also take children over 1 year old and cars.

If you are in Greece you must behave like Greeks so spend a whole day on a boat.


Explore the sea and islands to the north in Kos, enjoy the quiet coves and serene sandy beaches.

An expert guide will explain everything about each place you visit, yes, it will be in English.


Stops will be made at Pserimos, Kalymnos, Dodecanese, South Aegean.

Pserimos is a small island, 130 inhabitants live here, but even so, it is an excellent option to enjoy fresh fish, sand, and the sea.

Your stop here will be 1 hour, during the tour enjoy lunch, snorkel equipment and tax fees.

Drinks are not included in the service, there is the possibility of canceling the tour due to weather conditions but don’t worry because a new date will be scheduled. If you are vegetarian there are also options for you.

This tour is 6 hours long, it is accessible for people in wheelchairs and they will pick you up at the hotel where you are staying. Little by little this park has become the ideal meeting place for the whole family.

Skip the traffic and public transport with the exclusive service that will pick you up at the hotel door. When you arrive at the Lido Park you can choose the slide and pool of your choice.

If you cancel this tour and want a refund, you must do so 24 hours before. Don’t worry about food because lunch is guaranteed here, there are also infallible seats and chairs for all attendees.

There are also guides that will accompany you throughout the tour and will instruct you about the place. Enjoy a delicious cocktail while you relax in the water, let yourself be carried in a life jacket and stroll through the calm waters of the pools.

The restaurant is very spacious, it has a covered area that has sun entrance, beautiful tables and well distributed so that you have the best experience. Sunbathe on one of the sun loungers and rest as you please.

One of the best nightspots that you can find, excellent customer references have gradually positioned it above other sites. Here the quality of attention and good service offered by the staff stands out.

For some people this bar is incredible and they have reached the point of visiting it more than 3 times. Some people say that finding it is very easy, that the views are incredible and the attention of the staff is very pleasant.

The best cocktails on the island are prepared here. Appreciate the best landscape from this place and enjoy a delicious cocktail. There are also Porn Star Martinis and some say they are to die for.

The music and food are exquisite, on the one hand they will make you dance non-stop and on the other you will not want to stop eating the dishes prepared by an international chef.

The cleanliness of the premises is constant and the best musical tracks sound like the international DJ who has a stage here. Beautiful bar, colorful dishes, drinks of all kinds, internet and the best service for you.

Modern atmosphere with impressive sets of lights that are combined with the black and brown color of the wood with which the tables were made. At the entrance, a black sign rests on a stone wall and the lights descend on it to welcome you.

A place visited by many young people looking for fun and the elderly also find here an ideal place to smoke and talk.

The drinks here are unique, but beyond that, what has managed to capture the attention of visitors is the kindness and speed of the staff when serving people who need immediate deliveries.

The prices here are very affordable so you won’t need a lot of money to have a good time. The location of the place is phenomenal and it has an extraordinary musical atmosphere. Enjoy the cigar menu on offers.

Other people define this site as something fresh and relaxing, due to the high presence of Greeks, its environment and customs immediately flavors. The terrace is another point that is highly demanded here because of how much fun they have here.


Let yourself go and come with your group of friends or family, have a great time and don’t forget to dance with the good music that plays here.

Cos is a place that has charm and its history is definitely found. Important places, preserved and with significant antecedents that managed to change humanity and today those results are seen.

Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, white sands, rocky beaches, nice places to eat, dance and have cocktails. Enchanting green areas and flowers that will take your breath away when you see them.