How about girls? We meet again to continue discovering the magnificent places that the world offers us, for a while I have not taken out of my mind a wonderful place that I saw on social networks and did an intense investigation, because it is Greece, an iconic country for its history and wonderful structures. 

  Thinking and thinking, I decided to schedule a date to make that destination a reality, that with only social networks and talking with other friends who have traveled to Greece I decided to make this trip as soon as possible. While I was preparing my bags, emotion illuminated my face with a giant smile, I was happy to visit new horizons to continue discovering fantastic cultures and places. Of course, the night before the flight I did not sleep because of the desire to make this trip possible. Until dawn, and the big day arrived.

  After a long trip I arrived at the airport in Greece, one of the things that I loved when I arrived was that there is a staff trained to do the tourist tours that are located on the outskirts of it and they give you the facility to choose, of course, I chose one of the best and you will know why, on that occasion I stayed with Adara, she was in charge of taking me to many corners that I discovered in Greece. 

  After introducing ourselves, she shows me a map where various places in Greece are located, however, I told her that I wanted to enjoy this trip and get to know natural, environmental and historical spaces, she quickly told me “I have it for you.

  The perfect place for this adventure is Vouliagmeni ”with a pleasant smile I accepted her recommendation and we went to see the famous Vouliagmeni.

  Vouliagmeni, is a coastal settlement, part of the Attica Urban Complex, located south of central Piraeus. It is built on the shores of the Saronic Gulf. It is a beautiful place, where the beaches of Vouliagmeni have consistently held blue flags for many years, due to the excellent quality of the water and the high level of its infrastructure. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful town to enjoy. Where in addition, peace and tranquility predominate and nature is breathed everywhere. I was enchanted and from there I wanted to know it all!

  While I was talking in the car with Adara, I felt that peace of the city, I also observed the beautiful architecture that Vouliagmeni offers, super charming and fascinating. Adara told me that a fantastic place to enjoy in Vouliagmeni as a beach club was Krabo, right away I started asking her thousands of questions, however, she wanted me to be surprised to see that beautiful place, and I can tell you that I fell in love!

  Well, without a doubt, it is a place where you can breathe fresh air listening to the herons flying over the sea. Krabo is located in a secluded bay, where nature reigns and is the protagonist, since pollution does not predominate in that place. Upon arrival, do not hesitate for a second to take off my shoes and feel the fineness of the sand and raise my arms to the strong wind.

  Entering Krabo the smell of food was incomparable, close to the entrance is the Krabo beach restaurant, it draws both inspiration and energy from the Aegean Sea and offers an oasis of calm in addition to the delicious food. 

  I did not hesitate to sit at its spectacular tables with a view of the sea and taste a delicious chicken thigh with roasted broccolini and curry mayonnaise. What a divine dish! Without leaving behind the Tsoureki with vanilla ice cream and marinated strawberries.

  After that delicacy it was time to enjoy the sea, the beauty of its waters is impressive, as blue as the sky and as warm as the sun, before taking the first dip I wanted to relax a bit, and it is that on the beach of This beach club has beach beds to rest with the sound of the sea.

  The tranquility and peace is so great that it is perceived that sleep invaded my being, which made me take a nap for a few long hours. 

  After recovering energy it was impossible not to enter the sea and feel the very small fish on my feet, it was a pleasant moment to remember my childhood, since when I was a child I liked to contemplate the fish that were on the seashore. I bathed like never before that at nightfall, I sat on the seashore and watched the spectacular sunset that formed between the mountains and the clouds; appreciating an intense orange color with yellow features in the sky and the moon trying to make its appearance. Without a doubt, it was very beautiful.

  After enjoying that sunset, I decided to go to dinner at the restaurant on the beach, at that time of the night a beautiful instrumental band appeared to relax the moment and enjoy a delicious dish, I decided on a tuna tartare with avocado , chilli, lime and sesame, a super delicious dinner. At that moment when they served me the food I met some tourists from Spain called Esteban and Clara while we talked we took some pictures to remember, it was an excellent group that we began to share in the days that followed.

  The night in Vouliagmeni is beautiful, it is incredible how the lights reflected on the sea. The fatigue of the day was already taking its toll, so I called Adara again, who was so quick in her work that she already knew in which hotel she would take me to stay for the rest of my days in this city.

  I wanted to know what the hotel would be, it was nothing less than the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, a spectacular accommodation complex, at that moment I told Adara if this is so beautiful on the outside I don’t want to imagine what it must be like inside ”, without a doubt, she was shocked at such structural beauty.

  Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, is located in the heart of the Riviera, is one of the most emblematic hotels in Vouliagmeni, Adara had already advanced the entire registration and reservation process, and left me so that I could enjoy the benefits of this hotel. 

  After a great rest opening my eyes at dawn and seeing the sunlight was very special, I got up and the first thing I did was enjoy my beautiful view for a few minutes, then it was inevitable to take a shower to activate my energy. 

  Right away I went to have breakfast at the foot of the pool, the atmosphere of this restaurant is cozy, with an attentive staff and a delicious menu, as a recommendation from the chef, I had a wonderful Italian ciabatta bread with beef prosciutto, fig chutney, goat cheese and arugula, a total delicacy.  From the breakfast area I could admire the pool and I was anxious to take a dip, so when I finished eating, I went straight to swim a little to enjoy the sun, it is a spectacular and totally beautiful pool, I spent practically the whole day here.

  The next day I had a scheduled appointment at the thalassotherapy center Spa, this majestic place has a relaxation pool in different areas with water jets, where I relaxed and completely disconnected from the world. 

  Leaving the pool, I enjoyed a relaxing massage with essential oils. Without a doubt, it was a long but relaxed date, I felt full of peace and hope. I left the Spa completely famished and immediately went to the hotel’s exclusive restaurant, I checked the entire menu and decided on the special of the day, a delicious grilled octopus with mashed Santorini beans, caper leaves and fresh oregano accompanied with a small cloth portion with marinated vegetables with goat cheese and dried tomato pesto What a wonderful meal! 

  This was spent several days inside the hotel, each day I got to know a little more about its facilities, one night I met Esteban and Clara, tourists from Spain, they were coming to celebrate their anniversary in one of the hotel rooms, it was a pleasure find us and they did not hesitate to invite me to accompany them, so I put on my best clothes and went straight to share together. 

  We arrived at a spectacular event hall, they welcomed us with glasses of champagne, a nice decoration and delicious sweet hors d’oeuvres as appetizers, it was a night full of romance, in good company and good music. It was such a pretty nice night and in good company.

  For the following days Adara already had a good tourist agenda for me to get to know the most amazing corners of Vouliagmeni, she told me that she would be delighted with all the things she had planned.

It is no secret to anyone that Greece is surrounded by history, and something that I love is getting to know old and new cultures. We arrive at the Parthenon, it is the temple that the Greeks dedicated to the patron saint of their city, Athena Partheno, it is the most brilliant creation of Athenian democracy during its heyday and the most complete in terms of the composition and execution of the buildings of the Sacred Rock. Without a doubt, it was a great moment because knowing every detail of our past, how things happened and the importance of these characters in society is impressive, in addition to being so close to some objects that they used in their time.

  The Parthenon is a double Doric temple pavilion, featuring many original and unique elements in its architectural design. It has a main temple, a rear compartment in the west, protection on the west and east sides, and a wing with 8 columns where names and beautiful figures were carved on each of them.

  Without forgetting that in the corners of the gables statues were placed as capes and on top of them ornate marble hymns. I loved the place so much that I did not stop photographing every moment, while admiring the place and its surroundings, I smiled because I knew that I was enjoying it enormously.

  In addition to this fantastic trip, I will never forget the great experiences I had in this magical country. I can say that my Greek guide knew how to organize this tour and every corner she visited was an unforgettable experience.

  When we dream of escaping to a paradisiacal corner, one of those in which to get lost and get away from the madding crowd, we probably imagine a place very similar to this beach on the Greek island of Zante. Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is the most famous on the island and one of the most prominent in all of Greece.

  In addition to enjoying its spaces, it was also wrapped in history, as the story goes that its name is due to the presence of a ship stranded in the sand that arrived there after suffering a shipwreck in the eighties. 

  No one has even remotely thought of removing the ship, because it has become one of the attractions to visit this place and to take excellent photographs.

  This beautiful Ionian cove exhibits refreshing and inspiring crystal clear waters and soft white sand that give it an enchanting image, adding its giant creepy rocks. Another of the fascinating points of the island of Zante are its Blue Grottoes. 

  They are arch-shaped caves through which the turquoise blue water of the sea crosses. Where we toured them in a small boat. And what caught my attention the most is that the only way to access it is through small taxi boats that make the journey.

  It is the highest mountain in Greece, with almost 3,000m of altitude. It was a mountain trip and to feel the cold of the altitude, from Olympus Mountain you can be so close to the clouds and contemplate the lakes and other mountains. The wonderful place is impressive, it also has rocks to sit and enjoy the landscape, in the afternoon you can watch the sunset without any interruption and its majesty is fantastic.

  Its very steep rock walls make it almost impossible to climb it. It is so high that you can hardly see the top, always surrounded by clouds.

  According to Greek mythology, the main gods of the Greek pantheon lived on Mount Olympus, which was presided over by Zeus. As such, it is a virtually inaccessible, cloud-fringed place known as the home of the 12 Olympian gods, Mount Olympus was described as a beautiful refuge, heavenly abode, untouched by cold, wind, rain or storm. 

  Snow, where there were palaces and where the gods watched the world and were entertained by the muses.

  I loved being able to visit this place. I felt on top of the world and almost one of the goddesses that Greek mythology speaks of.

  One of the wonderful tours that Adara organized for me was to the Elafonisi island located in the Mediterranean, this island is a protected nature reserve of Greece

  Elafonisi beach is one of the best in Greece, it totally caught my attention because this extensive piece of sand is pink and white, which makes it open to the turquoise sea.

  It is a real island that can be reached by walking through the knee-deep waters of the sea. On the island there is only a free beach and in particular the back part is perhaps the most bucolic and is characterized by small bays where peace and tranquility reign. At the end of the island there is a promontory where there is a lighthouse and the small chapel of Agia Irini.

  In this reserve you can admire a large number of marine daffodils that bloom during the summer season and also loggerhead turtles lay their eggs and where there are more than a hundred rare plants.

  This walk is well worth it, thanks to Elafonisi’s picturesque stretches of pink sand and warm, shallow, turquoise waters that seem to stretch for miles. Without a doubt, I loved this beach too much where its waves are very small and we arrived so early that we saw the birds singing everywhere.

  I told Adara that I wanted to know more about the nightlife of Vouliagmeni, I wanted to discover new places to party and have fun at night. The parties and the drinks do not stop at very hidden places, but when you enter it does not compare with its structure.

  What a great night we lived in Limanakia Beach Bar! A beautiful place with colored lights illuminated our faces, the music shook our body that it was unstoppable not to dance to their music. 

  That night Adara was with me and we met Esteban and Clara who was still in Vouliagmeni, obviously we joined them to celebrate in a big way.

  The party continued and the music did not stop, we danced until dawn and until we sweat completely, what I loved the most is having access to all the drinks without having to be in the VIP area, on that occasion I started with my peculiar champagne, although more afternoon I wanted to taste a rich and refreshing beer called Mythos; It is a peculiar barley from Greece. It was one of the best and last nights of my stay in Vouliagmeni and I totally loved it, the attention was impressive and it was impossible not to have such a good time.

  Upon entering I was delighted with its beautiful facilities, it is a space with a modern design, with an impressive terrace at the top with a 360 view from where you can admire the beautiful views of the Vouliagmeni coast.

  Being in the Swell I realized that it is an excellent alternative to spend the whole day, I went early in the afternoon to enjoy a good coffee while there I joined a group of Greek guys who went to have a good time.

  As the night approached we realized that the party was about to start, a renowned DJ from the area was installed and began to play the best lounge music, one drink became two and three until I lost count, the night was tremendous, with special presentations and good music until dawn. You must not miss this club because it is undoubtedly the best on the Athenian coast.

  A fantastic trip that I enjoyed every second, I take the best experience from Vouliagmeni, knowing its history is one of the great memories that I will have for the rest of my life. Its landscapes and every corner so impressive. They were days of great fun and discovering beautiful places.

  Visiting this country was an unforgettable experience, I love every touch-up I propose and more of the countries that have great cultural, gastronomic, landscape and history diversity. I said goodbye to Greece with great nostalgia, having the faith to return in a new opportunity. The trips continue and I don’t stop until I know everyone.