I was back in Bali and I think that what they say out there happens with me “You don’t choose Bali, but Bali chose you”, Indonesia is a country full of spirituality, cultures and traditions that are unique in the world. Bali, an island in Indonesia, known for its scenic beauty and spectacular tourist spots. Bali’s incredible temples and religion, along with parties, surfing and its deep history, make this place one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the planet. Almost all travelers have heard of this island, this is the place to perfect yoga activities, of course if this is what you like you will learn better techniques and find your inner self more easily.

  Another aspect that makes me return to Bali is its beautiful beaches, its white sand and its immense rice fields. Colorful festivities and huge temples are also part of their culture and you will be as surprised as I am with these structures that are used to honor their gods. In Bali art is promoted in its streets, everywhere there are galleries in all its neighborhoods, traditional products in shops and beautiful murals.

  Bali is a volcanic island and while there are some stunning white sand beaches around the island, most are black sand that comes from cooled lava from the volcano. When thinking of the beaches of Bali, you probably imagine beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters, probably because you are confusing yourself with the beaches of the Maldives Islands, here the waters and the sand are in dark tones, every time I visit this destination surprises me with new secrets.

Thanks to the fact that I have already been to this island on different occasions, I focused on getting to know different places on each of my visits and that is why I found this paradisiacal place, ideal for spending a pleasant time relaxing, having a drink, eating delicious and have the best time by the sea

  I went back to the year 1960 when I visited this beach club because its architecture and design are inspired by the rustic vacation style of Bali in the bygone era. This will automatically lift you up and make you feel like you are on an island due to its various elements like shells, wood, bamboo and the usual palm leaf roofs.

  Kubu offered me two options, an exhilarating walk in more than 100 steps to go through the beach club or get on his iconic elevator and see everything in less than 35 seconds, this is the time it will take you to be on top of the cliff.

  If it is about rest, here they will have for you ideal loungers, divans and cabins with impressive views of the sea to simply have a beer, piña colada or a cocktail while receiving a massage. For my part, I only used them to enjoy the view while having one or another cocktail.

  If we talk about the surroundings of this place, I must tell you that I was impressed with the turquoise color of the sea and the impressive limestone cliffs, I did not miss the sunset that can be seen when you are in this place, so I climbed one of the cliffs and I enjoyed the sunset while having a beer.

  I enjoyed the meal too much because they combine international ingredients with the best of Bali, let’s say they are simple dishes but you will enjoy them as much or more than me.

  The snapper ceviche was delicious, I have rarely tasted anything like it. I also loved the rice that they prepare, which they have called exclusive and it really is because its flavor and aroma are irreplaceable. The Beach Bar reflects the aesthetics of true Balinese camaraderie, in addition to the beer I loved the ancient Balinese Tiki cocktail and the classic cocktail based on Arak, an aniseed, distilled and colorless alcoholic beverage.

  Here I was able to reminisce about the golden age of Kuta’s bygone era with authentic services such as beachside massages performed under the coconut tree with natural coconut oil, with beautiful views of the ocean. This place is quite open, very wide wooden tables, all located right in front of the sea and beautiful views of the ocean.

Since I already had my plans well established, I would not stay in this beach club during my entire stay, staying in this beautiful Mulia Resort Bali, bathed in all the infinite beauty of the island, was on my list.

  The best of Asian architecture is reflected in the Mulia Resort, its characteristic roof is impressive with open areas that match the lighting, giving you an impressive view at nightfall.

  But the best part is seen from the inside, when I entered I was surprised by the design of the ceiling, which is that figures of animals and fields are all over it with lines that make it look spectacular.

  From this some green branches emerge that delicately fall on some sections of the walls and are carefully combined with the decorative plants in the corridors.

  Its corridors are very wide and the huge brown columns that support the ceiling are all over the place and make it look more spectacular, dim pairs of lights fall on them and the effect is amazing. The stairs are also very wide and their white tone perfectly matches the strong brown color of the other areas of the place. I almost forgot to mention something very beautiful on the outside, it so happens that the roof of the hotel captivated me, when I walked through wide corridors lined with water that come out of beautiful fountains decorated with green vegetation.

  The hotel staff received me with the best attention and I had made my reservation on the ground floor, I had three floors to choose from but I preferred to stay downstairs because the room is just two meters from the pool, I just opened the door and I was already in the lounger or in the water.

I loved the white tone of the room, white sheets, walls, marble in light tones, excellent lighting and atmosphere, the ideal room to rest. 

  Of the five restaurants and three bars that this impressive place offers, I only went to one bar and two restaurants to eat and enjoy the occasional drink before bed.

A few meters from the sea is this hotel and I arrived walking, it was inevitable not to see the hammock and swing that were hanging in the sea. The first thing I did was rock on the swing and play with my feet in the water.

  After taking a shower, I climbed into the hammock, put on my hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and basked in the sun. What a pleasant experience doing it in the sea and lying down, it is not the same as in the sand. In addition to all the magic of the facilities, I found a wide selection of cultural programs and enriching experiences unique to this place.

  The hotel did not disappoint me, the perspectives I had before going were fulfilled, so I recommend it without any doubt. 

  The space and the atmosphere are the best and the quality of the services and the food are up to par.

  Each new moment in Bali surprises me more and more with its secrets and hidden corners and that is how, after an interesting conversation with a Swedish girl who was leaving the hotel, she recommended me to visit this place, Mad Pops ice cream parlor, she told me that it was a explosion of flavors and tradition.

  Visiting the Mad Pops ice cream parlor was a unique moment for me, it is a small place with large windows that allow you to see the inside of the place from the outside.

  Its walls are covered with white ceramics, very simple, but they highlight the neon red, pink and purple signs that serve as a mandatory photographic point for everyone who visits the place.

  At Mad Pops they offer a wide variety of popsicles, pods, and tinitas of different flavors. Vegan chocolate fudge, toasted coconut crunch with blackberry and coconut mango, these are some flavors of the popsicles, I went crazy with the coconut mango.

  Salted caramel, raspberry, stracciatella, chocolate and rainbow are some of the flavors that you can combine and taste in the form of a cone or small bowl. I tried the rainbow, its striking colors caught my attention, but its taste was not so much to my liking.

  I really liked this site because it is minimalist and you can definitely eat the ice cream you want to evoke your time as a child, simply fascinating because I am a lover of sweets, popsicles and ice cream. Myah the Swedish girl was not wrong, this place is a must on the island.

Bali is full of culture and traditions and in my search for places to see and places to visit during my stay, I wanted to visit new rice fields, these exceptional landscapes make me feel in another world.

  This rice terrace is impressive, its predominant green color from a distance when you are riding in the 4×4 does not allow you to distinguish between one point and another of the rice plantation, but when you get closer and closer you will see how incredible this site is. The rice plantation extends over an area of ​​land, here there are marked paths where you can move and walk between the plantation, but there is another path built in areas with water and narrow paths. You will be able to see how growth occurs in the water and on land, not only this, the site also has huge palm trees and leafy bushes. In the middle of these water paths there is also a small house and right next to it a large tree.

  How fascinating is the view in this rice field, taking pictures was the best part of the trip because they were incredible.

  Another thing that I liked about this visit was that an expert who works in this field explained to us what the planting and cultivation process is like on this land, in addition to the entire process that involves caring for this plantation.

  After this they gave us small samples of rice to take away and they also gave us cooked rice to try with different alternatives that they prepare themselves.

  Jimbaran is an area that is recognized for its big waves and limestone cliffs, this place is the favorite spot for surfers, but for surfing Jimbaran does not stand out in the list of the most requested sites by tourists and locals.

  What makes it dominate the count are the restaurants that are located throughout the coast and its specialty is seafood fresh from the sea. 

  If you are not satisfied with a single portion, you can order it by the kilo and they will sell it to you.

  Another of the particularities of this area that I loved, in addition to the rich fresh seafood and undeniable flavor of haute cuisine, is that the tables of the premises are located on the sand, so eating here will give you a unique and unrepeatable experience. 

  There are small tables and other very large ones to accommodate large families who come together to enjoy this delicacy by the sea.

  Eating while you feel the sand, the breeze, you see the waves of the sea come and go with the surfers trying to dominate them is priceless.

  In my search for exclusive and new places to visit, I came across Menjangan Island, a place with little tourist influx, an ideal place to spend a pleasant time, have a drink or taste delicious dishes by the sea, away from the bustling town.

  This is an island that is unpopulated and practically uninhabited, so you can spend a day of total relaxation without polluting agents or the accelerated life of the Balinese.

  Beyond the marine species that abound in this sea, I ran into black monkeys when I arrived at the beach, they were on the shore collecting coconuts to eat. I was a little scared but they were not a threat to me.

  The best part came when I was in the water enjoying the warm sea, I saw a wild deer get into the water to drink and cool off, I was shocked but far from running or screaming I calmed down because I didn’t know how that animal would react to my possible screams.

  The tour guide explained to me that it is normal to see the presence of these animals there and that they are used to seeing tourists arrive in their area where they hydrate and bathe.

Following my little itinerary, after knowing a little more about the life and tradition of Bali, I continued to go out to shake my body a little at night, and at sunset, on those nights in search of new adventures, I dressed my best party attire according to Balinese culture and I began my tour of different bars where I could dance outdoors at beach parties that never cease their activity.

  Black, brown and white are the colors that predominate in this impressive place that has areas made of wood, others in marble and they give it a unique touch combined with the green of some plants that are found throughout the place.

  At Sisterfields Café you will not only taste a delicious coffee like I did, you will also be able to taste a delicious starter, a main course, a delicious dessert or simply a juice. 

  My favorite part was the main course and the blackberry juice, it was really delicious.

  The atmosphere of this place is ideal because you can sit at a comfortable table with chairs or you can choose the option of a huge sofa to make your stay more pleasant.

  It is a very quiet place but you can also enjoy an excellent musical atmosphere with the top music billboards.

  I was looking for craft beer, I wanted to try the best in Bali and I was recommended to go to Flow Jakarta. The best decision I could have made because its flavor was indisputable, the temperature of the beer and what I felt when tasting it has no explanation.

  It was an excellent night to have this drink and talk to the guys at the bar, listen to their anecdotes and life stories, it was very good.

  But Flow Jakarta goes beyond a beer and they offer you food, live music, karaoke, DJ, dance floor and more. If we talk about the food, I can tell you that I tried a good portion of meat accompanied by a glass of champagne.

  Then I joined the karaoke night, I didn’t do so well but I got the applause of the public and a bottle of wine courtesy of the house.

  This site is beautiful, I love its design in dark tones, black and brown. The bar is spectacular because its figures in geometric shapes make it stand out and give it a glamorous touch.

  The Blow Bar Bali’s beautiful floor is designed in black and white in a zigzag shape, a huge brown wall has the name of the place and the background of the letters is illuminated.

  The brown bar is extensive, has comfortable padded armchairs and a set of lights that will make you spend an unforgettable moment.

  I preferred to drink at the bar but if you don’t want the bar there are tables available to start a good conversation, eat, drink or simply watch the panorama.

  Having a glass of rose wine was my favorite part of the night, this place has a lot of style, glamor and luxury.

  The most surprising thing about this place is that it is also a beauty salon, right in front of the bar there are huge mirrors, armchairs and everything you need to style your hair or dry it.

  It has great demand from customers because when I went it was crowded in that area of ​​the premises.

  Beyond the beaches of Bali, I discovered wonderful places where I could have a coffee, enjoy a good ice cream or simply a delicious plate of fresh seafood.

There is a lot of dynamism in its economy, incredible places to have a good time, dance, sing, have fun or let yourself be surprised by its impressive architecture and interior design. I fell in love with the Mulia Resort hotel, its design is fascinating and not to mention the rice fields and how tasty it was to eat there in that rice field. If you want to travel and you don’t have a destination in mind, I invite you to visit Bali, you won’t regret it.