Thinking of Uruguay translates into a good mate. Surprisingly, this drink belongs to the most important part of Uruguayan gastronomy. It is more amazing to see people in the middle of summer drinking this hot drink and in case you did not know, in summer it tastes better. Yerba mate is one of the products with the highest purchase demand in Uruguay, which is why well-known brands sell it to increase their profits.

Uruguay is a small country of three million inhabitants, which will allow you to meet its people, people who are characterized by being hospitable, kind and very noble.
This territory is so small that you can travel by bus, you just have to go to the terminal in Montevideo, Tres Cruces and take one there that will take you to the desired destination. The coasts of Uruguay are one of the best in the world, its crystal clear waters and white sands make it one of the first on the list and that tourists admire for its beauty.
Maldonado, It has a surprising relief that is characterized by the presence of mountains and more than 100 kilometers of diverse coastline to enjoy from its border with Canelones, to its border with Rocha in the extreme east of the country. Its famous Punta del Este peninsula divides the Río de la Plata from the Atlantic Ocean, and is known as the most glamorous seaside resort in the region.

I wanted to feel my free spirit and I knew that Parador La Choza del Mar would offer me this feeling. Its spaces allowed me to enjoy the beach, because that is how the energy of the place made me feel. I was also able to enjoy the wonderful sunsets that the beautiful Uruguayan coast offers me, this combined with the excellent music that the place offers to welcome its guests.

I walked the beach of the place, from end to end, I loved feeling the sand on my feet and being able to dive into the crystal clear waters that invited me to want to dive without wanting to leave.
While I was bathing on the coast, a 25-year-old girl arrived and she also entered the sea and came to where I was. With a big smile, she introduced herself and let me know that her name was Alexandra, she wanted to enjoy the beach with someone else and her radar picked me up.
He regularly visited this beach because he is from Uruguay and used to talk with the people who were here to make new friends.
He told me that he had plans to travel the world, just like I did because he identified with me. I congratulated him on his way of thinking and told him that I would like him to become my travel companion, one of those companions who go with you everywhere.

  The smiley accepted and let me know that soon that would stop being a comment to become a reality. This parador is ideal to enjoy the beach, its unique sunsets and the rhythm of the best music, all this managed to awaken my free spirit that in this place, of relaxed and chic encounter.
  And that night they lit the stoves on the sand just as the sun touched the sea, and while the music raises its beat with the best mixes of a resident DJ, I enjoyed enjoying the cocktails, fresh drinks, light and tasty dishes inspired by the sea

Staying at Palladium Hotel allowed me to enjoy moments full of glamor and sophistication. The amazing rooms allowed me to sleep as fully as possible.

  This luxury hotel complex is located in the emerging Soho diving area, a few minutes from the new duty-free area and important shopping centers in the town. I spent a good afternoon at the gym here, I did cardio with a personalized trainer who helped me get rid of some of the fat that I have been accumulating as a result of the trips.
  While I was here, I didn’t miss the opportunity to have a few mates, that’s how I remembered Simón and reencountered that rich aroma and flavor of this traditional Uruguayan drink. Another thing that caught my attention about this venue is that many business meetings are held in its halls, many entrepreneurs meet there to discuss ideas that allow them to increase profits. I definitely loved staying in this place, all its luxuries and comforts, accompanied by an excellent service made me feel special at all times, like being in my own home.

  The day I met Parador La Choza del Mar Alexandra, while we swam on the beach and she invited me for a bus ride, we toured a few blocks of Uruguay and I got to know how wonderful this place is. On the agreed day, we met in the hotel lobby and went out in search of a good adventure, we got off the bus, there he took off the bag he was wearing and gave me the famous mate to try, it was delicious to try. Now I understand why you like this tea so much.

  All this happened while we were waiting to board a guided tour to Mina La Oriental Archaeological Park, Alexandra told me that this is one of the must-see tours in Maldonado.
This is a walk to get to know and contemplate an old metal deposit of Precambrian origin, in which there are archaeological mining remains. We traveled deciphering the landscape, its mining archaeology, natural resources, its geography, its geology.
  In part of the route we take advantage of the sunset over the Sierra de las Ánimas to take time for contemplation. To then enter the underground world in silence, to enhance the senses and the connection with the environment, only interrupted by brief reviews and indications from the guide. Upon exiting the tunnel, one of the best views of the starry sky in Uruguay awaited us.
  I loved this tour in this same place around a campfire we enjoyed a delicious dinner and local music to the rhythm of the guitars.  

Together with Alexandra I took a bus and went to Colonia de Sacramento, a magical city built on the banks of the Río de la Plata. This is one of the best places Uruguay has to offer and especially for history lovers.
It is important to mention that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here it is worth getting lost walking through the small stone streets and colorful colonial architecture.
While we were walking, Alexandra told me that since she was a child she participated in excursions in a large part of Uruguay because she was curious to discover the unknown, new places in her country, but since she has already toured it completely, she wants to know what lies beyond its borders.
It is the advantage that Uruguay has, you can get to know it in a short time, while other countries take longer to get to know because of their immensity, in this case Brazil and Argentina, two giants that embrace little Uruguay.

One of the most renowned spas in Latin America, which also stands out for its tourist offer with important luxury hotels and exclusive restaurants. Until here I came by bus with Alexandra, as the journeys are short you can visit without wasting much time on the way.
While we are here we take advantage of visiting the famous sculpture of Los Dedos, although the sculpture is called «El Ahogado», everyone knows it by «Los Dedos» and it is the postcard of Punta del Este, an ideal place to, in addition to getting the typical photo, it is a very fun place to enjoy by the sea. Alexandra and I took the opportunity to bathe in the two kilometers of coastline that are divided into two beaches, La Mansa on the west side and La Brava on the east side, the difference between the two is that one has gentle waves and the other is strong.

Following our journey by bus, we arrive at Salto, the site that houses the hot springs of Uruguay, in its case it has one of the highest temperatures ever recorded.
Just as it happened on the beach, Alexandra and I jumped into the hot springs. What warm waters, I could spend my whole life there. After a while we had a couple of beers that we had brought with us, we uncorked them and drank them while we were in the water.
Coming out of the water our skin was wrinkled, we laughed to see that our bodies were too wrinkled like raisins it was a super funny moment.

And on one of those rumba nights in Uruguay I came with Alexandra to Lotus, I must admit that we had an incredibly good time at all times, we drank liquor and shared some cigarettes.
His forte isn’t dancing, but she still made the decision to hit the floor and swing those hips into overdrive, not knowing he does it pretty well and he didn’t look so stiff.
After that we had a couple of tequilas to raise the temperature, he, as he is a boy of challenges, took me by the hand in the middle of the night and we ran out of the place towards the beach, we took off all our clothes, absolutely everything and we jumped into the sea.
Something risky for the hour, the water was freezing but we enjoyed the adventure, those adventures that are worth living and remembering.

In another of the outings we did not go to Il Tempo, a quite renowned nightspot in Uruguay. We danced, we tasted a delicious pizza, we had several drinks but the place has a particularity.
Here they do draws and raffles, Alexandra and I saw the possibility of participating and being able to win. We signed up for several games, some included balloons and others chairs, I must tell you that we were the best of the night because we won them all.
We left the place with $50, food and gifts as a result of our victories, what more could you ask of God, one of the experiences that I had never lived because when I travel, what I do is spend.
Alexandra and I shared the prize, we agreed and we were happy with the result.

Food, was what I was looking for when visiting Viejo Barreiro. I almost ate everything that was in the place but I couldn’t, so I opted for a Caesar salad and a good wine.
It was night and well, I should have paid more attention to my figure. This did not happen with Alexandra, because he made the decision to ask for medium meat regardless of my salad, really, I could not resist and ended up eating the same as him.
The meat was delicious, at his point. I love when they provide quality care in one place. After the meat we ate some desserts and the idea of taking care of my figure was in the past.
Incredible and unforgettable moments are spent with Alexandra, I want to travel the world hand in hand with him.

I loved visiting Uruguay, I was surprised how little time it takes to cover it completely and by bus, it really is a point in favor for travelers who want to save money. The beaches are enchanting and the hot springs unsurpassed, at all times you can find your balance. What I will remember most about the trip is the $50 I won in the raffle and the other gifts, I will never forget that moment and the mate that Alexandra shared with me.