If you want to take a trip back in time, you undoubtedly have to visit the island of Cuba. For this you will not need a time machine, you will only have to appreciate the vehicles of the last century converted into authentic walking relics on each avenue to transport Cubans and tourists. The beaches are spectacular, among which I can mention Havana Bay, Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, these stand out for their beauty, white sand, crystal clear water, tall palm trees and the best environment to have an incredible time. On this occasion my visit focused on the Bay of Havana.

Another of the characteristics that stand out in this beautiful country are the improvised restaurants that are installed in some houses, these consist of four tables where the tourist will sit and taste the authentic flavor of homemade Cuban cuisine. The infrastructures are from the bygone era, they still preserve the essence of the 60s, the shopping centers and airports were also captive in time and look so old that they have become the focus of attention of tourists in the Havana area. In the streets of Havana you can feel the energy that infects people through music, the rich smell of food and the smile on some faces willing to help you and serve as a guide for you to get to know the most wonderful places on this island. that still suffers the ravages of the economic blockade imposed by the United States Government.

Another thing you can’t miss if you visit Havana Bay in Cuba is to try the authentic Cuban mojito, prepared with Havana rum. Very few have tried its flavor, it is characterized by being very good and also by its high cost. But don’t worry, there are cheaper places where you can also enjoy.

Before making the decision to choose this place, I searched in different internet portals to contrast the opinions of some vacationers who had already been here in Havana Bay and that for me has a great contribution to be able to undertake a trip to any destination. The reviews I found were positive, highlighting the benefits of the place and extolling its undoubted beauty. There was a lot of fascination for this place because it allowed you to feel in a warm, safe and familiar environment. Requirements that as travelers we must take into account.

Once the search was over, I clicked accept on the button that would secure my reservation, everything was ready and suitcases in hand.

I started my trip to Avenida 23 in Havana and I felt a lot of emotion when the plane approached the island because I had heard so much about this country that I didn’t he knew what he would find. 

Of something if he was sure, kind and noble-hearted people were what he would see in every street and so it was. I went directly from the airport and arrived because I was too hungry, I wanted to relax, have a few beers and feel comfortable after the trip.

I will tell you that when I set foot in this place, everything I read on the internet came to mind and yes, indeed, the comments were real.

I got comfortable and started by ordering beers to start the afternoon. With bottle in hand I began to walk around the place and I was pleased with how beautiful it is and how preserved it looks despite the country’s situation, highlighting the beauty of Havana Bay. Another of the specialties that I recommend here is the ceviche, which the chef prepares wonderfully. Blessed be his hands that make this delight of the gods possible. If locating a familiar place is on your agenda, then the option is this, so visit it without hesitation.

The pizzas here are exquisite, they have an indisputable flavor. They are made over firewood and that gives a special touch to the preparation. If you are looking for an Italian specialty, you will find it here. In addition to the food, the roof of the place is a spectacle because it is decorated with huge discs and it looks incredible. On the walls there are photos of important singers, phrases and retro images that give a special touch to the environment, you will immediately feel in the decade of the 60’s.

I was looking for a classic, elegant and distinguished place in the Havana Bay area. The idea was to be located in the same area without traveling so much, sometimes we travel kilometers and we don’t realize that there are wonderful places near us.

While I was here I surfed the Internet and found this wonderful place 1 kilometer from Playa del Este in Havana, it met the requirements I was looking for. Yanetxys is one of the people in charge of the place. Before my requirements and questions, she was always kind to me.

Upon arrival I was welcomed, confirmed my reservation and went straight to the classic room I was looking for. Upon entering I saw a large mirror on the wall, white curtains adorned the windows and fell to the floor, a beautiful lamp was next to the bed and white sheets covered the mattress where I would sleep.

All this wonder is found in the heart of Havana Bay, in El Vedado. A site surrounded by the best nightlife establishments in Havana, Cuba. After sleeping in my room during the afternoon, I woke up around 8:00 pm, took a shower and changed to go up to the terrace, the night promised up there. I put on comfortable clothes and went upstairs, the music was perfect because they went through different genres and you could dance without worrying.

I had a drink and went to one of the tables, they had umbrellas to cover you from the sun during the day. There I sat down to drink and smoke, all under the starry sky that accompanied us. The breeze there is cold, of course because of the proximity to the sea. Another area that I want to highlight is the restaurant, it is too beautiful, luxurious and elegant. The chef prepares some delicacies that will make your mouth water.

I did not know the affinity of the Cuban government with John Lennon, but thanks to this site I was able to learn a little about the history that unites the Castros with this world-renowned figure.

The biggest attraction of this park in Havana Bay is the statue of Lennon that is on a bench, the peculiarity of this monument is that a man is in charge of putting his glasses on every day and removing them in the afternoon.

Very enthusiastic people come here, sit next to Lennon and pose in front of the camera to take the best portrait of him that immortalizes this moment.

Walking, listening to the sound of the birds, smelling the wet earth, seeing how the wind shakes the trees is something beautiful, it takes you away from the cosmopolitan city, the noise and takes you to a zone of tranquility.

Also, our security levels here are good.

While I was in the park located on Avenida Paseo, in Havana Bay, I met Julio, he is a 25-year-old man, very kind and polite. We started talking about how wonderful the park is and he invited me to leave there to go with him to Casa de la Amistad in La Bahía de la Habana, he told me that it is a beautiful place and full of an incredible history that captivates visitors. From the first moment. An atmosphere of romanticism is what you feel here. Now, if we combine that environment with the infrastructure, we will have a unique place. I think it would be ideal for a wedding or asking for a girl’s hand.

All this is complemented by a band that plays live and gives the best music to those present, many who go beyond listening start dancing and make the moment an unrepeatable experience. Julio and I enjoy dancing in a group, we laugh and have fun. Taking advantage of the fact that he is Cuban, he involved me right there with other people to learn more about his culture, his words, his traditions, and to feel that brave spirit up close.

Within the area of La Bahía de la Habana, I was able to get to know Old Havana, which at the time was considered the cosmopolitan city of Spanish America. What I was able to appreciate and what you will observe when you come to La Bahía de la Habana Cuba will be the vestiges of what one day was the accelerated growth of this beautiful country that was trapped in time.

This hotel is positioned as 4 stars, according to information it has excellent rooms, swimming pool, gym, spa, exclusive service for animals, Internet access and entertainment center.

This hotel also has a safe and air conditioning in the rooms.

It is one of the many restaurants that you will find here. Here you can try the authentic Cuban mojito, in addition to tasting the exquisite octopus dish or the shredded meat better known as ropa vieja and which is in great demand by customers and not only in this restaurant in Havana Bay.

The Pearl of the Antilles» as it was considered at the time, gives us a unique show thanks to a period architecture that denotes by its contrasts of colors and lively spirit in the face of its people.

Walking through these streets is an enriching experience because it allows us to nourish ourselves with the historical past of this place. Next to me was a historian who patiently and lovingly gave us details of the events that occurred here.

But beyond that colonial center there are other attractions for the enjoyment of tourists. Here you can find a wide variety of hotel complexes to spend your days or a pleasant night in this place.

Although I did not visit them, I will leave you a brief review of one of the hotels that you can visit if you come to the historic center of La Bahía de la Habana.

One of the most luxurious places between Avenida Paseo and Avenida Vedado in Havana Bay Cuba is Los Naranjos, a restaurant where birthday celebrations predominate.

When I visited, they were celebrating the birthday of a German, at the table there were Venezuelans, French and Americans. A mix of fascinating culture. The tables are beautiful, perfectly set and juicy lights coming out of luxurious lamps. The crockery, cutlery, tablecloths, everything was top notch.

I sat down and ordered the menu, I saw that the specialty is seafood, Mediterranean and Cuban. Everything looked divine and tasted divine too, the aroma that each dish gave off was exceptional. The drinks are exquisite, Caribbean flavors that will make you shiver. The music is incredible, according to the place, although from time to time it varies and people start dancing to light up the rumba. 

The attention was excellent, the security, the organization and I want to highlight the time it takes to deliver the orders, it is very short and that raises the points in terms of attention.  I really felt very good in that place.

I wanted to eat pizza and I really didn’t know which place to choose, I dialed Julio’s number and asked him about a place where they prepare the best pizzas in Cuba and with a laugh he told me that I could go to El Vampirito Café. He immediately tells me that if I want he can accompany me and so we ate together and talked.

I told him yes, that we didn’t meet at the place to have an amazing time and also drink mojitos. After a few hours I arrived at the place on 619 and 21 Vedado streets, we saw each other, we met again with a hug and a smile and we entered. He told me that he was not going to regret having visited the place and so it was, I felt fascinated.

While we ordered the pizza we started drinking mojitos, we toasted to life and to ourselves. A few minutes later the pizza loaded with corn arrived, what a delight to remember that moment. The waiter wished us a good appetite and left with a big smile. We ate, talked and enjoyed excellent music. Julio put his house in order for me when he returned and that he would be delighted to see me again to live new adventures.

I want to invite you to visit Havana Bay, in Cuba, it is a wonderful place because of the quality of its people, that makes it stand out above many. They always have a look full of light and a big smile for tourists. Its natural landscapes are wonderful, full of life, color and will allow you to live great adventures that you will never forget. The food is exquisite, with unbeatable flavor and enviable aromas.

The Cuban mojito has been the best I have tried, I love its preparation. The beaches are captivating, in addition to everything you can get in one place. Live the experience and you will not want to leave Cuba, you will feel at home, surrounded by an impressive magic