I returned once again to beautiful and beloved Mexico to continue discovering the most beautiful corners that the Rivera Maya gives us in the paradisiacal Tulum. Arriving in Cancun is being seduced by the sound of the sea and the gentle breeze, it is that traveling by road for 30 minutes is not enough because as the distance shortens, the more you want to continue seeing this beautiful destination.

  Possibly they are the Mayan gods that captivate us when stepping on this earthly paradise and allow us to connect from the soul to never want to leave again. The magic and charm are not only in its paradisiacal settings, it is in its people and that makes it invaluable.

I always loved Mexico, but thanks to my trips to Tulum I was able to reconfirm that it was not something temporary or that I was letting myself be carried away by the passion of a photograph, it is something that comes from the heart and now I love Tulum as if it were my home.

Staying in Tulum is a luxury of another level, that’s why I booked a room at La Popular from home, an excellent beach club in Tulum that allowed me to enjoy the convenience and comfort that I wanted so much during the trip.

  When I got here, the exquisite smell of the sea and land grill captivated me, it made me feel like I was floating in the air to the point where this smell emanated from. I quickly settled into the room, changed my clothes, put on something more comfortable and hurriedly went to the place.

  I immediately ordered a surf and turf grill, obviously all accompanied by an exquisite bottle of wine. I tried the first bite and I must confess that it was amazing, I couldn’t stop eating, I needed more and more of this exquisite dish on my palate. I think I ended up with a slightly bigger stomach, but I don’t regret it because I was satisfied.

  After resting for a few minutes I went to the sea, I wanted to feel the waters of the Mexican coast and I must say that it has no comparison.

  When I realized I did not feel the bottom of the sea and a rope got tangled around my feet, I tried to stay afloat but it was difficult, I had no other option but to ask for help and one of the waiters noticed and rescued me.

  I actually had a rope tied to my feet, out of the sea they gave me first aid and I was a little hurt because I tried to get away, but thank God it didn’t get any worse. It is part of the adventures that we have to live on each trip, the important thing is to enjoy each moment as if there were no tomorrow.

  After searching the internet for a place that, beyond fun, offered me the opportunity to connect with nature, but from my inner being, that’s how it was that I was able to find an excellent option in Tulum. On other occasions I had been tempted to stay here.

  The Hotel El Pez Hotel, became one of my favorite lodgings, it is ideal for all those like me whose journey never ends. The holistic is the starting point to feel the charm of this place, as well as characteristic rituals of the area.

  I had not seen another place that evoked the Mayan culture like here, I was able to witness the sacred fire rituals, how fascinating it is to see a person of the Mayan ethnic group connect with the spirits of their ancestors to transmit spiritual strength to those who were there.

I wanted to restore my inner energy and my health, so I joined the cocoa ceremony, something special by name but very effective. It is a shamanic healing practice and it worked, I felt how everything balanced inside me and the heaviness of my body disappeared. Arriving at my bungalow-style room with a palm roof, decorative stone walls, finished concrete floors and locally made textiles, I could tell that El Pez embodies the original simplicity in all its surroundings, where nature is distilled to its essence. 

  What I liked the most was the private terrace in my room that had a super comfortable hammock from where I could lie down to admire a beautiful view of a vast expanse of sea, sand and an infinite sky. And they did not stop surprising me at the Seaside Bistro & Bar, this delicious restaurant is worthy of a Michelin star, each dish is prepared by the best and most expert chefs in seafood, every day I tasted different classic dishes the menu is simple and reflects the freshest ingredients in the area.

  And at night this bistro enters the happy hour where music enters, open day and night, our Seaside Bistro & Bar serves expertly prepared seafood, classic dishes and craft cocktails, to the rhythm of the best local music and in the background the sound of the sea on its cozy cantilevered terrace, making each celebration a complete wonder.

No matter where you are in Tulum, what really matters is that from anywhere you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset and at no cost. In previous days I had signed up for some Yoga classes in this place.

When the indicated day arrived, they came for me and from the vehicle stop near Playa Pescadores ´I was able to admire this beautiful place, immediately the class began, the relaxation and stretching helped me to take a break, look inside myself and observe what it is necessary to change or simply move from place to continue, I reached a point where my mind moved to a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city and allowed me to reconnect with my body, while enjoying a sunset on the beach or close to mother Earth.

  It is still difficult for me to assimilate all the magic and charm that this place contains, it is as if God were there, as if it were part of heaven. Slowly the sun went down and its rays fell on the sea as it gave way to the moon. This is how the starry night arrived, very cold but I did not miss the opportunity to contemplate the stars at one point I saw a shooting star pass by and I closed my eyes immediately, I made a wish and then I opened them.

  Beyond the Delano Beach Club at SOBE I found myself with experiences and places to visit everywhere, just crossing to the beach and climbing on one of the lifeguard towers to enjoy panoramic views of the beach and the sunrise was terrifying. As the sun rises and Miami Beach wakes up and comes to life. Everyone gathers in the playgrounds of the park, with activities for everyone by the sea.

Moving forward in my vehicle journey through Mexico, I made the decision to go to Playa del Carmen, one of the destinations where you have to make a mandatory stop to enjoy not only the sea, but also the landscape. A unique experience swimming near the ruins of Tulum, it seems incredible but it is true, I was able to swim near this important place that preserves an invaluable historical past. In addition to swimming, I approached these ruins and was able to touch them to feel their magic and that was it, I felt peace and serenity at that moment.

  In this guided tour I could immerse myself to discover the most important Mayan city of the majestic Caribbean Sea.

  When we arrive at this place we discover the secrets that this ancient city hides, how its ancestors built all this majesty, the moth-eaten writings in each of the corners, in short millions of curiosities that they longed to know.

  All this in the heights of a huge cliff with the best views of the Caribbean Sea.

And to culminate this very profitable day of walking, we went to visit one of the most beautiful beaches that the Caribbean Sea offers in this place, on a completely sunny day, which allowed us to do a little snorkeling, enter the calm sea. We went to see and admire how precious and immense corals give shelter to hundreds of fish of different colors, and in addition to that what I loved the most was that adorable sea turtles accompanied our swim. It seemed that they were greeting us.

We stayed here until sunset, telling a little more about the Mayan culture and the wonders that have been preserved since ancient times, for all the locals these stories are a great pride, which I loved to share and keep in my memories.

On the way out, together with the guides, we embarked on a more extensive tour of the Yucatan Peninsula to arrive at Cenote Hilarios, protected by an extensive Mayan jungle, which houses one of the most spectacular corners of this place. Upon entering the Cenote I was able to swim in its crystal clear waters that allowed me to connect with nature. During this tour, the expert guides show the ancient formations of stalactites and stalagmites that decorate this beautiful place.

  Spicy, that is how I would define Drink House Tulum, an excellent restaurant bar in Tulum. Even to say a code must be done in a mischievous way, it is part of the dynamics of the place to interact with customers.

  The Cheese Kushiages was one of the dishes I tried here, too good, and I think I’ll try it again on my next trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

  Another thing that I loved about the place was the beer, fine and exquisite, I drank a considerable amount and they made me feel too good, I also took advantage of the discount they offered that day only on beers.

  I made an order to the waiter and to be able to enjoy the discount of the place I had to say “pretty legs”. I couldn’t help laughing, but I loved the attention and how creative they were in coming up with everything.

  One night less in Tulum, that’s how my journey was going through beautiful and beloved Mexico until I reached Pepenero Tulum. A place with a pleasant atmosphere, good music and unbeatable attention.

  It offered me good music, a place that makes you get out of the routine and takes you to the comfort zone. Being here allowed me to sing along to the songs performed by the live bands that were there that night.

  I wanted to sing and I needed to start my engines with a bottle of tequila. The drinks were too good and I think I overdid it a bit because I ended up sitting on the table singing to those present and overshadowing the musicians.

  Although they silenced their voices, the instruments continued to play to help me sing, I felt like an artist with each applause that those present offered me and even one or another ticket rolled on my table.

  What magical moments Tulum offered me in this new visit, it really was wonderful to connect from the spiritual and to be able to enjoy each visit I made to the destinations of this Mexican region. Visiting Tulum will make you love not only Mexico, but also its people, food and drinks. I admire the roots they have for what´s theirs and hopefully in other countries it was like that.