Visiting Uruguay has become one of my favorite destinations. I love this beautiful Latin country that houses extraordinary people with noble souls. Do you know what I love about Uruguay? I will tell you that there are many things that captivate me about this beautiful country, but I am particularly fascinated by the idea of going through it all in a single day. I love mate and its immense blue sea.

  If this is your first time reading one of my stories, I’ll introduce myself first. Hey, nice to greet you, my name is Lucy and I am an inveterate traveler, here you will learn about my adventures in different countries and the way in which I am cultivating friendships.

  There are many trips I have made to Uruguay, as well as other countries. From here I keep beautiful friendships that have marked my life, many of my readers will remember when I drank mate for the first time under a bush and other adventures. Are you ready to know all the good that Uruguay left me in this opportunity? Fasten your belt and come with me, we will reach beyond the sky.

As it is natural in each individual, the search for adventures and new experiences is something that arises naturally, we always find ourselves wanting to live to the fullest. And so I did when I arrived in Uruguay I was delighted with this beach club.

  La Susana is an excellent beach club that is located a few meters from Playa Mansa de José Ignacio, the beautiful sand of this place serves as a stage to receive tourists and locals. I must say that I loved the structure of the place, all made of bamboo, what a wonder of nature transformed into something so welcoming to receive young people, adults and the elderly in an unprecedented environment.

  Christiania Caipiroskas or Clerico de La Susana and more of the world-renowned VIK wines, are part of the most exclusive drinks that the place offered me and what better way to savor them while enjoying a beautiful sunset. 

  The musical atmosphere here is fantastic, they know how to get you dancing, how to relax and make you feel the moment. The sound of the sea and a good melody, the result is a perfect combination. The attention of the staff is very good, they are very friendly and strive to offer you the best at all times, so they have a guarantee that you will return to the place in a short time.

  I loved this place’s beach, although the sand is not white I enjoyed being able to take a bath here, it has some rocks, the water is somewhat warm and it has many establishments nearby to buy what you want before going or while on the beach. The atmosphere is very good, I had a great time here.

  To align the energies I participated in a Yoga session, they offer yoga classes to channel everything you have inside. They have a wonderful closed space where you will concentrate and release everything you carry in soul, mind and heart, on the shores of the beach, really the energy that moved there was wonderful while the sea touched my feet and dragged everything back what oppressed me.

  There are multiple options that La Susana offers you around it, which makes this fascinating beach club ideal for spending a good vacation.

While at home, I began to review hotel websites in Uruguay and found this fabulous five-star hotel complex where luxury and comfort come together to offer you the best.

 Distinguished by its unparalleled ocean views, this hotel in Punta del Este is an oasis of luxury, style and elegance, making it one of the most beautiful destinations in Uruguay, located in front of the brava beach in Punta del Este, surrounded by more than 20 kilometers of beaches and attractions such as the Port of Punta del Este, natural landscapes, restaurant areas and hidden corners where you can find peace and tranquility. Upon arrival I was shocked by its beauty and so I took advantage of all the good that The Grand Hotel offered me within its facilities.

  Ocean Front Suite was my abode these days, upon entering I could see its great facilities, contemporary decoration and equipped with everything, and I loved the gigantic curved window with a view of the sea, I was already tired so I took a shower and sat in front of the window to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea until you fall asleep.

  The next day I went straight to the beauty salon, I made the decision to go because my hair was damaged, they treated me wonderfully. I asked for a haircut, I needed a radical change and they made it possible. The gentleman who attended me has a good hand because my hair has grown abundantly and quickly.

  I changed the color, I left the black for a brown tone to look Latin and the result was great. I did my nails and feet, I felt renewed with this team of wonderful people. The next day I went to the spa located in this same hotel, I needed some relaxing massages and some sauna, it was impressive how my body appreciated it. The girls who attended me were very affectionate, too happy because they made me laugh while I was there.

  To burn a little fat I went to the gym, I did cardio and dance therapy with the trainers, very good at what they do and they were attentive to correct my posture and that everything was done correctly.

  The indoor pool was the ideal complement to swim during one of the days of my stay, the water was heated, very clean and what better way to spend it than with a piña colada in hand.

  And in the afternoons I went to visit the immensity of the beach that this place has, whether it was just to contemplate the sunset, to sunbathe or swim for a while, I always enjoyed spending a good time in front of the sea, I hope to do what same when returning. These are some of the beaches that you can enjoy: Playa Brava, Los Dedos de Punta del Este and Playa Mansa.

The most rewarding experience of my trip was being able to continue my journey to discover the corners of Uruguay and I sought help from the experts at the hotel so that they could advise me a little, my first trip was to discover this island. 

  On board Calypso I took a walk through Bahía de la Mansa, I was able to enjoy its calm waters and take a bath without complications, all with the proper safety measures.

  Then I sunbathed on the deck of the Calypso, like me there were other women to have that color and flavor that characterizes Latinas. It was very good to be surrounded by women because we help each other and share experiences.

  During the tour I was able to see the huge whales, what a masterful show they give us when they come to the surface, another point that I enjoyed was the colony of sea lions on rocks, they looked so tender in the sand.

  It is important to note that this tour lasts about three hours, so take advantage of the moment and enjoy every second of the tour, it only depends on you that it is worth it. In Isla Gorriti, in addition to a good family share, you can also hold an extraordinary business meeting, this is the perfect place.

  Port of Punta del Este, Playa Mansa, Playa Puerto Jardín and Playa Honda. In the latter, during the summer, the largest number of yachts and sailboats are concentrated, giving the place a visual spectacle. These are the options that you can enjoy near Isla Gorriti, in my case I saw them from a distance and I got to know a little about them thanks to the tour guide.

  I wanted to eat that little corner of Maldonado I wanted to know more and more about the whole area, its culture, its history, its ancient places, I joined a couple of tours that I tell you about here

  I visited the Cuartel de Dragones to expand my knowledge of general culture, learn about the history of Uruguay, its struggles, battles and victories forged to achieve what they are today.

  I loved seeing this barracks because it was built of stone, designed with very solid windows and doors. A weapons park was also kept here, there were bedrooms for the military and a kitchen. In 1806, according to the tour guide, the English looting that devastated the place took place, they took doors, windows, weapons and half respected the chapel, taking these clothes and candles.

  Interesting place and of great cultural impact for Uruguayans, I took some photos here and made others to send a painting to be designed that I will hang in my living room.

  This beautiful tower was built to watch over Ciudad Maldonado, a situation that is no longer done today. A completely white quadrangular tower was built 39 meters above sea level.

  I was able to enter and go up, so I enjoyed the beautiful view of the Fernindian city. How impressive everything looks from here, it was rightly built and now I think how useful it was for the inhabitants of this area.

  With an instrument that allowed me to see from a distance I was able to detail the streets, people and houses from a distance, how beautiful everything looked. A guide explained all the history of the place to us and I was fascinated. Before entering the tower you can see a large cannon that rests on a small wall, allowing you to see the importance of this site during those years.

  Within the good there is always something great, that’s how I came to Haras equestrian club where you will learn to ride a horse or put into practice everything you know.

  Here reservations are made 24 hours in advance, I did the same and opted for the horseback ride on the beach, what a gratifying feeling it gave me to do this after so long.

  I was always accompanied by an instructor who was aware of every step and movement he took with the horse, they are very cautious with the security measures they offer their clients.

In my previous trips to Urugay I had already gone out to dance and get to know the best night spots in the area, so this trip would not be the exception, I put together an itinerary to get to know the wide range of options and night spots to have a delicious drink. , dance, socialize and feel the nightlife

  Eating a delicious pizza was one of the best things that this place offered me, it was too rich and with plenty of cheese, I still feel its smell, heat and I remember the color of its sauce.

  The beer was very good so I had a few, it was just the way I like it, the musical atmosphere made me enjoy its flavor better and refreshed my body and soul.

  I was able to dance with a gentleman who asked me for the opportunity to take a few steps on the dance floor and without any problem I accepted. He dances salsa very well, he taught me a few steps that I haven’t mastered yet.

  The live music was phenomenal, they also broadcast the final of a local soccer game, the euphoria and good energy was felt at all times, to the point that they infected me and I also screamed.

  I went back to eat pizza but this time it was made in an honor of clay and its flavor was exquisite, so much so that it impregnated the streets with its sublime aroma of cheese and anchovies.

  This place works in an old house but it handled very well the concept of a night place, the closed patio of the house works as a dance floor and a small platform ready for a live group.

   A bottle of tequila adorned my table, next to it a few lemons, salt and a small glass to finish it with the passing of the hours and thus warm up.

  The live music infected me with good energy, not to mention the good service provided and I went to dance in the backyard, I felt wonderful in this place, highly recommended and all at a good cost.

  Long live Uruguayan pizza because this was the central dish of all the places I visited, the pizza here made entirely over wood with a flavor from another world that caught me.

  Here the promotions are never lacking, so during the week they offer you many options at a good cost and you will be able to have the best time without worrying about how you will spend it.   The waiters treated me very well, each order was delivered as quickly as possible and they were super attentive to everything I needed. I loved the bathroom, this is very important when we women go to a party.

  The atmosphere, the air conditioning, the lights, the seats, the tables, everything was perfectly planned to turn this place into an extraordinary option to have a good time.

  I discovered on this trip that Uruguay is more than mate and beaches, it is a country that has a well-rooted and interesting historical and cultural past. I loved knowing his past of struggles and battles. The food here is impressive, although I mostly ate pizza, but without hesitation I dare to say that it is exquisite and I could taste it all my life without hesitation.

  The beaches are and will continue to be paradise, I love them because they are very warm, the hotel complexes are beautiful, they have everything to offer you quality service and first class luxury. What are you waiting for to visit Uruguay? Maybe we meet on the road, do you like the idea?