Hello!!! This is a new adventure of my great travels, I had as one of my next destinations to visit the United States, with many pending things to do in this country, I always have it present in my list of places to visit. One of these days, while watching a history program on television, I was interested to know that the city of California was a fantastic place that would be worth knowing and discovering its great tourist places. Well, California, located in the western state of the USA, extends from the border with Mexico along the Pacific coast.

  Its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forests, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the farmlands of California’s Central Valley, and the Mojave Desert. And without a doubt, what impressed me was to see that the city of Los Angeles is the headquarters of the Hollywood entertainment industry. San Francisco, a mountainous city, is known for the Golden Gate Bridge.

  After seeing that program and taking into account that it was one of my next trips, I did not hesitate for a second to schedule a date and ticket to make this new tour a reality. And so, in addition to spending a few days on vacation, I could solve some pending issues that I had in this country.

  Days passed and my ticket was ready to make this trip possible. The day of the flight, I woke up super early to finish packing my bags and leave on time for the airport, the emotion was great, my heart was pounding with the desire to reach this destination. The flight left at night, and watching the sunrise from the plane is like being in a great paradise, at six in the morning I was landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

  I knew a little about California on my previous trips, however, before landing, one of the tour guides was already waiting to take me to the fabulous places I was dying to see. After looking for my luggage at the security zone, I met Mike, he was in charge of guiding me in this new adventure.

  Mike, a very accommodating young man gave me a small map of the city of California so that I would know its limitations, instantly while we contemplated the city in his car he told me that one of the fabulous beach clubs in the city is Lake Santa Margarita , and therefore dying to meet him.

  Arriving at the famous and spectacular Lake Santa Margarita, I must confess that I was excited at first glance, since it has a great majesty. The first thing I did was observe every corner of this wonderful place and every corner left me shocked. Immediately I dressed in my bathing suits and of course, it was inevitable not to take a dip in the giant pool that is there, my body was crying out for it, the weather was quite nice and I wanted to cool off a bit, the place and its waters are nice for everyone.

  After that swim in the pool, I went to the Arroyo Vista park, one of the attractive areas offered by the beach club, when I arrived I was able to enjoy the beautiful views offered by the canyon and while there I signed up for a couple of its various sports disciplines , it was quite fun practicing on the edge of nature. And at the end of the afternoon enjoy a good game of baseball from the heights of this place.

  My trip was in summer, and it is one of the perfect seasons to go, these days thanks to the weather I took advantage of doing several of its activities, such as riding a bicycle along the seashore and taking a tour of the coast in a jet ski The lagoon is used for swimming, and at the bottom it has sand, in addition to the quiet lounges and the dappled shade of the sycamore trees, without a doubt, this beach club is sensational and I could enjoy many of its attractions.

  In the evening, cultural and recreational events are held in the central part of the beach club. At night, the show is on the shores of the lake where the beach club is located; that’s where its name comes from, the stars shone on the water and the fireworks complemented the lighting in the sky. Without a doubt, this first day in California was a great welcome for the entire tour that was to come. In addition, I enjoyed the Fiesta Room, an intimate meeting space where they celebrate every night with special guests to make the evening at the beach club more attractive, I can tell you that I was delighted and fascinated by this place

  After leaving the Room party, I call Mike to go in search of my lodging, of course, Mike, so attentive, arrived quickly at the beach club and we went in search of a hotel near the place. While we were looking for the hotel I was observing the greatness of the city at midnight, Mike instantly took me to the fabulous Hilton Los Angeles; a fabulous hotel that at first glance is impressive.

  After thanking Mike for the guide, I went into the hotel and checked in to get the room keys. A luxurious suite, with a gigantic bed, located on the exclusive executive level, while entering it is impossible or perceive the lighting coming from the large window.

  This oversized, modern room features a separate living room, a private bedroom, and includes all the necessary in-room amenities with a large desk for maximum productivity. Special touches include blackout curtains and soundproof windows that allow for a quiet night’s stay.

   I was totally enchanted with this room, after taking a shower, I enjoyed television for a while and then a delicious nap until the next day.

  At dawn, with just a call to reception I was able to request my breakfast, who gladly sent it to my room, which was one of the services that I loved for their valuable attention to guests. After breakfast, I watched the pool from the balcony of my room and on the other side the city, it was certainly a beautiful view to distract yourself.

  Of course I did not hesitate to go to the pool to enjoy the sun, there I met several tourists and one of them was Noha, who was traveling from California for a vacation. At noon I went to the hotel restaurant where I enjoyed crispy squid and steak. Super delicious!

  After that exquisite tasting, I went to rest again in the louge area of the pool, being in this place, Noha invited me to accompany her to the hotel gym, the perfect moment to warm up our muscles. 

  There we trained until nightfall, with impressive and state-of-the-art machines, it was great to continue with my exercise routine during my trip.

  Every day that passed I got to know more and more about the Noha hotel facilities and I were always in contact, one of those nights after a good day at the pool and I went to my room to take a shower to go to the hotel bar on that occasion A musical group would be presented as usual once a week.

  In the bar the stay was fantastic, we enjoyed citrus cocktails and delicious appetizers to accompany the night, it was an extraordinary moment to talk, being there I met Noha and a group of friends who were also visiting California. We always got a good time to have a good time, this great hotel has many attractions for all types of visitors.

  Knowing the places of California was impressive, however, I enjoyed one of its landscapes enormously. I immediately contacted my guide Mike to take me to see this beautiful paradise.

  This magnificent park stretches across the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and was one of the wonderful sights that made me fall in love. One of the moments that I undoubtedly enjoyed and marked my stay in California was visiting Yosemite National Park, located east of San Francisco, California.

  Mike told me that this park is visited by more than four million people each year, and the vast majority travel through the Yosemite Valley. 

 In addition, being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and internationally recognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers where I bathed and could feel the fish on my feet.

  Not forgetting the giant sequoia forests and the great biological diversity.

  The guide was extraordinary, Mike explained to me at all times that Yosemite is one of the largest and least fragmented habitats, it has a great diversity of plants and animals; meeting the little foxes and hares was the most exciting thing.

  As a good lover of nature, I observed each of its vegetation, such as the oak forest area, low mountain vegetation, high mountain vegetation, subalpine vegetation and alpine vegetation. I love every moment that we live in this park, being so close to the nature I appreciate it too much, because there I felt peace, tranquility and breathed hope.

  The experiences in California were diverse, although I can tell you that three of them were totally fantastic because I enjoyed each of them and nature was with me at all times.

  My love for animals is enormous, a sensational experience was at the San Diego Zoo, which is one of the most important in the United States and in the world. Located in San Diego, California, I was greatly struck by the fact that this park has some 4,000 specimens of more than 800 different species. It had been a long time since I saw some beautiful pandas and here I found them, it is one of the few zoos that has a Giant Panda.

  The historians of the place informed us that more than 3,700 animals live in that zoo and something that really fascinated me were the 700,000 exotic plants throughout the zoo. I had the opportunity to be very close to animals that are in danger of extinction and are so adorable, like tigers and birds.

  In the afternoon we enjoyed a ride in the safari cars to observe the camels, kangaroos and rhinoceroses, and at nightfall it was propitious to contemplate the ice cave, where the beautiful polar bears and penguins were. This trip was a great experience that I loved since my arrival at the zoo, I am sure that if you are not so animal lovers you will also enjoy it.

  A spectacular forest located right next to Los Angeles. I love how in California nature is largely the protagonist, nature is also lived in its purest form in San Bernardino.

  Here I was able to carry out endless routes and activities in the middle of a colorful landscape and lush vegetation.

  The immense rocks that separated the rivers were spectacular.

  I took the opportunity to photograph myself in every corner, each step I took surprised me much more than another, its vegetation and fauna enchanted me and more yellow-legged frogs abounded in the place.

  Mike, rented a motorcycle to make a crazy but spectacular tour through the forest until we reached the mountain and observe the city, without a doubt I loved that journey through the infinite air that we breathed, later we went to the pier to fish and at nightfall we enjoyed with rich sweets at a picnic.

  It was a great experience to visit San Bernardino Forest, a totally adorable park.

  Californian beaches are famous for being paradisiacal places. One of them is Point Reyes, I was delighted just to see that in this place the beaches seem to be taken from a fairy tale. Its landscapes are full of lush vegetation and kilometers of sand with marked trails to go for a walk.

  In addition, in Point Reyes it is an important marine reserve, nature is the protagonist, with a multitude of birds and animals of all kinds, as a good nature lover I loved visiting this beach, a truly spectacular place.

  I couldn’t leave California without seeing its beaches and I was enchanted, I enjoyed the sea like never before, from the moment I arrived until we watched the sunset, it’s a wonderful place to swim and play beach volleyball. In the afternoon I took a tour of the bridge that connects to an old house, where many tourists pose for a photograph.

  Days before, when I was at the hotel with Noha and other friends, we had agreed to go out to a party, and thus spend a different time, we all wanted to move our bodies a little and go out for a couple of drinks, and so it was that we agree on these plans together.

  We arrive at the Avalon nightclub, it has spectacular live music shows and world-renowned DJs. While we were talking we were in the complex, a room where he offers us a mix of EDM, very soft hip-hop for the occasion.

  It caught my attention that upon entering we found ourselves in Honey, the Avalon’s restaurant bar, where we could start with a few small shots of tequila. Then, going up to the main floor, we found ourselves in the Bardot VIP lounge, where we spent most of the night enjoying cocktails in the front row, everything was very beautiful, from its lights to its structure, very fascinating and charming.

  Finally we closed the night in the Golden Age of Avalon, there the sensational party totally lit up. I really enjoyed this album.

  We couldn’t stop partying and on another night we visited the Academy discotheque, also known as Create Nightclub, I can tell you that it is one of the nocturnal «monsters» in the California area.

  The place has a privileged sound system and a huge ballroom with great lighting, as well as a VIP area and an external patio with an Asian theme.

  Feeling the music and being able to enjoy the best atmosphere of the night at the Academy was great, in the early hours of the morning they set up a huge room to enjoy VIP drinks, it was one of the super sensational moments because it also kicks off the night of foams , where it begins to rain small foams to continue with the enjoyment of the music in the disco. Night life in California.

  California, a spectacular link in the USA, a magical place that made me fall in love since I stepped foot in its airport. I was surprised by so much nature together and I was delighted with the kindness of its inhabitants, without a doubt I love when citizens decorate the places I visit in one way or another.

  This trip adds to the great experiences I have lived, not to mention Mike, the guide who accompanied me on each tour with a giant smile. If you have among your plans to visit California, do not think twice, you will live a fabulous experience and one that you will remember for the rest of your lives.