To speak of France is to automatically think of the Eiffel Tower, the most fragrant cheeses in the world, wines, I love wine, all of them in different presentations, cakes and the possibility of making friends, this will be a bit difficult but if you succeed it will be forever. Upon arriving in France, I immediately traveled to Ramatuelle, a province of France that is characterized by its calm and for being an excellent medieval proposal in the middle of nature. 

  This town is on top of the Castellas fort and with impressive views of the Pampelonne bay. Another of the particularities of this town is that it is characterized by being shaped like a snail with winding streets and old buildings awaiting you in this charming town. The architecture here is similar to that of   Mediterranean towns, houses full of flowers and small squares are grouped in the middle of shops full of crafts. 

   On the hillside, the village overlooks the incredible landscape and vineyards of the region. Between the Pampelonne beach and the southern pine forests, nature is present on the site. This land of artists, which has attracted renowned actors and highlights throughout the years, has even attracted tourists from all over the world for the beauty of its nature and its surroundings. 

  For me, the best moment I experienced during my trip to France was being able to see Ramatuelle’s snail shape from above. It’s impressive, but its streets, houses, plants and everything that lives there fit together in the perfect shape of a snail. What a beautiful town, even from the heights you can breathe peace, calm, tranquility and the hope that each day will be better than the previous one, hospitality, brotherhood and discipline are also other values that you can notice here. Still being a medieval town, it preserves its beauty, its magic, its history, its past and in the present it tells you that no matter how much the world evolves, Ramatuelle will fight to preserve its roots, culture and tradition

  From this place you will be blessed with the beautiful view of the Pampelonne bay, you will also be able to walk through beautiful wooden paths surrounded by vegetation, this is how Le Club 55 hooked me

  I had heard about this restaurant but I did not expect to find such a nice, cozy, beautiful… wonderful place. This place was built but not for the client to be a king but a friend, so its different promotions on the website and social networks stand out, I was able to verify that it is so because I felt more than a friend, part of their family.

  The atmosphere is very VIP-style, I loved this, when I arrived I took a walk around the place, very chic and simple at the same time, offering comfort and convenience at all times, I was able to observe the private yacht service that transports the visitors.

  In the restaurant area, she was also captivated by how everything was, large tables, ample furniture and first-class service, in addition to the very elegant comforts with a beach vibe that makes it super summery and chic, that they offer you on the edge of the beach. beach to sunbathe or enjoy the cold sea.

  An interesting menu, do not forget to try the tray with cruditees, the climate is given by the impeccable decoration. beautiful set of dishes and especially for the people who are in this exclusive club.

  After the meal I went to the bar, it is very good, here I was able to enjoy a few drinks while the bartender told me about the benefits of this beautiful place with a high presence of tourists.

  There are also areas where you can sit for a moment, a living room under the sun and surrounded by a lot of green areas, I loved this and enjoyed it.

  In a private and secure area, surrounded by nature, each room has its own sunny terrace.  A magnificent private garden surrounds the infinity pool of each villa.

  This exclusive and contemporary hotel is located on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean, very close to the beach of l’Escalet and Saint-Tropez. On arrival I got myself with its impressive views with a lot of luxury and decoration with a very elegant summer style.

  The elegant rooms with full wall windows and a terrace with sea views have a host of amenities, including a living room and a whirlpool bathtub with a view of the garden and the sea in the background. The beautiful room has a large terrace that allowed me to enjoy the view of the sea, sunrise like this is priceless and in the middle of this beautiful town that fills your life with peace.

  From the room you only had to take a step to enter the private pool of the room and I fell in love because I loved its structure and the green area around it.

In the afternoon I went to eat at the Restobar, this was very elegant with a terrace facing the sea, here I asked for the chef’s suggestion that day, which was a mixture of seafood on a bed of vegetables, in the best style French, accompanied by the best local wine, this woke up my palate it was a delicious combination.

Every day I spent in this place I ordered different dishes and each one was paired with the best wine. The following days I decided to visit the other pools that La Réserve offers, an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, the one I enjoyed the most was outdoors, here with a wonderful view of the sea and its surroundings, and at night the sky starry, it’s really lovely.

As the days passed I decided to get out of my charm and learn a little more about this area of ​​France and its surroundings.

  As I had already spent several days in this place, I decided to visit the sea and go for a dip and sunbathe, so I launched him to discover the Bay of Pampelonne.

  It is the busiest and longest beach in Saint Tropez, located in a beautiful sheltered bay. It stretches for 5 km, with white sands and bright turquoise seas. The beach is divided between public areas, a variety of beach clubs where you can rent loungers and umbrellas, and dine with some extravagance.

  The bay of Pampelonne from the heights has an impressive view and as I went down I fell more in love with it and wanted to reach its cold waters to dive without thinking twice.

  Being here infects you with peace, serenity, you feel that you renew yourself from the inside out and you will not want to leave. 

  There are many water sports to enjoy in Pampelonne. Water skiing, windsurfing, rowing are available at the kiosks scattered along the beach. I decided to rent a jet ski and take a calm ride along the coast, everything is as beautiful as I expected. After bathing I took a bottle of wine out of my bag, poured myself a drink and dedicated myself to contemplating the sea, there were other people bathing and enjoying it as much or more than me. Touring this coast was wonderful, I felt the breeze, the sand, the peace and at one point I felt a magical connection in this place.

  The place of my dreams, this is Domaine La Tourraque because this is a wine estate, the great vineyards, the smell, color and flavor that this place has is indescribable.

  And as a good wine fanatic, I made the decision to collect part of the harvest, of course with the help of the experts and my tour guide. I felt fulfilled doing this, then I saw how the whole cleaning and selection process is.

  The preparation process is quite interesting, having seen this, it was time to taste the wine, my favorite part and, boy, is it worth doing. What a delight, it tasted like heaven and I couldn’t resist.

  I bought a few bottles to drink at the hotel and take home, the attention here was first class and I liked it.

  He comes with the purpose of camping here after bathing on the beach, he wanted to sleep with the cold breeze of this place, see the sun go down and see him wake up this beautiful town.

  A campfire accompanied us during the night to light us up and give us warmth, we took the opportunity to write our wishes and throw them on the fire so that they would come true.

  When I was casting my role, a shooting star passed by and I saw it as something extraordinary, it was like a sign that what I was wishing for with my heart and soul would come true.

  The food was spectacular, eating lobster by the sea is exquisite, I liked everything that I experienced here during the night. The next day we went hiking, we climbed the mountain ranges of the place, we saw different types of trees and plants, but the best thing is the view that it offers you being on the heights.

  During my time in Ramatuelle I met Colette, a French student girl who was like me getting to know the area and we bumped into each other walking through these streets. There was chemistry, it was super funny to run into each other and we started talking, after a while each one followed her path, but we promised to keep in touch. Soon after, she invited me to the clubs in the nearby towns and divinely I accepted, we left in her vehicle.

  Colette and I arrived at L’Esqui Club Saint Tropez. I liked the contrast of the pink lights on her. This is a nightclub, an atypical and underground place, where we were able to share a good night out with a variety of activities to the rhythm of vocal house and electronic music.

  This day was special for those who were there because they were broadcasting the final of a soccer match, therefore there were more men than women, that day the local team Paris Saint-Germain played.

  The hubbub was not normal for Europeans, they were enjoying the match and I joined their celebration with a t-shirt that Colette gave me, he was very excited and also shouted nonstop.

  I liked this place, it’s very comfortable, you have a good time here because it has a beautiful bar, individual tables and a good space to dance.

  During our visit to Saint Tropez Collete took me to this beautiful restaurant with a panoramic view to see the town from another angle, a delight for the eyes and the palate

  Here they serve a pleasant fusion of flavors from Japan and Peru, with a refined decoration with an Art Deco atmosphere adorned with ethnic touches that immerses you in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. We decided to try a tasting plate for the two of us, it was very complete and delicious, it took a walk through all the specialties on the menu.

  For dessert we ate macorons accompanied by champagne, the musical atmosphere was good because you can talk quietly without much noise or disturbance.

  That night we were delighted with performances by live artists and DJs who take over the decks to make the clubbers dance until dawn.

  After being in two wonderful places and going from adrenaline to calm, Collete invited me to dance, I wanted to check that she did it and that’s how it was because we went to move our hips and feet.

  After having a few glasses of champagne we started dancing and she wasn’t that good at it so I ended up becoming her dance teacher and showed her a bit of that Latin flavor that I’ve learned to cultivate in my travels.

  She was surprised and told me that she needed me to be her personalized teacher because she loved how well I did it, that she would pay me whatever I asked for but unfortunately my flight left the next day, that was her chance, but I promised to come back soon.

  Although we did not eat, I can highlight this place that also has an area to eat quietly away from the dance area, the waiters are very attentive and the atmosphere is very good.

  I dare to say that I put an end to the myth that it is difficult to make friends in France, Collete showed me the opposite and I can say that I am leaving here with a great friendship. Visiting Ramatuelle was fantastic because despite not enjoying the nightlife there, I went to a nearby town and enjoyed it like never before, I loved the gastronomy and its coasts, they really are wonderful.

  The wine was the best part, I wish I had a vineyard on the terrace of my apartment, that would be amazing, but while I continue to travel and you visit France, I invite you not to miss any of my stories.