Ancient culture, that was what attracted me to Turkey and made me fly there to live an unforgettable vacation. The impressive places that are found here, in addition to its rich and exotic gastronomy, unique in the world, not counting the traditions that as a tourist I was able to discover. One of the first things I did when I got here was participate in a traditional Turkish coffee with a local. It is important to note that although it may not seem like it, the Turks are characterized by being very hospitable, simple and open with foreigners. That is why, after starting a conversation with one of them, without thinking he invited me to tea. After tea with Kadir, he introduced me to his whole family, this is also part of the tradition. The funny thing about all this was that I ended up having a magnificent experience through which I got to know the local culture from them. I was able to learn about their language, culture, traditions, clothing and the beautiful way they have to value life through simplicity. That is really worth it.

In search of a good beach club to eat and have a good time, in addition to spending a few nights in a place that would allow me to rest fully, Kadir recommended that I stay at Macakizi Beach Club.

After settling into the room with the help of the staff who work here, I moved to the restaurant area to eat, I was too hungry from the trip and I found a place that houses a mixture of unique colors, smells and flavors.
The chef of Turkish origin Arek Sahakyan is in charge of capturing you by the palate, he had the opportunity to work in Washington DC in the USA and he prepared me a delicious octopus with lettuce, my God, I enjoyed it like never before. At the time of sleeping the room was very comfortable, I like a bed and a place that gives me the pleasant feeling of being in the clouds. This was provided to me by the Villa Suite, one of the ones with an ocean view.

It is so large that you will feel that you are at home, in addition to offering you an excellent room to enjoy television.


A few nights in Macakizi were enough to go in search of a new place that would offer me the same comfort, I don’t like to stay in one place, I feel like a prisoner. That’s why Khan, the hotel receptionist, suggested that I stay at the Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel, one of the great five-star hotels in Istanbul. This is life, here I could enjoy the most opulent style of Istanbul, located in the most elegant neighborhood on the Asian side overlooking the Marmara Sea. Once here I went to the gym area that the hotel offers, I did a little cardio to burn off the calories and the damage of good food on my figure.
In the afternoon I enjoyed the pool, this also helps to lose a little weight, at least it helps me. I didn’t want sun, just swimming and swimming non-stop to give my body more mobility. Really, being in this hotel is like being in a royal palace, its architecture and interior design is fantastic, I recommend it one hundred percent.

I was dying to visit the Turkish bazaars, wide spaces that allow you to buy an infinite number of items to take with you. I declare myself a fan of Turkish fashion, it is fascinating.

I spent hours here, from bazaar to bazaar, but I was able to buy clothes and something really important with great meaning. Several boxes of baklavas, the typical puff pastry cakes with dried fruits bathed in honey are a delight, I bought several to eat and share with close ones.

From nacre boxes and chess games we can find in these places, which are really worth visiting.

In Istanbul I decided to go on this cruise to be part of one of the most popular activities in Istanbul, which is taking this tour. The strait that separates the European part of Turkey from the Asian part, and connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. Swallows, that’s the name of the tourist boats from the Eminönü pier. Here you will only appreciate walls, towers, palaces and huge houses of people who accumulate innumerable fortunes.

I fell in love with the architecture and the way millionaires live here. Relaxing Turkish baths, something very traditional here and they are public saunas to enjoy a good bath and massage, the advantage of the place I chose was that in the Roxelana there is room for men and women separately.

I loved the massage, although in western culture it is rustic I enjoyed it completely, it relieved me too much.

The time for the nightlife and the best parties came when I went to Ritim, one of the best clubs in Istanbul. I didn’t really know it existed, I just saw it while it was passing the other night and wrote it down as one of my to-dos. Being here was wonderful, the service is first class and the attention of quality. I didn’t come here alone, Kiral’s cousin accompanied me, I met her during the tea ceremony and we had agreed to party one of those many nights in Istanbul. Kiral was super relaxed, we immediately got to the rhythm and danced the night away, the experience was pleasant. We not only dance, we also talk and exchange cultures and personal experiences. She told me that she was 20 years old and that she was not planning to get married, she just wanted to be free like me to travel the world without pause and without haste. The drinks and cocktails of this place are served at the bar, a bar on fire, it was impressive to see the fire and the fascination of those present, something that she had rarely seen.

Balkon Restaurant y Bar

I also visited Balkon Restaurant and Bar, this place is nice, serene and peaceful for people who are just looking to taste a good plate of food and a delicious glass of wine. 

It has an area on the terrace and another closed, I went for the option of the terrace, so I breathed fresh air while enjoying my exquisite pizza, I ordered something simple, but really delicious.

Just Bar – 

Nights later I arrived at Just Bar, also in Istanbul, here I just came to enjoy live music, eat and enjoy a good drink. The place was packed because people gather here to enjoy sporting finals and that night it was from the NBA. Between glasses and plates, the unexpected happened, a man got up from the table and asked his girlfriend to marry him, those present were surprised and after she accepted, we joined his celebration amid applause and raised our glasses.

Why visit Istanbul, simple, you will have the opportunity to buy clothes and great items in impressive bazaars, in addition to enjoying tourist areas where millionaire families live, there you will know their way of life. Something I never expected to do was enter a sauna, but I liked the experience, it was refreshing. What stops you from visiting Istanbul, although it is a paradise I would not like to live in that country, I have other options in mind.