Hello again, I continue on my world tour and now I will move on to the conquest of Croatia. I loved this country because it stands out for its beautiful beaches, food and warmth of its people, here there are some spectacular places that are not seen in another part of the world, they have a great treasure in their heritage.  I was captivated by its paradisiacal islands, and by the food and I did not stop trying a single bite, I wanted to feel and taste the flavor of this succulent cuisine.

  This time I focused on Rovinj, a Croatian fishing port on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. The old town is located on a promontory and is full of houses close together that reach the seashore. A tangle of cobbled streets leads to the church of Santa Eufemia, which sits atop a hill and whose tall bell tower dominates the skyline. South of Hull is Lone Bay, one of the area’s pebbly beaches. The 14 islands of the Rovinj archipelago lie off the coast.

  On one of my tours I saw the craft sale and stopped to buy a few pieces to take home, they really do offer beautiful hand-carved beauties.

  Booking this site was the best option I could take because it has a privileged view, leaning out of its balconies allows you to appreciate the immense view of the sea and see the sun’s rays falling on the water.

 This exclusive place, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, is located next to Park‑šuma Zlatni, very close to the city center and the train station.

  The attention was very good, they helped me with the luggage to the room, really there are multiple options that this place offers and we made the most of them all. 

  On this occasion I stayed in a suite and it was fully equipped with a kitchen, which I must confess did not give me the chance to use, and a well-equipped minibar that I did take full advantage of. This suite combines natural materials and comfort with stunning views. It had a private patio with a large balcony that I loved, for its unparalleled view of the ocean, from here every morning I watched the sunrise. The place was very cool, the air conditioning was working optimally, the internet was the same, which allowed me to stay connected at all times and update my social networks.

Just a few steps from the main building, the hotel has a set of outdoor swimming pools and the pebble beach of Mulini, both with views of the crystal clear sea and the preserved forest park.

In the very center of the beach, there is an equipped bar where I went to relax during a day by the sea, it also offers a variety of refreshing meals, creative cocktails and energy drinks. There are modern beach chairs and umbrellas placed along the entire beach for guests to use and always friendly staff.

It has a sports playground and we went there to enjoy this environment, I was able to play soccer with other people and we beat the rival team, I liked doing this, we sweated a little but well, nothing that a good swim in the pool wouldn’t solve.

  Suddenly it was time to eat and the chef prepared some lobsters with wine and we must tell you that they were succulent, few like that and we have traveled the world. At the end of the meal I went to the bar of the place and had a few drinks, the whiskey was on point, they really know about drinks and how to please the guests. I loved being able to start my tour of Rovinj in this cozy place.

  For the following days I already had a more exclusive plan, I had made reservations in advance at one of the most famous hotels in the area, I did not make a mistake with my choice, Hilton Rijeka Costabella, I got endless luxuries and comforts.

  This luxurious resort is located on the Adriatic Sea coast, between the coastal cities of Opatija and Rijeka. We are surrounded by the landscape of the Risnjak National Park and the Učka Nature Park. Enjoy water sports and relax on our private beach. All accommodations face the ocean, and we offer two pools, six restaurants, and a full-service Eforea health club and spa.

  The rooms are beautiful in their entirety, the bed is very comfortable, the bathroom I fully enjoyed and how well cared for and preserved everything looks, I loved it.

  As is my custom to visit the Spa in each of my destinations, this is no exception, I went for a full day Spa eforea, it is shown with a holistic approach to wellness on the Adriatic coast, in addition to massages and treatments , I took advantage of the access to its Himalayan salt room where I could relax and expel millions of toxins during my time in the sauna, it was a refreshing experience.

  During my time here I enjoyed extraordinary massages in the pool area with a view of the sea, only a few meters separated us from the coastal waters. Being able to swim in the pool at night allowed me to enjoy the stars, contemplating them filled me with a lot of peace and calm as soon as I could see a couple of shooting stars, they were magical moments.

  Being here represents total luxury and comfort, which is why I ate the most exquisite Croatian dishes, which were prepared by a chef who brought us hundreds of smiles when he approached our table. The security staff was also always very attentive, they wanted us to feel safe and comfortable at all times, this was a guarantee that we would not look for another hotel.

  One of the moments that we will not be able to forget about this trip was when the waiter brought me the lobster to the pool, it happened that he tripped and fell into the pool and the food dirty all the water. He was very nervous because he was going to be fired, but I took it upon myself to talk to the manager and get a guarantee that this would not happen.

One day I decided to start my respective tour of the city and its surroundings, for me it is important on each trip to learn a little more about its culture and customs, so I started this tour in

  It is a baroque church located in the heart of the historical part of Rovinj, Croatia. This three-nave church was built on the remains of older early Christian structures around 1736. The story goes that its name originally referred to St. George.

  Upon arrival I was able to observe all its impressive structure, here I got a great guide named Paul, who at all times treated me wonderfully, narrating each one of the secrets that this temple keeps.

  At first glance it is seen that the tower with its golden angel is almost an exact copy of the bell tower in Venice, only this angel is Saint Eufemia, the patron saint of the small town… whose wonderful experiences are clearly represented on the walls of Venice. the chapel.

  The church contains several treasures and works of art: Gothic statues from the 15th century, paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries: Last Supper and Christ in Gethsemane. I was able to see the relics of Saint Eufemia, which are preserved in a Roman sarcophagus from the 6th century.

  Also contemplate the bell tower, this resembles the tower of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. It was built during 1654-1680, according to plans by Antonio Manopola. At the top of this 60 m high tower is the statue of Santa Eufemia, which acts as a weather vane, framing a captivating environment.

  One of the stories of this place that completely caught my attention was the legend about his sarcophagus, the fable begins with two fishermen caught in a storm who, having lost control of their boat, fall to their knees in fervent prayer. Their prayers are answered and they wake up safely off the coast of Rovinj to see a bright white light on an object sinking in the sea.

  Unable to retrieve the item, they rush to tell the townspeople about the miracle, but no one can move the heavy object until a pious widow makes a plan to retrieve the gift with oxen. The oxen take the sarcophagus out of the water and carry it up the mountain. A skeptic is rendered unconscious in the presence of the sarcophagus, and later reveals that he had received a vision from Saint Eufemia that the sarcophagus contained her bones.

Everything was charming and with the company of Paul I was able to nourish myself with all this history, luckily I made an excellent choice when starting my tour in this place.

  After the day I continued with my walks around Rovinj, so I put on my most comfortable clothes and with my App of places of interest I could easily find what to do.

  This place became popular with the series Game of Thrones and has managed to monopolize the visit of hundreds of tourists in a short time. It is a complete paradise because it offers everything to spend an ideal moment. The turquoise waters captivated me and I was amazed by the exuberant nature that surrounded it, thanks to that place I could breathe better.   History, art and culture also come together here and allowed me to delve into the past of this imposing place. I was captivated by the exquisite and exclusive gastronomy of this place. The atmosphere so pleasant and magical that you will not find anywhere else in Europe, we warn you, you will travel and travel but you will not find it.

  Then I enjoyed a delicious swim in the turquoise waters, they were very cold but with everything and that I had a great time.

  Just an hour from Dubrovnik, this imposing island rises above the cold waters of Europe and is home to more than 1,000 inhabitants.

  This place has been a source of inspiration for artistic and literary works, such as those of Homer. 

  The characteristic of this site is that it has parks and a green reserve that was recorded from above by Alexander with his drone and it looked spectacular, shots that were really worth it. 

  Another characteristic point of this tour was that I was able to dive and submerge myself in the waters to enjoy up close the hundreds of red corals that rest on these cold waters.

  How hormoso everything looked down there, it did not cause to go up to the surface, everything was calm and time seemed to stop.

  It seems a lie but it is not, from the heights of a hill I was able to observe in detail how the blue and turquoise color of the sea merge, a marine spectacle without equal. 

  In addition to this, as the sand spreads throughout the place, leaving locals and strangers amazed. This site is very good for tourism because it has exclusive areas.

  That day I windsurfed the place, it is ideal to practice this type of sport, after this I went to one of the luxurious restaurants that are here and ordered a wide variety of seafood, starting with caviar, everything was exquisite and the came or say. This is the good thing about this area, it is full of haute cuisine and category restaurants.

For all these days and nights in Rovinj, it caught my attention that its nights are quite active and attractive for the fun and relaxation of Croatians and visitors and I decided to go out for a couple of nights to check out this tory.

  We moved not only our feet, but also our hips without remorse. We enjoyed a good glass of wine, toasted everything that was happening to us and were grateful for the moment we were experiencing.

  While we were here a man proposed to his girlfriend, she said yes and well, the owner of the place gave away a free round of drinks for everyone to celebrate.

  I like the magic of this place, it is beautiful, the decoration, the attention and how well preserved it looks despite the time.

  Cocomo is famous for partying all night and located on Island Pag, one of the most in the Adriatic Sea, COCOMO Club offers you the only clubbing experience in Novalja, open all day long.

  At Cocomo Club we danced to the rhythm of the DJ, he lit up the party, the night and the souls that were gathered there. It was as if we were moving alone, we couldn’t stop because of how good the atmosphere was.

  That night several DJs appeared as part of the events that they organize weekly there, it was a pitched battle to position themselves as the best of the night and that’s how it was.

  There were three of them and we only cheered for one and they made him go backstage to play again and he did so until dawn, it was fantastic and it all ended in a foam party.

   The Stel Bar & Club, is a place for live music and special for events, on arrival I could admire its large outdoor area, Voids sound system, a large stage, located in Rovinj, Istria

  While I ate I was able to taste a fruit basket, it was quite tasty, I loved the pineapple and the strawberries. Alexadra a girl I met at the bar, it was funny because we both ordered the same thing and we started a pleasant chat, we couldn’t stop eating, they were fresh as if they had been recently taken from the field.   Whiskey and more whiskey was what I drank here, the alcohol went to my head, and I went on stage to demonstrate my best dance steps, I was able to enjoy it to the fullest without thinking twice, moments like this are the ones that are really worth the pain. The interior design was very beautiful, every detail counted and became indelible from memory.

  I will not forget the union of the turquoise and blue waters, in addition to the sand spreading throughout the place, really Europe has its secrets and it captivated us from the first moment. Adventures, smiles, joys and the best energy was what I could experience during my time in Croatia, so don’t think about it anymore and I invite you to visit this beautiful land full of grace.