Hello girls, how are you? We meet again to live together a new and great experience. South America, the most emblematic contains for those who have visited some countries, the continent of heat and exotic food. While I was planning my new travel destination, the brilliant idea of feeling the warmth of Latinos occurred to me. I began to investigate some destinations, however, given so much diversity, I did not know which one to decide on.

  Days later I was waiting to decide which country in South America to visit, while I was doing it, I found on social networks that Marco Antonio, a childhood friend, was visiting the paradisiacal Peru, because I did not think twice and I communicated with him to ask how he was doing.

Marco Antonio has three days since he arrived in Peru specifically in Zorritos, it is one of the three that make up the province of Contralmirante Villar located in the department of Tumbes in the North of Peru, in addition, it has a great variety of beaches that have a fine white sand with gentle waves that relax any tension. The most active can also practice marine sports such as surfing and power boating.

  I immediately decided and told him that Peru would be the next country to visit, he very excited agreed to receive me and of course, start the wonderful tour of the Peruvian lands.  I am passionate about nature and it was a great dream to find the beaches of South America, to get to know the taste of Latinos and not stop trying their gastronomy, which is so varied and peculiar. Without a doubt, visiting Peru was such a wonderful feeling that the emotion did not fit in my soul. It was the right time to start buying my ticket and schedule the day of the flight, without forgetting to pack my suitcase.

I was dying to meet this destination, when I landed in Lima Peru I took a taxi to take me to Zorritos, while I was on the road I could feel the rich heat and its inhabitants walking, the diversity in its landscapes, some colorful and others so warm, simply beautiful . Marco Antonio was waiting for me at the beach club where he was staying during his stay in Zorritos, which was called Maliah Beach Club. Of course, I couldn’t deny his invitation because beforehand I was able to check his website and the services he offers fascinated me.

Arriving at Maliah Beach Club was finding myself in a colonial paradise, his sculpture is so beautiful that it makes us feel at home. Marco Antonio was waiting for me in the pool area; a giant and beautiful enclosure to share and enjoy the sun. Seeing Marco Antonio was inevitable, giving us a warm hug and greeting each other, the last time I saw him was at a school reunion, the first thing he said to me was «Dear Lucy, we meet again but this time to celebrate life and remember ours their occurrences” without a doubt, it was a trip to enjoy and live that great experience in Peru.

  I couldn’t wait any longer and I took a dip in the pool, the heat was so great that I needed to cool off, it was a moment to relax and rest in the water after the long trip. Minutes later, Marco Antonio approaches me and gives me a delicious piña colada, it is an exquisite drink with coconut cream and hints of rum. Divine!

  As soon as the afternoon began and I longed to taste the delicious dishes offered by the Maliah Beach Club restaurant, when we sat down the waiters very kindly sent us the menu, the first thing that was listed on the menu was the popular ceviche. This is the most emblematic dish of the country. And it is that nobody can resist the fresh flavor of a good plate of ceviche. Made with fish and, depending on the taste, shellfish, it is bathed with citrus dressings that only enhance the flavor.

  Definitely, ceviche is one of those dishes that once I tried it I wanted to repeat it over and over again. I loved it so much that Marco Antonio had never tried it and he totally fell in love with this exquisite dish. The food at this beach club is fantastic, later don’t hesitate to try the Causa Limeña. This dish is made from yellow potatoes and its layered presentation draws attention. Of course, thanks to that touch of lemon that every Peruvian knows, the flavor of this renowned dish conquers kitchens, tables and hearts.

  After that fabulous lunch, it was appropriate to go to the hotel beach, it is incredible how many chairs there are on the sand to rest and listen to the big waves with the singing of the birds that crossed the sea. It is a spectacular place, it was impossible not to meet other people, precisely Marco Antonio met some friends from the university, who are residents of Venezuela and were on vacation in Peru, of course, it was inevitable not to socialize and meet them . The connection was so great that at sunset we enjoyed some delicious crackers with octopus spread. How delicious! In addition, to take a dip in the sea until nightfall.

  The first nights we decided to stay in the hotel rooms to continue enjoying its facilities, in addition to the fact that the first day of our stay in Peru we stayed until late at night sharing in the sea and it was late for us to go in search of the hotel. However, the facilities of the beach club rooms are excellently comfortable and were fantastic for the first few days to recover energy for what would be the course of this wonderful tour.

  The days after our stay in Peru we decided to stay in a hotel near the beach club, without a doubt all the sculptures in that area are beautiful, colorful and fascinating. Mario Antonio, located the Casa Andina Select Zorritos Tumbes through the website, when we found such a majestic place it was magnificent

  Arriving at Casa Andina was like finding my grandmother’s house. What a sensational place! The receptionist received us with a delicious orange juice to refresh us, while Marcos Antonio was doing the lodging process, I went to tour the hotel, its facilities are totally beautiful, I did not stop observing each painting, each piece of furniture.

  When assigning us the rooms without a doubt I was shocked, I stayed in the VIP suite, it has a giant and beautiful bed where I could rest. An elegant room, where its gray and beige walls made it imposing with an energy of peace and tranquility. 

  After taking a nap, in the evening hours it was propitious to start using the hotel services, by the interior entrance there was a giant table to play pool, it is no secret to anyone that I love board games, on that occasion I enjoyed myself I greatly appreciated that trip, it was such a magnificent experience that I remember it fondly.

  Marco Antonio scheduled a meeting for the night with the musicians who were going to perform on the beach where they would be offering a show, the number of tourists from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile who were in the season of my life was so impressive. It was an episode to dance the night away and enjoy a delicious tequila. As appetizers they gave us delicious and crispy shrimp marinara accompanied by lemon and crab, a fascinating seafood and another level.

   After so many days getting to know every part of Zorritos, I enjoyed a relaxing spa at the hotel, I enjoyed this rich service like never before, relaxing, forgetting about everything and thus recharging energy was very gratifying. Something very peculiar was the energy transmitted by the relaxation stones that were placed on our backs. Without a doubt, in the Casita Andina, I was able to spend excellent moments without forgetting the bar where they offered us a wide variety of musical themes and drinks, I was able to be in the VIP area and live every moment of that spectacular night.

For the first days in Zorritos when we stayed at the Maliah Beach Club, I could see how many people gathered in the same place, they were entertained with my drinks and the talk with Marco Antonio, but curiosity invaded me to know what it was about , it turns out that in this area there is a floating dock that allows you to walk on the sea.

   So how I wanted to experience that feeling, I wrote down this walk in my agent, as one of my pending routes for the following days. When the scheduled day arrived, I put on my beach outfits and immediately I was in the place, because I didn’t want to waste time there.

  Without a doubt, from the first moment I stepped on that pier I felt like a fish in water. It is a floating platform 155 meters long by two wide, they put a lifeguard on me and after a few simple instructions I went to experience it firsthand.

  This great place was my great unforgettable moment because I love extreme attractions, when I got on the floating dock I started screaming but with emotion and the immense adrenaline that you feel being there. Marco Antonio laughed out loud because without a doubt I enjoyed it enormously, I ran, jumped and laughed until I could not, I even sat on the shore to feel the swaying of the sea, without a doubt I enjoyed it.

  I was able to notice that this dock has solar panels and in the late afternoon I could notice that it uses solar energy to light up at night, it is totally beautiful and at night see that the only thing that lights up is the floating dock. This trip will be a pleasant moment that I will not forget for the rest of my life, because being so close to the sea makes me completely happy.

  As Marco Antonio already knew the area a little, we both decided to organize a few short walks through the most emblematic places of Zorritos in Tumbes, so we decided on a tour of its most outstanding sites to learn a little more about its history and culture.

  The first place chosen was this beautiful cathedral, I always love encountering religious things, knowing its history and everything that goes by is of great importance. The cathedral of Tumbes is full of history, because the acoustic shell tells us the history of tumbes, where the ancient settlers, called chilimasas, fought against the Spaniards at the time of the Aya conquest. A small but beautiful cathedral, its ornaments stand out with mosaics on its two domes.

  Its giant trees make the Plaza de Armas an unmissable tourist attraction, if you visit the city you will be fascinated as well as take excellent photographs accompanied by a radiant sun. This place was a wonderful experience because the peace that is penetrated is great and more than knowing everything that is behind in its beginnings. Without a doubt, I really liked this place.

  As a second walk we decided to go to the Thermal Pools of Hervideros, when you arrive you submerge yourself and feel that you are in quicksand, since with each step you feel that you are sinking, but it is quite fun, as well as relaxing and rewarding. They say that these waters have minerals and healing and energizing powers, I don’t know if it’s true, what is is that my skin left it super soft. The feeling of playing and experimenting with the mud is great, it was certainly rewarding and remember my childhood when I used to play castles on the beach and we ended up completely covered in sand. It was also a nice moment to remember when I went on my honeymoon because that time when I was on the beach as a youngster with my family and we all ended up all muddy. If you are adventurous and want to experience something totally new, different and fun, this is for you. What a nice experience.

  And as one of my last adventures, we set out to visit this zoo, a crocodile farm where they all live as if they were in their natural habitat. It was magnificent, having these creatures so close and seeing them so calm but at the same time fierce was very impressive. This zoo has a large number of crocodiles of various species and sizes, the place is super good, we were accompanied by a guide who explained everything to you.

  The visit is made entertaining by the tour and stories about them, their origins and customs. It was an unforgettable experience because I love every moment that I am so close to living beings and feel them a part of me. Minutes later I had the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile and it was so cute. Arriving at Zorritos is visiting these beautiful species.

I couldn’t leave Peru without enjoying its night parties, some friends invited Marco Antonio to Zorritos sun party, of course he couldn’t leave me and I went with him.

I got ready and since the night was hot I put on a spectacular cocktail dress to dance comfortably. The best parties in Peru are held in the north, here they celebrate the arrival of the sun by dancing and enjoying wonderful drinks. Feel free to come to the VIP area of ​​the bar and taste their products.

At that moment they served me a carob cocktail, it is a punch made from eggs and pisco. Also, sometimes, it is usually an alternative to the traditional pisco sour, the first time in my life that I tried this drink but that itching in my mouth fascinated me, it was the appetizer to start with the rumba and dance until sunrise.

  It was a wonderful night, on those occasions I completely calm down and forget about a thousand earrings, I connect with the dance and there is no one to stop me.

  Arriving at Zorritos Peru was an unforgettable experience, it is a wonderful and rich country in South America, its diversity in gastronomy, culture, music and its people are fantastic. I take from Peru great experiences and new flavors that are so tropical and easy to make in any part of the world. In addition, its attractions are so fantastic that they make you connect with your childhood and the good times of it.

   When the day of my farewell had arrived, Marco Antonio gave me a nice souvenir that says «I love Peru»; What a nice gesture from him, Marco Antonio became like a brother to me, he was one of my most appreciated companions that my childhood could have left me. If you plan to travel to Peru, do not hesitate for a second, it is a country that you will fall in love with at first sight, enjoy and never stop being happy.