If we talk about this place, we automatically think of flora, this is because there are many beautiful flowers here that adorn the landscape, not to mention the exuberant coconut palms that rise strongly along the seashore.

You can also take baths worthy of an empress in shallow waters, as happened in the past with Josephine Bonaparte, when she arrived she stripped off her clothes and immersed herself in the water.

The vegetation is very extensive and beautiful but inside it keeps an active volcano that puts more than one on alert, the climate here is very changeable so when you take a tour you must take precautions.

Beaches with turquoise water, white sand, sugar cane plantations, towns steeped in history and more, this is what you will find as you pass through this paradisiacal place full of charm and magic.

Swimming pool, buffet-style food, incredible recreation areas, a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, which day after day ratifies the preference and excellence of visitors who travel there from other countries.

Low prices and incredible offers attract a lot of attention to people, in this case here each visitor is given a day pass with which they can have access to food and drinks. Many are fascinated by the mid-day buffet, so at that time they receive more visitors.

The cleanliness is constant here, this is appreciated by the tourists because they feel in a comfortable environment, the attention of the hotel employees is very good and at all times they try to offer you the best.

The rooms are small but very comfortable, which is why they pass the test and are liked by the people. There is access to the beach, people enjoy its calm waters and are fascinated by it because they can practice sports as a family.

If you enjoy a good drink, here they have the best atmosphere for you to dance, smile and feel at home. Sunbathe while enjoying a cocktail and listening to the best musical selection.

With a privileged location and excellent service, this hotel has free parking, swimming pool, recreation areas and a good reputation of 4.1 stars out of 5 that tourists and locals have awarded for its outstanding work.

Beautiful setting with lush vegetation, if you want to rent an umbrella on the beach without being a guest you can do so and enjoy the sea, sand and sun while having a refreshing drink or cocktail.

Bungalows are the biggest point of reference for tourists, this has been sacred to them. The attention of the staff is of high quality, the cleaning is constant and the interior design of this place will make you feel at home.

The food is served on time, according to visitors the portions are very generous and prepared with the best ingredients influenced by the Caribbean and Europe to offer diners the best experience.

After a day at the beach you can walk in the middle of the vegetation that surrounds this hotel, the people who have visited this area point out that the plants are well preserved and protected.


Flamingos, turtles and more are part of the animals that you can appreciate here, visitors point out that they like the life that animals lead because they are not overcrowded

Some visitors point out that the staff that will receive you here is super friendly and attentive, on special days they prepare special activities and games to interact with people. On Easter they organized a game for the children to look for Easter bones.

The plants and the shade they generate prevent the sun from hitting directly and prevent fatigue. Going through this place and feeling the gentle breeze is something fantastic, feeding the animals and seeing their coexistence up close is great.

During the tour enjoy the aviary and the butterfly house, this visit can take between 1 hour and 30 minutes or two hours, but as visitors review it, it will be something worth living the experience

You can appreciate water lilies, palm trees and all kinds of plants in this exotic place that has 3 hectares of extension and is totally private, so for a small price you can access and enjoy.

Tourists and locals say that during your visit to Martinique you have to make a mandatory stop in this place to enjoy its intense nature and feel the fresh air free of pollutants.

In addition to flowers and plants you can enjoy different species that are among them, exotic creeping animals that captivate the attention of those who come to this site. Here there are very friendly people who will teach you and explain the origin of each plant.

The value of the entrance is quite accessible, tourists emphasize that it is worth the cost of access.

Inside this garden there is a small river that carries its waters and bathes a large part of the flora of this place, this site is somewhat far from the city but there are buses or taxis that you can take to get there.

If you want to know how the manufacture of rum is, but of good quality, then you have to come to this place to discover and fall in love with this process.

The distillation process is quite interesting, they explain how the process works and you will have the opportunity to try a variety of rum and punches. You can choose one of the many drinks and take them as a gift back home.

The staff that works here is always smiling and willing to do their best for your comfort. The audio guide is free and provides information of interest to visitors who want to know about the process.

This place is the maximum expression of contemporary art because it has a large park that surrounds the distillery, a large museum and the old factories and houses, while the two large exhibition halls contain a large collection of Caribbean artists.

A large venue where you can celebrate that special day. Pool, bar, tables and areas of interest that combine with lights and sound to offer you the best experience.

To see the local Zouk dance you have to come here, there is a light signal that is projected and this is an indication that the place is open to the public and can be seen from a great distance.

Other visitors define the atmosphere of this place as very good, they like the variety of music, attention, drinks and the cleaning service that is constant. In addition to this security is guaranteed.

The DJ is one of the most anticipated of the night, his musical selection is the best and makes more than one dance. One or another night is themed and you can even dress up if you wish.

This place receives 5 stars out of 5 and is positioned above others as a great alternative to enjoy a great night between music, drinks and people who, just like you, will seek to have a great time.

From 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night you can enjoy all the good things that this place has to offer. Enjoy some delicious snacks accompanied by delicious drinks prepared especially for you.

The price of drinks is very accessible, take the mojitos you want while you take a delicious bite of an exquisite hamburger. The quality of this site is reflected in the 5 out of 5 points awarded by visitors.

The days of the full moon are festive, enjoy while you have your feet nailed to the sand, the musical atmosphere is the best and without leaving there you will already be planning your next visit to relive every moment.

Enjoy an unforgettable sunset, contemplate the yachts and boats anchored near the place, feel the comfort of enjoying yourself near the sea, taste the best dishes on the island and ask for the drink you want and they will prepare it for you.

Martinique is an amazing place, the amount of exotic flora and fauna that exists here is unimaginable, active volcanoes, plantations and rum distilleries, food that you will not try anywhere else and the best service.

The sea is beautiful, crystal clear water, white sand and is surrounded by palm trees that rise in the wind and wonderful flowers, places to entertain yourself and others to find the peace that you want to find on this trip.