Hi how are you? I love that you are here and that you enjoy my stories, beyond reading my experiences I want you to feel them with your heart and soul so that you connect with my life purpose. This time I will tell you everything about my trip to Anguilla and the wonders I was able to discover there, if you have read me before you will surely know that it is not the first time that I have visited this tropical paradise and that I have already lived many adventures from this point.

  I want to express my love for the white sand of Anguilla, it definitely blew me away because it is as if it were unreal, this white color highlights the beautiful beach grapes that are found there and the coconut palms that dance to the rhythm of the wind. On this new trip I let myself be captivated by the colorful chinguiritos, they have a lot to offer and visiting one of them is to get things to make your day the best. This site is ideal for surfing or simply diving in the depths of the sea.

  Being here I discovered that its curious name is due to the fact that the first indigenous settlers of the island named it Malliouhana, which means Sea Serpent in the Form of an Arch. With the arrival of English explorers in the 16th century, the name of the island became Anguilla, due to the long and thin shape of the island.

  I wanted to spend a few days in this place, it captivated me since I saw it on the internet, I wanted to rest but also feel at home and do certain things, not that everything was attention, I think that there is nothing better than a breakfast prepared by you same.

  For this reason I chose the Quinta III, one of the many lodging options, I fell in love with this area of Meads Bay Beach Villas, it is like a small house, it has a beautiful kitchen with everything you need to prepare delicious recipes.

  Beautiful beach club, ideal to spend several days in Anguilla and offers you different alternatives when you stay, that is, if you just want to be served they will offer you suitable spaces where you will be served at all times, but if you want to cook and attend to some of your needs as if you were at home, they also have ideal spaces with everything you need to make you feel at home.

  They also have a beautiful dining set and an extraordinary but small room to watch TV and have a good time watching movies while resting your feet.

  The room is very cozy with nice curtains, a big and divine bed to sleep in, comfortable furniture, striking decorations on the wall and excellent lighting, I must emphasize that I love white walls like the ones in this room. The terrace is very nice, it has a nice table, chairs and an incredible view of the sea, seeing the sun go down and the sunrise is impressive from here. One of the days I spent here I made pizza, I dirty the whole kitchen, of course normal things that happen when you cook, but it was divine, I put a lot of corn and cheese on it.

  The location of this Quinta III is just 1 minute from the beach, I was super close to arriving on time to jump into the sea. One of those days I also practiced paddle surfing and went into the sea to navigate it, this is part of the package offered by the hotel. I liked it because I was able to strengthen my physical resistance and do a little bit of arms. After this sports activity in the afternoon I went to practice golf, this is also part of the rate charged by the hotel, I competed with some people who were there and I got a good score.

  Quite pleasant experience in this beach club that also stands out for its beautiful green areas and excellent swimming pool, in my case it was private and I enjoyed it all by myself.

  This beach looks like a funnel because it is surrounded by rock formations, but it is ideal for entertainment and healthy family recreation. Arriving here will be something beyond the white sand of the sea and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea.

  The site is always full of umbrellas and large awnings ready to receive the families that are there.

I loved the place with a marked presence of people but I had a good time, I sunbathed and bathed. I enjoyed some beers and some meat that some visitors made and offered me.

  Who does not want to stay in this beautiful hotel, so let’s not say more I took advantage of my stay in to be able to get one of the best places to spend my days on the island.

Arriving at this place made me leave all the stress of everyday life aside and fully enjoy this place. Located in the north of the island, this is the ideal place to spend some excellent days of relaxation.

Incredible resort in which I spent fascinating moments, I must say that the rooms are more than what is shown on the web, total luxury. The view they offer of the bay is wonderful, and they are also very close to the beach.

It is important to mention that each room has its own private pool, chairs, tables, umbrellas and others, so in the middle of the night I took advantage of bathing in its warm waters to enjoy the starry sky, I wanted to live that little experience. Sure, I had a towel handy in case someone peeked out.

  Although I did not use it, my room had a kitchen and a living room, ideal for preparing food or a delicious dinner for that special person and surprising them in the middle of the trip. One of the nights I spent there I played tennis, I joined the guest named Kendra who was next to my resort and we had an amazing time because after that she invited me to her resort, we had champagne and we talked about her experience in Anguilla .

  The food that the place offers is delicious, I tried a lobster fresh from the sea and some shrimp that are not wasted, I loved it because the flavor has a certain Latin influence. Along with Kendra I came to this beautiful coast, the white sand is dreamy and the crystal clear but turquoise sea caught us from the first moment. When we arrived we ran along the entire shore of the beach, we let the sand enter our fingers and the waves of the sea broke on our feet, it felt incredible to run along the entire beach.

  We took advantage of taking time for a relaxing Yoga class, this gave us greater flexibility and well-being outdoors, it is the best thing to be able to put all these movements into practice by the seashore, to end with an unforgettable namaste. In the following days I continued to enjoy the benefits of this place, which range from truly exotic cuisine, relaxing moments in the pools and some busy afternoons practicing some water sports on the beach.

One of those days I decided to go for a walk to the sea to relax a bit and enjoy the sunset what a coincidence I got with Kendra, at that time there were no people there I think that for the hour I was alone, some yachts rested on the sea and in what On top of the small hill there were some beautiful houses that gave a different touch to the place.

After running we jumped into the sea without taking off our clothes, we decided to let ourselves be carried away by the wonderful energy. After a while, people began to arrive and the chairs and umbrellas that were alone were filled with people and good music.

I really loved this place, the food was exquisite, I tried almost everything on the menu and not to mention the attention was first class, they treated me like a queen and really, the value of the service is worth it.

In some of my stories I have told my passion for art and particularly for clothes and footwear, I am a compulsive buyer because I buy too much. And here, I took advantage.

I was in Anguilla and I discovered a beautiful clothing and accessories store that I loved, so I bought some things.

I fell in love with some beach bags that were displayed there, too beautiful in shades of turquoise, salmon and blue, I took some that also had flowers.

The beach accessories and other very daily or night party style accessories were incredible, details that made the difference and I went crazy with all of them. I acquired some to combine them on my trips and on a daily basis.

I also loved the hats, I only bought two and the vibrantly colored hats were too beautiful. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and I took some white ones, others pink ones and some with very beach prints.

A very small place but it has wonderful things with Anguillan quality, which is good to contribute to the economy of Anguilla.

  In the following days I did not want to leave the island without making the most of my time in this place, so I decided to go out and explore the city a bit, these two places caught my attention.

  If kissing a dolphin has been your dream, then I tell you that the time has come to make it a reality from the paradisiacal Anguilla. You have to come here and enjoy an unforgettable moment with these beautiful and intelligent creatures.

  These dolphins made my day special because I dived into the pond with them, they kissed me, caressed me and let themselves be pampered by me. At first I was a little scared but little by little I showed them confidence.

  In addition to letting myself be pampered by them, I let myself be dragged by the water when I hugged them so that they would guide me around the pool. We played with a giant ball, they looked like professional volleyball players. I loved having fun with them and that they made me feel like a girl.

  Another of the peculiarities of this place is that they have a guide who gives us an educational talk, another interesting aspect is that there are professional photographers who will capture the special moment of your visit.

  I got to know the main archaeological site of Anguilla, it really was a great honor for me to be able to know the historical and ancestral past of this wonderful land full of grace.

  When I got here I could see two huge pools of fresh water and next to it was the best part 15 meters underground in a cave.

  There are many Amerindian petroglyphs and the most significant and important of them is a tall stalagmite carved in the shape of «jocahu» the supreme god of the Taino Indians.

  The guide explained to us that the place is thought to have been a pilgrimage and veneration site for the Amerindians.

  For me it was very important to be here because I felt spiritually connected to the roots of Anguilla, to what they venerate so much and thank for protecting them, it really was an experience that allowed me to renew myself spiritually.

  I enjoyed a day of diving several different sites and saw a large number of marine species that made me fall in love.

  Here there are mini walls and caves, both of which were explored by me along with a diving instructor and other people who joined the tour.

  The first animals I saw were nurse sharks and rays.

  At first I was a little scared, but then I relaxed and enjoyed the sea just like them.

   Just as there are beautiful things underwater, there are also beauties on the surface, the white sand of the sea, the palm trees and the turquoise color of the water are a gift from God.

  After diving I took some sun, I enjoyed a piña colada and slept for a few minutes while the others were submerged in the depths of the sea, how tasty it was to sleep those minutes feeling the sound of the sea in my ear and the breeze on my face.

  To continue my good streak and visits to the best places on Anguilla Island, I decided to go out and dance a little, so I decided to visit some places to dance all night and live the full experience in this destination.

  This place offered me some of the best food I had in Anguilla, but before I tell you how the tasting was, I’ll tell you a little about the place. Let’s say it’s a modest but nice place, simple but great in service, small but enormous in the quality and kindness of its employees and customers.

  I was struck by the yellow facade and other colors that obviously allude to reggae, a high gray ceiling suspended by huge tubes and a few light bulbs that let their light fall with the arrival of night. Plastic chairs and tables adorn the entrance where several men are stationed there with musical instruments to put the best of the evening with live music.

  Let yourself be captivated by the sound of the piano and the guitar, this combined with the sea is glorious. Now yes, the tastiest moment was the meal. I tried a rich plate of pasta and salad with some vegetables. This accompanied by a delicious juice and a cake for dessert.

  On the sand of the sea this place is built based on green wood, where quality care and hospitality are its greatest values.

  On the building there are flashes of palm trees that are part of the structure, surfboards with drawings iconic to the beach area also match the decoration.

  I sat down at one of the tables and ordered the house specialty, a delicious smoked salmon with a courtesy juice. This tasted like heaven, I really loved eating looking at the sea.

  This beautiful site is located on the seashore and at the time of my visit, the name of the place was written on the edge of the beach with remains of seaweed and sand.

  Another thing that I liked was the live music, they livened up my evening with the best rhythms of Anguilla.

  At the edge of the beach on the rocks there is a beautiful place with two floors, built entirely of wood, even its dining rooms and the shape of the somewhat pointed roof.

  Beautiful white stairs will make way for you to move along the wide and long pier that was built to enjoy the sea and the site’s surroundings more closely. On the bright and beautiful wooden floor there are several tables and chairs, also made of the same material and almost the same color to camouflage each other. To start I asked for a cup of coffee, when I got to the table they gave it to me with a big smile and a message of gratitude for having chosen the place to spend a pleasant time.

  Some delicious broccoli was my main dish when I ate, I wanted to provide my body with nutrients and detoxify it a little from the excesses that I had had days ago. Pretty cool, novel and inexpensive this place turned out to be.

   I fell in love with the sea of ​​Anguilla, its depths and everything that lives in it. If we talk about human quality and values, its citizens win a prize because at all times they made me feel part of their culture and traditions, I was one of them. One of the most significant things about the trip was being able to connect with their past and culture. Know their struggles and that they still have places to thank for everything they have.