At the top of a hill is Mellieha, this place has the power to steal your attention and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best landscapes that are bathed in the force of the sea and caressed by the gentle breeze.

In addition to the beauty of this place, you will also get to know everything that is on this site that is historical heritage. At the time it was difficult to defend against pirate attacks and then it spent many years desolate.

In the 17th century it was populated and from then on it has received recognition for its tourist excellence as one of the best European destinations. This is one of the most picturesque destinations in Malta, the tourist center has shops, restaurants and picturesque places to visit.

Churches, shelters, nature reserves and beautiful beaches are some of the places you can visit during your stay in Malta, each one has its charm and offers you different alternatives to enjoy.


The attention is first class and on time you will have everything you order because they value your presence and time in the place. It will make you feel at home and you will not want to go to another place at any time.


More than 4 points out of 5 is the user rating for this place. There are many elements that come together to offer you a high-end site. Beach, sun, sand, terrace, exquisite food dishes, drinks and delicious drinks.

«A good place to eat and drink by the sea» was described by one of the tourists who visited this place. The spaciousness of the premises was another of the things that he enjoyed the most because he had the option of sitting on the terrace, inside or outside, and sometimes even near the water.

The efficiency of the staff is praised by those who have come to this place, they assure that after placing the order they immediately bring the requested dish or drink to the table, they also highlight the friendliness at the time of delivery.


Another option on this site is that you can rent a folder and if you wish the food will be brought there. Like the view of the place, the prices are one of the best things you will find here, as visitors say.

In addition to having a very wide beach, the family atmosphere is perfect to spend a pleasant moment in the company of your loved ones. The cleanliness of the premises and especially that of the bathrooms is second to none.

Some users point out that there is not an abundance of dishes on the menu here, but that they find it pleasant because they present just what they need to eat and they feel satisfied with the mixture of flavors and aromas.

Here you will also find the hot water service and hammocks, everything you need to have an incredibly good time.

The location of the site is another point that makes it stand out because it is close to shops, stores and restaurants. You will not have to walk long distances to enjoy good and exclusive places.

The impressive view that this place offers from the room is praised by the guests. The bars that are located in a nearby street have become referential places to enjoy great moments.

The opinions summarize the quality of this place in 4.4 stars out of 5 highlighting the ingenuity, quality and excellent attention. Those who have come here highlight the modernity of the site and how well cared for the facilities are.

The cleanliness of the place is constant, guests emphasize that the spaces are kept impeccable and daily. They like the breakfast a lot, they reiterate that the portions are fair and very generous.

The pool has crystal clear and clean water, with loungers to enjoy a piña colada while sunbathing. 

The bar provides you with quality cocktails and wines so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Here the quality-price applies perfectly, that is, people consider it fair to pay the required value for everything that is offered here.

If you are looking to relax, this place is perfect because it is away from noise and with spaces to share with the family. Security, Wi-Fi zone, television, parking and incredible landscapes around.


An open-top bus will take you to the most historic and admirable places in Malta, while a cruise will take you through the Mediterranean Sea to see the most beautiful landscapes.

Swim with marine species, enjoy a swim, photograph the best landscapes and watch how people enjoy the best atmosphere, good music and exclusive cocktails on the seashore.

This tour is valid for 1 or 2 days but it is up to you to check availability. The wonderful thing about this tour is that it includes self -guiding in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Maltese and Russian.

By joining this tour you will be able to tour the historic island of Malta and what better way to do it than on an open top bus. Explore fortified settlements including Medina and Three Cities.

Get ready to enter the Blue Grotto Caves, walk through Mansaxlokk a small fishing village full of traditions. Drive through Mosta with its domed church.

Start or end the tour at any of the stops, check the established points. In case of the cruise, the starting point will be the Sliema Ferry Terminal. Two things are not allowed on this tour, smoking and pets.

Get off at any of the bus stops and get back on within the times established on the route. The vouchers are valid for 12 months and you will be able to take the cruise five days after the bus tour.


Pueblo Popeye was the set of the musical «Popeye» in the year 1980, interesting curious fact. It currently houses a theme park with boat rides and towns that offer varied cuisine to its visitors.

There is much to enjoy and share here, as reflected in the rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars that it obtained thanks to its visitors who describe the experience as something unrepeatable due to its historical contrast.

There are several alternatives to enjoy this place and it is that you can pay to access or simply from outside and they are free of charge. According to reports from some visitors, there are beautiful settings here where children can enjoy and be entertained with sports activities.

If you wish you can come by bus but you can also go hiking and that way you will also arrive. If you do not want to enter from the outside you will also have a privileged view.

If you like to eat, this place is perfect because it has a restaurant with exquisite cuisine and you can eat whatever you want there. People recommend visiting the place with children to make it more fun.

Enjoy sun loungers, umbrellas and the beach while you are here, the prices are very affordable although many say that the entrance fee is very high for how small the town is.

This place is known as the Red Tower and is a surveillance site. The construction of this site dates back to 1648 and 1649. Stairs, green areas and you will be able to observe very well everything you want from here.

If you have children you can bring them to this tour, they will enjoy it a lot. Another point is that this tower or its team is very friendly with the gay community.

The Red Tower is valued by its visitors as a good place to visit due to its 4.3 stars out of 5 that it has obtained between reviews, comments and opinions of tourists who have been here.

It is important that you know that to enter the tower you must pay a fee, with that payment you will be able to visit several floors of it. Several notes with information about the tower are stuck in the place, they will also give you some brochures that you must return when you leave.

Some of the people who have been here say that the site is too expensive to only offer an empty room and a video.

 They have guides in Spanish and even so, they consider that it is worth paying them for the view that the upper part offers.

Appreciate the majesty of the sea and the sunset, a setting for Malta that you will only find here. Many claim that this site is better seen from a distance, others emphasize that even if it is from the outside and if you cannot enter you will enjoy the visit due to the impressive views.

If you are looking for a place to eat, smoke, dance and have good cocktails, this place is the one. Enjoy from the comfort of your bar and watch its beautiful interior design merge with the lights

The rating of this place is high with 4.6 out of 5. This is synonymous with a lot of fun, good service and a site that brings it all together to please its visitors and leave them captivated by the place.

Tourists assure that this site has the three b’s; good pretty and cheap. The quality of the service is exceptional and the attention of the staff that works here is efficient. Another point that stands out about this place is that the food is always fresh and with an unbeatable flavor.

A visitor suggests to those who go to the place to try the cocktails and especially the desserts. He went further and emphasized that there is something more delicious than what was mentioned and that is that he assures that the parpadelle are exceptional.

The live music is also very good, it makes more than one dance and lights up the atmosphere. In terms of quality – price, visitors claim that it is worth paying for the service, highlighting that the pizzas are too good with a unique and indisputable homemade taste.

Excellent gastronomy is what they will offer you here, from salads to hamburgers. The pool is beautiful and has sun loungers so you can enjoy a good cocktail from there. There are beautiful tables for you to taste the dishes and the occasional haute cuisine appetizer or dessert.

The references that exist about this place are very good and today it is still recommended to be visited in large groups, whether family or friends to spend unforgettable moments.

Some describe the site as something «awesome» that represents happiness. The panorama from here is very good, beautiful scenery. Excellent place to relax and maintains what they call quality – price.

Medium-rare meat and hamburgers are some of the dishes that are most in demand, they are very popular and are well accompanied with a good glass of white or rose wine to liven up the evening.

The background music, Internet service, parking and first class service with an efficient staff that delivers orders as quickly as possible to keep your visitors happy.

Malta is a place full of great places that preserve great stories in their foundations. They are worth visiting because you will learn about their past and what is currently being done to keep what cost so much struggle in force.

Excellent hotels, places to eat and unrepeatable natural settings that will captivate you from the first moment. If you cannot forget something here, it is its sunsets and the smile of its people.