Hello girls, we meet again to discover a new destination. For a long time I had been curious to know a little more about the African continent, however, I did not know the specific country where to continue my journey. On one occasion I met Hanna, a friend who dropped out of college, we started a long talk over coffee and she told me that she had the opportunity to visit Mombasa, a town in Kenya, she told me that her experience was extremely extraordinary and your trip was fantastic.

After that delicious afternoon of coffee my mind did not stop weighing on that great place, it was not until two weeks later that I decided to organize my trip to Kenya. Two days before the flight, I began to investigate more of this country and did not hesitate to go to Mombasa, the second largest Kenyan city after the capital Nairobi, as well as being the main port in East Africa. It is located on an island on the shores of the Indian Ocean, but is connected to land by various bridges, having spread across the mainland. From that moment that place caught my attention.

Its beachfront hotels attract those seeking sun, sand and waves, while its Arab, Indian and colonial European cultural heritage offers a wide variety of places to see. I was very excited, when I landed in Kenya, I took a taxi that took me directly to Mombasa, Marlon, a tour guide I had already contacted, was waiting for me there.

Hanna had recommended a fabulous beach club to me, I immediately mentioned it to the tour guide and her recommendation convinced me even more.

Arriving in Mnarani was like feeling in paradise, located in the heart of Mnarani, north of Mombasa, very close to the cliffs of Kilifi Creek, right where the stream joins and merges with the Indian Ocean. Arriving at the beach club was impossible not to feel the perfect beach and turquoise ocean under my feet, the activity and adventure of life in the creek under the other was impressive.

Upon arrival, taking in the landscaped tropical gardens, scented by Frangipani flowers and gentle ocean breezes, Mnarani is an idyllic retreat and vacation destination I have cherished. Paths through the attractive gardens led me to the soft white sand of Mnarani’s private cove.

Obviously I did not hesitate to go directly to the beach, which is protected and perfect for water sports, from sailing to exciting water skiing and wakeboarding; I didn’t hesitate to play even though I didn’t know the subject, after that experience I was able to enjoy a refreshing swim and relax on a deckchair under a straw umbrella. With stunning surroundings and recreational facilities that catered to my tastes, Mnarani is the best destination for this well-deserved break in Kenya.

This wonderful beach club has a central and convenient location, with a first-class friendly and qualified staff. It was impossible not to attend the SPA that was open 24 hours, with a wide variety of services and treatments to pamper ourselves. It was timely to pamper myself with a fantastic facial and massage plus body massage, facial, not forgetting manicure, pedicure, waxing and more sensational treatments.

After that fantastic relaxation, feel free to head down to the Mnarani dining room for a delicious buffet lunch and an indulgently induced afternoon of relaxation. The perfect recipe for relaxation. Love that great moment, it was a super special visit.

Leaving the beach club, the tour guide recommended me to a super fantastic hotel, just seeing its structure I was enchanted.

Arriving at Creekside Hotel was extraordinary, upon arrival I did not hesitate to go straight to the pool, sunset was approaching and the heat was extravagant. Its pool is huge, and extremely fantastic, I was there until long hours of the night, from there I managed my room in this palace.

The room that corresponded to me was a giant suite, the first thing I did was turn on the air conditioning; I needed to sleep through the night and it was great. At dawn, turning on the satellite TV and watching the entertainment programs was great, I literally spent the whole morning watching TV because breakfast arrived at the door of my room, I only went to the private bathroom to shower with its rich water and dry my hair with the dryer that they offered there.

During the afternoon, I sat on the balcony to read a book and photograph the beautiful landscape and at night I went to the kitchen area that was inside the suite to prepare some delicious sandwiches, without a doubt, it was a great day where I recharge my energies.

One morning I woke up in the mood to work out and went to the fitness center and garden with waterfall, fountain and fish pond. It enjoys views of the river and the Indian Ocean, extremely sensational places to start the day and also to totally cool off, I enjoyed that moment. At noon I visited the Gourmet at a la Creek restaurant, which offers views of the Indian Ocean and a wine bar.

 This hotel is very close to Fort Jesus, Haller Park and the Mamba Village crocodile farm. Surrounded by Nyali beach it is totally beautiful.

To make my days in this place much more pleasant and unforgettable, I decided to undertake tours of the place and get to know natural parks, it is fantastic, without a doubt, taking a walk through Haller Park was a wonderful moment for me, because being so close of animals makes me happy.

I loved being in Haller, a great park where animals are protagonists, I love being close to them and interacting with them in one way or another, it was my greatest moment and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

The visit to the park was really interesting, being able to feed the giraffes and see them free was an experience that cannot be described. The turtles are impressive, I also saw large crocodiles and many other animals that are really worth doing a day tour of the park.

I also think that Owen the hippopotamus is the center of attraction of the park, a very beautiful story with an undertone of helping the species. Great place to visit,

the main part is like a zoo in a tropical jungle and there are giraffes, hippos, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and there is also a super beautiful butterfly pavilion. Some of the animals can be found walking through the park and photographed with them.

Each experience in my travels is very unique, and I had the opportunity to go to three great parks that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It was a good place to visit and walk around. It is a very beautiful place, there are nice gardens and an outdoor theater as a place to sit. There is even a mosque on the premises. The merchants are there and you can get trinkets, shells and delicious snacks. In addition, it is one of the best places to watch birds, identify trees, relax with tourists and chat all day. I didn’t hesitate to relax, eat chips with spicy lemon sauce and watch the boats on their way to the dock, that’s the place to be. Without a doubt, it is a wonderful landscape and a fantastic atmosphere.

It is a beautiful beach full of hotels on the seafront. The night walks are very beautiful. The little crabs come out under cover of darkness and I loved that. It is spectacular to see the life and the good atmosphere of the local people.

There I bathed throughout the day and felt the fish on my feet, it was a fantastic experience that every second I received a glass of a delicious and refreshing cocada.

The story sites catch my attention, in Jumba la Mtwane it is easy to see turtles that come to lay their eggs, but the best thing about this site is the Moonsoons Restaurant. Freshly caught sea food, in addition to seeing how they get into the water to get what I ordered and from there on the grill.

I will come back every time I go to Mombasa because the place is worth it and it is phenomenal. I received a private tour from an archaeologist from the Kenya Coastal Archeology program. Jumba la Mtwane was a small town compared to many of the better known Swahili towns. It is a very interesting site with remarkable coral stone architectural ruins, including houses and a mosque on the beach. Finally, this conglomerate of independent coastal city-states is being recognized as an indigenous African civilization and the vibe is fantastic.

I really wanted to visit attractive places at night, and choosing two great clubs was the best.

It is definitely the best club in Mombasa. Good atmosphere and live music is what you enjoy in this Beach Bar located on the beautiful Nyali beach, where I could dance in the bath until dawn. Also, it’s a great little beach bar overlooking the Indian Ocean. Great on Sunday nights when the live music continues, the cocktail bar was divine, I was able to enjoy various shots of tequila in the VIP area, at midnight an unparalleled view with a DJ that got everyone dancing and I personally sweat all over the night at that fabulous disco. It was magnificent.

It was also my personal favorite club in Mombasa! Definitely a hidden gem. During the days on this trip I wanted to see a nightlife experience so I went to this club and found one of the best clubs I have ever been to. The sound was great! Amazing people and affordable price for drinks, obviously feel free to go up to the VIP area and enjoy a nice whiskey. The club offers a place to sit which is very breezy and one can have delicious burgers for dinner there. Without lying to you, I left around 5 in the morning and they were still beautiful party people.

What a spectacular experience, I loved visiting Mombasa. It was a place that connected me to fun and allowed me to get to know totally beautiful natural places, choosing this town from the many that exist in Kenya was the best. I left this place with a small heart but with the hope of returning again to enjoy other attractions that I had left pending, a spectacular place where its friendly inhabitants make you feel at home and part of them. In addition, I cannot fail to mention its gastronomy, so fine, peculiar and with a lot of flavor, they were characteristics that I will always remember. Mombasa remains in my heart, and the best memories of that fantastic trip.