Traveling allows us to get to know new cultures and create new memories, that is why Dubai can never be missing from my travel list for all the wonderful things it offers us as tourists. Dubai is one of the most impressive cities in the world, and I am sure that it surprises each of its visitors and travellers, built in the middle of one of the driest deserts on the planet thanks to its oil wealth, Dubai has become one of the most requested tourist destinations in recent years.
  Definitely in a moment you will be able to see imposing skyscrapers, modern works and great luxuries crossing a traffic light, in another moment you will be able to find yourself on a safari in the desert, riding a camel or simply riding a 4×4 in the middle of nowhere and the overwhelming sun but With air conditioner. Experiences that you will only be able to live while in Dubai, you will also be able to appreciate great millionaires with cats inside their vehicles. Yes, just as you read it, these are the most common pets on this side of the continent.
  Dubai shows us how advanced the world is on the one hand and how far behind it is on the other, although many countries make an effort and take great steps to one day achieve what has been achieved here. Luxury and ostentation, one of the hallmarks of Dubai. For this reason I have chosen Dubai as one of my favorite destinations, for its luxury and beautiful landscaping, which will leave any adventurer, shocked by such great beauty.

Arriving again in this dream city I wanted to go further and learn a little more about every corner of this place, financial centers and infinite skyscrapers, I decided to go a little deeper to get to know it, in this way I found called Nammos Dubai Beach, Four Seasons Resort an imposing place

  Located on Jumeirah Beach, the most privileged place in Dubai, just upon arrival I could see why it became one of the most famous places in the area. Its fabulous decoration and atmosphere invite you to want to spend the best days and nights of Mediterranean glamour, with sumptuous views of the Arabian Sea and the iconic Dubai skyline.
  In this site they recreate the atmosphere that is lived aboard a luxurious yacht on the beach, what a pleasure to have been part of this indescribable adventure in the midst of refined people who want to enjoy the moment.
  The waiters passed from one side to the other with trays loaded with champagne and at each step I took a glass from the tray and with my face raised I raised it and toasted those who met my gaze.

  The perfectly designed beach menu here is conducive to those present because they offer light bites that are in tune with the lives of people who belong to the elite. I also had the opportunity to try some delicious sandwiches while I was on the sun loungers, I accompanied this with a delicious orange juice while I got into the mood. I also took the opportunity to dive for a long time in the crystal clear waters that this impressive place offers.
  If we talk about the cabins, I can tell you that I loved them, perfectly designed and equipped, everything you need to rest after a long day of enjoyment in the sun. The bed was comfortable, the air conditioning, the bathroom, everything at the height of Dubai and without waste.

  In each of my visits to Dubai, it leaves me amazed with everything that it contains in its maximum splendor; It has unique accommodations, rooms with more than 5 stars that will not give way to a lack of details, high-end services, a traditional gourmet menu and, above all, a hospitality worthy of admiration. Is that here right in the center of the city, I came across the Rove, well located next to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and The Dubai Mall.

One of the most important and iconic five-star hotels in Dubai, to speak of this site is to speak of luxuries and the highest category that they offer to their guests from beginning to end, since it brings together a number of activities that you can enjoy and relax, in a group or just alone, A contemporary brand of high-end hotels.
Everything here is perfect, let’s start with the room and its oriental interior design. Modern touches, gold, white, blue and a bed covered with a purple blanket, as well as a large window from where he could admire the landscape.
It also has some sofas to sit down for a moment and be totally comfortable while you attend to some unfinished business from the trip.It caught my attention that they also have rooms for Gamer’s, this new modern wave also makes a space in this luxurious hotel, for when you want luxury and diversion.

  The restaurant area is huge, here every day I tried to try different menu options, each dish was more delicious than the previous one, from the appetizers to the dessert, everything was very well done and tasteful. To complement my days in this beautiful place, I went to visit the pool with vibrant colors and underwater lighting, which is located on the rooftop, I loved being able to swim, sunbathe and taste delicious cocktails with this treasured view. Then, with the advice of the hotel staff, I decided to go out and see the area and take a little more of Dubai with me in my memories, so I put on my best clothes and started my tour.

In addition to luxury, Dubai has great stories to know and to tell, so I got a package with several tours of its most outstanding sites. Starting at the Dubai Museum.

It is the main museum of the city of Dubai and is located in the Al Fahidi fort, and was built in 1787 and is considered the oldest building in the city. Although upon entering it gives the impression of an ordinary museum housed in a nice location, the Dubai Museum becomes more interesting as you discover its different parts.
It traces the entire history of Dubai, from its beginnings when it was just a village of fishermen and pearl collectors, to the discovery of oil and future urban plans. From the first tribes that lived there during the economic boom of the 1960s, to future plans for years to come.

  Being here I was able to admire old fishing boats, objects of the daily life of the nomads, weapons and archaeological remains, and recreations of the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of Dubai. The setting of Dubai in the mid-20th century is very successful. The museum is very interesting and gives an insight into what the city was like before its impressive development.

  The old part of Dubai, this is how this area is known, which has a peculiarity and is that it is divided by the river and on one side you will have Deira and on the other end Bur Dubai. Due to its magnificent location I can tell you that you will be in the heart of Dubai.
  While taking a walk in these waters I will be able to see the great buildings of the metropolis, for this I got on an abra, or taxi that travels through the water, it is so eccentric that they even offered me food service, but calm and full of fun.
  It is wonderful to walk in these waters because when passing through the commercial port of Dubai, I was able to observe the unloading zone of merchandise that enters the country from India and Africa.
  To get here I took the metro, I used the green line and I got off at the Creek station, it was that easy and without high cost, because in Dubai not everything is luxury and high prices.

  What an honor to have arrived at the largest shopping center in the world, with more than 14,000 parking spaces and more than 1,200 stores where you can buy everything you want.
  Upon arrival I took some photos at the entrance where the huge water fountains are located. I even wanted to get involved, they really don’t skimp on great luxuries here.
  After going through many of the stores, I would have liked to get into all of them but there was not enough time, so I went to the ice rink to skate and do a few laps, as well as several falls.
  Another of the peculiarities of this impressive mall is its immense aquarium that I did not stop visiting and seeing up close the different species that are found here for the enjoyment of visitors.
  I asked a person who was there to take some photos of me, one or another shark came out behind me, what wonderful memories I take from Dubai on this visit.

  To get here I did it using the red subway line, because the Burj Khalifa is characterized by being the tallest building in the world and believe me you will feel vertigo when climbing its floors.
  As a visitor they gave me access to floors 124 and 125, from here I was able to enjoy an impressive view with some fear at such a height, but I enjoyed it and took a few photographs.
  In addition to these floors I managed to get to 148 and the vertigo increased, but seeing everything from there was on another level, really I would repeat it a thousand times more.
  On the 122nd floor I stopped for a bite to eat and some of Dubai’s finest cuisine, so I also enjoyed a few glasses of champagne.

  As there are no days without nights, in my tours I could not pass up the night life and fun in Dubai, when the sun goes down the parties are born and it is so much so that most of the locals recommend going out to party in the city. And so I did not hesitate to prepare my party outfit and best dance moves and to drop into the top of the funniest places in Dubai.

  You definitely have a great time here because the attention is first class, you can drink, eat and dance, do whatever you want without any remorse.

  The night you will feel little for how well you will spend it.
  I opted to have cocktails and eat some delicious hamburgers in the best Dubai style, additionally I tasted a few desserts that were on another level and unbeatable.
  Dancing was one of the things I enjoyed the most, the DJ played his best mixes and I felt like the owner of Dubai for a moment. 

  I liked the energy of the place, the people were incredible with me and each one gave me a smile.

  I can tell you that I loved entering this place, the combination of lights and the interior design are beautiful. It has a wide variety of tables, all very elegant and a very distinctive bar to have a good glass of champagne.
  I asked the bartender to please serve me a mojito to start with, I noticed he was a little sad and I asked him why he was like that and he told me that his girlfriend left him five minutes ago.
  I told him to pour two drinks, one for him and one for me, as we were going to toast him and the beautiful life he still had to live. That’s how it was, we toasted and I asked him to dance, I like to encourage people and it was very pleasant to help him.
  After this I ordered some sushi, it was delicious and he had it prepared exclusively for me with a secret ingredient. What a beautiful night, I would repeat it a thousand times more.

  Walking through the streets of Dubai I came across this fascinating place, a place where you can eat surrounded by luxury and tranquility, that was what I needed for that night.
  Buddha Bar honors the best of Asian culture, all its decoration is inspired by dragons, luxury and the great Buddha, hence its characteristic name.
  Eating here was a delight, I tried Chinese rice, champagne and an infinity of food belonging to the Asian continent and that over the years has spread throughout the world to conquer us.
  The musical atmosphere was phenomenal, the attention and how pleasant you can spend a moment here has no comparison.

  Dubai is definitely another world, a place that catches you from the first moment, it is as if it did not exist on earth but on another planet because of the sublime way in which it captivates you. Luxury, comfort, change of mentality, of behavior, of wanting to be there is what Dubai generates for you and it is not for less, everything is making great progress here and has left other countries in the race. Living here would really be worth it, you have everything and you can feel closely how the mismanagement of other economies collapses entire countries. I invite you to get to know this beautiful place and let yourself be captivated by it.