A few days ago in a meeting with my work team for reasons of a new concession to manage one of the wealthiest and most prestigious accounts in Greece and part of Southwest Europe, I mentioned to Mark and Carol, my personal assistants, how good it would be well-deserved vacation in this elegant and emblematic country.
  Mark and Carol have been my assistants for a long time, they, together with the rest of the team of professionals, have been largely responsible for the success of my company, well, while we discussed a little the strategy and methodology for the work dynamics for this important company , Mark showed me in silence during Carol’s exhibition, a tourist catalog of this country, and I must confess I was delighted, so much so that I have spent days thinking about it.
  This company for whom we prepare, is one of the most solid in terms of tourism in this country, since it has been a pioneer in Greece’s economic recovery plans, which are driven by tourism.
  Ilich, representative of this Greek tourism company, arranged an appointment for us with the president and other governing bodies on the island of Mykonos, which is one of the most prominent in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, which is why we had to go out to the dawn from our home because to get to the Greek capital is a long way in flight hours, so we did it.

Upon arrival in Athens, we were received by the company’s chief of staff, a young man named Patrick whom Ilich recognized as one of the best in terms of public relations; To get to Mykonos from Athens we had to go to the port, Piraeus in Athens, the town near the capital of Greece, which is the main port to reach the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea.
The port of Piraeus is the largest in Greece and, with more than 20 million passengers, it is the busiest in Europe and the third busiest in the world.

  Once in the Port of Piraeus we embarked on a comfortable ferries, they installed us in a VIP area where we could enjoy warm attention and an exceptional view, we arrived at the Old Port of Mykonos, where all the passenger ferries arrive, this island It is popularly known for its summer party atmosphere; beaches, huge dance clubs, iconic landmarks include a row of 16th century windmills.

 We set out on our journey to discover a fascinating world where glamor meets simplicity. Speaking on the ferry with some travelers I found that in Mykonos, celebrities, university students and families mix to celebrate the Greek summer an event that by reason of all the comments will meet our expectations.

  When stepping on solid ground, I was ecstatic with the beautiful view of the perfect combination of the most beautiful turquoise, blue and gold colors that my eyes have seen, Psarou beach in a quiet and exclusive bay. There are some great restaurants along the water and a good sized public area on the beach for towels and blankets so Ilyich and Mark made a wise choice and took us to this beautiful spot.  

  This beautiful, elegant and exclusive place in the middle of the beach with hammocks that reach the shore, located on the Psarou Coast, recreates an environment similar to life aboard a luxurious yacht on the beach, with a chic and stylized, which left that goddess inside me totally convinced that this destination would be without equal.
  At Nammos Mykonos we were able to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun accompanied by the resplendent sparkle of champagne and the exotic nonchalance that only this extravagant place can offer to give us a glitzy welcome to the luxurious beach life of Mykonos. 

  From my stay in this place, I came to the conclusion that there is no better way to enjoy a day at Psarou beach than enjoying the flavors and activities of Nammos. The beach menu suggests light snacks that fit perfectly with the elite lifestyle of this place and which we tasted with our friends Ilich and Marck who suggested the delicious sandwiches, salads, Beef Corner options along with coffees, fresh juices and cocktails that kept us satisfied in the comfortable loungers on the edge of the beach.

Nammos Mykonos can enjoy breaths of color in a carefree atmosphere with views of the sea and an alluring fragrance of tobacco smoke at the Shisha Lounge, a place to savor their genuine product, their handcrafted tobacco of choice is of the highest quality with an authentic and healthy taste; I was able to choose from several flavors to add a tasty twist to your shisha or craft tobacco experience.

Finish off by soaking in the fragrant puffs of Shisha and step into the lulling calm of Nammos.

Towards the interior of the beach is the commercial area of ​​Nammos Village with a combination of international luxury brands and small boutiques, surrounded by a square with a beautiful landscape, even when we went in search of taking a tour and taking advantage of the time before our meeting.

  In this way we arrive at an opulent hotel on a hill next to Psarou beach, with a striking white and blue theme throughout, with some elegant rooms that have a unique design and several offer sea views, they also have Jacuzzis and indoor and outdoor private pools. We arrive at the imposing Mykonos Blu, a perfect complex that combines the best elements of the Greek island.
  Dining options include two restaurants, a rooftop lounge, a beach lounge, and three small bars. There’s also an exquisite full-service spa with a sauna, fitness center, a two-tiered saltwater infinity pool overlooking the bay, a children’s pool, a game room, and a private beach section. The beach and its clubs are down a flight of stairs.

  I loved the exclusive location of this fabulous hotel on Psarou Beach, one of the few beaches in the south that is not connected to the water taxi or bus route, keeping the crowds low and the atmosphere more relaxed.
On my tour I noticed that a few steps away are the luxury shops and restaurants in Nammos Village; I took advantage and took a 5 minute walk downhill from the main entrance that leads to Platis Gialos Beach, a lively beach full of restaurants and beach clubs, as well as the bus to Mykonos town and the water taxi that connects the beaches of the south of Ornos to Elia.
  In Mykonos Blu I stayed in one of the best rooms that was already reserved for me, The Cobalt Blu Villa is a 2-level villa with a private heated infinity pool on its garden terrace with stunning sea views. 

  I immediately ordered room service, they surprised me with the variety of services they provide, ranging from gastronomy to cosmetologists. I ordered the best dishes to taste their exquisite dishes with fresh seafood, a total delight, I must confess that they pleasantly surprised my palate. But what was my surprise that while enjoying some delicious cocktails on the terrace of my room I was able to enjoy their personal attention services, there I met April, a Greek girl, she introduced herself and explained the benefits of massages and treatments, I relax and gave me a massage worthy of the Greek gods that I was totally renewed and with the batteries recharged for my adventures in the days to come throughout the island.
  This hotel complex is one of the most complete on the island, with bakeries, supermarkets, a boutique, a Mini Market & Tourist Shop and more, between comfort and exclusivity. We stayed here during all our vacations, every day we ventured as a group to see all its facilities, every day we ate in its different environments, we also enjoyed its first-class services on the beach, in addition to the parties at night in this place were my favorites.

  One of my unforgettable moments was, without a doubt, the afternoon in Chora, a charming tangle of pedestrian streets, places of historical interest, restaurants, bars and shops; but of all of them, the best was spending a lovely afternoon among the 17th century windmills of Kato Mili, which are part of an old flour mill, these windmills mark the beginning of the Little Venice neighborhood.

  On the way out we found ourselves with a collection of lively bars and restaurants with sunset views which left me floating on clouds and with the feeling of living in a bygone century with the well-preserved renovated 19th century fishermen’s houses.

  A smell between sea and wood reigned in the place that as the sunset came, this warm climate and characteristic smell of a colony with a lot of history, with the tranquility of the sea and Cycladic perfection, became more perpetual.

  Paraportiani separates Little Venice from the Old Port, a beautiful waterfront neighborhood with restaurants, bars, shops, and a beach, plus the ferry to Delos Island.

Being on this island that specializes in making you feel good, I completely connected with it, so I went out and somewhere on this beautiful Psarou beach, took the opportunity to do some yoga and pilates, with an exercise routine with a trainer staff I met, thanks to Ilyich’s contacts; To this I add a unique experience of doing meditations at dawn in this place, it is to feel like you really renew yourself from within, without leaving behind the relentless melody of the Mediterranean Sea in the background and that simple, elegant and eternally gratifying climate.

  For me the sea has always been synonymous with adventure, as well as for the Greeks, I see it as an emblematic place where ancient civilizations exchanged ideas, crafts and products, in short, the sea is the cornerstone of the identity of each island or coastal community of this country, therefore, became our starting point when it came to venturing beyond the coasts that surround us.

  Being in Mykonos we found a number of exciting and different activities that we could experience, initially we decided to rent a boat with a skipper for a day, its capital called Giogio, made us feel part of a rich seafaring tradition.
  We went on an excursion to the marine park and the islands around Alonissos, where the largest population of the shy monk seal in the Mediterranean lives; then we were taken to the marvelous blue of the Melissani sea grotto, or you can even get to know neighboring Ithaca, the island of Odysseus and its photogenic beaches.
  In the scope of this excursion that covered a large part of the islands of this beautiful country, I was in cosmopolitan Rhodes and I was able to enjoy a completely unique environment visiting Jalki and Symi during the day. Also, you can feel the island vibe of the uninhabited Políegos.
  We went to the historic islands of Delos and Rineia where these islands are only accessible by small boat and this tour took us and ended with a private party in the area for a fun filled day of swimming, eating, drink and sunbathe.
  It was a day of many emotions and fun, on the way back we enjoyed the sunset with the radiant colors of the sun as it hid in the sunset, enjoying a delicious campaign glass, totally great.

  The next day and on the recommendation of our guides we take a new route to explore the Archaeological Museum of Delos, here we discover the myths and legends of ancient Greece.
  Delos was the birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis; In gratitude for his birth, his mother promised to make the island the richest community in Greece, and legend has it that it happened.
  We soaked up all this mythological history in an educational tour with an expert guide in the history of this place and learned about the culture of the Greek empire with our expert guide.
  Passing from one ancient monument to another, each one with an amazing history, such as the Temple of Apollo and the Sacred Way, where we were able to enrich ourselves with everything that houses the most fantastic monuments of the past and marvel at the archaic sanctuary of Artemis.
  When choosing a good excursion, opt to upgrade your tour to include lunch at a Mykonian farm and a walking tour of Mykonos Old Town, which we did delighted with so much beauty around us.

  Although it is openly known as a gay friendly island, Mykonos has a few access points where heterosexuals and homosexuals can enjoy a wild night of clubbing and we went there to have fun because in this part of the planet the fun never stops. And our trip could not be without a couple of party nights to get to know in depth all the fusion of Greek culture with that of the thousands of tourists who frequent these places night after night.

   To start our party night we went to the Babylon Bar, it is located near the famous Panagia Paraportiani church, it is a multicultural club, so we enjoy one of the best shows and special presentations every night they do theme parties, which are totally amazing.
  This without counting on a fun playlist by the best DJ in the area, he placed everything from techno, conventional music and even old songs that I danced until the wee hours of the morning by the sea on the pier I loved being able to dance and enjoy all the night outdoors under the starry sky.

  When our trip was about to end, we decided to go to one of the best places on this island, it’s called Skandinavian Bar & Disco, located in the downtown area.
  We meet at the best-known meeting point on the island, it is the disco with the most presence on the island in all time, making it the meeting point for all party lovers.
  Upon arrival I was surprised to see how great this place is, we walked through its 3 huge rooms until we reached the open-air VIP area, here we had a reserved table, they welcomed us with a variety of excellent cocktails and drinks in the best Greek style.

  That night there was a DJ’s show, 3 venues and one of international stature were presented, the best music repertoire of all time and for all tastes stood out, this idyllic flirt hours go by and you don’t even notice the attention is totally top notch they make sure the party never stops, they made my night in mykonos really fantastic, we knew it was time to go when we saw the first rays of sun peeking out.

  It was only arriving at the hotel to freshen up, the staff took care of giving us a warm farewell with delicious cocktails for the hangover, which were magical and we left immediately. And in this way I end my trip to this idyllic and mythical Greek island where, fascinated by its charms, I remain trapped between the beach, fun and history, today I say goodbye but not without first thanking you for your company, dear reader, and extending my invitation to join me on a new adventure on a dream land, where the best experiences ever lived await us