United States, as I love this country, it is the world power for a reason, here we can be happy easily. My new destination is Miami, Florida, a place full of Latinos from all corners that enhance the cultural mix of the world. It is incredible to walk through the streets and see how they talk to us about love, unity and peace, it is so, we can all live together in the same place without pettiness.

  The heat, the flavor, the color and the beaches make Miami the perfect place.

Upon my arrival I ran to the beach, I wanted to be closer and connected to Latinos, see them smile, learn more about how they interact and how out of nowhere you end up being their friend and even visiting their house, they really know hospitality .

  I wanted to run to Doral to feel the energy of the place, it’s because the Venezuelan community is there and that’s why they call it “doralzuela”, but that visit had to wait. I love the buildings, the avenues, the vehicles, the women and men are really beautiful, I like how they dress and even how they look at you.

Due to the great reputation that the entire Nikki Beach chain already has throughout the world, I decided that this is the perfect place for me. Upon arrival, this beach club invites you to relax and makes you feel full. That’s how I felt, it’s always good to check the network reputation of each place.

  Upon arrival I made sure to know every corner of this place, I left my luggage in the room and went out to start my walk around the hotel, because of its spaciousness it has many charming places, the most striking thing about the place was the musical atmosphere, good for me if it was. The selection of songs is ideal and you can even take them home on your cell phone, you will remember your time at Nikki Beach at all times.

  When it was time to eat, I immediately went to the restaurant and opted for a one hundred percent Latin menu, so I ate ceviche first and it was incredible. Then I ordered some tacos to remember my beloved beautiful and dear Mexico and finally, although I have not been to the place, I ordered some arepas in honor of my Venezuelan brothers.

  I had heard a lot about the arepa, but it was until now that I was able to try it and I must say that it is fascinating, its filling is incredible and I couldn’t resist trying a few, especially the pepiada queen. The pool of the place is extraordinary, after eating I went straight to enjoy it, its beautiful design and architecture is totally charming and ideal to spend the best vacations. I swam for a while and had a few shots of tequila to liven up the moment.

  During my stay, the next day I also went to the SPA, I needed a delicious massage that would relieve me a little and that’s how they made me feel. I did a chocolate therapy and renewed my whole body and energy, before continuing my tour of the área.

  Since I wanted to see many more places in Miami, I decided that my next stop would be Design Suites Miami, this place offers the best services to make everyone’s stay unforgettable.

  The stay here was good, more than good it was excellent. The rooms of this hotel are wonderful, I loved the bed, it was too pleasant to sleep here. I must tell you that I spent two days sleeping and did not leave the room, I needed a moment alone just to feel the bed.

  When I came out of those four walls I felt complete, I had recovered the energy and vitality that I needed. I went to the gym, trained for a while and did buttocks, legs and some abs to reaffirm the figure and not lose it.

  The gym was beautiful, I fell in love with the trainer, a very nice and friendly gringo, he helped me a lot in every routine I did.

In order not to lose the work done with my body, I ate a salad, fruit and only water to sustain myself during these days. 

  Then I went down to the beach, I just sunbathed here and read a book by the sea.  On one of the nights I was here, a musical event was held, I only went there for a moment. I drank water, danced for a while and then went up to my room and contemplated from my terrace the beautiful view that Miami gave me under the light of the moon and the stars. And so were my days here, very calm, relaxed and full of calm and serenity.

  As I was sitting on the hotel balcony looking at the beauty of Miami, I suddenly started hearing people screaming in the street and seeing them running from one side to the other. Something was happening, but what was really happening. It turns out that a teenager armed himself and jokingly went nudist all over the place, this generated a chaos of screams of horror and laughter among all those who passed through the place.

  Just at that moment I had to leave the hotel for one of the walks I had planned and I could see how they took little joker away, it was totally funny.

In the midst of so much chaos I was almost late, but I arrived just in time before leaving, I embarked on a private boat ride to tour the entire area of the SOBE coast, as the area of South Beach, Miami is known.

As a good lover of strong emotions, I got a lot of adrenaline in this adventure in this motor boat, which takes you to the high seas.

Andy the pilot took me on a tour of the fabulous coastline. From the moment I got on the boat, you can feel the wind blowing head-on as you cut through the waves. Along the way, we pass by Star Island and Fisher Island, taking in the best views of yachts and mansions and looking out over bustling South Beach.

On the way back we pass the sandy beaches of South Beach, skirting the Art Deco mansions worthy of photographing. 

   We continue through Fisherman’s Channel, with panoramic views of the urban landscape of downtown Miami. This walk I loved lasted a long time but I didn’t even know it because of how well I walked it.

  This nudist beach is located in Miami and I went there, I went through a tunnel and a short path that led me to this place. 

  Upon arrival I turned my eyes everywhere, it was true everyone was naked and completely calm. Seeing the situation, I took off my top and started walking topless on the beach.

  Within a few minutes I gained confidence, I felt free and ready to live this incredible experience. I threw myself on the sand and started sunbathing face down, I wanted to get toasty and then I turned on my back to brown myself on that side.

  To cool off from the heat of the moment I went for a swim and for now I took my book and enjoyed the beautiful sunset on this beautiful beach.

  To be closer to Cuban culture and traditions, I purchased a tour package that allowed me to walk around the small Cuban city formed in Miami. Here you will really feel in Cuba and you will fall in love with its beautiful people.

  A tour guide, Cuban by the way and with that wonderful accent, instructed us in detail about the history of the place and fearlessly spoke to us about the calamities that are experienced in Cuba. 

These streets have life, color and aroma of happiness, airs of freedom are felt and I saw them as masters of their destiny.

  Guava cakes, cups of chicken with banana and a delicious flan ice cream were some of the culinary options and very exquisite by the way that I tried on this beautiful tour.

  I loved this tour by bus and boat around Miami, first we got on an open-top double-decker bus and toured Miami Beach, downtown, Coconut Grove, Little Havana and many more. While by boat we discover Millionarie’s Row, Star Island and Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, among others. At each point I limited myself to taking photographs because I did not get off the bus and the boat did not disembark anyone, it only traveled by water. The tour guide was explaining to us all the history of each place and it was amazing to know what is hidden in those places.

  While the bus was moving, a lady almost fell from the top, but thank God she didn’t go too far and we were able to hold her in time, it happens that she got a cramp in her leg and almost fell into the void.

  I loved every corner and every walk in Sobe but my days in Miami were almost over and I didn’t want to miss out on a little night out in the best bars in the area so a couple of nights before my departure I put on my dresses partying and ready to dance to the Latin beat.

  Just like her name, I caught fire and almost came out of there on fire because of the temperature of my body and the adrenaline that the place made me feel.

  There was a man named a large group, I asked him if I could join them, they were boys of different nationalities and they knew each other from university, they immediately joined his group and we started dancing.

  We danced until dawn, it was a great moment while we drank tequila. I learned some Latin dance steps and how to shake like them. It was a lovely evening with these guys I learned to drink Tequila straight as they call it, that is to say, dry with salt and lemon, wow this triggered my senses, the hours flew by, when it was time to pick them up they were so kind they accompanied me to my hotel.

  The next day I wanted to bet and I went to the Seminole, I had $30,000 to spend on bets and with the firm conviction of not losing a single dollar. In the midst of so many bets, I started losing $5,000 but my spirits did not drop because in less than an hour I had already recovered three times what I had lost.

  My winning streak made me feel like the owner of time and space. That’s exactly how it happened, that night I won $5,000,000 and from how excited I was, I offered two rounds of drinks for everyone who was there betting.

  I left the place being applauded and applauded, the top winner of the night and I hope that the same thing happens when I return and I won three times what I bet.

  And my last day I agreed with the group of university boys a night of beers at On The Rock, it was the experience of this place, I must emphasize that the attention was very good.

  Beyond dancing, or drinks of alcohol, we talked and got to know each other a little better. Each one had different stories of how they had come to this country in search of the American dream, I let them know that I admired them, that I was proud of them and hoped they would achieve the best life and the best future.

  This site offers a very good area to hold this type of conversation, talk accompanied by good music and unprecedented customer service.

  Miami, the place that many want to choose to live and the one that others have already chosen. It is beautiful to be here, the security is impressive, the order and everything good that it offers for us tourists. The mixture of races and cultures is wonderful, I like to see the smiles of people of different nationalities, to see their gaze, the strength and impetus to be better every day, the dreams and goals that have been set, that is how Latinos are.

  I felt part of them because I am also seeing how my dreams come true and I see them materialized in every trip I make, the best thing about Miami was the love of Eduardo and Gerardo, I will carry them in my heart. www.nikkibeach.com