Friends, how nice it is to have you here again, that means that you have been reading my travel stories around the world. What I love the most in my life is traveling and the idea of sharing each experience with you makes it more meaningful.

  On this occasion I had the privilege of traveling to the land of the future, as Dubai is known, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Before starting my trip as always I soaked up a bit of its history, culture and traditions and one of the data that most caught my attention is that during its beginnings the inhabitants of Dubai traded pearls, this quickly allowed them to achieve a prosperous economy and narrow commercial ties with China, India and Pakistan, this activity boosted its economy to the point of making it everything we know today.   This caught my attention and made me immediately decide to visit Dubai.

  Nothing else was arriving at this destination and giving me its majestic and modern architecture, something unique in the world, I already understand why they call it the futuristic city. Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers in the world, here everything is planned and designed in a big way.

  Before starting the trip I had planned on arrival a guided tour to admire the highlights on the way to my hotel, from the vehicle in which I was transferred I was able to admire and experience how immense, majestic and imposing Dubai is.

  In my mind I was fixed to see the Burj Khalifa, consecrated as the tallest building in the world, it turns out that it is twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York, completed in 2010. The dimensions of this mega structure reach 828 meters in height. height, to give you an idea of ​​its immensity.

    I confess something, being in front of the Burj Khalifa the feeling is indescribable, when you look up, you feel that you touch the clouds, that’s how I felt when I saw it for the first time.

    Then we pass through the iconic Jumeirah Palm Tree, undoubtedly one of the most iconic places in Dubai. Only from the top of the sky can you see that this set of artificial islands are designed to form a gigantic palm tree, built on the imposing sea. Here I found different alternatives to see its new and challenging design, either from the height of a building, a helicopter ride or doing a daring parachute jump.

Even before arriving in Dubai, I already knew that the Pearl Jumeira would be one of my favorite places, so I booked my stay at Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach in advance. This majestic place represents the perfect combination and balance between beach, music, gastronomy, fashion and entertainment, all in one place.

    I chose it because here it is summer and the holiday season all year round, it is a glamorous, sophisticated, elegant, modern and current place, all this is little to define this Beach club that, in addition to everything, has a boat anchor around it.

    Upon entering I noticed that the place was strategically decorated in white with tribal influences that make it a very elegant environment. Luxurious hammocks, giant cabana-style daybeds and impeccably dressed staff welcome you with cocktails and Bellini’s and invite you to sample the exquisite colorful dishes and creative stimulant drinks offered on the menu.

My arrival at Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach, after my walk through the city from the airport, was after lunch time and it was just getting to the room, I refreshed myself and went straight to enjoy the gastronomy of the famous place. for having renowned international chefs. The mix of ingredients, flavors, colors and textures from all over the world come together here. Here I found myself with several options to order, among which I can mention healthy salads, sushi creations, expertly cooked meats and the freshest fish. My choice was an exquisite salad, I can tell you it was delicious and I was able to taste each bite incredibly.

Luxury parties

   When night came I dressed up with my most elegant outfits to be able to make a presence and join one of the exclusive and luxurious parties of the place, the entertainment is exceptional, it could be said that it is from another planet, while the views that the place offers , on one side is the imposing panoramic view of the ocean surrounded by a beautiful urban landscape and on the other side the tremendous Burj Khalifa is shown in the center of Dubai, the views surround you in such a way that they are the ideal complement to enjoy the moment.

  Surrounded by elegant people with great purchasing power, they were my companions for the night, all enjoying the party that make this point a true urban oasis. During my time at the Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach, a financial meeting was held with senior representatives of the government of Dubai. The deployment of vehicles, bodyguards, executives and people from the business area gathered here. And I was just there to see it up close and see how business is run in this empire of the United Arab Emirates.

 Dubai is famous for its iconic buildings and magnificent skyline, after consulting in different places I decided to venture out and take a helicopter ride to appreciate this masterful work of architectural art from the clouds. And later parachute over her, this type of experience is unique in the world.

 A 22 minute ride, flying by because of how much you enjoy it, we take off from the Jumeirah heliport, passing by the incredible Palm Jumeirah island and next to the Atlantis Hotel and The World Islands.

   Heading inland, fly over Union Square, Sheikh Zayed Road and the Mall of the Emirates and over the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Then, add to this tour the Gold Souq, The Creek Canal and the historic wind towers and mosques.

   The sensation was indescribable, to feel how you descend while the breeze hugs and caresses you to make you feel owner of the universe for an instant. If I could repeat it again, I would do it a thousand times without thinking.    What more can you ask of God, it only remains to thank him for allowing the creation of an earthly paradise like Dubai.

After having a good time at Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach, I made the decision to delve into the wonderful world of Dubai and its grandeur.

Without hesitation I went for a walk through the Dubai Marina, for that I moved to the new Dubai, right in the center and I decided to walk there to see the evening fall and how the vibrant colors were reflected in the sea, while each skyscraper was illuminated at the light of the moon. Dubai Marina was built in an artificial canal of 3.5 kilometers, here these imposing buildings are concentrated and the most famous restaurant The Observatory is located, on the 52nd floor of the Dubai Marriott Harbor hotel.

I came to this place by accident, but what a wonderful accident because I was able to take a boat and tour the skyline, while a guide was telling me the whole story of how this great city power began on a world scale. The beginnings of Dubai were in the Dubai Creek and today it is face to face with the new Dubai. It was magical and this tour made me move to the past of this place.

During one of my walks I enjoyed a pleasant bath in these turquoise waters while my gaze surrendered to the imposing skyscrapers. The most popular beach is Umm Suqeim Beach, from here you can see the sunset with the magnificent Burj Al Arab in the background, and Jumeirah Beach Park, very central and with refreshing shaded spaces.

Once in Dubai, I could not resist entering the largest shopping center in the world, inside it houses 1,200 stores for all social strata, in addition to the Dubai Aquarium and an ice rink.

I bought some clothes, but then I ran to the Aquarium area to see different marine species up close and contemplate their beauty. Here I took many photos to remember and I enjoyed seeing the innocence of children before hundreds of marine species.

When I arrived in Dubai, one of the places that I had on my list of things to do was to visit the Dubai Frame, somewhere I had read that it is called «The largest photo frame on the planet», and I did not hesitate to visit it. The Dubai Frame located in Zabeel Park is a building located in the downtown area of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, this structure is unique, thanks to its gigantic towers that present the landscape as if it were a photo frame.


Upon reaching this fascinating attraction, I was able to reflect on certain situations in my life and it was a great moment to let go of many things and advance in the search for peace and fulfillment. Two pedestrian bridges connect the imposing sections of Zabeel Park- Dubai Frame. This place is characterized by transmitting peace and tranquility to its visitors.

On second thought I could not have chosen a better destination to end my trip, from this place I left relaxed with such fullness that it is indescribable, simply magical, you must experience it firsthand, from beginning to end, and I could not leave out the magical nights in this Emirate and enjoy its night parties with an international atmosphere, adapted to its local culture.

During my stay at Nikki Beach, I found out that one of the night spots that I couldn’t miss is the Trilogy, located on Jumeirah Beach Road, very close to where I was staying, this is one of the trendiest bars of the moment.

This place with three large floors, has the best mixes of music from the best international DJs. Upon arrival I located myself in one of its VIP terraces and spent the night tasting the finest champagnes, from this place to the rhythm of the music I could admire the best views of the city. The Trilogy is decidedly a place for an unforgettable evening.

And to close my nights of partying in Dubai with gold broach, I ventured to White Dubai, yes, dressed in my best outfits to make my majestic entrance to this exclusive and largest nightclub in the city, it is located on the terrace of the Meydan Racecourse Grand Stand, from where you can admire the best views of the area. The place is huge, with very high ceilings, and an unparalleled play of lights, which go to the rhythm of the music of the DJs who perform live. And the pearl of the night goes hand in hand with acrobatic performances that give a lot of color and charm to the night.

Visiting Dubai means traveling to the future or space without the need for a time machine or spaceship, here you have it all.

The most advanced in the world, which much of the world does not know, Dubai already has and is advancing by leaps and bounds to perpetuate itself as the great Arab giant.

I invite you to visit my travel diary and continue to accompany me through this great adventure in different countries.