I went to Mexico again, and who says no to beautiful and dear Mexico, to do so you have to be completely crazy. In my previous trips, the Rivera Maya captivated me and for this reason I decided to return without thinking twice. That earthly paradise was waiting for me, I could feel my heart beating to the rhythm of her call, it was love at first sight and undoubtedly it was necessary to meet again to look at each other face to face.

  So I arrived in Cancun to go straight to a new destination in the Riviera Maya, I wanted to explore it further and decided to go to Puerto Morelos, a magical place that keeps in the eyes and smile of its inhabitants the invaluable story of struggle and perseverance. As everyone knows my name is Lucy and on every trip I meet wonderful people, this time I met Luna, a little 10-year-old girl who sells oysters on the coast of Puerto Morelos and made me know the true value of this place, the quality of its people.

  Luna was in Playa del Secreto the first time I saw her, a little girl 1.50 meters tall, very thin, brunette, long brown hair, bulging black eyes, a big smile and a high tone of voice to capture the attention of visitors. .

  The more she moved along the beach, the more she got closer to the place where she was and undoubtedly came to offer me her products. Without knowing it she had stolen my attention by her impetus and enthusiasm to offer the oysters.

  She very smiling, she asked me, My lady, is she going to bring oysters for her husband and her children? Without hesitation I responded with a big smile and asked her to sit down and not to worry because I was going to pay for all the oysters she hadn’t sold.

  I asked Luna to tell me about her and explain to me what a 10-year-old girl was doing selling oysters on the beach, as well as asking about her parents. His gaze changed and I could see the reflection of melancholy in his soul, at that moment he tells me that his mother is at home taking care of his father because he has cancer and she -Luna- was the one who was supporting the house financially through the sale of oysters and thus be able to pay some expenses of the disease.

  Without hesitation I hugged her and she just lay on my shoulder to cry, she told me that she was afraid of seeing her father die and that’s why she went out every day to fight for her family, because she loved her watch board forever. I took Luna by the hand and asked her to take me to meet her parents, I needed to do something for them and bring joy back to this family in the midst of so much pain in the life of an innocent girl who barely opened her eyes to the world.

  After walking for several minutes we arrived at a house, quite humble but the reflection of love and family union was seen in it. We were greeted by a small dog named Gonzalo. Upon entering I met Sonia, a dark-haired woman with a big smile, but on her face you could see the havoc her husband’s illness was wreaking on her.

Luna introduced us and Sonia gladly invited me to sit down, before I apologized for coming to her house that way and indicated that she was there to help. Luna’s mother immediately exclaimed, «Blessed God, mija!» And she started crying.

I hugged her tightly and accompanied her when she was there, then I met Chema -Luna’s father- he was in bed and I gave him my hand, I told him to rest because soon her anguish would end. I asked Sonia what they needed and she told me that they needed to go to Mexico as soon as possible to start treatment but they didn’t have the money.

I took her by the hand and told her not to worry that it was ready, I called Julio a good friend I have in Mexico City sent me a helicopter, in less than five hours Luna and her family were in Mexico and her father was ready to start the treatment that would restore the breath of life.

  After taking off the helicopter I went to the leaning lighthouse, a site with a historical level that you will see captured on postcards and others. I contemplated it, I took many photos and then I went to the beach, I needed the waves of the sea to take away that feeling of sadness for Luna.

  At one point he approached my other oyster seller, I bought him some and while he ate them he remembered Luna and her family, from the heart he hoped that everything would turn out well and she could smile from the soul. I walked along the boardwalk that is right in front of the lighthouse and I raised my glass, I toasted to life and to Luna, from the bottom of my heart I hope she is happy and I thank her for showing me the greatness of Puerto Morelos.

  Advancing on my way through Puerto Morelos and before arriving in Mexico I chose to stay at the Hotel Ojo de Agua, it is undoubtedly one of the best options offered by this great area of Mexico and a great tribute to the good life. Being hosted here was incredible, the attention is first class and the quality of its human staff is incomparable. When I checked in they took my bags and took them up to my room, 

  when I opened the door I loved the interior design between browns that merged with the white color of the savannah.

  The view of the sea that my room offered was magnificent, I liked to wake up and see the sun rise, see how it rose and its rays fell on the cold waters of the coast.

  Each meal here was a delight for the palate, too exquisite dishes that I was able to accompany with a delicious glass of wine.

  While staying here, there was a free event in one of the hotel rooms, a musical group was performing to offer a moment of fun and entertainment to those of us who were there.

We were all invited, the music was very good and the atmosphere was spectacular, there were free drinks that night, I drank too much and I loved it. During the celebration I met Jazmín, a woman from Mexico City who was on vacation in Puerto Morelos.

I made an immediate connection with her and then shared several glasses of wine and exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch and meet again on future visits to Mexico.

After the celebration, the next day I went with Jazmín to the hotel pool to sunbathe, we were talking about our lives and she told me that she had recently become a widow and inherited from her husband a lot of textile companies in the capital.

  I was impressed, Jazmín was only 20 years old and when I met her I thought she was a mommy and daddy’s girl, what an ability this young lady has to ensure her future. Apparently she fell in love with her and I could feel it, at one point she told me that her husband, older than her by 30 years, died in a plane crash. Puerto Morelos and her stories, but there was something in Jasmine that made me believe her and she felt that she was honest, she felt that the love that she mentioned so much came from her heart.

  To improve our experience, I went with Jazmín to this prestigious hotel, I wanted to get to know her better and study the possibility of creating partnership links between her lot of companies and mine. The hotel is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, Dreams Riviera Cancun is a luxurious resort full of amenities.

  The design of the unique octagonal rooms and suites, I loved it, they are huge, luxuriously equipped with a furnished balcony or terrace, I liked the mirror that was in it and the panoramic view offered by the sale of the room, sleeping there is a true pleasure.

  This comfortable and charming hotel with sparkling pools and impressive views of the ocean distributed with beautiful and modern longhouses throughout the pool to make the experience more pleasant. What better place than this to get to know Jazmín little by little, we called one of the waiters and he brought us a bottle of wine to toast the friendship that was being born between us.

  Between drinks we also tasted a good plate of lobsters, they were great, we really loved it. At night we decided to visit the local French restaurant, the food was incredible, we enjoyed it to another level, to the point of imagining that we were in France. 

  After the days we joined the Preferred Club to be able to access a private lounge with snacks and drinks, as well as a designated beach area, in this place the treatment was more than first class, we were very pleased as at home. If you are going to visit Puerto Morelos I invite you to stay in this hotel, it will be worth the investment and the moment you will experience.

Many would find it difficult to think that in Puerto Morelos they can swim with dolphins, but this is a complete reality and you can do it. I lived this experience and it was magical thanks to the guides of this tour, they offered me a first class service.

Being here allowed me to connect with the energy of these animals, they transmit something good, noble and beautiful to you. They are very intelligent and give themselves to you with full confidence.

  I was able to enjoy a kiss from them, I could say that it was one of the most sincere kisses I have received in my life. As if they were children, they let themselves be hugged, pampered and say the most beautiful words that can come out of your mouth when you have them in front of you. They captivate with their charm and innocence, without a doubt the biggest attraction of this place.

  I remember Tomas, a 4-year-old boy who was afraid and cried when he saw the dolphins. I asked his parents’ permission to take him in my arms and bring them closer to them. I taught Tomas that just as he is innocent, dolphins are too, I taught him to take refuge in an embrace of these creatures and after a few minutes he did not want to let go because the connection between them was unbreakable.

After so many experiences and strong emotions in Puerto Morelos, I made the decision to do some yoga to drain the energies and here I got the best alternative.

I loved stretching my body, I was a bit tense after the dive and needed to relax my muscles, stretching my arms to the sky was phenomenal. I also liked the meditation part, I think I was still clinging to Luna and it was something that I had to let go of because I did what I could to help her, not only her, but also her family.

It was incredible how silence was the protagonist of these yoga classes, while the trees, waves of the sea and birds whispered in my ears and made me enter an environment of peace.

Leaving the yoga session in the afternoon I went to ride a bike, I rented one and I started to ride through places surrounded by trees, I was too calm after the yoga class and I needed some adrenaline, I am not a lover of the calm.

In the walk I coincided with Débora, together we pedaled until we could not, it was very pleasant to feel how the wind hit my face as it advanced through the place.

After pedaling and pedaling I stumbled and fell with everything and bicycle, I almost went off a cliff, but thank God it didn’t happen to adults, the people who came with me stopped and helped me, just thinking that I would have fallen that way I wouldn’t be counting it.

  I loved living this experience, thanks to my friends at Diving Capital I was able to dive in different ways, which allows you to find the balance between investment and fun.

  «The capital of diving» is how this area is known in the Rivera Maya, thanks to the great offers and packages that they offered me in the first instance I was able to dive in the cenotes, I had already done this before, but good things are repeated twice.

  Enter these incredible caverns with light, visibility and impressive formations, all this in the safest and most fun way.

  Diving in these waters is unique because of the temperature of the water, it made me shiver but it was worth it, it is fascinating how you swim and at certain times you stay in the dark because the sunlight does not reach you.

After all my days of relaxation and fun in Puerto Morelos, I ventured to see its night parties, and talking to the friends I had made on this trip, they suggested Rancho Sak-ol, Romarley Beach House and Don Mexcal, so I wrote them down in my memory and I just had a chance, this was my best plan.

He offered me a great option on his terrace and right in front of the beach, there is Bar Saas, during the night I visited it I relaxed. Having just over 15 minutes sitting at the table without company, the waiter approached me and brought me a bottle of wine, indicating that a hair that was on the bar had sent it to me.

Without thinking I received it, after all the bottle is not to blame for anything. After the waiter served me the glass, I took it, raised it and toasted this handsome man who had seen grace in me.

Halfway through the bottle the man came up to me, asked if he could sit down and I said yes, he introduced himself and let me know his name is Nayid. I gladly extended my hand and we began to talk, he told me that he came from Mexico City and was there closing a deal that would leave him with great profits with the fishing sector.

I loved talking with Nayid, educated, educated, handsome, with general knowledge and single, for many this could be the perfect man, also he has a good sense of humor, he made me laugh until I couldn’t more. It was nice to enjoy this place in good company, it turns out that we are both traveling souls and we had many topics to talk about until we could not, it was a most entertaining night. Nayid became a great new friend.

Another of the nights that I went out partying, I decided to check my mental list and I launched the second on my list, the Romarley Beach House, I was fascinated with the menu that they offer to the visitors of the establishment.

I opted for the drinks and went for some of the house specialties, I sat at the bar and met a group of girls who had just arrived at the place, what a coincidence that we were all in the same plan to try the delicious drinks they offer.

I started with Zigaro, a drink based on corajito, mezcal, triple sec, orange juice, pineapple, lemon, and ginger. I honestly loved the flavor, tangy and good for covid with that mix of ingredients.

Then I had a Maestro, which contains pox or sotol, passion fruit, lemon and mint foam. This flavor is quite good, I took several of this type until I couldn’t take any more.

Other options were Ragga based on harmonic gin, red fruits, curacao, controy and pineapple foam. Something strong this mixture, I do not know if for me or for the rest, but I quite enjoyed it.

And between drink and drink with the other girls he spent the night without noticing us.

And to end my tour of the most outstanding places of the moment I went to see Don Mexkal, when I arrived I found that they offer the best typical dishes and with what I love the food of this country, it was a total success.

I enjoyed some delicious Mexican food, tacos to be more specific, and enchiladas. I ate several portions, I declare myself a fan of Mexican food, I accompanied this with a delicious Jamaican water.

Being here I saw the right time to have a couple of beers, I think the atmosphere was conducive because there was a group in the back of the place performing, they have a good rhythm and give life to the place.

They were so furious that I ended up dancing on stage with them and those present applauding me, the band’s vocalist wanted to hire me as a dancer for his shows, but I told him no because I was passing through Mexico and mine more for fun than by profession.

Going back to Mexico connected me with a reality that many think I don’t know because I have money, but I am more connected with it than people think.

Puerto Morelos is very beautiful, its people are very noble, they continue to dream and believe in a better future, this is demonstrated by the smiles they raise in the sun every morning to go look for the sustenance of the home.

The water that bathes its shores is blessed and catches you from the first moment, I lived unrepeatable episodes that I will carry in my soul, so I invite you to get to know Puerto Morelos and fall in love with it, just as I did.