How about girls? We meet again to meet a new destination in the world. I tell you that on the occasion that I traveled to Tuscany in Peru I met many tourists from Venezuela, who very pleasantly invited me to visit that paradisiacal country, and I tell you that it is impossible not to listen to Venezuela in many aspects.

  That is why, one morning while I was practicing yoga in the park a young woman had the word “Venezuela” on her shirt, my mind woke up and gave me the concern to investigate more about this country to plan a trip. After a long day I arrived home and did not hesitate to inquire about this country. On other occasions I had traveled to the island of Margarita and I was fascinated and wanted to continue knowing a little more about the pearl of the Caribbean.

  The state of Nueva Esparta on the island of Margarita is one of the twenty-three states that make up the Republic of Venezuela. This is an archipelago formed by three islands: Margarita, Coche and Cubagua. In theory, it is the only island state in Venezuela. Seeing his photographs my mind quickly moved to that country and my previous visits and of course I did not hesitate to schedule my next trip to that spectacular country.

  As the days went by, I scheduled my flight and one week I took off to Venezuela until arriving at the Santiago Mariño airport in the morning hours. At the airport I asked for information on how to get around the city and how to get to the beach club I had scheduled, I took a taxi and in a few minutes I arrived at the Olas Beach Club Playa El Agua.

  My emotion did not fit inside me, I was so excited about this new tour and getting to know Venezuela a little more, all its history and how striking it is.

  Arriving at this beach club my mind was alarmed, since it is a beautiful place and I said that I was going to live the experiences from that first moment.

  Its structure is so fantastic and very elegant, my eyes were totally fixed there. Upon entering I felt such a great vibe, dance groups were performing and the energy was wonderful, without a doubt it is an ideal place to relax in front of the sea is Olas Beach Club Restaurant; I quickly went to lunch and I didn’t think about requesting a delicious fish fillet with garlic fried plantains, rice, lemon and accompanied by a rich carrot salad with cabbage. My God, how delicious!

  After that powerful lunch it was impossible not to go to Playa el Agua, super divine, perfect for relaxing in the sun. This beach club is fantastic. You can enjoy a unique relaxing experience in a tropical environment with music, Balinese beds, loungers and hammocks.

  It was impossible not to relax before the waves and enjoy a wide variety of fusion cuisine and cocktails; It was the perfect place to enjoy a delicious piña colada with hints of rum and condensed milk.

  After that wonderful afternoon I went directly to the pool, when I saw it I was totally shocked, it is beautiful and super big, obviously I did not hesitate a minute to go take a dip and enjoy some delicious churros with chocolate, the perfect appetizer to sweeten myself.

  At night, plays, karaoke and live comedy shows were presented around the pool, that moment was so unique that I was totally distracted without realizing the time, after that great fun I called the hotel that had scheduled for my stay on the island of Nueva Esparta. Everything is so close, that in less than five minutes I was arriving at the Wyndham Isla Margarita Concorde hotel, a beautiful place to stay and enjoy an excellent experience on this beautiful island.

Boasting an enviable location on Isla Margarita in the Caribbean Sea and offering an array of services and amenities, the full-service Wyndham Isla Margarita Concorde hotel is an exemplary destination, and one I loved immensely.

  Just walking in made me feel at home. Without a doubt, my trip to the northeastern coast of Venezuela was sensational.

  Tiredness was already hitting me but I was very excited, but when I entered my room my jaw dropped, because a beautiful room was waiting for me with a huge King bed, a giant TV and what I loved the most was the beautiful view of the beach, I can tell you that I loved her enormously.

The next day after resting and waking up with a view of the sea, I decided to go to the restaurant for breakfast, I tasted some delicious arepas with shredded meat and avocado, totally divine to savor your fingers accompanied by a rich and strong black coffee.

On a radiant morning, María de Jesús told me that she could not miss visiting a super famous place in Nueva Esparta, and also added that every tourist should visit this fantastic place, it was the Basilica of Our Lady of the Valley, on previous trips I already knew her, but don’t hesitate to see her again.

  The Basilica Nuestra Señora del Valle, is the virgin that represents the region, upon arrival I was able to admire its magnificent structure, it was so impressive for its majestic pointed presentation.

  My heart beat strong with emotion, where the very kind tourists explained to us that this basilica was created under a Gothic trend, an artistic style that flourished in medieval times, and what surprised me the most is that it was developed in the country of France and then it spread throughout the European territory.

  Upon entering the energy is incomparable, inside is this sublime and revered heavenly mother patron saint of the East and also according to the guide of the Venezuelan Navy, especially adored on the Island of Margarita. 

  Inside, its structure is equally magnificent, since the interior area of ​​the temple is separated by majestic ogival arches with small adjoining columns and throughout the entire nave there are grandiose ogival stained glass windows, where its main entrance leads to a choir. of two levels. I loved being here and having the opportunity to connect with my late husband was amazing.

  My desire to continue getting to know Nueva Esparta was enormous, I had already talked with María de Jesús beforehand that I wanted to continue getting to know beautiful places on the island and she mentioned a couple of places that I wrote down on my list.

  Getting to know the La Restringa lagoon was spectacular, it is a natural reservoir of water separated from the sea, much smaller in size and also shallower than the sea. In the case of La Restinga, its waters are salty.

  There I was able to meet a great diversity of aquatic animals and enjoy a walk through the lagoon, it is an area with many extraordinary mangroves, it was also so surprising that the lagoon seems to form a kind of inverted triangle that is divided by a sand bar that separates it from the Caribbean Sea.

  This restinga or sand bar is the natural union between the eastern part of Isla Margarita and the Macanao peninsula.

  Birds are also present in this lagoon, beautiful seagulls sang incessantly at sunset, of course I watched them every second without forgetting the famous margariteños rabbits.

  Another of my walks was to visit the marine museum, it is very close to the Laguna de la Restinga and it is worth visiting. I was totally surprised because it is full of history, since it has several areas, one that shows marine life, well structured and with many fossil remains. Among the museum samples that caught my attention the most, there is a varied sample of shark jaws, of different sizes and in a very good state of conservation. Arriving I could notice that it has a contact aquarium, this was amazing to be able to feel and be so close to these beautiful creatures, they left me fascinated.

  It has an audio and video part where they explained about the fish, another part about the sea and the history of the island. I arrived at a small room that kept me entertained for quite a while, here they narrated how the arrival of Colon was, the first city of Venezuela, the wars of the patriots against Morillo and part of the sunken ships. I continued my tour and I could see that it has several rooms that serve a wide knowledge of the marine world, a pond with some giant turtles rescued from the ocean. And finally, a small room that talks about pearl collecting on the island. Without forgetting, animals such as turtles, hedgehogs, alive in water, turtles recovered from health, are cared for in the area and the beautiful boats and whale skeletons, in accesses. It was an unforgettable experience.

  Visiting the Parque el Agua again was phenomenal, it is a place with aquatic attractions and that adrenaline fascinates me. In this park is the highest slide in Venezuela, 18 meters, the Churún Merú.

  I was surprised that all the slides in the park have indigenous names and Churún Merú, the indigenous name of «Angel Falls», is appropriate for this slide, only suitable for the most daring due to its altitude.

  However, the attraction that I liked the most was the lazy river that goes around the park and in which I could let myself move slowly, passing through different places and very refreshing water sources.   Without a doubt girls, every new visit to Margarita I can’t stop visiting this water park, in the same style as the Disney water parks in Orlando.    It is a very beautiful, lovely and fun place. In addition, the climate of the island makes it even more attractive.

  The party had to start, for two nights I enjoyed the nightlife that Nueva Esparta offers, and I can tell you that it was a fantastic experience, where dancing, drinks and friends were the protagonists.

  The first stop was at Euphoria Margarita, a fully active nightclub every weekend. In this place I was able to dance all night and taste some delicious super cold beers to refresh.

  On that occasion, various electronic music artists performed and the event was called “Sund and Bass Festival”.

  What a great night! María de Jesús, other tourists from Colombia and I had the most magnificent time, it was so sensational to distract you and be so close to the sea. At midnight we did not hesitate to approach the VIP area, it was a great moment to be close to the artists and at the same time the spectacular drinks, later do not hesitate to taste my delicious champagne.

  Great place, it caught my attention that at night this place is an elegant restaurant but at midnight it transforms into a wonderful disco.

  I was able to notice that it is the preferred place for contemporary people, young and not so young who want to enjoy Las Vegas or New York in the best style under crystal balls, comfortable furniture for privileged clients and a first class service.  It has a VIP exclusively reserved for artists and public figures, it is the place where you can run into a famous person who is passing through the Island. It is a highly recommended nightclub on the Island, due to its structures, attention and location, María de Jesús danced all night and obviously I didn’t leave her alone, that night I enjoyed a delicious cocktail in the VIP area of ​​the nightclub.

  The colors of their lights were fantastic, they graced the dance floor and that was phenomenal. Without a doubt, I also loved this club.

  What a beautiful place, meeting Venezuela was one of the great experiences I could have lived, without a doubt it is a magical, colorful country, with exquisite cuisine and not to mention its beautiful landscape. Arriving in Nueva Esparta was the appetizer to stay with the desire to know other places in this country.

  I will never forget the visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Valley, a beautiful place to connect with religiosity and feel an immense and profound peace within ourselves. I totally recharged my energies, since it was a moment of comfort and deep peace. On the other hand, María de Jesús won my heart, she was so excellent with me and helped me get to know every corner of the island, she was another great example of the affection that Venezuelans can generate, her kindness was so beautiful that after my return we kept Contact. Girls, if you want to visit Venezuela, don’t hesitate, visit and get to know this beautiful island area called Nueva Esparta, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just like I did, you’ll have a great time and you won’t forget that fantastic experience.

  When I was at the airport, María de Jesús gave me several gifts; delicious chocolate bonbons that accompanied me and sweetened me during the flight. I can tell you that I loved Venezuela and its island.