You may wonder why Lucy traveled to the Maldives? And the answer is simple, I traveled because she wanted to know the popular culture of this country that is located in South Asia, towards the Indian Ocean. I was struck by the Arab influence of nearby countries such as India and Sri Lanka, as well as their own past. This configures a cultural past to discover without haste.

  Being here represents a trip of great attention because its culture will make you raise many questions about its dance, let yourself be captivated by the wonderful fishing villages, customs and unique traditions. Thaara, the bandilla Jehun or the Kadhan Maali are some of the names given to the dances that are practiced here, in addition to their vegetable rugs and silver pieces that make them unique creations.

  Another of the greatest attractions that Maldives offers are its islands where silence is king, yes, as you read it, silence. Totally uninhabited islands where you can take a bath in the sea, sleep and sunbathe without the company of anyone else. This is ideal for people who need moments alone to rediscover themselves, I was here and I loved it because I was able to think alone and order my ideas without any outside influence.

  Upon arrival I wanted to know the best places on the island and for that I did my homework before coming and as a check list maniac I brought my list and the first place to visit that was on it was this beach club so mentioned in all the websites I lived.

  Arriving and admiring them, it was the same as in the many photos I had previously seen on the web portals, the One&Only Reethi Rah offered me comfort and luxury. What more could you ask for in life?

  There were several options that I had at the time of staying here and I did not miss any of them. I made reservations for the beachfront villa, not to mention that you can also stay in the water villa or on a private island. I love these places that offer you as many alternatives as they can with your comfort in mind.

  The rooms were comfortable, I really liked the bed because it made me feel like I was in the clouds. 

  One meal was better than the other, the combination of ingredients and flavors they offer is unbeatable. That’s how I felt, and decided to tan my body completely, I applied the suntan lotion all over my body, and I relaxed under the rays of the king star, it was so relaxing that I fell asleep thanks to the fact that a waitress came by to refill my drink that I reached turn around and so I got the perfect tan. 

  The day after staying I went on a boat trip to a private island, I would call it La Isla Del Silencio. This place is ideal to think and feel that you are the only person on earth.

  One of the things I enjoyed in La Isla Del Silencio was having a fresh cocada, the driver of the boat that accompanied me, took some coconuts from the ground, opened them and I asked him to share the fresh drink with me while we contemplated the sea and the silence and quietude that this place offered us, before having to leave for the return.

  As I had already mentioned, I had my must-see list ready so I did not stay in one place, this place is too beautiful to enjoy it from the same point all my vacations so with nostalgia I left the One&Only Reethi Rah and its facilities to try new ones. directions.

  This was the first hotel I had in mind to stay when I arrived in Maldives, one hundred percent recommended for those looking for category and luxury. I decided on this one thanks to its well-known relaxing therapies at the Spa, in all the portals I had visited they recommended trying all the treatments so do not hesitate to do it daily.

  I slept here for several days and I felt completely ecstatic, the rooms are very comfortable and allow you access or rather, they created very useful areas within the hotel.

  As I had already planned everything, I had my reservations ready, and I took all the options to drain my body and revitalize myself for the vacation days that I was in Maldives. 

  That’s why I went to the spa area for all three days, each massage was better than the last and gave me a feeling of relaxation. On one of the days at the spa I had a deep chocolate therapy to hydrate my skin. I needed it, my skin had a lot of dead cells and after this it shone like never before.

  Another of the therapies I received was with volcanic stones, they placed them one by one on my back, I could feel their heat enter my interior and give me a feeling of fullness. After this I was ready to conquer Maldives and delve into its rich culture and invaluable warmth of its people.

  It was not enough to go once to La Isla Del Silencio as I call it, something in my heart made me feel that I had to reconnect with that silence that reigned there. I immediately called the boat driver to take me to The Island Of Silence – Dhiffushi, the same as the other day and so it happened. Something told me that I should get there soon, we arrived in a hurry and my heart began to accelerate uncontrollably.

  I started to cry, I didn’t know why but the tears came out of my eyes without stopping, at one point I fell to my knees in the sand and when I tried to raise my eyes to the sky I felt someone touch my shoulder, I thought it was the driver of the boat, but it wasn’t him because he was in the sea waiting for me.

  I immediately got up because there was supposed to be no one else there, a soft breeze ran through my body and I felt how it comforted me. I don’t know how it happened, but I felt that they hugged me and comforted me, it was something totally magical.

  It made me feel alive and with more strength to continue and leave nostalgia behind, I felt an inner strength that only this idyllic island made me feel. After this I got up and went out to explore the island a bit under the shade of the palm trees thinking about this beautiful moment. I couldn’t believe what had happened, but this was the best moment that God has given me since I started traveling.

  I had already lived this experience in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, at the time it was incredible, I could not stop living it in the Maldives.

  Immersing myself in the waters off the coast of Maldives was great, the minimum temperature of the water was 27º, not bad for the first time in them. With the help of an expert I went down to the depths and was exposed to hundreds of sharks that were walking near me, but thank God I was not bait for them.

  In addition to seeing them, I was able to touch them, feel their skin, see their gaze and their sharp teeth up close. Living at the bottom of the sea must be incredible for them, they have everything there and in a certain way they are not exposed to what we, although the Ocean damage is sometimes irreparable.

  These sharks mixed with small species of fish, drawing figures in the warm waters while we watched them. It is important to mention that these sharks are reef sharks and do not represent a threat.

  To live this experience you do not need to pay a dollar and much less contact an agency, from anywhere in the Maldives you can enjoy the stars in the middle of the night.

  You will only need the right weather conditions, since the low population density and low light pollution will allow you to appreciate this show in all its splendor.

  While I was looking at the stars I could see the face in the sky of my beloved, it was magical that night, I knew that he was there accompanying me while I contemplated the stars.

  There was a star that shone brighter, I’m sure it was him from heaven illuminating my life and my path, his brightness was getting bigger and he filled me with peace, a peace that I have rarely come to feel in my life.

  Up to 23 different species of whales and dolphins can be seen in the Maldives, of course this will depend on the time and place. It is important to mention that these excursions are done with due respect for marine life and these species in particular.

  Here you can also appreciate an immense sandbank that usually appears and disappears, this will depend on the level of the sea, but it is something amazing. 

  I don’t know if I got to see all 23 species, but there were several dolphins and whales that came to the surface to offer a unique and unrepeatable show.

  In each appearance our eyes were amazed, some hands applauded and others captured the great moment with cameras and cell phones. The words of astonishment were immediate.

  One of the whales came out of the water and rose until it dropped, the force of its fall was so great that it bathed all the crew members who were in the small boat.

  Another thing that I had also researched is that the Maldives is an Islamic country and you don’t get alcoholic beverages at all times, except in establishments with a liquor license, so I booked a couple of these places for my usual late-night parties.

  In Coco Bar I only dedicated myself to dancing, it was a night like the sky of the Maldives, incredibly wonderful. I felt that it shone as brightly as the stars that rested on us.

  I wanted to feel free for a moment and so it happened, no matter who I danced with or if I did it alone, what I really wanted to feel was the feeling of fullness, once again in my life.

  In that and while turning I spotted a group of travelers, whom I dragged to the dance floor. We understood each other very little since we spoke different languages ​​but to the rhythm of the music and the cocktails the night was a great time.

  As the days went by I went to Aqua Bar, here I had some exquisite glasses of wine. The atmosphere was extraordinary and the attention second to none. I was able to enjoy live music, although there was also an area for those who didn’t want this kind of lively atmosphere.

  A few snacks and several glasses of wine were enough to make my night the best since I was in the Maldives. That night I noticed how happy the people who were there were.

  I only contemplated the smiles and the bright looks of the people who were at the tables, just like my purpose, theirs was to be happy for a moment.

  I had not entered the Champagne Pavilion when I met some of the guys I had shared the night before at the Coco Bar, we did not hesitate to get together and find the best places to spend another fabulous night of partying. Upon arrival we find this lavish pier on the seashore with such a minimalist decoration that goes unnoticed. And what else were we going to ask for to toast in the Champagne Pavilion, of course the house Champagne, with pleasant background music and the sea at our feet, at sunset we could see the dance of the dolphins that usually appear regularly in this place.

  I do not regret this visit closing with a flourish my stay in the calm Maldives islands, this champagne pavilion is one of the little things that will remain fixed in your mind and heart.

  I can define Maldives as the door to heaven, the sea and the stars align to offer us a place where unimaginable things happen, everything is beautiful when you see them from the soul. Feeling my beloved and seeing his gaze once again was fascinating, something I will never forget, venturing into the waters of the Maldives is unparalleled, in addition to learning about the culture of these wonderful people who, without thinking, adopted from other countries as their own.

  Noble and beautiful people abound in Maldives and they will make you feel like part of their family, that’s why you have to come to this place and discover what it has in store for you.