Hello Indonesia, were my words when I got off the plane. How nice it is to be here again surrounded by so much virgin nature, I say virgin because the vast majority of it has deserted and little explored areas. Breathing here is the best, I think that since my last visit I haven’t breathed as well as on this occasion, my physical resistance and enthusiasm have improved, I feel more vital and full of good energy.

  50 national parks and some of these were declared World Heritage Sites and eight are biosphere reserves. Another thing that I can highlight about this wonderful country is that it has the biggest and stinkiest flowers in the world. It is amazing everything that we can find here and enjoy without limitations, one of the great options to choose as a good place to live fully.

  Booking at this great beach club was one of the best decisions I could make to make this trip, I needed an ideal place to be able to sleep and rest fully and that’s what happened. Located in an authentic canggu neighborhood inspired by the cultures of the 60s, with tropical designs, also an art deco touch, Panama beach club was the best choice.

  I had not gotten out of the vehicle and I could feel the attention of the staff that works here, they are extraordinary and made me feel well cared for, it is what one always looks for when paying for a good service.

  I can’t fault the room because the bed was super comfortable, I felt in heaven and it helped me release a bit of the tiredness I had gained during such a long trip.

  But hunger was stronger than my tiredness so I decided to order and it was difficult to decide between their delicious menu, which ranged from really juicy burgers, tasty tacos, melty sandwiches, creamy fresh fruit smoothies and extra-refreshing cocktails, so I decided with Advice from the waiter for a tasting plate that brought a miniature sandwich of each thing on the menu. I loved it.

  To accompany me I ordered a piña colada and it was great, it tasted amazing so I couldn’t resist and I ordered several more until I had a bottle of wine, well two and it made me feel wonderful.

  To continue draining the tiredness I went to the pool, nothing always helps me to release heavy energies and that’s how it was, after a few minutes swimming I felt full and ready to explore Indonesia.

  After spending so much time in the pool I went down to the beach, I walked for a while and admired nature, I like to feel the sound of the sea close, very close to my ear, it is as if it spoke to me and told me things to heal spiritually.

As a second option I stayed at the Kayon Resort Ubud, a luxurious and fine hotel, designed for lovers of good life and high category.

  A hotel is perched on the slopes of the hills of Ubud, surrounded by the sacred river Petanu and the lush tropical jungle gives it a relaxing atmosphere, in the middle of the jungle, this detail immediately struck me it is an adults only resort, ideal for moments of relaxation, to take time just for myself as I needed it.

One of the girls who attended me when I arrived told me that reliefs from the Ramayana, one of the sacred texts of Hinduism, can be seen on the walls. The entire hotel is imbued with that aura of spirituality and luxury that made me feel like I was in a tale of sultans and viziers.

  Of the Deluxe rooms, not to mention I stayed in one of the deluxe villas, completely designed in a modern Balinese style to blend in with nature and create a dreamlike atmosphere. From my private terrace I could admire the best views of the rainforest along the river valley, listening to the flow of its waters and the sound of nature was totally enchanting.

  After a few nights staying here I went down to Serayu Spa, a relaxation refuge that helped me to temporarily disconnect from modern life, I was able to relax, recharge and make the most of all its services with a selection of body care and beauty rituals, that place And I thought it was incredible. There I met Cahaya, a local girl, and in the jacuzzi we started talking.

  Although she did not study publicity, she knew how to sell me the best of Indonesia, she is very regionalist, just like the Mexicans, and she defended her own until she died. How beautiful when people love their land, their country, the place where they were born and they don’t see anything more beautiful than that place.

  After a few days we met again at the hotel restaurant or cafeteria, I think that until that moment my favorite place, it is located directly at the waterfall, eating in this place is a dream, it was interesting to talk with this girl, I had so much to learn and learn about it and its culture.

  Then we went to the pool, we had a swim and then we went to share a good glass of wine. Between talk and talk she told me that she is a journalist and that on the news she has a special segment where she travels the country to sell the best of the place. She told me that she is divorced and childless, but that her greatest dream is to have children to leave a seed that loves Indonesia as much or more than she does.

  Something curious about the place is that Kayon means tree of life, creations and secret that grows from the earth to the sky and is ideal for adults who want to spend maximum relaxation.

Then we went to the pool, we had a swim and then we went to share a good glass of wine. Between talk and talk she told me that she is a journalist and that on the news she has a special segment where she travels the country to sell the best of the place. She told me that she is divorced and childless, but that her greatest dream is to have children to leave a seed that loves Indonesia as much or more than she does.

Something curious about the place is that Kayon means tree of life, creations and secret that grows from the earth to the sky and is ideal for adults who want to spend maximum relaxation.

The City of Ubud located in the highest of Indonesia is known as a center of dance and traditional crafts, I loved this city for its rice fields, temples and Hindu shrines. Ubud also stands out for being the main artistic and cultural center of Indonesia, wonderful to be surrounded by art and artists.

  The dances are very beautiful and although I tried to imitate the steps I couldn’t at first, but Cahaya was there with me and helped me master each step and movement, now I am a professional in the matter, well not so professional but here I go. Here we go to visit Goa Gajah Ubud, or called Cave of the Elephant, is a public temple built in the eleventh century that is an important center of meditation for priests from other temples.

  The cave entrance is made up of a huge elephant carved into the rock, whose mouth leads into the cave. Inside there is a sculpture of Ganesha, god of science, who looks like an elephant.

  Outside there is a huge tree that was planted during the construction of the temple, in the 11th century. You can also see three pools in which men, women and children are purified before prayer.

  The Elephant Cave Temple is a welcoming place thanks to the dense vegetation and the fountains that surround it, which is why it is one of our recommendations for temples to visit in Bali. Cahaya with all her stories was making me fall in love with the tradition, history and culture of Indonesia and she was achieving it because every minute that passed was more intense what I felt for this place.

  Art is wonderful, at the end of this tour I bought several souvenirs to take home and thus improve the decoration. The cave, its structure and colors are wonderful, but the most beautiful thing is discovering the smile of its people everywhere.

In the following days I decided to continue my journey to learn much more about every corner of Bali, Cahaya had me so excited about all the things that he told me that I was anxious to continue absorbing new cultures.

  Going to Sanur was very challenging because I was able to participate in the bike tour, going into the forest and riding the bike through muddy trails was amazing, riding fast and feeling the breeze hitting your face is fascinating.

  The path is perfectly signposted for all sections. It begins at the spectacular Pura Gunung Lebah temple, and ends surrounded by rice plantations at the Karsa Spa & Café. It is certainly a very beautiful trail.

  Everything was going well until a boy who was in the group lost control of the bike and went down a small ravine, we all stopped and ran to help him get them out of there. He was a bit hit by the branches and some stones but it was nothing serious, so we gave him first aid, gave him water and encouraged him to continue forward with the best energy.

  Later the one who tripped over a stone was me, I fell, I scraped a little but I was fine to be able to walk, they are falls that are worth living in Indonesia.

  Days later, Cahaya invited me to visit Pantai Medewi beach, so we got into her vehicle and went there to swim a little and share a few glasses of wine on the sand.

  We sat on the sand for a while, uncorked a bottle of wine and poured glasses, toasting my new home and the friendship that had been born between us. At that time I thanked Cahaya so much.

  He brought a bag, took out some chocolates prepared by herself and gave them to me as a token of her gratitude, I uncovered one to try and they tasted too good. I did not know that Cahaya had this hidden talent and I enjoyed each chocolate as if it were the last.

  Then we went to the sea, we swam, we played and we felt free for a moment, the sea really gives us a feeling of fullness and takes away everything bad

In one of those long talks with Cahaya we agreed that we both like to dance and have a good night out, so as she was the expert in the area, she told me to leave this plan of going out to explore the best night spots in the place.

  Cahaya stayed by my side during the rest of the trip and on one of those many nights we went dancing at the Hard Rock Café, she did not come alone and she brought her cousin named Wayan with her, an excellent company.

  Like all Hard Rock, food, drinks and live music take center stage here. Located in the popular surfing area of ​​Kuta,

  Upon entering I could notice that it is marked by the iconic giant guitar replica of the original guitar of the well-known Balawan guitarist from Bali. We who went in addition to enjoying the legendary food, went on to dance the night away with an exciting live show or one that was presented that night.

  The starry night was magical, not satisfied with dancing on the Hard Rock Café floor, we went to the beach, lit a fire and started dancing without stopping, time stopped for a moment and I could feel Wayan’s breath close to mine, I felt dominated by him and I liked that.

  This is what I value most about Indonesia, the beautiful wonderful friendship that they gave me.

  The next night we agreed to go directly to Kudeta, when we arrived the reservation of the place was ready, they guided us directly to the VIP area, it turns out that Wayan was part of the staff of this place and they treated us first.

  This place is located by the sea with an eclectic decoration that captures the essence of Bali, in a sophisticated environment, I loved everything, here we were able to share delicious dishes and exceptional drinks, and then go on to enjoy the event of the day.

  Every night there is a band and that night there was a local band that livened up the whole atmosphere, at midnight

  Kudeta comedy night began, and because laughter is the best medicine, as is its motto, the best comedians on the island appeared to make us all laugh with their jokes.

  Everything was incredible, I really enjoyed the company of Cahaya, Wayan and other friends of theirs who joined us to share together, this is an experience that I will never forget.

  At this rate I’ll end up surrounded by the fat, but it will be worth it. I came to Ocean 27 Beach Club to taste a delicious hamburger, you will say that nobody travels to Indonesia to eat hamburgers, well I tell you that I did it and I had the joy of trying the best in the whole country and I do not regret it.

  I accompanied this meal with a delicious beer, it had been a long time since I had beer, for a moment I put aside the wine and I loved this combination.

  After the hamburger I ordered a rich chocolate pudding with a layer of vanilla ice cream for dessert, this duo was too good, it was so good that I ate three in a row.

  I can highlight that the attention of the place was extraordinary, they were attentive to what I requested and everything was delivered in less than 20 minutes, I really value the good attention because that is what we paid for.

  I loved traveling to Indonesia, I hope to be able to meet my new friends and together discover all the good that the rest of the world has for us. From Indonesia I was left with the quality of its people and the smile that is born from the soul. I love their culture, their dances, traditions, food and hospitality, landscapes that we will not find in other parts of the world and that they selflessly give us the opportunity to discover. I invite you to live this experience and coincide with me in this country to live new adventures. http://sunofpanama.com/homepage.html