Dare to cross the fine line between chaos and tranquility. Hello, my name is Lucy, an inveterate lover of trips around the world and good wine. This is my travel blog and here you will learn about all my adventures in different countries and the good friends that I cultivate wherever I go. This is how Cancun is shaping up against Tulum, the latter enjoying little recognition on a global scale but in recent years it has been gaining ground and recognition that has allowed the increase in the number of annual tourists.
  What does this derive from, that is, Tulum in a short time will enjoy all the boom that Cancun has cultivated in decades, which is why it has now become an area where finding tranquility has become a titanic task. Beyond this important factor, Tulum has to offer tourists a wide variety of options that will make you wish you didn’t want to leave the place for the world.
  Among these alternatives, the archaeological ruins that evoke the past of the Mexicans in these Aztec lands, impressive sunsets, beautiful beaches and cenotes with calm waters stand out. In addition to the natural landscapes, Tulum has impressive beach clubs, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants to raise your level of fun and relaxation.

  I have visited Tulum several times, and for some time now I had this beach club in mind to have a good time and enjoy all its facilities. And so it was that I arrived at the Papaya Playa Project just as I imagined it, I was able to find in this beach club a place that helped me connect with the spiritual and helped me renew my soul. 

  I would define the process that I experienced here as immersionI have visited Tulum several times, and for some time now I had this beach club in mind to have a good time and enjoy all its facilities. And so it was that I arrived at the Papaya Playa Project just as I imagined it, I was able to find in this beach club a place that helped me connect with the spiritual and helped me renew my soul. I would define the process that I experienced here as immersion

Traditional architecture combined with the jungle, that’s how I noticed the details of this place that blends between green nature and the imposing blue of the brave Tulum sea.
The rooms are very beautiful and have a very traditional, conservative and sophisticated interior design, there are several alternatives between cabins, casitas, villas and lofts, I decided on one of the luxury Loft Casitas to spend a pleasant moment while I was here.
My choice of the Casita loft was to enjoy the comfort and privacy of it, which has a large terrace and private pool with the refreshing Caribbean breeze. 

   Upon entering I could see that it has a comfortable open space living room with high ceilings and relaxing sea views.  I headed towards the stairs at the end that lead to the secluded bedroom with a private shower and a beautiful view of the sea. Lupita the receptionist girl and my assigned hostess mentioned all the activities they offer every day, leaving me dazzled with so many options. Beauty and inspiration for collective trips and personal growth, avant-garde workshops and artistic experience, in addition to yoga, complete the calendar presented here weekly.

  After my visit to the gym I finished off with a spiritual session that helped me renew my soul and spirit, all thanks to a meditation session on the shores of the ocean, how interesting this is, beyond a beach club it is a place to help you improve as a person.
  Among all these activities, it was time for lunch and I went to visit the hotel restaurant, a very sophisticated place to the point of becoming the central axis of the place, this is because they serve food from early in the morning. until nightfall, from end to end.
  Local seasonal fruit, this was my breakfast and it is nothing more than homemade granola without oil and without sugar, yogurt and honey molasses, quite nutritious to maintain the figure.
  At lunchtime I also decided on a white cucumber and feta salad, as well as a delicious glass of rosé wine to complete the moment.

  In the afternoon I went to the beach again to enjoy the activities they offer, I decided to walk on the sea aboard a paraglider, he liked it because they offer classes for beginners, it was a great adventure, I enjoyed it from start to finish. end, although I must admit that I swallowed a little water but it is part of learning. 

  And at night by the sea and around a warm campfire I joined the Star Collector project, that’s the name of the Papaya Playa Project segment that tells the story of a sailor who had an artifact on his boat that today it became an icon of the place. And in this way my days passed at the Papaya Project, full of good energy and spiritual experiences, I loved it and one thing I am sure is that I must return soon to be able to enjoy all its comforts.

Arriving at Mimosa Tulum was great because it was just what I was looking for, since on some web pages it sometimes turns out to be contradictory what is offered with reality.

This beautiful place stole my attention, I felt completely pleased upon entering, this is one of the best hotels in Tuum, cataloged by great critics in the tourist environment.
Its summery aspect but at the same time modern, I will start with my time in this place and I must tell you that the rooms are incredible, they have different options of rooms and amenities. Each room has its special touch, at least in the one I stayed in, the bed was large, with simple details on the walls and floors, in addition to the excellent lighting. 

  In the case of the bathroom, I must say that I loved it because everything was made with wooden details and good connectors to charge your phone if necessary. As for the pool, it has an incredible wooden floor, ideal to prevent falls or accidents when coming into contact with water.

  It has good seats to chat while others enjoy the pool, the water is very warm and clean. 

  The simple fact of being able to rest and daydream among its loungers, makes this beautiful place fall in love with anyone, right there, a few meters from the pool is a mini bar, there I went and ordered a beer to warm up and then get into the water, it also has an option of snacks that should never replace food.

  The room service is recommended, in less than 20 minutes you will have it at your door, you can also go to the hotel restaurant and eat in the company of other people, with a chef who is passionate about seafood together with his great team. kitchen, make eating a real pleasure, and turn Mimosa Tulum into an idyllic station where the guests are the kings of the house.

  My days here were better than I imagined, if I could live this experience again I would repeat it without thinking twice. In addition to this impressive hotel, I also visited other nearby places in the same area. I loved the experience, the brochures they gave me and the information I now have about the place helped me plan my tour of the area and I can share it with acquaintances.

  Just as the accommodation was excellent, I decided to start my tour of Tulum and as always it was spectacular; I got carried away by suggestions from Lupita the hotel guide and I was in the best places doing the best activities

This tour is quite good because they offered me a bike ride to tour part of Tulum and nothing better than feeling the fresh air brushing your face and contemplating the landscape carefully.
Traveling kilometers of asphalt to enter areas of complete vegetation through the natural, cultural and archaeological wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula, walking through dirt trails and bird songs, stopping at houses inhabited by people who work the land and take out what best of each crop for its people. This is how my trip went, we stopped at a house in the middle of a large plantation, there we met Juana and Chente, an elderly couple who grow fruits and vegetables.

After this organic experience in Tulum, I was filled with adrenaline for this pleasant experience, and I decided to delve a little deeper into the benefits and natural wonders of the coast.

Do you know an emerald-colored beach? If not, then I invite you to visit Playa Paraíso, this color is beautiful and will captivate you with the warmth of its waters and waves that break strongly on the shore.
I took off my shoes and let my feet touch the white sand of the beach, it is so white that it looks like flour, feeling the water touch my feet has no comparison and in a few minutes I did not resist and I immersed myself in the depths of this brave sea .
The palm trees look friendly because they give the best of themselves and receive with all their impetus the birds that give us their songs from the highest.
Don’t worry when you get here, you can pay by card, access is super easy and you can receive food and drink service anywhere in this beautiful bay.

  Diving is one of the sports that most fascinates me, immersing myself in the depths of the sea and discovering what is found there is glorious. So many species, algae and silence are impressive.

  Before submerging I spoke with an instructor, he taught me techniques to stay safe underwater, he explained to me what I would see and the types of plants found there.

  As the silence descended, it was greater, I felt peace, the fish swam without fear and everything was more pleasant. One of the girls who went down with us had her foot tied up in a net, but the guides immediately ran to help her and everything calmed down again.

  I saw large sea turtles up close, took pictures and when I returned to the surface I enjoyed the white sand and the radiant sun.

Tulum is well known for its paradisiacal coasts and tourist sites, it is also quite famous for its endless party nights. So once again I started my tour to see the best night spots where the fun doesn’t stop.

  Eating at Horus Tulum has no comparison because here they prepare the best meat in all of Mexico, I would dare to say it.

  Perfectly cooked medium rare with super delicious mushrooms.
  But without wine there is no good meat, so I had a bottle of rosé wine and a glass to make the moment perfect and it was perfect because in the end I complemented it with a chocolate volcano.
  After eating a gentleman who was also alone took me out to dance, his name is Luciano and he dominated the dance floor very well, after a batch of songs we had a glass of wine and introduced ourselves.
  He asked me to come with him to eat, I had already eaten but I kept him company and the moment was very pleasant because we had a good time and he can learn about his business ambitions and desire to see the world.

  Night of drinks, good music and cool people, that’s how I went through H Moon Linght. I vibrated with every sound, I jumped, I danced and I felt queen of the night, I was fascinated by the lighting of the place that combined with the dark environment to make everything look perfect. An exclusive roof bar where the evening becomes endless and the rhythms generated by resident and guest DJs.
  Joy is contagious here and even if I am 100 years old you will feel like 15 because there are many emotions that this place generates in you, having a glass of wine was great because I was surrounded by spectacular people.
  The attention is first class, almost immediately they gave you what you asked for and they did not make you wait, services like this are worth paying regardless of the cost.
  The red lights of this place transport you to an ideal world, they make you live a unique moment, thanks to them I ended up in the middle of the dance floor and in the middle of the people dancing, I was applauded, people asked for more from me.

  I liked the idea of arriving in Mexico and eating Italian food, but you will say how was this possible instead of eating tacos or beans, incredible but true, that’s how I did it.
  I missed Italy and the way to connect with them was by eating here because I couldn’t catch a flight at that time. 

  So I decided to try this food with fusions of flavors and colors.
It wasn’t bad, the Mexican touch in each dish was really surprising, I would try it one more time without thinking.
  The rosé wine was spectacular, the place was a dream, the tables, the attention, the musical atmosphere, the surveillance, the parking lot, everything is perfect to make you feel incredible.
  Another of the peculiarities of the place is that they have live musical groups to liven up each evening, an ideal place to go alone or in the company of your loved ones.

  Mexico has become one of my greatest weaknesses, to visit it is to connect with paradise, with that point that disconnects me and renews my soul and spirit. I love the types of spiritual help that they give you here, they reinvent your life, they help you overcome and move forward, I think that’s what the trips and experiences that are lived here are all about.
  Just as I have fallen in love with Mexico, I want to invite you to fall in love as much or more than me, to feel it, to touch it, to enjoy it from the inside and show it off with a big smile. Come with me and dare to live the best of Tulum, you will not regret it.