Pattaya was one of the main tourist destinations in Thailand that attracted hundreds of people who were looking for a place that would allow them to experience new experiences and great adventures.

It is said that this place is hot and not precisely because of its climate, this is due to its parties and unbridled sex that is lived here, but beyond this reality there is another and that is that Pattaya has much more to offer.

Currently this is one of the most famous sexual destinations in the world, this originated due to the Vietnam War when the Americans took the place to rest and that is when the tourist relevance is born and begins to resonate in other places.

Enjoying a pleasant breakfast and then taking a dip in the pool and ending at the spa will only be possible in Pattaya. This place is your perfect complement to spend the best vacations of your life.

5-star hotel that has 4.6 stars out of 5 based on the opinions of tourists and locals who have stayed here. One of the options offered by this hotel is the terrace, there you can have a drink and enjoy the fantastic view, yes, the drinks are very expensive but they are worth it. According to tourists, it is not highly recommended to visit the terrace at night because of the fog that will not allow you to see anything.

The location of the place is optimal, right in front of the seafront and close to other places of interest. From here you can go directly to a shopping center, you will also enjoy a good breakfast buffet and a wonderful spa.

The architecture is modern, it has a fantastic and cozy atmosphere like its rooms. The site is always clean, the staff is very friendly and security is guaranteed.

The external areas are fantastic, beautiful and with many elements to offer the best experience. Beach, sun, sand, drinks and good music is the panorama that Pattaya offers you for vacations.

Enjoy incredibly prepared dishes in a luxurious atmosphere, as well as good service and strategically created areas so that you have everything you need to have a good time.

In short, the opinions of tourists and locals who have visited this place have given it 4.5 stars out of 5 for its excellent service. According to user comments, this place is paid at an affordable price, but they emphasize that it is worth it.

Ramón is one of the hundreds of tourists who have visited this place and affirmed that the location is magnificent, that it is very close to the beach and he loved feeling the fresh breeze and hearing the sound of the sea so close.

The maintenance is constant, all the sheets are clean and tidy. The friendliness of the staff is excellent and efficient. Also enjoy a day at the gym to train your body.

The view from the room is phenomenal, the pool is lovely with sun loungers and allows for direct sunlight so you can toast your skin over some beers.

Largest and most modern castle in the world. This is a Hindu Buddhist temple with 105 meters high and 100 meters wide. So it is necessary that you come to this place and enjoy all this splendor made of wood.

«A super nice place, you have to see it yes or yes, if you are near Pattaya». This was the opinion expressed by a user about this place, this after his stay here. The tour is in English, Russian, and Japanese, so be prepared for your visit.

As a curious fact, the place is not anchored to any religion, so prepare to feel complete freedom. Take out your camera and take the best photos you’ve ever taken on one of your trips.

This wooden work has been described as an incredible work of art. You will be surrendered to this place and your faith will be renewed from the soul, so it is too beautiful when you place God in front of you.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is a 200.94-hectare botanical garden and tourist attraction located at kilometer 163 of Sukhumvit Road in Chon Buri Province, Thailand.

The first thing that evokes this place is that it is a place to share with family and friends, it is a beautiful environment with diversity in its flora and fauna. While you are walking you will run into huge elephants that walk people.

In addition to listening to their song, you can admire the birds up close, see exhibitions of rustic all-terrain vehicles and others with small models and picturesque colors. You can also see off-road motorcycles.

Here there is also a kind of golden temple, beautiful sculptures and many water areas with plants. The orchids are beautiful and the life-size figures of dinosaurs are fantastic.

Colorful market with traditional Thai handicrafts and agricultural products in boats and coastal shops.

Live the great experience in a floating market when visiting Thailand, tourists have awarded this place with 4.5 stars for its fascination and great alternative when having fun with the family and looking for shops to buy gifts.

Nice floating market where you can see how the commercial activity in Thailand was developed in these places. Here there are many water channels, small boats and many alternatives to taste a good plate of food.


Tourists allege that you will have to pay to enter this place and they see the idea as something illogical because inside you will have to consume, they ask that the measure be reconsidered. Many only come here to have lunch and enjoy this beautiful environment.

3.9 points out of 5, this is how this place has been rated by tourists and they like it because they sit in an informal but pleasant atmosphere with friends and good drinks.

Avant-garde and current, two perfect words to define this place and that is that when you enter you will feel like in a spaceship due to the large number of lights and the effects they generate in the bar.

A renowned DJ will be ready to liven up the evening with the latest music and get everyone on the dance floor vibrating. Beautiful lamps and sculptures adorn the place creating a sophisticated and glamorous touch.

Tables to feel comfortable, VIP areas and a dance floor are waiting for you to offer you the best fun and comfort. Two floors of complete fun, security and excellent service.

Original and irreverent, this is how this place is defined, which enjoys 4.6 points out of 5 and rises with the best comments from tourists after living the experience here. It is that the good taste that this place leaves is indisputable.

State-of-the-art technology, Led screens, colored lights that turn on and off have captivated thousands and thousands of people annually who come here in search of good entertainment and a dance floor to be noticed.

Two floors of complete fun, varied and current music. Huge beers that will be served at your table and a bar with a wide collection of liquors for you to choose from.


In addition, there are live performances of dance and song, so the price to pay for this place is worth it because there is a variety of fun and pool tables to play a game with friends.

Pattaya has a special charm. Beyond its beaches you will be able to delve into its flora and fauna, enthrall yourself with its exotic dishes and drinks, as well as visiting impressive places that will take your breath away.

Temples, movement of people and a connection with the sacred will make you reborn to find peace and happiness during your trip to this land that receives hundreds of tourists every day who want something new.