Mexico makes my heart tremble with its vibrant colors, the beauty of its people comes from the heart and when they smile at you they touch your soul. Day by day their fighting spirit and courage overcome and they give their best to push the economy of their country forward. The Riviera Maya is beautiful and here is Playa del Carmen, an earthly paradise. The sunsets here are amazing, the sea is one of the most beautiful in the world and the white sand captivates you at first sight.

The food is sensational, they have influence from other countries and that rich spicy that only in Mexico they know how to add to the food. The cenotes are magical, the shamans and their aura that reconnects you are on another level. Upon arrival in Playa del Carmen I went to visit the Native Park Playa del Carmen – , here I was able to take different tours. The first was to visit the largest underground river in the world, I had the opportunity to navigate it, I felt honored to be part of this excursion while looking for other types of adventures.

Another of the adventures that fascinated me was driving an all-terrain vehicle through the winding trails of the jungle in the Rivera Maya, feeling the adrenaline, being completely surrounded by plants, animals, snakes, birds and a large number of other species was exciting. I stepped on the accelerator and was going at more than 100 kilometers per hour, I felt like the owner of the jungle and went for more and reached 150 kilometers per hour, how fascinating to feel the adrenaline at a thousand.

In Playa del Carmen I was able to enjoy five different alternative dishes made with the best of Mexico but reinforced with influences from Spain, Africa and the Middle East. I loved the selection of mixed wines, mezcals and tequilas that were placed on my table. The place is beautiful, it is a large ceiling with striking lights and no walls, huge tables for many people -large groups- and first class service.

In each of my visits to Mexico I undertake a new and wonderful adventure through this land full of color and warmth of people, I had to look for a pleasant and refined place to stay or eat, and for this I helped myself with my App guide, I was crossing out all the places I have already visited and highlighted the Punta Xcalacoco Beach Club.

  Beautiful site built a few meters from the beach, roof made of palm leaves and supports with strong tree trunks, the surroundings are full of green trees that make themselves felt in the breeze and birds that catch you with their songs. 

  In this beautiful beach club there are tables, umbrellas and chairs to take a siesta, the food is incredibly delicious, you can try chicharrón, guacamole and some enchiladas that I loved.

In each of my visits to Mexico I undertake a new and wonderful adventure through this land full of color and warmth of people, I had to look for a pleasant and refined place to stay or eat, and for this I helped myself with my App guide, I was crossing out all the places I have already visited and highlighted the Punta Xcalacoco Beach Club.

  I had a couple of tequilas at the bar in the place and I laughed a little with the waiter because he told me his anecdotes of the best moments he has lived since he works there.

  When the night hours approached, the atmosphere lit up, between lights, cocktails and the good music of the guest DJs, the evening became very pleasant, so much so that I did not notice when the sunrise was made.

Already exhausted after a couple of nights of good parties in this beach club I already wanted to move to a more luxurious venue and that’s how I arrived at this well-known hotel.

A few meters from the beach and with the pool in between, this hotel was a great selection, the best of the trip to the Rivera Maya. Stairs, a huge fountain and lights at the entrance of the hotel captivated my eyes upon arrival and I was delighted with what I saw, it was just the luxury and comfort I was looking for.

The rooms are a spectacle and many of them have the bathtub a few meters from the bed, lamps that will steal your attention and the occasional guitar to honor the name of the place.

After fully enjoying the room I got to the pool and from there I could feel the energy of the sea and the waves breaking on the shore, this is priceless, it feels wonderful. The water temperature was too good, I was able to drink mezcal and enjoy some snacks while enjoying the pool. When I got out of the pool I went to the hotel’s water park and I jumped off the slides, I screamed and felt free, something funny happened to me and when I jumped the top part of my swimsuit came loose and I almost fell into the swimming pool with nothing, but it did not happen to majors.

As part of the meal I enjoyed an octopus and a glass of rosé wine, lunch was great and for dessert I ate a chocolate volcano. I was somewhat spoiled by the slides, I enjoyed it but I needed to relax, the staff that received me took me to the spa and I was pleasantly satisfied, people who love their work and reflect it with their attention and smile to everyone who arrives, I received a massage the creams, the essences, the aromatic candles, which helped me to recover energy. Then I went to the sauna, it was all part of the process of restoring my body, mind and soul. I felt like a lady with the attention I received in this Hotel, the facilities are beautiful.

 One of the best moments I lived in the Rivera Maya was meeting Alejandra on the beach near the Hard Rock Hotel, she was another hotel guest but we hadn’t bumped into each other in the corridors. He told me that he was there because he wanted to feel the sea up close, contemplate the Mayan ruins, I told him that I already knew them from previous trips but that I wanted to return to get to know this place a little more.

A panoramic bus was the means of transport we used to get to Chichen Itzá, it has a toilet and all the comfort to make your trip a pleasant one.

A bilingual tour guide accompanied us at all times, they also provided us with a bottle of water for the entire trip. First we arrived at the Xcajum cenote and they gave us 45 minutes to do the activities that corresponded there.

These include swimming in the cenote but with mandatory use of the life jacket, in addition to this and we enjoy a banquet with drinks included in the cenote, these places are worth visiting.

After this we arrive at the Kukulkan Pyramid in one of the seven wonders of the world. Having her in front meant surrendering to her and falling to my knees for giving me the opportunity to admire her firmness and mettle.

Then I climbed to the top and opened my arms to thank God for allowing me to reach this place full of grace and glory. I took hundreds of photos here, I needed to immortalize this moment, the tour guide explained the history of the place and how it has remained standing to date. We were both delighted with this walk, it was quite rough but comforting for all the beauty that we could admire.

As I already mentioned, I had a previous list of visited places and places that I wanted to know and explore more thoroughly, and that’s how I got this couple of places that met my expectations and I was eager to start this adventure

  Visiting the Riviera Maya and not scuba diving in the barrier reef -the second largest in the world- will not make sense. That is why I went to this place and decided to dive deep to let myself be captivated by everything that this point of Mexico hides under its waters.

  With an expert in scuba diving I plunged into the depths of the sea and it was like a dream because I was contemplating the coral reef and all the life that was formed there thanks to it. I swam in the middle of sharks, rays and jellyfish, how amazing to see the fish pass by me without any fear. Once down I could see the sun’s rays crossing the water and filling the dark ocean with light, the effect it caused on the water was beautiful and how it filled that place with magic.

  Visiting this cenote filled me with adrenaline and a lot of energy because, unlike the rest, it offered me wonderful things.

  I entered Cenote Río Secreto riding a bicycle and wearing a special suit, I liked pedaling it because the road was not stable and this made the route more interesting. 

  Seeing the splendor of this cavern was dazzling, after riding a good distance on my bicycle I immersed myself in the waters to swim in them as well as go through them and, together with the rest of the group, make figures that were captured by a photographer. We swam underwater and it was incredible, an experience that I would repeat without a doubt and that is worth living.

My days were always full of tours and adventures so I decided to give my nights in Playa del Carmen a little life, to move my body and why not have a few drinks to the rhythm of the music, so I entered this charming night tour .

5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen, 12th Street, right there you will find different alternatives to spend a fun time, drinks, good music and delicious food to delight.

A place not very big but cozy, the lights and the excellent live music gave the place a special touch and made it appear on the list of the most requested among so many options.

The roof of the place is beautiful, full of lights, the red and purple stand out and give the place a jovial touch, but it stands out more because of the energy of the people who go there to have a good time and smile without fear.   A bottle of mezcal was my companion throughout the night, with her I danced, laughed, jumped and had a great time. I felt like a woman full of life with the energy of a 16-year-old teenager.   I liked being here and knowing that in Mexico there are good options to have fun safely, it is a place with good security, attention and service.

In the best style of The Mask, this is Coco Bongo. A huge place, with a large stage to exhibit the best artists who will offer you musicals taken from the movies and you will be fascinated with the acrobatics and vocal cords of their artists.

Light, fire and other elements combine to offer a unique show.

Here you will not feel that you are in a nocturnal place and they will transport you with your imagination to a great theater.

Art, selling art, is the main objective of the owners of this business.

Seeing the astonished gaze of the visitors, as they get up from their seats to applaud each presentation, that means a lot to the artists.

I enjoyed a good drink, watching a great show and I felt in the United States or India because of the height and brightness of this place.

A small old car is located at the entrance of this beautiful place, its original paint was removed and it was made to look the best beach style, with flowers and a huge trumpet.

This captivated my attention and that of the rest, impossible not to take a photo near this car, then you will advance and find a magical place to drink and eat deliciously.

The tables and chairs of the place are made of wood, somewhat rustic but wonderful.

They received me with the best attention, they brought me to the table a bottle of mezcal that was delicious.

Then they brought me an exquisite plate of food and I tasted it while listening to excellent live music, I sang and toasted while the instruments sounded harmonically.

  Dear friend, you who until now have been one of my faithful readers, I want to invite you to visit Mexico and let yourself be captivated by its natural wonders, impressive flora and fauna. What I enjoyed most about this new trip to Mexico was its gastronomy, I loved eating more instead of drinking liquor, I gave myself over to dancing, I learned new things and this is making me want to settle here at some point.

  Another thing I loved about this trip was the face-to-face encounter with the shamans who helped me reconnect with that part of me that I had not been able to reconnect with since the death of my beloved. Come to Mexico, feel it, live it and enjoy it.