Returning to Cuba has always been a blessing, walking its streets, connecting through the eyes of people with its essence, strength and courage has no comparison because they are warriors.

In this new opportunity I arrived at Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, located in the central zone of Cuba, a destination chosen by tourists to spend their best vacations. This site is chosen because it has great potential to spend the best vacations.

Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos has beautiful colonial hotels that captivate visitors with their majesty, in addition to this the area has theaters, museums and the important Plaza Parque José Martí.

If you are really looking for fun and entertainment, you will find it here. But if we go beyond Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, the chosen destination this time also has many characteristics that will make you spend an unforgettable trip.

Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, you can find two hotel complexes but particularly, and unlike the resorts, if you wish, you can stay in a house and thus feel that homely warmth.

A large barrier reef protects Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, another important aspect here is that, like me, you can practice diving and for that you will have more than 30 dive sites and a short boat trip will take you to them. in 20 minutes.

To get here you can do it by ferry, boat or taxi. So there are no excuses to visit this destination. I arrived by taxi and was able to talk to the driver along the way and thus learn more about this beautiful area of ​​Cuba.

Once I arrived at Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, I looked for one of the best alternatives that people recommend through websites and that is how I arrived at Casa Labari, my second home because the attention was spectacular.


Casa Larabi in Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, was spectacular and although this is not a hotel, the attention and comfort are unrepeatable. That’s what it’s all about, feeling comfortable without having to search so much.

The days and nights here were magnificent because the owners of the property made me feel at home. This property has at your disposal 4 beautiful and spacious rooms available for those who want them.

Each one has a beautiful balcony, as well as a garden full of colorful and lively flowers that will brighten your days, imagine what happened to me. I would open my window at dawn and see the sea while enjoying the scent of flowers.

The food was always punctual and with extraordinary flavors. I love the Ropa Vieja dish and a good Cuban mojito. The aromas and mixture of ingredients were too good, so I ate beautiful place. I will start by saying that just 200 meters from where I stayed, I immersed myself in everything I can during this time.

In addition to visiting the sea, I dedicated myself to enjoying the incredible activities that this sea offers, swimming with dolphins.

Another thing I did was make cheese with the milk of the cow that lives here or with goat’s milk. The process was simple and great learning, I felt very good with this experience because I learned new things, at Casa Larabi in Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos.

My stay at Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, I fell in love with this place even more, when I was on the beach I researched a nearby hotel through social networks to make my stay for this beautiful trip, and I came across the Hotel Faro Luna.

The experience at the Hotel Faro Luna in Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos was incredible because I had a wonderful stay. The first thing I did was have breakfast by the sea at one of the tables in the restaurant here, I felt the breeze and the sound of the sea while I ate my toast with orange juice.

Then I got up and went to the space where the pool is located, I threw myself on one of the loungers to sunbathe while I tasted a delicious and cold piña colada. The atmosphere here is good, it has excellent music and the best for the whole family.

I loved the recreational area of this hotel because there was a place for healthy recreation and being able to play different sports such as balls, chess, among others. Beach, sun, sand and the best fun for us in this place.

While I was here I loved the pool, I gave myself to it and very little came out of it. I was in love with the attention I was receiving at this hotel, how well I was having a good time, how comfortable its spaces are.

The rooms are beautiful, with air conditioning, white sheets, hot water, wifi and stunning views. What more can I ask of life, I was in paradise and I felt with the best energies.

Playa Rancho Luna gave me one of the best moments on the island of Cuba because when I arrived at Laguan Guanaroca it was as if I had been disconnected from this world.

I found peace, calm, hope and the most important thing was to admire the wonders that God gives us in his love.

Mainly here I was able to observe the flamingos, these birds with their pink color captivated me and made me live unforgettable moments. Contemplating their experiences, their flights and their rest in the water was wonderful.

The pelicans and tocororos are also part of the landscape, they are imposed to capture the attention of the tourist and represent a small sample of the great biodiversity that abounds in Cuba. Other things that this island gives us are lemon trees, peralta, avocados and güiras.

Now, this landscape can be seen in many ways and there are platforms available for you to walk and enjoy this scenery. Another of the points is through a beautiful boat to get on and navigate while the birds give you this moment.

An ideal place to let go, forgive and thank. You will have everything you need to rediscover yourself. Do you dare to live the moment here as I lived it? I hope you feel it as much as I do when you visit every corner of Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos.

Visiting this dolphinarium at Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos was something extraordinary because they have perfectly designed spaces for the enjoyment of all those who love dolphins and only seek direct contact.

In addition to the imposing blue sea, here there are two types of piers, a traditional wooden one that is very spacious, preserved and with stairs to descend. The other docks are infallible in the sea through which we move to enjoy and play with the dolphins.

Before going into the water they took us to a part of the pier, they gave us a talk about safety and first aid at sea, they explained everything about the dolphins and the contributions they make to the island through these activities.

With all the necessary protective equipment we jumped into the sea, there they were waiting for us with patience and enthusiasm. Entering the water I was able to hug them, they kissed me and we swam together. In addition to this we played games with balls, we jumped and clapped while we sang.

After a day of water and dolphins, it was time to eat, we went to the restaurant area and an exquisite plate of freshly caught fish was waiting for us. We drink lemon juice and to close with a flourish we drink beer. What a great experience I had that day.

If you are looking for a night of dancing, lights, good food and alcohol, let me tell you that this is the right place at Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, to have that night that you long for.

Since I arrived they treated me very well, they explained all the benefits of the bar and the offers for new clients.

I started by ordering a Cuban rum to warm up the body, then smoked a cigarette and enjoyed the excellent music. There were all genres but I loved listening to Oscar D’ León and Olga Tañón because they made my body shiver.

The atmosphere is very comfortable, I loved the decoration, the fuchsia lights, the tables, the liquor bar and the great energy of the people. There you drink and dance, it is the great rule of the place and you will hardly see a person sitting at the table.

After so much dancing I got hungry, so I ordered something to eat. They brought me a plate of pork and beer, what better than this for dinner.

I ate to my heart’s content and liked it so much that I ordered another side dish.

After 12:00 at night the themed rumba came on and we were all dressed in colors, it was the traffic light party. I found a partner quickly to dance and we had a great time dancing salsa.

Traveling to Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos in Cuba was something incredible because everything comes together in one place and they offer you the best alternatives to have an incredibly good time. You won’t go far to find what you want.

The beaches are paradisiacal, you can dive, swim with dolphins, enjoy the sun, colonial sites, old but well-preserved infrastructure, the smiles of the people and the classic vehicles that refuse to disappear from the island.

Since I visit Cuba I find incredible places to stay, they are wonderful, they offer me all the comfort I am looking for. The pools are fabulous, the piña coladas and the care with which they serve me.