How about girls? We meet again and this time I tell you that in my vision board from a couple of years ago I was told that I wanted to get to know the Netherlands, because I always thought it was a beautiful place and that it is well promoted touristically.

   That is how I decided that it would be my birthday present, scheduled the date of the flight and secured the tickets. I was so excited to meet that place, days before the flight I received an email detailing Overveen, a beautiful municipality in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. I immediately did some research on the web and discovered that Overveen is the richest town in the Netherlands. The excitement got to me even more and I did not wait for the day to make that trip a reality. Also in that email they advised to wear closed clothing to protect me from the cold in the morning hour and they also mentioned the contact of the guide who would wait for me when I arrived, his name was Daniel.

  A couple of days later it was time to take off for Overveen, feeling the clouds so close and seeing the cities from above is unmatched, it’s so beautiful. Land in Overveen and feel the morning mist fall on your face. It was inevitable not to contemplate the sculptures of their houses, where they date back to the colonial era, made of bricks and in a triangular shape. At that moment Daniel arrived and was already waiting for me, this would make my days and experience in this place much easier. And yes it was!

   Arriving at Overveen is immediately thinking about the places you wanted to visit, but above all, what would be one of the first places to enjoy this was a Beach Club to start my days of travel on the right foot. Daniel suggested that I would love the place that was literally designed for travelers like me, on the way to this place Daniel told me that it was the ideal place for nights and days of fun and also to enjoy the beach.

  When we were already arriving at the Beach Club, the birds greeted us while flying and making their peculiar sound; As it is a coastal area, herons abound enormously. Without a doubt, when the car stopped it was impossible not to be surprised by such a beautiful place, it is totally perfect to relax after a long day at the beach or enjoy a great day in the sun. I thanked Daniel for his support, he helped me register and said goodbye until the next outing.

  I arrived in time to reach breakfast time and since I was already tired from the trip and with a lot of appetite, I took advantage of going to eat right away, I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures of the place. Right away I went straight to the buffet, I served myself a grated apple and pear Greek yogurt, without a doubt, it looked divine, I accompanied it with a grilled croissant, ham and farmer’s cheese, it was a super exquisite breakfast, and with the best views of the sea horizon.

  Already in the afternoon, after settling in the room, I went straight for a walk on the beach, I swam a little and then I settled in one of the sun loungers, the sun was so radiant, it was an ideal day to be there , a waiter offered me a coconut to refresh me with his delicious water, it was ice cold and delicious, I was thirsty and I took two.

  Hours later at nightfall while enjoying the sea, on the shore of the beach in the restaurant, enjoy an appetizer of marinated salmon with flatbread and fresh cheese, super delicious to pass the time.

  As night fell, I was able to watch the beautiful sunset with the fabulous warm colors that was iconic on this first day at the Republiek beach club.

  While in this place and before leaving for the hotel, I met some business tourists who worked as chefs and they invited me to the launch of their brand on sweet appetizers. A peculiarity that the Republiek has is that within its services they offer this type of events mainly for tourists to promote their micro-businesses.

  When we arrived at the banquet they welcomed us with the wine list, as you well know I am a lover of wines, especially red wines, however, later I had a glass of champagne when we began to enjoy the great event.

  It was an extraordinary celebration where we were able to share different cultures in front of so many foreigners, the night could not end without having danced, it was an epic moment for me, laughing until the end and greatly enjoying the moment.

  After that fabulous celebration I decided to rest, and Daniel had already booked a stay for me at the Poort van Overveen hotel apartments, which is very close to the beach club. Upon arrival I noticed that it was a beautiful hotel, from its facades to its reception room. I was dying of sleep, but without a doubt, I was happy with the first day of the tour.

  Daniel had already registered me previously and when I arrived they were already waiting for me at the reception and they took me straight to my apartment or room, this was fascinating, a totally luxurious small apartment where the energy that was transmitted was magnificent, it had a luxury bathroom Floor-level design with a rain shower, it was perfect to relax, and what I loved the most was the private terrace from where I had the best view of the sea, I slept totally relaxed.

  The next day and already quite rested, I went straight to breakfast on the ground floor of the hotel, I ordered an apple pie with whipped cream, the waiter told me that it was the chef’s specialty, Super delicious to start the day! And I accompanied it with a sparkling and very creamy cappuccino.

  Later, Alfred, a guide from the hotel, approached me to offer a tour of the seaside by bike the next day; this is one of the services offered by the hotel. Of course I accepted, I really wanted to get to know this beautiful city full of history, art and culture. This hotel is wonderful, the tranquility and peace that you feel is magnificent, its staff make you feel at home and it is fabulous.

  At night it was inevitable not to visit the hotel bar, contemporary music was present and it was an epic moment to talk, I just had to share with some tourists from France, who kindly with whom I could share talk, jokes and even dance a little bit; From that moment we created a great friendship. The large number of tourists who visit Poort Beach is enormous, due to the tranquility and peace that this city offers. It is a wonderful and comfortable place to dwell during the trip.

   On a new and resplendent morning, together with my new friends from France, we had agreed on a magnificent bicycle park, I consider it to be one of the most extraordinary visits I could have made, under the imposing sun and the singing of the birds that spread over the city, we arrive at the Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland. This great trip was the most unforgettable, reconnecting with nature and doing a vigorous bike ride through the dunes, it was so spectacular.

In this park animals abound enormously and what I loved the most was watching the various bison, this animal is the largest living land mammal in Europe. Not long ago they were almost extinct, however, in this park they are largely preserved.

  In addition, the biodiversity made us breathe an enormous peace, it has different plants and tinzen flowers characteristic of this area that fully bloom in spring. Numerous species of birds, such as the nuthatch, also have their home here. And several colonies of bats live in the old ice cellars of the haciendas. In autumn it is filled with mushrooms of all colors and sizes.

  In this habitat we photographed ourselves to remember this great moment that will last forever, I loved this place for being so close to nature, as you well know, I am a lover of these places where their beautiful colors give me life. In Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland, I was able to live this great experience and in such an iconic way; mounted on bicycles.

As I already had certain plans ready in my itinerary that Daniel had kindly helped me to realize, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get to know the Netherlands during this long time of my stay. To meet this goal, Daniel took me to all the agreed sites, to get to know this area, its benefits and its history.

  We start at the Brederode castle, this place is also called as the Brederode ruins. This wonderful place is full of a lot of history, I was able to discover the rural history of the castle and the famous Lords of Brederode, the guides explained to me that they were the founders of this majestic castle. After the tour we went to visit the tea garden, an area to taste the variety of relaxing drinks.

  The number of trees around the castle is impressive, of course it was inevitable not to meet the diversity of birds, the leaves of the trees fell on the place, touching and grabbing those beautiful green leaves filled my soul with great hope. It was so sensational to visit this castle, it made me feel like a princess in a fairy tale.

  Another of my must-sees was the beaches of Overveen, Daniel took me directly to Zandvoort beach, what a good decision it was to visit this beach. It has one of the most famous spas in the Netherlands. Along with the sea and the dunes, it is a space full of beautiful nature where you can practice water sports or simply relax and unwind.

  Locals and visitors made this beach fashionable with frequent big parties, plus I had the great opportunity to tour the spaces of the beach through an international Formula 1 racing circuit, beautiful nature and an authentic city center. with direct rail connection to Amsterdam.

  The cozy city center with its lively shopping streets has an attractive and relaxed atmosphere. I was able to find old fishermen’s huts that painted a picture of the turbulent history of Zandvoort, and after talking a little with them about their art, they very kindly gave me this beautiful souvenir to contemplate in my home. And after a day of fun and activity, I was able to enjoy a tasty dinner while watching the sun set over the sea.

  Another day of walking was exclusively dedicated to culture and music, in this whole area and especially in Bloemendaal this area is highly valued, I was able to get there walking through the city while I got to know its streets a little, I found myself in front of the Caprera, great precious and cozy outdoor theater and cinema.

  Here are concerts and performances and all kinds of events during the summer. Everyone from local heroes to international superstars have played in this intimate setting and it was well worth a visit.

  As it was my first time at the Caprera, I wanted to make sure and I already had reservations for that day and I was able to experience a great performance by Chef’Especial up close and the atmosphere was absolutely great.

  The location is magnificent; In the middle of the forest. The sound was sensational, the lighting perfectly fine. A great concert we enjoyed and everything outdoors was sensational. Also, the evening sky above our body with the moon and stars listening to music from the stage was extraordinary!

My departure date was approaching and I decided to enjoy my last days of travel so together with Mary and Peter my French friends and also with Daniel my guide we went out to enjoy the nightlife.

  A night in Overveen is synonymous with partying and good music, Mary, Peter, Daniel and I started our journey, during a starry night, it was appropriate to wear Hawaiian-style shorts because we went to visit the Beach club Fuel, it is a nightclub shores of the beach.

  The DJs at the club are experts in electronic music, while we arrived we could hear the great fun that was witnessed in that place. Entering the disco, it was inevitable to welcome a strong Bombay Shappire, in so few minutes, it was impossible not to start with a great dance all together. Beach club Fuel, is a wonderful nightclub in Bolemendaal, contemplating the beach with good music and staying with the sound of the waves is indescribable.

  Elegance and comfort come together in this place to offer an unforgettable experience, «The Café with food» hides behind the facade of the centuries-old monument, with the wooden floor, the wooden ceiling and the cozy bar, all They feel at home, a quiet place to enjoy a pleasant conversation without much movement. The best thing about the night was being able to try their large number of beers on tap, a wide range for all tastes.

  Here I was able to enjoy excellent live music, as well as impeccable piano performances, as well as karaoke and as the night goes on the dance floor lights up.

  I loved this place because you can enjoy yourself in a calm way.