Tulum has a great history, being here renews your soul and spirit. Large cenotes where you can swim, temples, ruins, shamans who grant you their blessings and a paradise surrounded by white sand beaches. Going through it has no comparison, riding a car along these roads is one of the best alternatives you can take when you get here. A site that preserves very well its culture, history, traditions and historical past.

  Its wide green areas, its climate, the affection of its people who hug you with a smile has no comparison. It has been proven that Tulum has become one of the most visited areas by tourists in recent times, as I noticed because the demand for flights and reservations to this area is unmatched. And how not to visit Tulum, if it will catch you from the day you visit it for the first time and you will not want to let it go.

   The reasons why I decided to travel to Tulum again, in the first place is because of its summer and tropical climate all year round, this has me totally hooked on Mexico and its coasts, and secondly because I could count on the possibility of enjoying the shore of the beach at the Roc Luxe Beach Club that offered me elegance and freshness.

  This hotel is like few others in the world, it is also one of the most romantic places in Tulum, because it invites you to live adventures beyond its facilities through the tours they offer to their guests to make them live an unforgettable experience.

  When I stepped on the site, the hotel staff took my bags, helped me get them out of the vehicle and took them to my room. A very nice concept has the room, good lighting and sea view.

  The restaurant was incredibly good, the food was spectacular, especially the octopus with orange that I ordered, it really was worth every moment there.

I was able to enjoy the Wi-Fi zone from the living room, very comfortable seats and everything calm to keep the concentration on what you are doing.

  I signed up to go out on one of the tours and ended up taking a ride on exciting ATV tours, until we entered the jungle where a zip line crossing was waiting for us to end with an amazing diving and snorkeling trip to the cenotes, once again, swimming in a cenote, what a beautiful experience, I was able to jump from the height, dive and relax. Incredible what I experienced in this hotel.

  Although other tours offer more alternative routes, I only chose this one with them, but also if you come you can enjoy ruins, long piers and sites with ancient importance. It’s amazing how great I had it at Roc Luxe Beach, the attention is incredible, the place is a mixture of sobriety and freshness, the cocktails and snacks simply enchanted me.

  Once my days at this fantastic beach club were over, I was ready to get a new destination and Layla opened its doors to me in a courteous, friendly and committed way. Since my arrival I felt grateful for the strenuous effort in showing me their hospitality.

  Located in the heart of the city of Tulum, Layla was a true paradise for me on this relaxing trip. Once here I was able to admire her exceptional architecture in the middle of a magnificent Riad-style patio-garden and pool. Layla Tulum offered me a warm welcome.

  With an Asian concept, quite particular, I can highlight that I fell in love with this place because its architectural and interior design made me feel in India and it is not for less.

  I was impressed by the beautiful pool that the place has, an excellent place to swim and enjoy a delicious drink. Another thing that I loved was the bathroom, its spacious design and the details on the walls and floor are not wasted, it provokes living inside of those four walls.

  Street View is the name of the suite that I booked, I loved this one, it had a double balcony with panoramic views of the garden and the street, the king-size floating bed and the view are also wonderful, all well thought out, planned to offer the best to each Guest.

  The best thing came when I went down to the restaurant area and they offered me to try the hamburger. Without thinking about it I decided to do it and I must mention that it was exquisite, it was not just any hamburger because its combination of colors and flavors was spectacular.

  One of the attractions of this place that I visited the most was the Mezcal rooftop-bar, a timeless fusion of Moroccan architecture with unforgettable sunsets.

  Awakening my senses at all times, which illuminated my eyes with the colors of the sunset and the cocktails of our house, it is an invitation to a journey of discovery of a vibrant cocktail bar in flavors, aromas and colors, as is the Mexican culture.

  They really were from another world, this is a place of early entry, with maximum hours of enjoyment, so every day that I visited it I left early to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible.

  After spending several days at the Roc Luxe Beach Club and at the Layla, I continued to get to know more places on the coast of Tulum and so I went to the Tulum Tower, an experience from above that changed the way I see the world.

  This exotic 118-foot-high tower offers a 360° rotating trip, to enjoy great views of Tulum from above, aboard a gondola with 16 other people, just fasten your seatbelt to start the magic.

  Beautiful water sources that captivate you from above, the sun, everything is perfect when you are there. From there you can also see the archaeological zones, the ruins, shamans dressed in typical clothing of the area, everything to make you fall in love with Mexico in all its splendor.

  Not only was I on board this trip to the heights, other people were with me and we had a rather particular exchange of culture because with drinks we got to know each other and as one of us said something interesting about our trip or life, the rest had a drink of liquor.

  Being at the top, the guide begins an interesting story about the Mayan civilization of the region, the photographs at this point are the best part, to commemorate and keep those beautiful memories. After thirty minutes we go down very slowly. Living the experience in Tulum Tower is worth it, how wonderful it is to enjoy a piña colada from meters high, feel how the breeze caresses your face and it seems that time stops there.

   I already have a personal list of all the cenotes that I have visited in Tulum, these archaeological wonders of nature that I really love, so I ventured to visit the Gran cenote.

  This is located a few kilometers from Tulum, on the road that goes to the Mayan ruins of Cobá, it is the most famous in the region for its availability to practice snorkeling and cavern diving. In this spring you can see turtles and small groups of fish that live there.

  What I like the most about the cenotes is that I can swim in complete calm and without waves, it is really worth doing it because you relax completely.

  Swimming in these turquoise, crystalline and somewhat cold waters is the best thing you can do if you come to Tulum, you can also jump from the heights until you fall submerged in this impressive cave.

  They also have stairs to go down, I also took the opportunity to dive and explore the wonderful cenote from the depths. I like the rock formation inside, they really are wonderful creations of the universe in this place. I took some photos underwater and the contrast between the sunlight and the turquoise color was spectacular.

  Wonderful place that houses the historical past of Tulum, large well-preserved ruins with signs in Spanish and English, another peculiarity is that you can do the tour with a guide or alone, it will depend on your choice.

  I took advantage of my visit to the place and took many photos, there are several ruins among which you can mention El Castillo, Templo de los Frescoes and Templo de la Serie Inicial, to name a few.

  The photos were spectacular, also during my time here I enjoyed the beautiful view that this place offers me and I wondered how they built these buildings without machinery, only with the strength of man.

  People were amazed at the structures and who wouldn’t if everything looked like something out of a fictional movie.

  For the final days of my vacation I decided to live a little of the nightlife that I like so much in Tulum, and without thinking about it I went straight to explore some of the most exclusive and clubs.

  When I got here I noticed that the site was paralyzed because they were broadcasting the final of the Uefa Champion League and that obviously attracts more customers, although I wanted to dance I made the decision to stay and enjoy the place for the time being.

  I drank several craft beers and, like the rest, enjoyed the match and got excited, as much or more than them on some occasions. I ordered some snacks to eat while I enjoyed and I was warming up.

  After the game ended, things got good and the atmosphere lit up, the DJ put on his best mixes, I stayed at the bar for a while while people warmed up, after a while I started dancing to lower the alcohol. I liked this place, its decoration, the atmosphere and the good vibes that they print to have the best time.

  A night of mojitos in a picturesque place, I say this because of its rather particular but striking decoration. See how they cut the cane and even when it is fresh you can enjoy it in the drink, it has no comparison.

  Another of the things that I liked the most about my visit here was the live band, high-level singers who entertained the night and made us happy with the moment we were having.

  Not satisfied with the live music, there was also a dance performance that managed to snatch applause from those present. Even I dared and began to dance to be applauded.

  I like places like this, where you can calmly enjoy shows and admire the talent of people who have these wonderful gifts.

  What a good atmosphere that is lived here, the music is spectacular, the attention to the drinks, the space to enjoy and dance has no comparison, what good places there are in Tulum.

  I started my visit to this bar asking for a shot of tequila to warm up, then I smoked a cigarette and started dancing to the rhythm of the music to gain confidence.

  I think that you make the environment and although I’m always alone I don’t care and I show that if I’m there it’s to live the moment with intensity and enjoy it to the fullest.

  Then I had a couple of beers and started dancing like crazy, I sweated like never before but living the experience here is priceless, the costs are affordable, the attention and the place in general is worth visiting.

  One of the objectives of this trip is to make people understand why Tulum is becoming stronger every day and is positioned as an excellent tourist option in Mexico. This has caused reservations in hotels, restaurants and tours to run out due to the high demand of people to visit every corner here. Entering the archaeological ruins, swimming in cenotes and enjoying the beaches is one of the most beautiful things that Tulum gives you.