South America has in its entrails a great earthly treasure and it is none other than Brazil, a country that has great wealth and cultural diversity, a mixture of languages, races and cultures that consolidate it as one of the great cradles to house immigrants. I love the color and joy of its people in Brazil, they always walk with a big smile and are very kind. It is a land of grace and great opportunity.

Rio de Janeiro is a huge coastal city of this country, famous for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, they also have one of the best carnivals in the world and its wonderful Christ the Redeemer statue 38 m high on the Corcovado hill and the Pan hill de Azúcar, a granite peak with cable cars that ascend to its top.

The city is also known for its sprawling favelas. The raucous festival, with parades of floats, extravagant costumes and samba dancers, is considered the largest in the world

One of the things that stands out the most is the beauty of its people, walking you can come across a beautiful catire and a few meters away a well-muscled brunette.

Another interesting aspect of this country is the food compared to other countries that eat a little lighter. Here they are very fond of roasts and heavy meats.

Rocka is more than a restaurant, it’s a place to get there early and stay until sunset. Overlooking Praia Brava and preserving the style of Búzios, the Rocka Beach Lounge brings together nature and haute cuisine. For all this I chose this place to start my tour this time in Rio de Janeiro.

  I must start by saying that the place is open, that is, it is located on the shore of the beach and has a large roof and no walls, only large handrails that allow you to see the sea without impediment. 

  The floor is made of wood and on the upper part of the ceiling it has drawings alluding to the type of food that they offer there. Around the premises there are some planned green areas that give a beautiful touch to the premises. 

  I loved the distribution of the tables because they are not one on top of the other and that allows you to talk, breathe and feel more intimate when sharing with the person who accompanies you.

  Outside this area described in the sand of the sea there are some umbrellas and large furniture arranged as a living room to chat, smoke a couple of cigarettes or simply have a drink while you take a little sun or contemplate the sea. I was able to notice upon arrival that they are specialists in Mediterranean food, inspired by the best local ingredients, with many organic products from our garden, in a simple environment but with touches of sophistication; To start lunch I tried some creamy cod tart sandwiches with bell pepper alioli. 

  At lunch I ordered pork confit with pururuca with corn salad, grilled pineapple, beer and honey sauce. For dessert I had sticky rice with caramelized coconut milk, glazed mango and cinnamon ice cream. I must say that everything was exquisite, I love Brazilian food because they have a variety of flavors and it is something that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

  Another of the peculiarities of this beach club is that you can hold your event, wedding, divorce, birthday or business meeting, with good music, in an unforgettable relaxed atmosphere facing the sea. Not only this, they are specialists in preparing romantic dinners under the moon and candlelight. That particular day was the eve of the carnival, it was mid-January and from that date they already start with this type of celebrations, here we drank and danced until dawn, I must point out that in this place I drank many Caipirinhas and danced to the rhythm of the samba until dawn.

After my pleasant visit to the Rocka Beach Lounge, I was exhausted, thanks to my expertise I had already booked in advance at a great Emiliano hotel in this wonderful place I was able to enjoy the simple pleasures of the Brazilian coast.

  Emiliano Rio de Janeiro is located on the privileged beach of Copacabana, facing the sea, it has a sophisticated contemporary design and lots of natural light, which enhances the view of the place and connects guests with wonderful views of the city.

 Emiliano provides a welcoming and friendly lodging experience, with a team of butlers who anticipate your needs and personalize your stay.

  Each of the rooms has a very particular detail, because they have a kind of modern windows that can expose the balcony or can simply hide the room from the view of others.

 The luxury ocean room was chosen on this occasion, upon arrival I noticed that it has a splendid view of the sea, with a glass balcony.

  Wood and ivory tones combined with white give a touch of sophistication to the site, in addition to the good temperature of the air conditioning and internet service. As I arrived completely shaken from the night before, that day I rested until almost dinner time, which I took advantage of to order room service, which by the way was luxurious and the food was delicious.

  The next morning, already quite relaxed, I was anxious to visit the pool, when I arrived at the hotel I noticed that it is completely made of glass, taking a bath in it is relaxing because you will feel that you are at the edge of the sea, it is as if you reached it with your hand.

  In the following days I took the opportunity to enjoy and get to know the rest of the hotel facilities, what I liked the most was eating on the Rooftop, here they prepare food with organic ingredients, the view from this point is impressively beautiful. In addition to eating, you can lie down in one of the chairs to rest or simply enjoy the view. Every day was a new experience and accompanied by the good attention and the wonders that Emiliano offers.

  Of the best moments lived in Rio during this visit there is one that does not leave my mind is when I had the opportunity to visit the Corcovado hill and the Sugar Loaf hill again, being able to connect nature with spirituality is enchanting.

  To get to this point in Rio de Janeiro I joined a group of tourists, we used trams in the company of a tour guide who was leading the tour. My God, how beautiful it was to climb to the top of this place and be able to contemplate the sea of Rio de Janeiro, the yachts, boats and buildings.

  Everything that can be seen from here is amazing, we walked and went to Christ the Redeemer, it is a fascinating monument, when I saw it I crossed myself and bowed to him to thank him for the opportunity to be there. We were able to discover each area of Rio de Janeiro, the most important ones, you could also see people enjoying the sea.

  Coming down from Cerro Corcovado I went to the Metropolitan Cathedral because I felt my faith shake, something there asked me to pray, to kneel down and give thanks. I had my rosary in hand and it gave me the strength I needed.

  It is a cathedral designed in the shape of an Aztec pyramid with stained glass windows in the shape of a cross that allow sunlight to enter and it is a wonderful spectacle, at night it has a fascinating play of lights and very close to a large avenue where cars circulate at full speed.

  To culminate this wonderful tour, we went to see the Sugar Loaf hill. I felt the same adrenaline rush as when I climbed Christ the Redeemer, feeling the breeze touch my skin was great, being able to see everything from here was wonderful.

  It is so high that you could touch the clouds and when I say touch it is because you can touch them. In addition, the cold is spectacular, the boats and yachts from here can be seen in miniature, the shapes of the beaches are clearly detailed from here.

  I felt free, I felt my soul fly. I had a bottle of wine with me in my bag and I uncorked it to toast from above, so I poured a drink for those who were with me and we toasted.

  And finally we get to know the Selarón Stairs from Lapa to the Convent of Santa Teresa. You can move around but you will need to prepare to climb 250 steps that will take you to the top. The peculiarity of this staircase is that it has a story on each step, also on each one you will have tiles that were taken by tourists from more than 60 countries. 

  Seeing the stories that each step tells, I felt connected to this Chilean artist who designed them because he left a lot in a nation that is not his and made me understand the purpose of my travels. Thanks to these stairs, I understood that my trips must have a stronger purpose, that is, it is not only traveling and being happy, I must also leave a mark in each country I visit. That will be my purpose from now on, to sow something beautiful that will last for centuries.

Rio is characterized by its beaches and this is one of the attractions that allows a large increase in the number of local visitors and tourists, where they can enjoy a memorable adventure to explore the entire coast of the country.

  Rio is characterized by being one of the safest beaches in Brazil, which allows a large increase in the number of local visitors and tourists, it is also an excellent area for surfing.   Here you will find many shops where you can buy different items, luxury hotels and restaurants, there are also impressive art galleries where I bought a few works for my house.

  Another of the particularities of this beach is that it has an excellent viewpoint and a church, it really is never a bad time to get closer to God and renew your faith.

  I changed my clothes after admiring the place, I put on my two-piece swimsuit and I took the sunscreen, I applied myself and I enjoyed the vitamins that the sun provides me to be able to have a spectacular carrot color.   I bathed in the sea and I could see people surfing, it made me want to do it but I stayed calm enjoying the tranquility of the sea. Then I picked up a book on the shore and read it while having a glass of champagne to make the moment more enjoyable.

  Guarded by the Cerro Pan de Azúcar, Copacaba is the ideal place to enjoy the sea without remorse, this is because it has been classified as the queen of the sea for its impressive beauty and benefits that it offers to tourists.

  Here in the surroundings there are hundreds of ideal options to stay, go shopping, eat or simply entertain yourself, the positive thing about this is that the places adapt to all types of pockets, that is, you will not need a fortune to have a good time here.

  I took a board and I joined a group of young people who were surfing here and I practiced with them, it was a moment of learning and fun because the waves rolled over me several times, but even so I felt good.

  Touring Copacabana was wonderful, I loved feeling the sea, the water and the birds singing all over the place, this without counting the heart-stopping bodies that I tripped over as I walked.

  After leaving Copacabana, I was going through the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Without knowing it, I came across one of the most iconic sites here, it was in front of Los Arcos de Lapa, a site that served to supply water to this area centuries ago, with the It was once a tramway area and is now a much visited and renowned site.

  It is a large work with immense arches, this is what remains of this aqueduct and which is now mostly photographed by tourists and locals.

  I loved seeing this aqueduct, seeing the houses, churches and other buildings that are located on one of the hills near here and that were surely supplied with water.

  Not to be in operation is a site that is well preserved for the enjoyment of visitors.

  My trip cannot end without getting into its nightlife, after my extensive tours of the entire Rio de Janeiro coast, getting to know its most remote places, and that is how I began the search to spend a magical, fun night to dance, sing and celebrate.

  A site not suitable for the faint of heart because here are the best stripper shows dancing in a tube and receiving money inside their clothes, they are really beautiful women with great mastery of the scene.

  A show enjoyed by men and women, a fascinating place with a play of lights, DJ, modern and avant-garde architectural design, all luxury and category. After witnessing the Britania and Samantha show, the place lit up even more because we all went to the dance floor to move to the rhythm of the DJ and the Brazilian samba.

  The theme party that day was milk, we all had to be dressed in white because at midnight the bubble bath would be poured over us while we enjoyed alcohol and good music.

  I loved the service, attention and security, they are one of the main things I see when I go to a place and they guaranteed me everything.

  A place with dim lights to give greater visibility to the neon ones, outside you can see the local sign and an impressive set of lights that will make you stop right away and you will be forced to enter to discover the real fun.

  A large bar, free space to dance and comfortable tables is part of what this place offers you, in addition to the good musical atmosphere, air conditioning and excellent Wi-Fi service.

  As in other places here they do many theme parties, when I went it was almost carnival and I dressed up as Garota, the party was good because people looked very sexy with bodies of infarction.

  Here I met a group of guys who had just left work and went for a drink, we talked for a while, we danced and we had an incredible night.

  The ceiling of the place is fascinating because it has a design of white lights combined with black that is amazing, not to mention the crystal balls that hang from the ceiling.

  The interior design is youthful, modern and picturesque, which will captivate you from the first moment. That night I drank José Cuervo, what a delicious drink and it made me have a very pleasant time.

  Another thing I was able to do here was have dinner in the middle of the party because I got hungry and the attention I received was quite good because they offered me everything I needed at the time.

  The live music, the good energy and the optimism of the people was incredible because they made me feel fulfilled and at no time did I feel the need to leave, rather I wanted to stay longer there.

  My trip cannot end without getting into its nightlife, after my extensive tours of the entire Rio de Janeiro coast, getting to know its most remote places, and that is how I began the search to spend a magical, fun night to dance, sing and celebrate.

  Brazilians have a happy soul, full of life and color, I love the beautiful energy you transmit because it is something that goes beyond a good body or an impressive samba dance. I love their music, their food, their culture and traditions, the immense sea that surrounds them is one of the best I have seen in my life, it is warm and comfortable to bathe in the shores of Rio de Janeiro.

  The energy of the hills is great, beyond seeing the shape of the beaches or buildings you will touch the sky. It is a worthwhile trip, it is a town that embraces the tourist and tells you to stay because I love you.