What to visit in Saint Lucia, that is the question that many travel lovers ask themselves. What really hides this island that annually brings together thousands and thousands of tourists.

St. Lucia is a land filled with an extensive and important flora and fauna. Among the attractions offered by this island are Los Pitons, two impressive volcanic peaks.

Sugar Beach is a beach that is seen as a backdrop to the volcanoes and adorns it with its splendor, when you get into the water you will be able to appreciate how they rise firmly above sea level.

Pigeon Islands National Park this place hides the history of ST. Lucia, those battles for their struggle and independence, the ravages of those moments of tension can still be seen in some places.

This proves that St. Lucia is more than beaches, sun and sand, offering places of interest to those who visit it.


This beach club is the representation of the ideal place to gather the family, areas designed and adjusted to the needs of each individual. Recreation areas and that enjoy a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

When you get here you can enjoy access to parking for free, you will also have access to Wi-Fi without additional charge, swimming pool, gym, child care assistants and more.

This place has been gaining fame for being ideal for celebrating dream weddings, some people who have lived the experience describe that the rooms are very spacious, that they really like the pool and that the beach is crystal clear and ideal for swimming.

The staff here has earned 5 stars for their human warmth, attention and immediacy when serving the people who are staying here.

If you visit this place you will have the opportunity to try food dishes prepared by international chefs who will combine different ingredients to offer you the best experience.

In addition, you will be able to access a wine cellar and taste them, if that is not enough for you, keep in mind that you can enjoy a glass of wine while you have lunch.

There is also a bar here, where you can enjoy a good cocktail while admiring the landscape, the flowers and seeing the volcanoes up close.

4.0 stars out of 5 is the sum of the positive comments that users have made about their experience in this hotel that stands out for its good service, attention and comfort.

It is necessary to mention a set of elements that this place has and that make it attractive to guests, that is, everything is focused on offering different services in the same space designed to make people feel relaxed and without pressure, they work on the interior to reflect it on the outside.

Enjoy a sunny day in the pool while having a drink, you can also exercise your body in the gym or if you prefer, train outdoors with professionals in the field.

Children have special areas for their care because for the policies of this hotel they are above everything. You will also have parking and free internet service.

If your thing is to have a drink while listening to good music, then you have the bar for you that will offer you ideal spaces to spend a pleasant night with incredible people.

The duration of this tour is 7 hours in which you can visit part of this island, the maximum group is 30 people, you will spend looking for the hotel, there is access for a total of 4 people in wheelchairs and access with telephones.

Enjoy the view of the volcanoes, the beach at the base of the volcano, take a bath in the Cachoeira Toraille and more. Fall in love with the culture and architecture that surrounds St. Lucia.

People are amazed by the two volcanoes, they take photos in front of it and receive an explanation from guides who teach them everything historical and scientific about this work of God.

They can also enjoy a swim on the beach, swim, have a beer or cocktail, as well as try an exquisite plate of food that will be delivered at noon.

If you decide to enjoy this tour you should know that they will pick you up at the door of the hotel where you are staying, the total capacity of the tour is 15 people and they have access near public bus points.

You can explore and enjoy the tropical flora of St. Lucia through the bong and zip line, an experience that will make your heart race. During this walk, explore nature and, guided by guides, get to know every part of the place in detail.

After this, it will be time for the zip line, feel nature, feel your heart, feel the adrenaline run through your veins and shudder. Feel the flowers of the place up close while an expert explains their origin.

Many visitors define the experience as something dazzling because in addition to enjoying the landscape they were able to improve their breathing, escape from the noise of the city and feel peace in the midst of so much harmony.


4.5 stars out of 5 is the rating that users have given to this place that combines excellent service, quality food and first class facilities.

The prices here are quite accessible, users assure that it is worth paying for each dish and drink, in addition to the fact that the atmosphere is ideal to spend the desired night.

Enjoy a good fish fresh from the sea, cooked on the shore of the beach with lemon and salad.

If sweets are your thing, dare to experience a well-prepared dessert in an atmosphere of fun and people looking to have a good time. Cultural exchange and more.

The view here is spectacular, enjoy colorful infrastructures, full of life and inhabited by people who day by day dream of a better future, who open their arms to give the best to each visitor.


People are always looking for deals, because in this place it is a reality because they do weekly special shows to please lovers of good prices.

Entering this place is enjoying a simple but pleasant environment, they say that less is more and its facilities are perfectly adapted to a beach environment in which fun beyond the structure stands out.

The bar of the place has a wide variety of drinks, sit down and wait to be served by one of the bartenders who, with a smile, will offer you the best of that area so that you have a good time.

If you feel like some snacks you can also enjoy them, listen to new music, enjoy impeccable bathrooms, security, Wi-Fi service and areas for smokers.

The dance floor is always full, you can dance alone or simply take someone to the dance floor to enjoy the music with you and stop until the sweat and feet say enough.

Cocktails, good music and first class attention, this is how this place is that year after year adds more satisfied customers due to the quality of service and attention.

During your trip you can not miss Ultra Lounge because it is a place that combines haute cuisine and perfectly prepared drinks, cocktails, beers, wines and more.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the staff who will kindly lead you to one of the tables and will offer you the menu so that you can order one of the specialities.

While you wait, they will offer you a drink to liven up and welcome you once again. Enjoy a beautiful environment surrounded by lights, technology, fun and safety

Weekly here there is a special program where you can participate in special events and offers on food and drinks.


St. Lucia is a paradise, it has splendid beaches but beyond this it is an island that has been gaining recognition for other aspects such as volcanoes, historical sites, flora and fauna rich in diversity.

Enjoy tours and fall in love with the architecture of this place, its landscapes, the people who kindly receive you. There are cheap sites that fit your needs and for low cost enjoy more than expected.