If, as I am passionate about knowing the best corners of the world, I invite you to accompany me on my journey, come and let’s get to know it together! . On this occasion I want you to accompany me to a small but delicious town on the shores of the Mediterranean where the beaches with their crystalline blue invite you to stay trapped between mountains, cliffs and party; is that we go to Cape Town where summer never stops.

  The sophisticated Camps Bay attracted me to these beautiful shores, which gathers a multitude of travelers on its homonymous beach, everyone is mesmerized like me by its fine white sand, its natural rock pool and its views of the mountains of the Twelve Apostles, the beautiful The roads that run through this city behind the beach with elegant seafood restaurants, quiet cafes and cocktail bars with patios have panoramic views of the boardwalk captivate all visitors.

  Camps Bay is Cape Town’s party beach, this beautiful and long stretch of white sand bordered by a promenade full of restaurants, clubs and hotels is the perfect setting for a dreamy summer trip.

  It is one of the most fun and lively places, if in some seasons it can feel a bit crowded but there is always a space to enjoy, get to know and venture; the setting is absolutely beautiful, with the Twelve Apostles mountain range as a steep backdrop.

  Despite the hustle and bustle and noisy beach bars, I did find some gastronomic gems, so it is definitely worth stopping by and that’s how I did it on this fascinating tour.

In this tour and search for a place to rest and excellent gastronomy, I found the SANDY B PRÍVATE BEACH CLUB one of the venues with an imposing presence, located right next to the iconic natural pool that adorns this place, with magnificent views above the iconic Camps Bay beach.

Surrounded by all this modern, jovial and very comfortable splendor, I settled in the sun loungers, which, in addition to overlooking the indomitable and greenish blue of the sea, has a solar-heated pool on a gigantic terrace and bar, which offered me a dreamy panoramic view, while I enjoyed the sexiest melodies of the summer in the background. 

  The place has different environments in comfortable and luxurious styles that I enjoyed a lot, I really liked the SANDY B PRÍVATE BEACH CLUB because it has something very particular, it offers a number of activities according to the ambient temperatura. 


  One of the days that I spent in this place the beach was empty due to the unpleasant weather in it, that day I only enjoyed the attention in the bars and internal bars with a pleasant climate.

  The days when I was able to enjoy the beach were magical with a light and refreshing breeze, and full of water and outdoor activities, music and cocktails. In this elegant and sophisticated place with absolute perfection for sunbathing and enjoying light meals, enjoy delicious salads, tramezzinis, pasta, delicious sushi and other delicacies that made me feel sovereign. While Sandy B’s location speaks for itself, the stunning wooden deck overlooking Camps Bay’s iconic Sunset Strip caught me, here you can sample the delicious cocktails, champagne and other drinks that made me feel exceptional, an unforgettable experience.

On my tour of this summer-looking Mediterranean coastline, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to admire and experience the comfort, modernity and elegance of the best hotels in the area.


One of my favorites was the POD Camps Bay hotel, an exclusive and luxury hotel with only 15 rooms with a minimalist chic style. Located in a luxury residential area very close to Camps Bay beach where I could lie on their private umbrellas and enjoy their delicious cocktails, the most beautiful thing that made me feel at home were the rooms with views of the beach and the moutains; and in the evenings I would go to relax in their heated outdoor pool on the roof with views of the sea.


In this place I could feel like a queen with a luxury accommodation with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and its homonymous mountain range, it has two restaurants, one of them with a praised wine list, and a bar with Lots of cognacs and port of which I keep rich memories but the best was in the spa with mountaintop gazebo treatment rooms that helped me relax and balance.

After an afternoon in Camps Bay, where I was able to admire the sunset from the rocks at the end of the beach and reclining in a comfortable hammock, admiring the majestic views of the mountain of the Twelve Apostles, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places and must-sees in South Africa.

  From this wonderful place I went on an excursion to swim with sharks with White Shark Diving Company, a company very recognized in the Cape for being responsible with the treatment of the shark, since they do not release bait into the water for the shark to eat, my Adrenaline was at full throttle watching these huge sea beasts, I loved feeling closely the imposing power of these animals.  


Just admiring this imposing fish is not enough for me, I wanted to go further and buy a ticket for excursions to Hermanus, one of the best destinations in the world to see marine mammals, especially the southern right whale and the humpback whale, as well as Bryde’s fin whales and huge pods of dolphins. We set sail on a catamaran, built for this purpose, ensuring comfort and spectacular views, perfect for spotting marine creatures, it was an unforgettable experience, the team encouraged me to «observe without disturbing».

So I continued my journey through this land that has everything, between the warm air of the sea and the humidity of the foot of the mountain I did not stop my experience.


Then I ventured by car to visit Muizenberg, one of the emblematic places, on arrival I went to see its picturesque bird reserve, and in passing I was able to admire many of the buildings of historical importance in the area full of colorful houses that border with the sea. Upon reaching its beaches I found that its waters are ideal for surfing in its imposing waves, I did not hesitate for a moment to float on a board on the waves.


Once on land and flooded with adrenaline, I went to the city center and bought a ticket to the cable car from where I could admire the highlights of Cape Town to the top of Table Mountain, this majestic mountain above the city was without a doubt my invitation to climb to the top of it in search of the best panoramic views of this South African city.


On my tour, I did not stop and I went to Stony Point in Bettys Bay, a beautiful place to see the largest and most formidable penguin colony in the African country, until here I arrived with my camera to admire the behavior of these beautiful specimens, I could admire how they live without worries bathing in the sea, as a couple, and with their young in the holes they have as houses. They’re unique!

Here in South Africa’s mother city everyone seems to love to party in a hedonistic way that took my breath away and fueled the desire to keep visiting for more. I did not wait any longer and prepared my best dance movements, my most elegant outfit and visited all the fashionable places and with the best nightlife in the Cape of which I keep the best memories and without a doubt the best experience.

The sky above me, the Earth below me and the people around me. If that’s how I felt at Cape Town Nightlife with its wonderfully named rooftop cocktail bar, it’s a place for lovers of the perfect rooftop mix of herbs and alcohol, where I was spellbound by the breathtaking view. , I loved its relaxed and stress-free atmosphere.

A nightly bustle with modern people caught my attention and took me to the Cafe Mojito, with all certainty I say that it is the best thing that has happened to Cape Town. It is incredible with a fantastic coffee that left me in love, in addition to its elegant food and infectious cocktails that left me wanting more.

And that is how I closed my stay in the mother city of the South African continent, between endless tours through paradisiacal coasts, monuments and historical sites, amazing animals, they made my adventure the best of many, today I take my backpack again to continue my trip to a new adventure where I wait for your company through landscapes and dream places; so sign up for my next destination, you won’t regret the best experience of your adventurous life