The main reason to visit Santorini Island is because it is the romantic destination, that is how it is known worldwide and for this reason people highly recommend this place that has places full of light and life.

The blue sky is beautiful and contrasts with the beautiful white houses in this area, you can enjoy these areas by walking through the streets and thus connect with the positive vibe of its inhabitants.

The beaches are other reasons to visit Santorini, enjoy its white sand, palm trees, the wind, marine life and coral reefs. Your life will not be the same after touring this place.

The exquisite gastronomy and the best wines in the world make this place a reference in the world to celebrate the most unforgettable weddings. In addition to tasting the wine, you will be able to closely observe the production process and taste some samples.

The colors of the beach vary between blue, black and red, so beautiful and charming is this place that it will catch you from the first day.

Through Internet forums, tourists who have had the opportunity to stay here have self-confidently expressed their opinion about their experience.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini over time has become one of the most renowned beach clubs in Greece, this is due to its excellent service, first-class facilities and alternatives for the enjoyment of guests.

Some positive reviews highlight that the place enjoys excellent service and attention, before this the owners of the premises have thanked and assure to improve day by day to achieve excellence.


Opinions are divided and for others the best thing about this place is its spacious rooms, they emphasize that the nights were pleasant and that they felt at home. 

Others highlight the quality of the service in the room, the hot water and the view.

Not everything is good and others point out that the pool has its pros and cons because there is a surcharge when using it, that is, the owners of the premises have indicated that the pool is free but that they have designed a series of menus where you can purchase a liquor to enjoy in the pool and that is the cost that is charged, not the pool.

The food is not far behind and also receives positive comments, thus highlighting the impeccable work of the chef who, day by day, according to the owners of the premises, strives to offer variety and quality to users.

Another percentage of visitors have classified the service as «mediocre» before this local owners have openly received criticism, have apologized and regret that for some the service is not seen as something good enough. Even so, they will continue to work day by day to win the best opinions.

Many are the people who have passed through this hotel and each one has lived the experience in a different way. The opinions agree that this place offers quality and good service, which is why they recommend it.

The quality of the service places Villas Manos as one of the reference hotels in Greece, so if this place is your destination, do not hesitate to book here to be able to spend the best nights of your life. You will not regret.

Guests point out that it is an excellent place to stay but they assure that the nights are very cold and not even the heating can handle the low temperature. Another point that remains on the site is that there is a bus stop nearby but they assert that it will be of no use because the shortage of buses is very acute.

For lovers of excursions, this site is highly recommended because users point out that the hotel will help you contact the best excursion agency and they do not charge you an additional cost to help you.

The food is good, as indicated by some comments, but they do not like the idea that it is simple and there are not many alternatives to taste.

Another service that has not been well seen is the transfer offered by the hotel, the complaints do not lie in the vehicle but in the high cost of getting around. The pool has wonderful comments, highlighting the view it offers.

For some visitors, the tour has been rewarding because the ruins are indoors, which makes you take the tour very calmly and do not feel like running away from the relentless sun.

This archaeological site is one of the most requested destinations by tourists when they visit Santorini, this is due to the wonder of its ruins and all the history that you will know about this place.

If you decide to come here you will have the help of a tour guide who will instruct you about the events of these ruins, it is important to mention that everything will be explained in English, so keep this in mind. During the talks you will receive, 3D images will be projected on a TV so you can see how this site really was.

Other visitors catalog this tour as something not so good due to the lack of information, they assure that they do not show maps or brochures with information. They emphasize that the cost is very high for those who offer.

Visitors point out that it is better to purchase the three-visit package because its cost will be less than one visit, others ask that the idea of including a guide in Spanish be considered to facilitate the understanding of some visitors.

Without paying the entrance you can enjoy the Wi-Fi service and public toilets, so take advantage of this benefit if you are passing through the place.


«Excellent» is how the site was cataloged by a tourist who indicated that they give you a map of the place, highlighted the cleanliness of the museum and the good conditions of all the facilities.

In Fira, Santorini, is this prehistoric museum. This museum is located in the place of the old Ypapanti Church. It is important to mention that it disappeared after the 1956 earthquake that completely destroyed it. This fact has turned the museum into one of the most visited tourist sites due to the events that took place there.

People who have had the opportunity to visit this place highlight that the experience has been good because they have innumerable historical pieces to observe, but some visitors have openly complained that they cannot take photos in the place.

Other visitors with great emotion indicate that there are ceramic and metal pieces, something that seems interesting to them. One of the tourists who has visited the place highlighted that there are objects and murals here that you can see here and they belong to Santorini.

Some visitors point out that to enter the place is a process because apparently you will have to wait more than an hour under the sun to be able to enter and the visit only lasts 15 minutes, this for some has not been so pleasant and they decide not to enter.

Visitors also suggest buying combined tickets because it is better, others ask to go to Akrotiri after visiting this museum to better understand the history.

Tours and wine tasting are one of the options offered by the place to its visitors, in this way over the years it has become a great alternative for those who visit Santorini. So reconsider your visit to this place because it will be a mandatory stop.

One of the biggest caveats in Internet forums is that the prices here are somewhat high, but even so they say it’s worth it because you can enjoy the sunset. If you don’t like wine, you can order a beer or soft drink to liven up the visit.

If you include this place in the places you will visit during your trip, keep in mind that you will be able to taste about 9 wines and enjoy the best cheeses that it will offer you on a table. Tourists also indicate that here you pay for the beautiful view that the place offers, in their opinion it is something that is really worth it. Regarding attention, they emphasize that it is very good, thus giving a good score.

Some visitors say that it is worth going to this place but they warn that the day of their visits there was a lot of wind, which raised too much sand and knocked down some glasses that were on the tables.

Some say that 9 and others 16 the options for wine tasting, but beyond the number what prevails here is that you will have the best view and the best sunset in all of Greece, so go ahead and include this site in your travel list. 

If Santorini is about having a cocktail or going out to move your body, you can get a multitude of options, for a reason they are cataloged as one of the best party places in the world.

Have a coffee in the morning and at night enjoy a good drink. That’s how chameleonic this nightclub is, thus becoming one of the nightclubs with the highest number of views in Greece.

The excellent musical atmosphere is highlighted in the opinions of visitors who assure that it was the best of the night due to the variety of sounds. Others point out that the drinks are very good and that they are enjoyed more because of the quality of attention and good service.

The drinks are accompanied by appetizers, something that visitors really like. Not everything is rosy and some users describe their visit as unpleasant because apparently the service is bad, there are no drinks or people. They point out that if you ask for a type of drink they will give you lemonade or simply tell you that there are no drinks.

Good opinions prevail and a percentage of visitors claim to have enjoyed the good music, dance floor and excellent service. Put this place on your itinerary and see how good the place is during your time in Greece.


This place is a great alternative in Greece because in addition to eating here you can enjoy some good drinks, yes, there are no options to take food home or delivery service. You will have a great time here with good music and people.

The high prices of the place set off the alarms but the opinions of hundreds of visitors highlight that they are the same as the rest of the places in Greece, they point out that it is worth spending money in this place because they understand the concept of cocktails ensuring that they are very good paying anything for them.

Attention plays an important role when it comes to these sites, here it is well known that the staff provides the best possible attention and that when the order is delivered they do it very quickly, thus having positive opinions.

The beers are somewhat expensive, but for many the price is a good thing for the quality of the place. The views that you can have here capture the attention of visitors, so you cannot miss them if you come here.

Take your cocktail in hand and enjoy it while your eyes contemplate the sunset. This is the main attraction of this place, so many pay just to contemplate the panorama from here, one of the best in Greece.

During your visit you will find that the prices are very high, but don’t worry and don’t lose your temper because according to the experience of some tourists it is really worth paying whatever the cost is because the places have very good alternatives to enjoy.

Some of those options are drinks, others stand out for their views, sunsets and others lean towards good music. Sites steeped in history, streets with people who welcome you with the best smile, beautiful beaches with color contrasts between blue, black and red that will take your breath away. White and black sand, excellent wines and an exceptional historical sample.