Be sure to include SCORPIOS MYKONOS BEACH CLUB in your next destination, it is an experience that you should not miss, without a doubt one of the best Beach clubs on the island of Mykonos for its famous parties by the sea, makes you a short tour of this wonderful place that you cannot miss.

Scorpios Mykonos Beach Club, A bohemian oasis, a mixture of a refined youthful atmosphere, with a private beach surrounded by turquoise waters makes you feel like in another world, sunbeds, cabanas, hammocks, open terraces decorated in the best style of ancient Greek and especially designed to eat, listen to live music or just relax, a total paradise, listed as the best beach club in Mykonos, a perfect place to meet, eat, relax and enjoy the most impressive sunset and live music, the place is absolutely magical, every corner falls in love.
Shelter next to the crystal-clear sand beach, an open-plan restaurant where you can enjoy a magical sunset accompanied by the best musical rituals. Scorpios Mykonos is a day and night club, it has a rustic Mediterranean style, with open and relaxed spaces, natural decorations that combine with the environment, which makes it a dream destination. It has a VIP mindfulness program, from yoga, massages and meditation, among other activities for the day and night.

The gastronomic experience is a unique gift, with healthy, selective and multicultural cuisine showing a Greek, oriental and Mediterranean fusion that blends in harmony and makes the experience wonderful, to delight in the comfort of the facilities with different environments for your tasting and enjoyment.
The atmosphere is the best, it stands out for its musical rituals, generally beginning at sunset, the best DJs and artists of the best in the world perform in Mykonos, with mixes of many instruments with a first-rate electronic touch.
Sunset Beach is the private beach of this club, with incredible sunset views over the ocean and you can sit on the steps where they have large cushions and small tables, or in the center on the sand, one of the great attractions of the night is a large campfire with incense at sunset in the center of this facility is perfect for couples to enjoy.
To this is added La Terraza, a dream platform, located on Sunset Beach, ideal for large groups a little further away from the band and music and giving greater importance to being able to talk with your friends, until the end of the evening.

Your search for its location on the map, it is simple, it is located right next to Greece, Mykonos stands out as the most cosmopolitan of the cycle of islands, an ideal place as a travel destination for everyone, mentioning Mykonos immediately leads you to think about clubs beach and parties full of people and you can also enjoy with the family. Located at the top of a hill in the south of the island, it is located on its own peninsula overlooking Paraga and the Kavos lagoons, it allows you to disconnect between the bustle with a seductive musical environment that fuses ethnic and deep sounds with ambient melodies and world folklore.

If you want to enjoy this refined beach club until late, you can enjoy lodging in different allies within the vicinity of the place, we will mention the most outstanding destinations. Casa Soho Roc, hotel and club in one of the most picturesque stretches of the island’s coastline, located on Paraga beach, with minimalist architecture, and an aesthetic that encourages guests to embrace the island barefoot. with 44 rooms with beautiful gardens and views of the Aegean Sea, a terrace by the pool, an outdoor gym, restaurant and VIP rest areas on the beach has a restaurant, balconies and sun loungers scattered on the sand to make your stay one of the best experience on the island.

The wind mills

One of the great attractions of the place can be found along the whole island. The most convenient place to see them is Kato Myloi or Kato Mili. Located just to the left of small Venice. These windmills wereusedtogrindthegrainonthedayofboats sailingfrom Mykonos.

Mykonos city

Undoubtedly one of the favorite things to do in this destination Her main city is Chora a very picturesque area, it is a labyrinth of narrow streets, buildings with facades decorated with a feast of colors, small restaurants,boutiques,amongothers.

Little Venice

Largo tramo de edificios a las orillas del mar, ideal para disfrutar de las pestas de sol. Acá te encontrarás con numerosos restaurantes y bares, que cuentan con un patio abierto con vista al mar y menús extraordinariamentexquisitos.

Paraportian church

Iconic room of Mykonos, are 5 chapels set in a single building. 4 In thelowerpartand1at thetop.

Little Venice

One of the best distractions of the place, before sunset, all place has a great bohemian atmosphere and there are several different areas to sitand watchthesunset.

Kayak, boots and snorkel

You can find different alternatives during the tour, trips in boats along the coasts and different islands, kayak rides that offers a fun a little more active the beach rowing experience is more than memorable and snorkel the views in a The sea depths to know the sea fauna of the place, without doubts one of the best ways to see the numerous beaches of Mykonos that you can not stop enjoying.

Mykonos is the main destination for active and crazy nightlife, hence its nickname «party island», the nights are very diverse, mixed with different party environments in every corner of the island. It is impossible not to have fun in Mykonos.
The night is very varied and ranges from the most popular discos, bars and small and elegant cafes. a large number of atmospheric bars
overlooking the sea. From here, they unfold a multitude of bars, taverns and nightclubs, which they find crowded with tourists and visitors to the island. Among them we present the most outstanding ones

This great club consists of three rooms and a large swimming pool, all framed by spectacular music, played by the main international DJs, shows and fireworks.

Located Playa Paraíso, the Tropicana Beach Bar, the fun and the music grows as the hours go by, the whole beach is wrapped up in a great party.

Here the party is until dawn, the club has a swimming pool and a huge dance floor where you can dance outdoors and djs from internationally.