Sharm el- Sheikh is a city located in the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea and is known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and coral reefs. Ideal for lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling due to the great variety of marine fauna.

The Red Sea’s diverse marine life and hundreds of coral reef sites make Sharm El Sheikh a magnet for scuba divers and eco-tourists. The tourist economy of this city on the Sinai Peninsula has grown very rapidly in recent decades, leading to the growth of first-class resorts and luxurious nightlife. The waters of Ras Mohamed National Park are teeming with fish.

Sharm el Sheikh has developed its full tourist potential in recent years. This way you can get a series of resorts with the most varied activities to enjoy as a tourist.

It has earned the title of one of the most western cities in all of Egypt; Thanks to the many western features that you will find in this town and that were implemented to make the tourist feel at home.

This city had its origins as a small fishing village that later became an Egyptian naval base due to its important strategic position. Over the years it has evolved as the site of several international summits whose purpose is to promote peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

There are various places in Sharm el- Sheikh where you can get to enjoy and enjoy white sand beaches and palm trees, which are famous for their coral reefs, the comments and recommendations of all users make it impossible not to run these adventures.

Pataya Beach Club in Sharm El Sheikh ‘s Nabq Bay is made up of a large multi-function beachfront venue, with an open-air beach club, restaurant, nightclub and swimming pool. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy full food and VIP bottle service at the sexy beachside cabanas and loungers. On Wednesday nights, Pataya features fresh music and live entertainment by dancers, drummers, DJs and other performers. The most popular festival in Nabq Bay is also one of the most popular in Sharm El Sheikh so make sure you don’t miss it the next time you are in ‘Sharm El Sheikh ‘.

Swimming pool, buffet-style food, incredible recreation areas, a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, which day after day ratifies the preference and excellence of visitors who travel there from other countries.

Let loose as you dance on the golden sands of the Red Sea at one of Sharm’s most popular dance parties; Wild Wednesdays at Pataya Beach. With a state-of-the-art sound and light system, and the design of the club, they will surely leave you with adrenaline, uncontrollable smiles and many good memories. Resident DJ, live artists and dancers are there to accompany you on your journey.

If you enjoy a good drink, here they have the best atmosphere for you to dance, smile and feel at home. Sunbathe while enjoying a cocktail and listening to the best musical selection.

Undoubtedly, some Pataya Beach Club is a great place to enjoy in Sharm El Sheikh , it is a wonderful place to enjoy a pleasant and fantastic atmosphere, one of the things that everyone loves the most is being able to taste its delicious cuisine that crosses borders , an experience you should not miss.

The stay in Sharm El Sheikh falls in love even more since you arrive at this destination, after checking the comments and opinions of other tourists on social networks, the best and most luxurious turned out to be Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh . With a privileged location and excellent service, this hotel has free parking, swimming pool, recreation areas and a good reputation of 5 out of 5 stars that tourists and locals have awarded for its outstanding location.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh welcomes you to an Arabian fairy tale with year-round sunshine; stylish and modern accommodation; more than 3,000 palm trees and panoramic views of the sea, on the slope from the desert to the Red Sea.

Limestone cliffs hug a kilometer of private beach with crystal clear waters and access to a protected marine reserve. Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh rises to new levels of world-class luxury.


Discover spacious new rooms and oversized suites, with a choice of modern design or traditional Arabian décor. Indulge in a multitude of outdoor dining options, new play areas for business or leisure, and authentic desert and sea adventures where every detail is enhanced with Four ‘s meticulous care. Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh .

The food is served on time, according to visitors the portions are very generous and prepared with the best ingredients influenced by the Caribbean and Europe to offer diners the best experience.

After a day at the beach you can walk in the middle of the vegetation that surrounds this hotel, the people who have visited this area point out that the plants are well preserved and protected.

At dawn, the waves of the sea delight all the inhabitants from each of its rooms that are perfect for photographing it, breakfast by the pool that shows the sun from dawn, from the pool area, the bar drinks, and the comfortable and complete gym, made my days the best and full of comfort and good attention.

The sea is beautiful, crystal clear water, white sand and is surrounded by palm trees that rise in the wind and wonderful flowers, places to entertain yourself and others to find the peace that you want to find on this trip.


It’s no secret, the Red Sea is one of the best destinations in the world to explore what’s underwater. Especially for lovers of diving since here, among other places, you can see the SS Thistlegorm , a World War II ship that sank full of military weapons that today is preserved in very good condition.

For everyone it is the great jewel of Sharm el- Sheikh , a stretch of coastline with one of the best coral reefs you have ever seen, which alone makes the trip to this city on the Sinai Peninsula worthwhile.

El Fanar Beach is located at the eastern end of the peninsula that forms the Ras Um Natural Park. Sid , an area occupied by several hotels and private beaches.

Actually it is not a beach as such, but a small cliff from which a wooden walkway leads directly to the beginning of the barrier reef. From there, with a little jump, where visitors dive into a giant aquarium, full of colorful fish and corals, to think of all the tourists having entered a National documentary Geographic a complete wonder, it will be something worth living the experience.

The tourist places of Sharm el – Sheikh are immense, without a doubt a great variety of places to share and enjoy its nature. Everyone gets to live great unforgettable experiences. Enjoying tours was rewarding to fill everyone with good energy.

The Cathedral of the Divine Blesseds is the newest and largest Coptic Orthodox church in Sharm. It was voted one of the ten most beautiful churches in the world in 2010 and features stunning frescoes and religious murals of biblical scenes.

Sharm El Sheikh Coptic Church was built in 2010, it is located in the Hainur district, between Naama Bay and the old town. In size, the Coptic church is equal to the largest mosque in the city of El-Mustafa. Divine services in the church are conducted in Coptic and Arabic.

This church was also Voted as one of the 10 most beautiful churches in the world in 2010, it features impressive religious murals of biblical scenes such as, The Creation and The Exodus.

Prepare to be swept away by the vision of Saint John from The Apocalypse, who can be seen glaring menacingly from the ceiling. It should be said that admission is free and there are moderate forms of dress to enter.

This National Park is another of the places to see in Sharm el – Sheikh without fail. It is located about 15 km south of the city and can be visited both on a land tour and on a boat tour with several snorkeling stops . There are quite interesting places inside the park that impress everyone.

Nature gives all tourists many beautiful corners, from mountains with strange shapes, to lakes with crystal clear waters surrounded by dunes, rocks of thousands of shades, channels full of mangroves, cracks created by earthquakes and beaches where you can enjoy the coral is of the Red Sea, without leaving out the Gate of Allah, the impressive entrance to the park.

Excursion to Ras Muhammad National Park, they are offered anywhere, as in local agencies these tours are offered. Tourists recommend that prices can always be haggled, it is a good fact to enjoy this entire route at the best price.

No traveler can fail to observe and enjoy the nightlife of Sharm el – Sheikh , all the comments of other guests found in different forums are fascinating and do not hesitate to be a part of its nightlife.

Tavern Sharm El Sheikh is located in the heart of Naama Bay , opened since 2003, its popularity has increased rapidly over the years thanks to its excellent facilities and service.

Full DJ’s , food, drinks and good music are the characteristics that predominate in this place, without a doubt, it is quite exquisite, a good size place, beautiful decoration and multiple colored lights for the dance floor. At midnight, everyone dances in the middle of the dance floor, when the party officially starts in the place, and the music does not stop until dawn.

Excellent bar, cold beer, reasonable prices, with a very good atmosphere and air conditioning and many screens that liven up the atmosphere with videos, matches or other sports.

The first and the coolest place in the Middle East. The walls, the bar, the seats, the tables and even the glasses are made of ice. The price of admission includes your choice of vodka shots the way they are meant to be served, or your choice of a full assortment of bars.

ICE Bar Sharm el- Sheikh welcomes many tourists, this bar is popular for receiving many travelers from all over the world and the atmosphere is fantastic. For those who like to dance and enjoy good music, good service, a great atmosphere, it is always full and if the party is what most encourages them, this place is perfect. It has been operating for several years and has positioned itself as one of the best bars of its kind in Sharm el – Sheikh ..

Excellent place to take pictures and take a good memory, a great staff with a pleasant atmosphere very helpful and friendly. The drinks are very good and the music is great, a good experience!

Sharm el – Sheikh is one of the best destinations for diving in the incredible waters of the Red Sea and where to end a memorable trip through Egypt.

The great attraction of Sharm el- Sheikh is not only on land but under water. Whether you are crazy about diving or if you do not go beyond the snorkel mask , it enchants all travelers, with the beautiful and infinite corals and with the thousands of colorful fish.