Visiting Singapore will be one of the best experiences of your life, being here you will be able to learn about the cultural diversity of this great land because it is the home of Indians, Malays and Chinese.

Another outstanding aspect of this place is that one of the official languages is English, so it will be very feasible when communicating in restaurants, shops, hotels or entertainment venues.

Singapore’s gastronomy is defined as a national sport, that is, you can live the best culinary experience of your life only here, since there are options that are offered from street stalls to more refined places. Calm down, all this is feasible in your pocket since eating here is very cheap.

The excellence of this place is rewarded with good comments from tourists who have stayed here, that is, they have awarded 4.6 stars out of 5 to this hotel for how wonderful its service and attention is.

The infrastructure of this hotel is very advanced so it offers a unique and unrepeatable experience, the view of the city from this point is great and from the comfort of your room you will be able to appreciate how the lights illuminate every corner.

One of the visitors stated that there is a swimming pool at the top of the hotel, said that the view of the bay is impressive and that he liked sunbathing here and resting from the daily routine.

Another user commented that the rooms are beautiful but small, yet he also pointed out that the view from here is wonderful. If you want to access the hotel without being registered you can do so and enjoy the services offered here.

Under this hotel there is a shopping center, it also has a bridge that connects to the park and allows you to go under the towers. There is a wide variety of shops where you can buy things of interest.

If your fields are business you can also enjoy the spaces of this place, move your office here and feel the fullness of its facilities. Also enjoy the game center, restaurant with a view of the bay, security and more, do not forget to visit this impressive place.

Enjoy an environment in which your pets are welcome, guaranteed security, the best nightlife and a privileged location with easy access to many areas.

This place has received 4.1 stars out of 5 in Internet forums dedicated to tourism, hundreds of tourists from all over the world have shown their gratitude and desire to always return here for the wonderful experience that was.

This place is close to shops and a market, but beyond this, users enjoy the food that is served here and that renowned chefs prepare with care and dedication to offer the best experience that combines flavors from Asia and other continents.

The rooms are liked by visitors, they say that they are large and have been equipped with the best beds, furniture and fascinating elements in the bathroom. The conditions of the hotel are optimal, thus assuring visitors, in addition to the attention received.

The pool and lounge areas are pleasant, designed with the well-being of visitors in mind. So if you want to get out of your room you can spend some quality time on the beautiful furniture or just swim in the pool.

On a global scale there are 5 of these amusement parks, but according to tourists the one in the United States (USA) is superior. Regardless of this, this park remains one of the options for tourists.


If we talk about the best-known attractions of the place, we must mention that there is the simulator of The Mummy, called Revenge of the Mummy, the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (where you will probably get wet), the Shrek 4-D Adventure, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure , the Transformers simulator, and the speedy Human and Cylon roller coaster duo – for those who like speed, the last two activities are awesome!

Visitors suggest that the park is small but worth it for those who have not visited one of these. To avoid long queues, tourists suggest that you go at opening or at the end of the afternoon, since when the day progresses, more people gather.

The park has several lockers to leave your belongings, they are free for a certain time (normally the estimated waiting time in the queue for the attractions). As in other Universal parks, in Singapore the Fast Pass exists and can be used, which is a pass that allows faster access to the queues and saves time. It can be useful for days when the park is full and with very long queues. This pass is paid separately.

This is the second tallest Ferris wheel in the world, it measures 165 meters. Dare to visit this viewpoint and put your emotions to the test.

Located at the foot of the bay, this huge wheel is the main focus of attention in this place, from a distance you can see it so it will be very easy to find. At night the visual spectacle is fascinating because its lights are reflected in the water.

4.5 stars out of 5 have given users to this place. In Internet forums they have commented that they feel fascinated by the experience and without fear of being wrong they assure that they want to live it again.

Some tourists say that 30 minutes are enough to get to know Singapore, the sunset is the most anticipated of the day to see the vibrant colors of the sky and how those tones are reflected in the sea.

From the wheel you will appreciate the bay, the old city, the financial center and the ships waiting to disembark.

From 8:30 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon you can visit this place and get to know the sanctuary for many animals that make people’s lives happy.

The recommended duration of this tour is 3 hours, so you will have enough time to meet and fall in love with the species that live here. Learn about the life of each one of them and how they stay in this enclosure.

4.5 stars out of 5 is the rating for this tour. In Internet forums, this is one of the most commented sites by tourists and the one with the highest recommendations, so it cannot be missing from your list of places to visit.

Tourists refer to the fact that almost avoiding the cages has been a wise decision, they are glad that the primates can barely walk among the visitors. People like caring for animals and gardens, they say it is worth coming here because these species are protected.

Visual spectacle, that’s how this place is. Food, drinks, desserts and more. Feel the pleasure of being in a comfortable and innovative place.

5 stars out of 5 is the evaluation of this place, comments and opinions have been compiled in Internet forums and all agree that this site is worth it for everything it offers its visitors.

What most captivates about this site are its lights, that is, the decoration of the place is extraordinary, many of these lamps fall from the ceiling and offer a splendid visual show to visitors.

The tables are beautiful, comfortable and very elegant. The seats are sophisticated, ideal for sipping a glass of champagne while savoring an exquisite dish prepared by an internationally renowned chef.

The stairs of this place are beautiful, refined and make the atmosphere one of the best in the city.


Rating of 5 stars for its excellence, attention, safety, well-being and comfort is what you will find here.

Tourists and residents assure that in this place you will feel at home, it is thanks to the attention you receive and all the good things they have to offer here. Enjoying a good glass of wine in an extraordinary atmosphere will please you.

They have a very good service and the variety on the menu is very good, this was what one of the visitors said, assuring that he hopes to return soon to live the experience once again with loved ones.

Cocktails are one of the biggest references on this site, ask for the one of your choice and they will prepare it for you on time. Test the creativity of the bartender and you will be surprised by the elaboration.

There is parking, security, wifi and current music. Come visit this site and live the best experience during your trip.

To visit Singapore is to find a wonderful world where cultures, religions and love converge. The people here are very noble and hospitable. The gastronomy is fascinating, the places to have fun will leave you breathless.

Doing tourism here will leave you enchanted by the splendid places , dreamy sunsets, as well as a rich flora and fauna that will captivate you.

To visit Singapore is to find a wonderful world where cultures, religions and love converge. The people here are very noble and hospitable. The gastronomy is fascinating, the places to have fun will leave you breathless.

Doing tourism here will leave you enchanted by the splendid places , dreamy sunsets, as well as a rich flora and fauna that will captivate you.