Hello, I love that you are part of these unforgettable experiences around the world, you will be my co-pilot in this new story. I love talking about Turkey, they have an incalculable wealth and I am not referring to the economic but to the impressive natural landscapes, the gastronomy, the culture, the dance, the love and affection that its people offer you, that is the most valuable thing.

  Doing tourism in this country is an experience of another level, it is really worth living it because it offers you infinite options and each one is unforgettable. Flying over the desert in a balloon is impressive, you feel the adrenaline, the emotions to a thousand, the breeze and it is as if you wanted to jump and scream at the same time from the emotion.  Another of the wonderful things that Turkey allows you is to have tea with a local, it is an experience that allows you to feel that you are part of them, of everything they are and of their history.

Like many other travelers, I am always looking to discover new places and enjoy each place in each of the countries I visit. On this trip I decided to start my journey at this beach club, and without much thought I went to start the party in this place.

 I really liked the view that this place offers and if we combine it with the attention it is something unprecedented because from the first moment they take your bags and make you feel like the queen of the place.

I let them take care of my bags and take them to the room, while I ran to the beach, I breathed, stretched and took advantage of the moment to do some yoga, meditate and drain the energies.

I could see right away that the Six Senses Kaplankaya resort in Turkey is the private escape I needed that led me to disconnect from society and connect with the heart of nature.

After feeling liberated I jumped into the sea, I didn’t have a bathing suit but I did it with my underwear. I like to feel the sea while it caresses me, hugs me and makes me forget everything for a moment.

  After bathing in the beach my appetite was whetted and I ordered a pizza to eat at the local restaurant, this accompanied by a good beer. I was too hungry and I ate two family pizzas.

  Its SPA left me totally shocked, it is like an exhibition of 10,000 square meters, it is impressive, when I arrived I made a reservation for a full day to be able to enjoy all its activities that range from a heated indoor pool, hydrothermal areas, hammams, gym equipment from state-of-the-art and classes that include spinning, yoga and pilates. I did not manage to do them all because in one day is not enough for this, I did manage to take advantage of my massage session and ended up in the hydrothermal bath, it was a deep relaxation for my whole being.

  I was satisfied, I can’t complain and then I went up to my room and lay down on my bed for a while, I really liked the bed, it felt like mine and I took the opportunity to sleep for a while and then go down to dinner and enjoy the atmosphere night, good music and the cold breeze in the light of the moon.

  Days before my trip, I scheduled my reservation at this hotel, one of the best and most exclusive in the area. When I visited the website before starting my trip, I already knew that this would be the best place to stay.

  Located on the outskirts of Akbuk facing the bay, its views were phenomenal. Due to my early booking I was already expected, check in was easy and the reception staff were polite and helpful and agreed to show me around a bit. As it was the end of the season you may notice that the hotel was not as busy as in the high season, all the facilities were open including daytime and evening entertainment.

  Upon arriving at my beautiful room I was able to check its great facilities, contemporary decoration and equipped with everything, I was already tired so I took a shower and sat on the terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea until I fell asleep.

  As I always say, in every place I visit I always make new friends and arriving at this hotel was no exception. At breakfast time I met Sophia, an American who was also spending a few weeks in Turkey.

  There was chemistry at the moment and we decided to keep each other company during our stay at the hotel. We went to the pool to get some sun and get to know each other. She told me that she is the owner of a chocolate factory in Dallas, Texas, and that she is doing very well, that she had been in business for three years and she made the decision to vacation. The hotel pool is really very beautiful, I liked its design and the water was too good. It did not cause us to get out of the water and while we were in the pool we had a few glasses of wine and ate the occasional chocolate.

  The restaurant food was too rich, we ordered pasta and tasted it with all the pleasure in the world. I can’t complain, then we went to the gym area to work off the food and keep our figure. Sophia was really a great company in this place. 

The next day I decided to walk along the beach, which can be reached through a tunnel from the hotel under the main road, I really liked admiring the detail that has an elevator for people with walking difficulties.

The beach was nice with beds all the way to the edge of the sea shore which was clear for swimming or just paddling safely. Here they also have a bar that includes a variety of good drinks and cocktails prepared at the moment, I tried almost all of them.

I decided that every day in this hotel I would take advantage of all its facilities, there are really many services that they offer, the days seemed short, I should definitely return to this place.

AKBÜK seemed like a nice place with so much to explore. Previously, I had planned to get to know it a little better, so with the help of the girls at the hotel reception and Sophia, who was already on her way out, she managed to get me to visit the Santa Sofía Cathedral, visited for being allusive to her name and invited me to come and see her.bb

As the most emblematic construction of Istanbul, this is how Hagia Sophia is defined, a colossal cathedral on the western bank of the Bosphorus, which also has a fantastic dome and minarets that rise above the panorama and whose walls date back to centuries of art, political conflicts, religious controversies and nationalist effervescence.

The story goes that Hagia Sophia or, as the Turks call it, Ayasofya, is the symbol of Istanbul. 

  It was built during the rule of Justinian between the years 532 and 537 and is one of the masterpieces of Byzantine art. It is a former Orthodox basilica, later converted into a mosque, then a museum, and from August 1, 2020, again a mosque in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Standing there in front of so much history filled me with a lot of emotion, I don’t know how to explain what I felt. I took photos, videos and updated my social networks from that place.

  I did a live broadcast via Instagram to show my followers what the experience is like from that fascinating place. While they were broadcasting, many questions were asked of me, others expressed their astonishment and others wanted to be there. The interior of the Hagia Sophia is overwhelming, the diffuse lighting and monolithic columns welcome visitors with open arms. Caressing part of this work for me was the most significant, if I could have taken a little piece of that place I would have done it without thinking about it.

I wanted to visit that little corner of Turkey in such a short time, I joined a couple of tours, as I wanted to know more and more about the whole area, its culture, its history, its ancient places, so I am going to tell you a little about what I was able to discover. During the trip I met Pietro, a guide boy from Turkey who at the time offered me this tour and we agreed to do it as soon as possible.

  Thanks to Pietro I was able to visit Ankara City because we went there in his vehicle and it was fascinating to travel with him. This place has a historical past of great value and being there is like attending a history class.

  Ankara is the current capital of Turkey, and is the second most populous city in the country after Istanbul. It is an important commercial enclave located right in the center of Anatolia, since it works perfectly as a hub for trading agricultural products from neighboring areas.

  We went to visit certain important places, we only went in passing and managed to take some beautiful photographs. Anitkabir Mausoleum: It is a building with monumental constructions, symmetrical and with very smooth stones. Kocatepe Mosque: In Ankara there are many mosques, but this is one of the most colossal and spectacular.

  Museum of Anatolian Civilizations: Contains numerous findings from the Paleolithic and Neolithic and is considered one of the landmarks of the ancient world. I loved the place, I was able to enjoy it to the fullest and even more in the company of Pietro because he helped me take pictures and he taught me how to pose as he is a photographer. Knowing the place from his perspective was nice, he taught me so much and what I liked the most was the feeling he conveyed when he talked about the place.

I fell in love with the streets, infrastructure, the smile of his people, everything was beautiful during my time here.

  Not satisfied with taking me to visit Ankara, days later Pietro also suggested that I travel to Cappadocia. On the agreed day we got into his vehicle and moved on again to get to know this beautiful city.

  Cappadocia is a semi-arid region in central Turkey known for its characteristic fairy chimneys, tall cone-shaped rock formations that cluster in the Valley of the Monks, Göreme, and other sites.

  While here we get to know the houses of the Bronze Age that the troglodytes carved into the walls of the valleys and later used as shelters by the first Christians.

  Another of the things that I loved about the place was how lively the nightlife is here, although I did not visit any place because I was just passing through, he told me that it is something unprecedented.

  The houses are very beautiful, their architectural design well preserved, the vehicles, what each person does to make the most of their day, I was able to verify all of this being here.

  Cappadocia is a magnificent place that you have to know. You need at least 3 days to visit the essential places. Pietro was very happy to be able to show me this place, he told me that Turkey is a vast place with many attractions to see. If you take a trip to Turkey, be sure to visit the Cappadocia region. Despite the hordes of tourists, you will not be disappointed.

Days later I agreed with Sophi and together with Pietro to go out to see the night spots, the idea was to dance, drink and have a great time, and that’s what happened.

  Pixie Underground is the first and only bass music club in Istanbul, they present a new adventure, I loved their proposals that represent the newest sounds of the underground, with bass music in all its forms.

When we arrived we ordered mojitos, we drank too much but before getting drunk Pietro told me that he wanted to go to Mexico to look for a boy he met online and formalize their relationship. Although they had never seen each other, they even had plans to get married without thinking twice.

  SuperFabric Club, the best nightclub in Istanbul, provides service with entertainment. We managed to reserve some places in the VIP area from where we could enjoy the show on stage. It was only when we arrived and we got into the mood, the party here is crazy. Between drinks and cocktails we spent the night and we could feel the flavor of the nights in this place.

They present conceptual parties every night with the best DJs, who put their signature with their stage shows, special dancers.

  Turkey has its charm, it has its particularity and it caught me. I am leaving with a suitcase full of dreams, hopes and illusions because they made me feel part of their culture and traditions. I appreciate every word, every attention and everything nice that they gave me in such a short time, to my friends from the gay community, thank you for receiving me in such a beautiful way.

I want to return, I want to taste more of its gastronomy, the love of its people, all the beautiful things they have to offer.