I went to Indonesia and was able to socialize with its more than 1,100 ethnic groups, how surprising to be able to be close to so many people with different races and cultures, in addition to the 700 languages and dialects. Javanese and Malays in Java, Sasaks in Lombok and Ngadas in Flores, are some of the demonyms. Each one has their beliefs, their culture and rites, but what they do share with each other is their warm smile and kindness.

  This is what I love about each trip, being able to have general culture and know what is beyond what my eyes have seen, it is interesting the great diversity that exists in the world and we know so little. In Indonesia I also did a lot, but a lot of gastronomic tourism. Each dish allowed me to discover a new flavor, the most interesting thing is that on each island you will try something totally different.

  Nasi campur, tasting of the main Indonesian specialties; the gado gado, salad of vegetables and bean sprouts; krupuk, large shrimp or fish snacks; or the satay, chicken, pork or fish skewers. If you are sensitive to spicy, which is not my case, you should think about it before traveling to Indonesia, because it is characterized by this flavor. But be calm, I noticed that they give you rice or coconut milk to calm this feeling a bit.

Gastronomic tour That’s why I went to Indonesia and I couldn’t stop trying the infinity of dishes that they offered me here, that’s why when I stayed at Skai Beach Club I dedicated myself to eating without thinking about it.

  Like all tourists, I couldn’t stop trying the main dish nasi goreng, but what this dish consists of, I’ll explain to you. This dish is made up of fried rice to which is added a mixture of chicken, vegetables, prawns and a fried egg, this is not all. You can also accompany it with other dishes such as pickles or chopped vegetables.

  I think I ate more than half of the food in the restaurant because the next dish was better, nasi campur was the other dish and it was based on boiled rice, chopped vegetables, chicken, tortilla and there is also a vegan version and added tofu It is somewhat similar to Chinese three delight rice but with a milder flavor.

  And when it comes to food, I couldn’t stop ordering the main Indonesian dessert kolak. I loved its mix of flavors, it was delicious and I wanted to eat it more and more. It was made with coconut milk, palm sugar and fruits. A curious fact is that sometimes beans are added and bananas are included, surprisingly not and the most surprising thing is that you can try this mixture hot or cold, depending on your taste.

  The best thing that Skai Beach Club has to offer is its restaurant, but not everything ended there during my visit to the place because I enjoyed the pool and swam for a long time. I also went to the spa, I needed a few reducing massages to lose the food I had consumed, otherwise the new bikini would not fit me.

  Something interesting that the place has is its shopping area, realizing that they were available I ran to the Saravasti Concept Store. Here they offer clothing and household items, incredible things that you can take home with you.

  Of course, you will need a lot of money because you will want to take everything home and you will not be able to stop because one thing is better than the other.

  In several countries there is a Hard Rock Hotel and that is why I took it among my options to stay, I wanted entertainment, they were going to offer it to me. What better way to be in a place and feel like you have it all.

  Kuta Beach’s prime location ensures you’ll be close to everything this tropical retreat has to offer, both inside and outside the hotel. They offer modern comfort and convenience in all their music-inspired rooms and suites, all of which allowed me to immerse myself in an entertaining dream vacation in Bali.

  Every day at the Hard Rock I was treated to experiences worth telling, from a nightly live band show, an on-site boombox recording studio, and in-room IPTV.

  Among the options that they offered me, I chose to see a movie in one of its rooms, I wanted to eat popcorn and a drink while watching a jewel of the seventh art, perhaps it is not a great alternative, but not every day you see a movie in Indonesia.

  Another of the activities I did was to see Hard Rockin bands live, it was very lively that night because I jumped until I couldn’t, you know I love to dance.   Being a little more relaxed, I attended a fashion show that took place in the hotel facilities, they were local designers who were presenting their collections for the season.

  The concept of fashion in this country is really striking and fascinating, I loved every garment presented on the catwalk.

  Every day I passed by the huge pool to take a delicious dip and swim a little I found out that this is the largest free-form pool in all of Bali.

  In the following days I went to the beach, in addition to bathing, there was a beach soccer competition and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I love seeing the agility of people and how their minds think to react in the middle of a championship.

  Walking through the streets of Kuta, Bali, to learn more about its people and culture, I found something that I never expected to see, in the middle of the street there were some food stalls and they offered sweet and sour dog meat to passersby.

  Never in my life did I expect to see this type of site, if I knew that they existed in Asia, but I did not expect to come across it so soon on one of my trips.

  I approached the stall and asked the cost of the sweet and sour meat, many people came, bought it and even ate it there, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  I steeled myself and made the decision to buy some of that meat that people asked so much for me to eat too. My God, I did not know that I would do something like this in my life, when I had it in my hands I detailed it for a good moment and the saleswoman only told me to try it, that it was delicious and that later I would want to order more.

  I took a deep breath and steeled myself, I ate a good piece and having it in my mouth I must confess that it didn’t taste bad at all. The taste was strange but addictive, I ate it all and as the seller said, I did not resist and asked for more. Experiences that you can only live in Indonesia and I dared to live it to the fullest, I think that after this no boy will kiss me.

  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to climb the Bromo volcano and spend the night there, that’s why I signed up for this excursion and climbed to the top of the volcano. I needed to see the sunrise from this point, an experience that my eyes would appreciate for a lifetime.

  The panoramic view offered by the place is impressive, I could not help but appreciate every point in front of me. Exploring this smoking crater is second to none, as well as feeling its heat up close.

  During the night one of the tourists had a crisis, we didn’t know that he was suffering from panic attacks and he started screaming in the middle of the night because it seemed to him that the volcano would erupt and we would all burn to death.

  They gave him first aid but it was not enough, the man had to be removed from the place because his life and ours was in danger, a bitter moment but one that will remain etched in our memories.

  It is consolidated as one of the places with the highest tourist demand in Indonesia, but why is this happening, the answer is simple because the beauty of the place will leave you breathless.

  Beyond what you can find on travel Instagram accounts, you need to visit this place and be captivated by its imposing natural beauty.

  To be here is to fall in love with Nusa Penida, you won’t be able to stop taking thousands of photos like I did and connecting with the place will be something that will have no explanation. You will love this experience from start to finish.

  This archipelago made up of three islands will leave you breathless, its immense blue sea will captivate you and you will not be able to resist until you dive into its waters.

  Having it in front of me I ran out and got into its waters, I felt how the waves hit my body and hugged me not to let me escape, what a wonderful feeling.

  Everything was nice until the son of one of the tourists almost drowned, but luckily he was there to help him.

  The boy did not know how to swim and little by little he was dragged by the waves to the depths, I quickly swam and was able to get him out of the water alive.

  We gave him first aid and in a few seconds he regained consciousness, a scare that his parents will never forget.

The best option is to visit this place at night, it is on the edge of the beach and the lights will make you live a unique experience.

It is gratifying to be here, feeling how the cold breeze invades you while you have a glass of wine has no comparison. Here I met a woman, we were both alone and we shared a pleasant moment, we met in the bathroom when she asked me for lipstick to touch up.

She told me about her culture, people and traditions that she values ​​the most, people usually think that Asians are cold but they are not, they have a heart of beautiful feelings.

She was there because her husband had given her a trip to herself while he stayed home taking care of the children and her responsibilities, he was rewarding her for everything she does on a daily basis. I congratulated her on the wonderful husband she had and we talked until dawn, I loved her and the way she saw her life.

I came here because I wanted to shoot in as many places, as many as I could, to enjoy without control and without measure. So it happened and I had an amazing time. For those who seek debauchery and lack of control, this area is ideal, there are seven kilometers that make up this important point where the only thing you will find are parties from end to end.

Along the way I met hundreds of people, I didn’t stick to any of them but we did share drinks because I was leaving them behind as I went. I was able to dance, enjoy and feel free in this area that is very busy, for many it may seem inhospitable, but I loved being there. There are so many places, so many faces, so many people, so many emotions, so many ways to celebrate the night.

This beach club and restaurant with modern finishes allowed me to have the greatest experience in Indonesia. Not only was I able to dance and drink, I was also able to enjoy the party that was set up in the pool and sun loungers, the foam party that I will never forget because we were all naked under the foam.

Although it sounds like that, glamor is the main protagonist of this place, in addition to the bands that perform live to offer an unbeatable show. During the foam party I tripped in the pool and fell into the arms of one of the guys who were there, he held me and for a moment the temperature rose but it didn’t get any worse, these are the things you have to face when you bathe are clothes and with hundreds of people.

Come to Indonesia and let yourself be captivated by its hundreds of traditional food dishes, one will be better than the previous one and get to know the best of Asian cuisine. The smile and kindness of its people will catch you and you will feel at home, get to know their culture and traditions. Find out why they adopted other cultures as theirs and how they honor them. Indonesia has its charm and you will not be able to escape it, visiting this country means never wanting to leave.