Miami is the city of the United States with a Latin American spirit. If you are planning to visit this part of the United States, reserve a space in your itinerary to visit the most famous postcard in the world, South Beath, and fall in love with its heavenly landscape.
Among the reasons you have to visit South Beath in Miami stands out the white sand of the beach, the crystal clear water of the sea and this is a good point because you can easily dive, if you come as a family the waves are ideal because they remain very serene. There are also areas for biking on this beautiful beach that is characterized by its lifeguard posts.
For lovers of architecture there are also options and when you visit South Beath you can enjoy the art deco concept in the buildings from the 1920s that bring together the largest collection in the world and that stand out for their pastel tones.
Lincoln Road is a kind of open-air mall, it is not accessible for vehicles but well-known brands such as Frédéric 21, Apple, Victoria’s Secret and Levi’s are found here. So, you can buy what you want.
Another reason to visit this place is that you will be able to meet people from all over the world and enjoy a wonderful cultural exchange.

You will find what you are looking for here. Enjoy a state-of-the-art rooftop spa, state-of-the-art pool, and the best color nightlife scene since South Beath.

Just bring your best smile and good energy.

One of its users highlights that this hotel is excellent and that the attention is second to none. It has access to Wi-Fi and free parking, two essential things to be able to stay calm in one place.

This hotel is at a connecting point to many places, making it easy to shop or walk. It also has a pleasant environment, comfortable beds and recreation areas.
Here they also offer food and drink service, this is cataloged by many as something exquisite, but others suggest that the prices are very high and that they should not eat or drink there.

The cleanliness of the hotel is also highlighted by its guests, they ensure that everything is kept clean and in order. Here you can also enjoy the beach service but this does not include cleaning it, so it will be at your own expense.
In short, if you are looking for comfort and good service, here you have it all.

La valoración realizada por usuarios de este lugar es de 4.2 puntos de 5 lo que ratifica la excelencia de este sitio y la preferencia de turistas que buscan lo mejor y acá lo encontrarán además de la buena atención.

The atmosphere is extraordinary and this is how hundreds of guests define it, who have been happy and motivated by the good music that plays here, which is also varied and for all tastes.

«Definitely we enjoyed a lot in this bar, the atmosphere was a joy,» said one of the clients who attended the hotel. Another client assured that he did not stay here but entered to make use of the bar area, he stressed that he enjoyed the drinks.
The attention of the staff is extraordinary, they respect the times and carry the orders in the corresponding period. The rooms have also received favorable reviews, with some noting that they don’t like the bathroom doors as they are somewhat see-through.
Elegant and quiet rooms, good buffet, clean and nice pool. 

But what they like most about here are the night parties that take place and enjoy the approval of the people who visit here.

This is the most famous street in Miami, so during your visit to South Beath you have to visit it. Live the best nightlife experience, people, music, joy, drinks and lots of fun in one place.

If you are looking for hotels, bars or restaurants you will find them here on Ocean Drive, there are many people at all times so you must prepare for this. This promenade is very popular for everything it offers.
During the day the beaches in these areas are crowded with people, but at night the scene changes and becomes a party atmosphere, good music and many drinks that will cheer you up.

This is not only an avenue that promotes fashion, there are also ideal places for children and their healthy recreation. Appreciate the 1920s art deco buildings and their pastel colors. You can also rent a bike and take a ride through this beautiful area.

South Pointe Park is the most famous on Ocean Drive, many leave it to visit at the end of their tour, relax and find what they have been looking for in one place after leaving the hectic streets.

This site honors art deco, so lovers of this type of art will be able to enjoy a place where they will learn a little more about this expression in Miami.

Users rated this place 4.4 out of 5 points, highlighting its excellence and quality in good taste for art, this is the new temple in Miami for people who seek to discover beyond what they have seen in a photo or references.
Museum of Contemporary Art but small, this was what one of the people who visited the place assured and through comments showed his fascination for the experience. In the same way, he invited people to visit the nearby park to take photos in the work of the artist Ugo Rondinone.
Another comment highlights that the museum is strategically located in Miami Beach, this is a step away from Lincoln Rd, the botanical and the symphony. The attention of the staff was also highlighted, there is also a cafe with comfortable armchairs to spend the moment.

Users assure that the site is small but that it is worth it, they highlight the emblematic works and suggest that the food here is not recommended to eat.
Lummus Park –
Extraordinary will be the visit to this place after reviewing the valuation of 4.6 points out of 5 on how good there is to experience here.

Here you will have the alternative of walking along the pier while you feel the gentle breeze caress your face, enjoy the sea, contemplate the sky and let yourself be captivated by the sound of the sea breaking its waves on the shore.
If you want a little more adventure you will have the possibility to take a boat ride or opt for something simpler like a boat ride. Sail the seas, watch the movement in South Beath and gaze at art deco structures from afar.
Regarding the shopping centers, users highlight that they lack options and high prices.
The best restaurant area is here, so you can enjoy yourself, taste a good wine, enjoy good music and the best atmosphere for you to share with family and friends, the cultural exchange is wonderful here.

Imagine visiting a nightspot with five bars. Well, stop dreaming or imagining it because Story Miami has made it a reality for you. Enjoy the best atmosphere surrounded by people from different cultures and neon lights.

In 3.1 the evaluation that users have made about this place is positioned. For many it may not be an excellent option but it remains outlined as a good alternative to enjoy all the good things that South Beath has to offer.
If you like to enjoy good music from a DJ, here you can witness the best of South Beath live. You will find the best mixes of sounds, the most up-to-date in this place full of novelty and current affairs.
Others point out that drinks are very expensive for what they are. Regardless of this, people continue to choose this place to have a good time in the company of family and friends.
Users point out that you can get the best fun if you pay for a VIP table. The dance floor is sensational, you can laugh, express yourself and have the best drinks in the whole area.

South Beath is one of the best areas in Miami, fun, entertainment, clothing stores, restaurants, the best sunsets, good music and people from different cultures to learn a little about their countries.
If walking is your thing, you can do it on one of its docks, cross the sea by boat or speedboat, enjoy incredible sunsets, art deco at its best that you can see in art galleries and buildings.