These are some islands belonging to the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean, but the formality of this place reaches this point because it is a small paradise where you can spend wonderful vacations between the sea that bathes the coasts of these two places.

If you want to live a number of adventures, you can have one of the tours available on the island that will take you to incredible places and you will be able to learn about their origin, flora, fauna and enjoy great landscapes.

St. Kitts is the larger of the two islands, you can explore it on foot or by bus and let yourself be captivated by the hustle and bustle of its capital Bassetterre and then see the imposing fortress of Brimstone Hill.

One step away from excellence and it is that the 4.6 points out of 5 have positioned this resort over time for its attention, service, location and rooms that are liked by hundreds of tourists.

One of the many users who have chosen this place to spend a good vacation highlighted through internet forums that both the island and the hotel are highly recommended because you will feel at home.

As for the rooms of this place, he pointed out that they are very nice and spacious, he also stressed that there are several swimming pools from which you can enjoy a day at the beach and in the sun.

Children are also a fundamental part of this place and recreation areas have been designed for them. The restaurant is marvelous, as was assured by another of the tourists who have stopped here.

Since you are waiting at the port to go to the hotel you will feel amazed at the attention, when you arrive you will be received with a big smile and open arms, in addition to this, the hotel mascot will also be there.


Users of this hotel say that what they liked most about their visit was the comforts they could find here, which made them feel like family and with the desire not to return home so soon.

According to visitors, the attention of the hotel employees is very good, they do their job, they are very attentive and they do everything possible to deliver everything on time and thus avoid delays.

Breakfast is what the families that come here enjoy the most, in addition to always being hot, they have a variety of options, as well as delicious drinks prepared with fresh fruits.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, there is something for all tastes here, but as they say out there, taste is in variety, and the drink that has stolen the hearts of tourists is rum punch.

The location of this hotel is privileged because it is just a few minutes from the airport, in addition to this you can walk to many places of interest to spend unforgettable moments buying clothes, shoes or simply enjoying the view.


This fort is part of UNESCO, so during your visit you cannot miss this place to learn more about the history of this island and everything it offers tourists.


This is in perfect condition, due to the daily care and protection provided by some agencies to keep it in good condition.

Upon entering, visit the museum that has a wonderful story to tell, here the guides will provide you with information of interest, but you can also enjoy incredible views.

At the base of the place there is a small auditorium where you can enter and enjoy a kind of documentary in which they will tell you the history of this place and how it became so important to the world.

To get there you must take a taxi, at 9:00 in the morning the doors open to the public, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy everything here and learn more about the island.

The most curious fact about this place is that it originally belonged to the governor general, later it became a hotel and finally a botanical garden.

People who come here really enjoy the view they can get here, the landscape, the flora found here and the shade provided by the trees to walk under them and feel the breeze touch their skin.

You will always be accompanied by a guide, who will instruct you throughout the journey and provide you with interesting information about the plants, the place and the number of visitors received here annually.

This is a great alternative to enjoy a family atmosphere, eat something during your stay and have fun with the views that you can only find and appreciate here.

Spectacular, this is how this beach is described by many tourists who have passed through here, highlighting that it has different beach club options to stay and that they provide equipment for snorkeling.

This place is very quiet, ideal to go with the family and for children to enjoy without worrying about possible risks. There is a beach club nearby, it’s called Carambola, it has sun loungers and plenty of services to offer.

Enjoy a beer or piña colada while you sunbathe on the shore, apply sunscreen and let the sun do its work while you feel the waves of the sea crash on the shore.

A wonderful place to visit during your stay on this island in order to say that you were on vacation in this place. What people look for most in this place is fresh fish.

Another of the great wonders of this site is the black sand of the beach, it is somewhat small but people like it. A place that is away from noise and offers its visitors peace and calm.

If you come as a family, do not worry about the depth of the beach because it is not deep, so you can enjoy it calmly but always maintaining caution.

More than sand and sea is this place, if you are a monkey lover you can go to a hill where there is a habitat of these animals that can brighten your day while you observe their coexistence,

On the beach there is also a bar, here you can order a drink and enjoy it while you sunbathe, but be careful because the monkeys can steal your drink while you bathe.

Visit this place and lie down in a hammock under the shade to enjoy the atmosphere, sunbathe and we had roast beef, the best combination in the ideal place.

A good selection of drinks is what you can find at the bar of this place that stands out for its minimalism, it is very simple but it gives you the opportunity to spend a pleasant moment.

If you don’t like the idea of resting in a hammock, you can lie on a sun lounger, drink some alcohol and listen to the sound of the sea while you rest.

To enjoy a good meal there are very large wooden tables with comfortable chairs so that you have the best experience, combined with the best service.

Excellent music, palm trees, white sand, turquoise sea and everything you need is in one place to make your experience the best.

Visiting this island is reaching paradise, a small place but with great options to enjoy. The perfect combination of beach, sun, sand, flora, fauna, gastronomy and the warmth of wonderful people who surround you.

Imagine walking on the beach and running into monkeys, but the best will happen when you get to their habitat and can share some food with them, fresh fish is one of the best things the island has to offer, while drinks are present in everything moment.