St. Martin – St. Maarten is recognized for its exquisite gastronomy, the best chefs are here to put incredible preparations on your table that will make your palate vibrate.

Luxury resort with incredible options come together in this place to attract the largest number of tourists. Places to dance, renowned DJs, spaces to enjoy memorable nights.

If you are looking for a casino to enjoy interesting bets, people who put everything on the table without fear of losing it, this is part of the panorama that you will find on this island.

4.7 stars out of 5 position this place as an excellent option among tourists, its popularity has led it to attract more and more tourists annually. Its modernism and technological advance provide its guests with the best moments.


The rooms of this beach club will make you feel at home, this is because they have a kitchen, dining room, bed, bathroom and wonderful windows to appreciate the best sunset.

The pool is beautiful, clean water that at night is illuminated by lights that are under the water, let your body rest on a sun lounger and enjoy the best sun.

The restaurant will leave you breathless because it is located less than a meter from the sea, a protective glass railing gives a sophisticated touch to the place that is decorated with beautiful tables that are accompanied by delicious dishes.

A wooden path was built on the rocks of the sea and around it there are many green areas, walk through here and enjoy a memorable moment while watching the sun go down.

Very close to the airport, it also provides transportation to transfer its guests, this hotel with 4.3 points out of 5 is one of the most chosen on the island for its perfect location.

Regarding the rooms, there are several options, among which the Queen Double, the Accessible King Guestroom, the Poolview Junior Suite, among others, stand out. Each one has a characteristic and they were designed with you in mind.

A wooden corridor near the sea will allow you to walk while having a glass of wine and enjoying the best scenery. Planes fly over this spot, so take out your camera and look at it a few meters before landing.

The hotel bar is also open, it has a bar with a wide variety of liquors so you can make the most of every moment, the best service and incredible appetizers.

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Explore the island aboard an electric buggy, pay for half a day of fun, feel the adrenaline rush and discover interesting places together with other people exploring the island.

This route is so fascinating that those who have lived the experience have described it as excellent, this is reflected in the 5 points out of 5, taking its excellence and safety for granted.

Users assure that they have had a lot of fun during this experience and that they are willing to relive it again if they had the opportunity. During this excursion you will be given a detailed map of the points to visit, in addition to having a guide.

The guide will provide you with his phone number in case you lose the route, during the tour you can buy some items of interest and have drinks to refresh yourself.

This tour has stops where you will have enough time to explore and enjoy each point without rushing, this has been highly commented and praised by tourists.

If you make the decision to participate in this tour you will have the possibility of being picked up at the hotel to live this wonderful experience for 4 hours that will make you feel the adrenaline rush at all times.


The language used by the guides and staff is English, so keep this in mind. Browse the most prominent and popular sites on the island. The places where there will be stops are the beach airport, Bahía Mullet, among others.

This tour is by road with a cross-country portion, when you are back at Great Bay in Phillipsburg, you can take a refreshing dip. Here they will give you bottled water, use of ATV and helmet.

On board a quad you will be able to explore the most charming beaches of San Martín, you will receive all the equipment with its due instruction.

Visit Maho Bay, Grand Case and Marigot, in order to live an enriching and pleasant experience in this tropical paradise. Be part of the water activities and taste an exquisite lunch

For 4 hours you will be able to live this experience aboard a 4×4 Jeep to get to know the island and beaches, so prepare your camera to capture the best moments that you will experience during this great tour.

The guides in charge will give you instructions in English, French or Spanish, so there is an advantage in this tourist choice. A part of the route will be by road and the other will be lived off the road.

Upon returning to Great Bay you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Keep in mind that all Jeeps have automatic transmission and are equipped with a VHF radio so that you are in communication with the guide at all times.

The tour includes 2 drinks, you can choose between water and soft drinks, in addition to having the possibility of having lunch, enjoy the hammock that will be provided and the umbrellas so that your experience is one of the best.


Perhaps this visit represents the dream of a few people, to be in the place where beers are made in order to drink a good quantity or two without fear of running out while enjoying the process.


Excellence, that is the word used by many visitors to this place to define it and thus make it worthy of 5 stars, the highest score in Internet forums dedicated to tourism and in which hundreds of positive impressions are collected.

Here is a guide who will be in charge of teaching you everything about this process, his name is Gio and he is well loved among visitors for his charisma, intellect, passion and good service. They claim that this brewmaster takes pride in its product and facilities.

If you do not have the opportunity to get to this place to live the experience and taste a beer, you can buy the ones you want and feel their flavor since they are available in markets, supermarkets and stores.

The tasting they offer here includes four beers, in addition to this there will be an additional one, so after a good explanation about the process you will try the product.

This place has a swimming pool, but what attracts tourists the most is that they can see the planes passing very close to the place before landing, thus offering a great setting for visitors.

According to the experience lived by hundreds of people during their visit to this place, they emphasize that the prices here are good and that the visit is worth it. In addition to the pool you can use the wifi and enjoy the magnificent view.

Maho beach takes all the credits of the good reference that this place has, this is due to the fact that planes pass just above it to land, thus concentrating a significant number of people.

Enjoy an excellent musical atmosphere, incredible appetizers, immediate attention provided by the work team of this place and they will always show you a warm welcome with a smile.


Without a doubt, the progress and technology implemented in hotels and resorts is applauded by tourists because they have ideal spaces to spend the best vacations.

Some beaches are rocky, these rocks are bathed by turquoise waters that hit the shore hard and give you the best scenarios. On the island there are wonderful options for fun, entertainment and dancing.