Queensland is located in Australia and has many impressive benefits, this beautiful place is worth visiting. Hello, my name is Lucy and I welcome you to my travel blog, here I share experiences and adventures in different countries that I visit frequently. In this state of Australia, if you get to visit it, you can find the barrier reef that counts as the only living being that can be seen from space, according to some experts in the field.

  Another peculiarity that Queensland has is that it has the largest sand island in the world, a rather curious and interesting fact. The purest silica sand beach in the area. These are some facts that captivated me and made me decide to visit Australia, which also stands out in the list of the most photographed places in the world.

  When I got off the plane, I decided that I would start my journey right away. It caught my attention to see the Great Barrier Reef. I wanted to know if it was true that it can be seen from space due to its immensity. After having my frozen drink, I went to that area and everything I discovered there was marvelous and the more than 3,000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands and 300 coral cays and many mangrove islands.

  According to what the tour guide explained to us, more than 1,600 marine species live here, including sharks, dudongos, dolphins and turtles. This evidently attracts the presence of divers who seek to go into the depths to explore the place. I used my drone to fly over these reefs and the shots were incredible, I loved the result, as well as the photos I was able to capture. In one of the images captured by the drone, a shark could be seen navigating the waters and some sea turtles. The mangroves are impressively beautiful, some birds perch on them to sunbathe and catch some fish with their beaks, it was fascinating to see them feed.

  One day I decided to start my respective tour of the city and its surroundings, for me it is important on each trip to know a little more about all its best and most popular places, so I started this tour in

  A beautiful red wooden house planted on the shore of the beach and some huts near them, as well as chairs arranged very close to the sea is the first thing you will see when visiting this site.

  The specialty of this beautiful little stall is to offer frozen drinks so you can enjoy them by the sea with your feet buried in the sand while you chat or just gaze at the sea like I did.

  I only visited the place to have a drink by the sea, but this site has other areas for enjoyment such as accommodation, spa, pools, gardens and coffee bar.

  A group of guys seemed quite amused at the sports playground and I decided to go over there, I was able to play beach volleyball with some other people and we beat the rival team, I liked doing this, we sweated a bit but hey, nothing but a good swim in the pool do not solve

  Between so much fun and exercise it was time to eat and I decided to try the chef’s specialty, a mixed plate with seafood with wine and I confess that the food was succulent, few like that and I have traveled the world. At the end of the meal I went to the bar of the place and had a few drinks, a mix of tropical cocktails, they were on point, they really know about drinks and how to please the guests.

  If we talk about the accommodation I will tell you that I looked at the rooms just out of curiosity and the bed was beautiful, wooden floor, ceiling fan and windows with a privileged view of the sea, I think it could have been an excellent option to stay there but I did not consider it because I already had a place to stay. I think it is a wonderful place that gives a nice touch to that area of ​​the beach, I loved visiting it and being able to contemplate the sea from here while they told me about how beautiful Australia is. I was delighted that I could start my tour of Queensland in this welcoming place.

One of the most luxurious hotels in Australia and located in Queensland, it has three floors but don’t let this fool you because its size is amazing and it extends along the entire width of the coast.

  Behind this hotel complex there is a great mountain range and in the front part you will have the immense sea.

  Another thing that stands out at first glance is the huge pool that extends almost the length and breadth of this hotel, so you’ll have plenty of space to swim, have fun and have a good time.

  In the pool there are small squares that rest on the water and above you can find armchairs to sunbathe or simply do what I did, enjoy a delicious cocada.

  Here I enjoyed extraordinary massages in the pool area overlooking the sea, only a few meters separated us from the coastal waters. Being able to swim in the pool at night allowed me to enjoy the stars, contemplating them filled me with a lot of peace and calm as soon as I could see a couple of shooting stars, they were magical moments. One area of ​​the hotel features a restaurant with a wooden floor, white chairs, gray furniture, and a rather interesting liquor display. Here I was able to eat an exotic seafood and lobster dish, it was excellent, on point and I felt better when I tried the white wine.

  I loved the room, a huge bed with a set of white sheets, an excellent bathroom and the most impressive thing was the sea view. After enjoying the facilities of this fascinating hotel and on the recommendation of one of the guests I went to the Spa, I went to a full day Spa, in addition to massages and treatments, I took advantage of the access to its Himalayan salt room where I could relax and expelling millions of toxins during my time in the sauna was a refreshing experience. The entire staff was always very attentive, they wanted me to feel safe and comfortable at all times, this undoubtedly guaranteed my stay and the desire to return to this place.

  It was fascinating to visit this place, I loved it because it combines many things and there are different areas or zones where you can find fun, entertainment, rest, relaxation or perhaps contemplate the panorama.

  Right there, facing the sea, there is a large number of skyscrapers and buildings that were built in order to promote the economy and tourism in the area. Stopping there was great because I was able to contemplate the enormous buildings that stand out for housing shoe stores, clothes, nightlife, food and much more.

  Another important point that makes this place stand out is that it also has a tropical jungle, in addition to being a favorite area for the entertainment industry to film movies and other audiovisual productions.

  What did I do here? I dedicated myself to going all over the place, I walked or tried to get to know as many places as possible. How beautiful are the buildings, the dynamism of the people and the large number of things they can buy. 

  I loved shoe stores, I bought some pairs that I loved and some beautiful handbags to renew my closet. The nightlife places are many, I didn’t go in but they are really fascinating and you can feel the good energy.

  Although I don’t know who they are and I didn’t bother to ask, I was able to notice the presence of many Australian artists here. Lines were formed to ask for autographs and photographs. It really is an area worth visiting because it also has attractions for the entertainment of adults and children.

  The laid-back capital city of sunny Queensland is the perfect place to set off and explore riverside parks, subtropical islands and rugged mountains. This extensive coast stands out mainly for its immense blue sea and white sand, an ideal space and with a large presence of surfers who come here to dominate the superb waves.

  What a wonderful experience, the best 9 hours I could spend in Australia aboard this luxury cruise ship and all the alternatives it offered to enjoy every moment, I feel so much emotion that I don’t know where to begin to describe my experience.

  I will start by telling you that I made myself comfortable, I wore a bathing suit, sarong and hat to be relaxed during the journey. I had a glass of champagne and just decided to enjoy the moment.

  After this, the tour of the barrier reef began and I was able to see turtles, sharks and many species come to the surface during our passage through that part of the Australian sea.

  One of the best moments came when I had to get on a glass bottom boat, that is, I could see everything that was under the water and it was amazing because even the sharks peeked through the glass, I loved this.

  After sailing a bit we jumped into the sea and scuba dive, it was gratifying to have the feeling that I was submerged in the largest barrier reef in the world. I could see up close and touch its mangroves and sail with its fish.

  To get here I did it by ferry because there are no roads that connect to the place, once in the place you will need a 4×4 vehicle with great traction and push force to be able to cross the island of sand. Thousands of species live here, including birds, tigers and more. I loved walking this jungle path because I was able to connect with nature and feel the pure air, almost virgin and little explored.

  Going in the 4×4 and feeling the traction of the sand is priceless, I loved this because for a moment I thought we would get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Then, with some dirt on my body, I got out of the vehicle and plunged into the sea, my body screamed for it and the water was too rich, I didn’t want to get out of the sea for the world.

  What a fascinating trip, contemplating the birds and the large number of plants that are found there is priceless.

  I had never seen a jungle with so much sand, short distances if I have come to cover but an entire island of sand is something of another level, really Australia never ceases to surprise me and has great things to give away.

  I got to heaven because after traveling the road for two hours to get there, I felt that I touched the glory when I saw the more than 500 waterfalls that are found in that wonderful place created by God.

  I did not know which waterfall to bathe in and like crazy I went under one of them, I wanted to feel the force of the water fall on me, fall in love with the song of the birds and feel the force of nature take my life.

  I scaled some of the waterfalls, dove in, screamed, took photos and dropped fearlessly into Australia’s exotic waters. This is an earthly temple, really dear friend, if what are you reading me, I invite you to visit this place and let yourself be seduced by its magic.

  Along with the other people who were doing the tour, I had a bottle of wine, we toasted over beautiful waterfalls and raised our glasses to the sky. The tour guide explained to us the origin of this stream, the number of species that live there, the number of tourists that visit each month, and the medicinal benefits that can be obtained from this magical site. An excellent therapy for the soul, mind and body.

  As the days passed, I continued with my walks around Queensland, so I put on my most comfortable clothes and with my App of places of interest I could easily find what to do.

  A site with a semi-gothic style due to the type of lighting and design style on the dark walls combined with brown tones, as well as certain figures that evoke beach life and tropical dances.

  Modern and comfortable armchairs in black tones, in perfect match with minimalist tables in brown tones that give the place a different touch and make it stand out from the rest. 

  I loved this because I felt super comfortable.

  Enjoying a bottle of tequila was one of the best things of the night, lemon and salt were my faithful companions throughout the evening.

  Another of the things that I loved were the theme nights where good music prevailed during the night, dances and art, about this I remember that a woman was on stage and began to do acrobatics with fire to entertain the public that was there Present.

  Dancing, having fun and smiling here was the best, the waiters treated me wonderfully, I was located in the VIP area and the security staff was aware that no one entered, in addition to guaranteeing a healthy evening for the rest.

  I can say that this place does not have great interior design and even its facade is not striking, quite simple. But don’t let this fool you, despite what has been said, Tiny Mountain is the ideal place to drink beers and quench your thirst or heat if you feel like it. Do you want a different afternoon? Then you have to come to this wonderful site. The gray color predominates on its walls changing with a touch of yellow, when you arrive you will find a large outdoor terrace with beautiful wooden tables and chairs, ideal for having a beer and having a good conversation.

  Advancing to the internal part of the premises I could notice that the place is quite spacious with some traditional lamps and the same set of tables outside, I must say that I liked it because among so much simplicity you could have a good time.

  With great kindness they attended me and took my order, I had ordered a bottle of beer and I asked that they please take it to the outside because I wanted to contemplate the place and see the people passing by.

  He told me that the place is very busy, that they have good prices and that the owners of the place strive to offer the best to each person who chooses them to have a good time.

  Jimmy Rums is quite an interesting place, it has a well-known liquor display that makes it stand out with a good design in the bar area, dim lights, dark bar, some red squares with a quite striking figure. The lights that line the bar caught my attention and made me sit there. The bartender named Alfonso, a Latino migrant from Mexico, served me a glass of white wine and with a smile asked me if he was from Australia, I said no and we started talking.

  Laughing, Alfonso told me that every day there is always something to tell about the place and he catalogs it as the place where anything can happen. Regarding the DJ or musical environment, he told me that he is carefully selected in order to keep the establishment attractive, there are special days during the week and they dedicate the environment to some musical genres.

  Australia is a great country and Queenland is ideal to spend a good vacation, its natural landscapes are ideal to explore and learn more about them. It has a diversity of birds, land animals and flora that I have rarely seen. Their waterfalls are impressive and I still don’t understand how they can make 500 falls in one place. The kindness of the people and hardworking spirit are admirable, the economy of this town is very good and keeps them among the best areas of Australia for tourism, I dare to say that its beaches are one of the best in the world.